Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Morning Silence

It was a fitful night’s sleep that greeted me Thursday night. I could hear Linda and Darryl making love in the other bedroom. For some reason they had not closed the door so the sounds waffled down the hallway to my bedroom. I’m not sure how long they were at it, but there was no doubt that they were making up for lost time. I just hoped that Linda would be able to walk in the morning.

With only a few hours of sleep, I managed to pry myself out of be in the morning, shower, slip into a dress, and put a light covering of makeup on. Then I headed down through the quiet house to the kitchen to start the coffee for the sleeping lovers. I was surprised to find Darryl standing at the counter drinking a cup of fresh brew.

“Good morning Beverly,” he greeted me with a hug, his hands grabbing my ass in the process. “I have an early meeting and a full day so I decided to get an early start. You look nice this morning. I hope Linda and I didn’t keep you up all night. I must say, she did her best to keep me ‘up’ for most of the night,” he said with a smirk.

He poured me a cup of coffee, his hand lingered on mine as I took the cup.

“Our friendship has really changed, hasn’t it?” He was standing quite close to me as he spoke. “I don’t think either of us would have thought five years ago when we were working together that today I would be fucking your wife, sleeping in your bed, while you were serving us and enjoying every moment of it. Quite a surprise isn’t it? And you are enjoying every minute of it, aren’t you?”

I silently agreed. I couldn’t believe what a powerful presence he had. I could understand why Linda was so turned on by him. He just oozed confidence as well as sexual strength.

He took back my coffee cup from my hands, I hadn’t even had a sip of the dark liquid yet. He then placed his hands on each of my shoulders and applied soft, yet firm pressure.

“I think you should send me off on my day with the proper encouragement of a sissy to her master,” he spoke softly, yet we both knew exactly what he meant, and I sunk to my knees in front of him.

Without a word being spoken by me yet to him that morning, I obediently reached for his belt buckle and unfastened his pants, tugging them down to the floor. His growing manhood greeted me. Can a cock smile? I was sure that his was as I leaned forward and took it into my mouth.

“What a good little sissy cocksucker you are,” he commented a few minutes later, just before unleashing his hot load into the back of my mouth without warning. Like a faithful dog, he patted me on the top of my head as he retracted the softening cock from my mouth and instructed me to pull his pants back into place.

“I must be going now. Take a cup of coffee up to Linda. She is waiting for you. I will see you this evening when I get home.” And with that he walked out of the kitchen and left me still kneeling on the floor. I had not spoken a word yet that morning but had already been force to submit to his power.

I drank my luke-warm coffee, filled a cup for Linda, and headed for her bedroom. She was stretched out naked on the bed when I came in. She sat up and took the coffee from me. I couldn’t get over how ‘used’ she looked. She really looked like she had a rough night of sex and little sleep.

“Why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee and come back here and join me,” she said.

Returning with the cup, I sat on the bed beside her. She had a funny look on her face that let me know that something was up. She sat her cup down and reached down on the floor beside her, bringing up a used condom!

“Darryl left you a little something for your coffee.” She proceeded to pour the cum from the condom into my cup, smiling at me as she did this. “Drink up,” she commanded with a smile. She watched as I took a sip of the strange concoction.

“Darryl must have really missed me. I think we fucked five times last night. I wanted to welcome him with a blow job, but he said that he was leaving the blow job duties to you. Did you give him one this morning?”

I nodded in agreement without looking at her, keeping my eyes on my laced coffee.

“I think he has become more forceful this time. He just seemed to overpower me. I was unable to think for myself and just did everything he wanted. I’ve never been with a man like him. The two of you are so different. I find it hard to believe that you have been friends for so long. I could see it if you had been his sissy bitch all of these years, but not friends.” Linda looked at me but didn’t expect me to answer, knowing that I could not explain it either.

“I had better get up and get going or I am going to be late for work. Remember, he is taking me out for dinner tonight so you don’t have to worry about fixing us anything. Go ahead and take my cup to the kitchen. I can get my own clothes out this morning,” she said as she got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom.

I sat there, stunned, on the bed for a full minute as I heard the shower running. This had been a strange start to a day. I had already taken two loads of Darryl’s cum, and I still hadn’t said a word to anyone. Maybe silence is golden.


B said...

Did you finish the coffee? How did it taste? Lucky you!! GREAT post.

rtronce said...

Another spectacular post in a riveting story. Keep enjoying the life!

whatevershesays said...

Not that it really matters that much but is this a blog about a wife led marriage or you coming out of the closet? Because it seems to me that she isn't "leading" but you are both following.

AlmostAwake said...

It's nice to see that they aren't ignoring your needs any longer, and even nicer that Linda seems OK with sharing her lover. One in a million.

I was surprised to hear no mention of Linda's new "haircut". Another post, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

I think Daryl is just continuing to establish his dominance. Right Bev? Oh, and did you finish the coffee?
I hope he makes you suck him off in front of Linda and perhaps clean up duties to? No?
What a wonderful time. I envy you.

MaryMary said...

Dear Beverly,
"a sissy to her master"
"a good little sissy cocksucker"
"his sissy bitch"
oh my


Anonymous said...

Linda may be submissive to Daryl, but Bev is submissive to Linda and Daryl, it seems.
It does seem to be a wife led marrige in that Linda is the boss. She's just submissive, or so it seems, to Daryl.
Anyway, I'm enjoying this and can't wait to read more.
Bev, to repeatthe question, did you finish your coffee with 'cream'?

Anonymous said...

Of course, beverly finished her coffee. She may or may not admit it, but the truth is she loves having a cock in her mouth and feeling the warm splash of cum against the back of her throat. It's probably the only thing she can think about anymore...

Isn't that right, beverly? Don't you wish you could suck cocks all day long? Be honest, slut!

Miss D