Thursday, November 10, 2016

Final Update

It's been almost two years since I last posted. The reason being twofold. First being that I got burned out on writing, just lost interest and had fewer good stories to post about. It happens to most writers I think. While the adventures are fresh and exciting it's easy to sit down and write. But my adventures were getting fewer and further apart and most were just the same thing being repeated. Occasionally something new would happen in Linda and my life and it was fun to share those. But then our adventures became either routine or they were happening without the other of us being involved.
And that's what happened with Linda and I. She was having more and more adventures that didn't involve me in any way, other then sitting at home waiting for her return. And then her return started to happen less frequent. Linda is now living with a new boyfriend, one that has little or no interest in me and my sissy lifestyle. So she had a choice to make and decided to give herself over to the new guy.
We still see each other every few weeks and still profess our love for one another. But her desires are now being satisfied by the new man in her life.
I also have a new boyfriend that enjoys pushing my limits and testing me. One of those tests ended up outing me to my co-workers so pretty much everyone I know now knows that I am a crossdressing sissy. That has cost me most of the few friends that I had so I find myself spending all of my time with my boyfriend.
I am happy. Linda is happy. I miss her but I don't see us ever returning to the way things were. And we both realize that our lifestyles no longer mesh with the others. So we have moved on, hers by choice and mine because I had no choice.
Thanks for those who have enjoyed my posts and asked for more. I'm sure all have moved on and found other posts more interesting then mine.