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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Final Update

It's been almost two years since I last posted. The reason being twofold. First being that I got burned out on writing, just lost interest and had fewer good stories to post about. It happens to most writers I think. While the adventures are fresh and exciting it's easy to sit down and write. But my adventures were getting fewer and further apart and most were just the same thing being repeated. Occasionally something new would happen in Linda and my life and it was fun to share those. But then our adventures became either routine or they were happening without the other of us being involved.
And that's what happened with Linda and I. She was having more and more adventures that didn't involve me in any way, other then sitting at home waiting for her return. And then her return started to happen less frequent. Linda is now living with a new boyfriend, one that has little or no interest in me and my sissy lifestyle. So she had a choice to make and decided to give herself over to the new guy.
We still see each other every few weeks and still profess our love for one another. But her desires are now being satisfied by the new man in her life.
I also have a new boyfriend that enjoys pushing my limits and testing me. One of those tests ended up outing me to my co-workers so pretty much everyone I know now knows that I am a crossdressing sissy. That has cost me most of the few friends that I had so I find myself spending all of my time with my boyfriend.
I am happy. Linda is happy. I miss her but I don't see us ever returning to the way things were. And we both realize that our lifestyles no longer mesh with the others. So we have moved on, hers by choice and mine because I had no choice.
Thanks for those who have enjoyed my posts and asked for more. I'm sure all have moved on and found other posts more interesting then mine.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Pool Party Conclusion (finally!!)

“Oh, God, Linda. I’m so embarrassed,” I blushed as we stood in our bedroom. Linda was stripping out of her bikini while searching her dresser drawer for another to wear. “I was standing there in front of those guys in just my bra and panty. I wanted to die!”

As she slipped into a tiny black bikini bottom Linda teased “they didn’t seem to mind at all, especially Jimmy. I thought his eyes were going to pop out. He really liked what he saw. And I saw how his hand was glued to your ass as well. You seemed to like that a lot.”

My lack of response gave her the answer we both accepted. Why had I liked his closeness so much? Why did I continue to go back and sit next to him every time I was done serving?

“Are you going to wear that?” I asked, trying to change the subject. Linda was putting on her tiniest bra top to her bikini. The suit did little to hide her charms, her bust spilling out of the tiny top and the skimpy bottom modestly covering her mound while the thong perfectly divided her ass cheeks. She slid a silk black cover-up over her shoulders that added a minimum amount of modesty to outfit.

“Why not? It’s a pool party after all.”

“What should I wear?” I replied as I slipped off my still damp bra and panty.

“As I see it you have two choices,” Linda answered. “You can dress like you were earlier, as a sissy. Or you can glam it up and look more feminine. I think Jimmy would like to see you more as Beverly than as Honey.”

“I guess it really doesn’t matter what the neighbors think of me at this point after how they saw me this afternoon. I think I would feel more comfortable dressing more feminine now,” I replied, ignoring her comment about Jimmy’s preference.

With that settled, I showered and shaved top to bottom. When I stepped back into the bedroom I saw that Linda was gone but had laid out a cute outfit consisting of a sundress, matching bra and panty, and 3 inch wedge heels… a perfect outfit for an evening lounging around the pool. I dressed quickly, added make-up and styled my hair into a sexy side part style. I was thrilled with my look and I caught myself wondering if Jimmy would like it.

I entered the kitchen just as Linda was ending a phone call. “Wow, you look awesome. I love what you have done with your hair. It’s really cute. You should wear it like that more often.”

I blush at the compliment, loving it at the same time. “Who was on the phone?”

“That was Bruce. He’s in town this week so he is coming over to join us for dinner.” I do believe I detected a slight blush from Linda as she told me her on again, off again boyfriend was going to be joining us. Bruce and Linda worked for the same company in similar jobs. But Bruce had the southeast U.S. territory and had to travel there often. So they did not see each other but maybe once a month. I knew that I would not be sleeping in our bed tonight as I was sure Bruce would be staying over.

No more was said about it as we headed back over to Ray and Beth’s patio carrying platefuls of miscellaneous food items.

Linda was leading the way and I was deliberately walking directly behind her so I hidden from view. Linda’s cover-up was hanging open, giving Beth, Ray, and Jimmy enticing viewing of her barely hidden charms. I heard a few softly spoken “wow’s” come from them.

“And may I present Beverly, who you have called Honey previously,” Linda announced as she stepped aside and allowed me my entrance.

Jimmy and Ray actually stood up simultaneously as I approached. “Very nice,” Beth responded as the two guys just stood smiling at me.

“I like this look so much more,” Ray agreed. I looked at Jimmy, expecting a comment from him. But he just nodded his approval with a stupid grin on his face. That was good enough for me.

“Oh, Beth,” Linda spoke, breaking the stunned silence that had fallen over the group. “A friend of mine is in town and I invited him to join us. I hope that is alright. He will be here shortly.”

“Of course, Linda. We have plenty of food. And that kind of equalized the group out better also,” Beth replied. “Honey, I mean Beverly, would you resume your drink duty while Linda and I get the table set up. We will leave the grilling duties to the men.”

As I walked away to get beers for everyone I could feel Jimmy’s eyes following me. So when I got to the door I looked back, and sure enough, he was standing there watching me with that silly grin still plastered on his face. I gave him a warm smile and stepped inside. Why was I flirting with him like that?

Bruce arrived at the same time Ray was announcing that the grill was ready for the steaks. He walked up to Linda and they embraced in a short kiss. I watched the others as they witnessed this shared intimacy, then glanced my direction to gauge my reaction. When I showed no surprise, they surmised that this was not the first time the two had kissed in front of me or others. They correctly guessed at my cuckold status in our marriage. Bruce was introduced to the others as he sat down beside Linda. He watched with interest as I sat down next to Jimmy. Everyone’s places were now firmly established.

Bruce and Linda hadn’t seen each other in several weeks and he showed his appreciation for her skimpy outfit by quickly attaching his hand to her nearly naked bottom, much like Jimmy had done to my pantied covered ass earlier.

The rest of the evening progressed nicely with drinks and conversation flowing easily. Linda’s swimwear never touched water as Bruce would not let her get more than a few inches away from him all night. My attire was accepted as normal by all and I was just one of the girls. I helped Beth and Linda clean up the meal and wash dishes, which was an interesting time because Beth grilled Linda about details of her and Bruce’s involvement. I stood by silently as Linda explained our open relationship and mutual dating of men.

Around ten, Beth announced that she was going to have to call it a night as she had an early morning shift. Bruce could hardly wait to pull Linda back to our house. I wasn’t sure what to do but my decision was made for me when Ray stated he was going to turn in with Beth. That left me sitting there with Jimmy. His hand on my back firmly announced to me that he wanted me to stay right where I was next to him as the others left us alone.

I am sure you can guess what happened next. One of the reasons I was delinquent in finishing this saga was because I felt like such a slut. Once alone with me Jimmy’s shyness disappeared and his aggressive male responses took over. Within moments of everyone’s departure Jimmy was passionately kissing me, his hands roaming freely over me as he firmly pushed me prone on the patio deck. His muscular body pinned me to the concrete as he rolled on top of me and took his place between my legs. We kissed madly for what seemed like hours until my hand finally broke free and found its way to his hardness trapped between us.

As soon as my hand made contact with his cock he became putty in my hands and I slipped out from under him to free his trouser snake from its confinement. I was rewarded by more than I had expected as his marvelous cock continue to reveal itself to me in all its glory. What a monster he was packing! Then I remembered the teasing nickname that had been bestowed upon ‘Peanut”. I am sure he put all of his friends’ manhood to shame. THE MAN WAS HUNG!!!

Dear readers, I must confess, as much as I tried to do you proud, I couldn’t do justice to that wondrous piece of man-meat. My oral skills were put to the limits but I could not swallow that whopper. I gave it my all and I believe Jimmy was pleased with the results as I was allowed to repeat the process when we awoke in each other’s arms in the morning, having found our way into the guest room sometime in the night.

My feeling of great accomplishment and pride was somewhat briefly dampen when I emerged from the guest room to head home for rest and repair, only to be greeted by Beth and Ray sitting on the patio. A silent nod was exchanged only to be replaced by embarrassment when Beth handed me my forgotten panty left discarded on the patio chair. I took it and walked away silently homeward.

Thus ends the summer afternoon saga. Sorry for the months of waiting for follow-ups. I pray you feel the wait was worth it. And now we enter a new year. I am sure you are wondering if Jimmy and I repeated our performance. And unfortunately, I must report that it has not. I believe that Jimmy must have taken some ribbing from his macho buddies and couldn’t handle it well. So there have been no repeats, no calls or emails. Just the one and only time to report. But who knows what the new year will bring…

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Slipped Up

I love the look of old fashion girdles. But there is another clothing item that almost slipped my mind… slips! I think I first got the fascination with those fine silky white satiny undies watching my mother ironing her dress clad only in her slip and underwear. I was mesmerized by that long field of white that shimmered as she moved. I remember my older sister screaming at me when I walked into her bedroom unannounced to find her standing in her slip.

When I was junior high school I had a teacher embarrass me when a fellow classmate’s slip showed below her dress as she walked by me. “Grab the hem and make a wish,” the teacher told me. Of course I was too frozen with fear and lust to move.

So here is to an item that seems to be disappearing from women’s wardrobes of today. It’s difficult to find slips in department stores today and are seldom seen on young women these days. Please don’t let them slip away!




Happy Holidays!