Sunday, May 25, 2008

Delays and Updates

Just so you know, the reason for my lack of writing in my blog has been due to a personal goal that I have been pursuing for the last three years that finally reach a successful conclusion. That pursuit has taken a great deal of my time, both personal and professional, and left me with limited opportunity or stamina to accomplish everything on my plate. Now that the goal has been achieved I should have more time to put into this. Thanks for those who have stuck with me over the last few months as my writing as ebbed.

Needless to say my time serving my wife as housewife, cook, and maid has been cut back the last few weeks, so there has been little to report. And I didn’t want to bore you with mundane ramblings of how I organized the spice rack. There has been little of interest in my personal life since my Mother’s Day reporting. However, that might be changing shortly.

In celebration of my reached goal, we are hosting two parties next weekend. One will consist of close friends coming for food and fun, the other will involve many family members from both sides enjoying a cookout. Linda has mentioned in the past that she is interested in exposing my lifestyle to our friends, a few who know, but many who would never expect it. There is a good chance that I might find myself in front of these close friends in embarrassing situations.

My mother, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law have seen much of this hidden side of me, so there is a strong possibility that “Beverly” will make an appearance during the combined family visit.

I will keep you abreast of the developments.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day adventure

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day, whether you are a mother or not. Ours turned out to be more interesting then I had imaged it would be.

This was an unusual Mother’s Day because Linda and I had both of our mothers over to our house to honor them. We don’t usually mix family gatherings since our mothers just barely tolerate each other and are very different. This was the first Mother’s Day for Linda’s mother since the death of Linda’s father. Her sister was going to spend the day with her in-laws and her kids. My brother and sister were not going to be able to travel to us this year, and our daughter lives far away, so it ended up being a small gathering of just the four of us… me and the three mothers. And because of this, I assumed that it would be a quiet day and a rather reserved time without involving any wife-led marriage components to the day. Linda had other ideas.

As I was preparing the meal, Linda went and picked up our two mothers. I thought it would be a nice gesture towards Linda’s mother to be wearing one of the aprons she had given me. So I picked out the plainest of the three and put it on as I cooked. I figured that I would let Helen see me in it, then take it off as I set the food on the table.

All went well as they arrived, marveled at how nice the house looked, how great the food smelled, and finally on me cooking and wearing the apron. Helen immediately commented on how thoughtful it was for me to being wearing her gift, though stated she was surprised that I had picked the plainest one for the occasion. “The red apron with the white and yellow flowers would look better for a spring serving.”

My mother had a surprised looked on her face seeing me standing there in such a feminine apron. Linda explained to her that Helen had given me three aprons that she no longer used as a “house-husband gift”. Though she knows I stay home and take care of most of the housework and cooking, my mother knows nothing about my feminine role within our marriage. (I am not sure how much Linda’s mother knows about it. Her sister has been told but I am unaware of the extent of Helen’s knowledge. However, at Easter she gave me a hug and I am sure that she felt my bra straps when she did.) Linda proceeded to show my mother my apron collection which consists of the other two Helen gave me and three very frilly ones that Linda has given me. I was hoping that Linda would just show her the ones from her mother. However, Linda decided that this was a perfect time to show my complete collection. My mother was rather shocked as she held up the frilly ones and commented “my, these are very pretty. Does he wear these often?”

Linda replied “he wears an apron whenever he cooks or cleans, but we save the prettiest ones for special occasions.”

“Oh, like what kind of occasions?” my mother asked.

“Well, when we are entertaining guests.” Linda answered.

“Aren’t we guests?” Helen smiled.

“Yes, but he wanted to wear one that you gave him for today.”

Helen reached over and took the frilliest one and handed it to me saying “I think you should wear your best one for today in honor of the mothers.”

I glanced at my mother and saw that she was waiting for my reaction. Silently I reached back and untied my apron and took it off as Helen held the other for me to slip on. I think they may have seen the tenting on the front of my shirt from the bra I was wearing, so I quickly took the other apron to wear. They all giggled and laughed as I put the frilly apron on and tied it in back. I felt pretty silly standing in front of my mother wearing an ultra feminine apron as it looked almost like a dress with full skirt and ruffles on the shoulders. They commented on how nice it looked as I got back to cooking. I had to leave it on throughout the meal and cleanup as they enjoyed coffee and conversation at the table while watching me work.

At one point during the afternoon as I was refreshing their coffee Helen commented that if I wasn’t wearing slacks that it would look like I was wearing a dress. I turned beet red as I filled my mother’s cup, afraid to look at her. Leave it to Linda to add to my embarrassment as she commented offhandedly “maybe for Father’s day we will have him do that.”

As they were leaving, each gave me a hug and I am sure they felt my bra straps and each of their hands rubbed and lingered over the telltale bulges. At that point my secret was pretty much out to them. In fact my mother commented as she was going out the door “It sure is nice that we girls could all get together like this.” I know I was being included in her thought.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A sexual interlude.

A college teacher reminds her class of tomorrow’s final exam. “Now class, I won’t tolerate any excuses for you not being here tomorrow. I might consider a nuclear attack or a serious personal injury or illness, or a death in your immediate family, but that’s it, no other excuses whatsoever.”

A smart ass guy in the back of the room raised his hand and asked, “What would you say if tomorrow I said I was suffering from complete and utter sexual exhaustion?”

The entire class is reduced to laughter and snickering. When silence is restored, the teacher smiles knowingly at the student, shakes her head and sweetly says “Well, I guess you’d have to write the exam with your other hand.”

I thought we could all use a laugh today before I got to the latest updates. Saturday, we had one of those rare days where we had nothing planned, no place we had to go, no one we had to see… a day to ourselves and for ourselves. Because of this we woke up feeling more relaxed and refreshed then usual. And Linda wanted to take full advantage of it. We love to spend Saturday mornings in bed making love and me pleasing Linda to the fullest. So image my surprised when my normally conservative wife said she was going to tie me spread eagle on the bed and have some fun with me.

I quickly got out the bag containing our ‘toys’ and asked her what she wanted out of it. She told me to get out the blindfold and leave the rest to her. So I quickly found myself blindfolded and laying on the bed. I heard her rummaging around in the bag, then felt my cuffs encircling my wrists and my arms being pulled overhead. My legs were cuffed and pulled apart as I was securely tied down. It is usually Linda who is tied up as I like to let her relinquish control as I spend a long time pleasing and teasing her. So this was a rare occasion for me to be in this position. And I was loving every second of it.

I am a very oral person (something she is not) so I was not surprised to find something pushing against my lips. I opened my mouth and let a dildo slip in. I found that she was in the mood to tease me as she would take the dildo out and rub the tip of it against the tip of my cock, coating the dildo with my pre-cum, then returning it to my mouth for further sucking.

She knows that I am bisexual and have experienced a real cock in my mouth a few times. But she has said that it is not something she would ever want to see. So imagine my surprise at the conversation that followed. As she pushed the fake cock in and out of my mouth she whispered in my ear “imagine if that was your friend Darryl’s cock. Would you suck his cock if he were here right now? I bet you would love to have his cock in your mouth. Maybe I would let you suck it to get him hard to fuck me. You would love that, wouldn’t you?”

Of course I was highly turned on and nodded my head in agreement. I could tell she was happy with my answer. “I know you would love to be dressed up as Beverly and greet him at the door on your knees, ready to take him in your mouth. You know he wants to see you dressed up as Beverly next time he comes here. Are you ready for that?”

Again, I nod yes in reply. I feel Linda straddle my body and lower her pussy over my hard cock as she begins to ride me. This is her favorite position because she controls the speed and depth of our lovemaking. I can tell how turned on she is by her wetness. She leaves the dildo in my mouth as she takes her hands away. I am sure that she is fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples as she rides me.

I can tell she is nearing orgasm as she states “the next time Darryl is here things are going to be different. I hope you are ready to take things to a higher level. Maybe I will let you be his wife for the night… after he is done with me that is.”

And we both cum together at that comment.