Sunday, September 27, 2009

Salon Trippin'

Tuesday was my monthly salon appointment with Meghan, my hairstylist. Meghan knows all about my feminine alter ego and enjoys hearing my latest exploits. She always schedules me as her first appointment of the day, usually before the other stylists come in to work. Yesterday’s appointment was no exception. In fact, she had scheduled me a full hour before others were due because I was to have my hair colored along with styling. Once the color was “cooking”, she sat down in the stylist chair beside mine.

“Ok, we have at least 45 minutes before anyone else is due in, so let’s hear the latest news about Beverly and Linda,” she instructed as she reclined in the chair.

I filled her in on Darryl’s last visit, my double date with Jesse and the ‘other couple’ of Linda and Darryl. She wanted to know all of the details so I found myself opening up and telling her everything… my greeting Darryl at the door and how I was dressed, how he greeted and kissed Linda along with how I felt watching this. I even told her about Linda and Darryl’s night out alone while I sat home dressed in my little girl dress (she laughed hysterically at that) as well as Darryl’s instruction to Linda about staying naked whenever she was home during his stay.

“Did anyone drop in? What did she do then?” Meghan asked wide-eyed as I told about Linda’s shaved mound and Pam’s unexpected visit.

“Oh MY GOD! Linda walked around naked in front of your sister? How did that make you feel? Did Darryl do anything in front of Pam with your wife?”

So I told her about Linda having to make an entrance and stand naked in front of us. Plus I found myself admitting to me being spanked by both ladies, which Meghan found highly amusing and teased me about it.

Then she wanted to know about the double date and where we went. That meant telling her about our trip to the tattoo parlor and me having to show her my piercing which led to a 10 minute discussion of sharing our piercing experiences as I found out she had gotten her navel pierced while in high school.

“Tell me about Linda’s tattoo. What did you think about her getting it?” Meghan inquired.

I told her about the butterfly tattoo just above Linda’s hairless vagina and how I felt uneasy watching her undress before us (me, Jesse, Darryl, and the tattoo artist) as well as how it is healing nicely and really looks cute despite my initial feelings towards it.

“Does she let you see it up close often?” she mischievously asked, both of us know what she really meant and I acknowledge that I pay intimate homage to it often.

“So did Jesse spend the night?” she grinned as I turned bright red and nodded silently. “You are such a slut, Beverly,” she teased.

The bell ringing announced that it was time to rinse my hair and move on to the next phase. When finished rinsing, Meghan looked at my eyebrows and announced that they needed cleaning up. She commented on my latest adventure while applying wax to my brow line and ripping away until she was satisfied with my feminine arch.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my own sake), our private time was up as two other stylist arrived. I was saved from any further self-depravation and relaxed as we talked about hair styles and other mundane things.

I love those visits and feel fortunate that I can share things with someone supportive like Meghan. It is good to have someone to confide in. Moreover, she is always so enthusiastic to hear my stories. We keep talking about going out together some night for drinks. I hope that happens soon as I know we would have a great time. Who knows, maybe we will even let Linda join us. If that happens, look out world!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture This!

I was just visiting another blog, Spanked Hubby. Mike makes a very good point about photos and drawings/cartoons posted on blogs. I ‘borrow’ many photos and drawings that I find on the web, so many in fact that I don’t remember where most came from. If you see that I have used something of yours and you want me to remove it, just let me know and it will be done. I am not trying to rip anyone off and I don’t want anyone upset by my usage of their images. I am just trying to build interest on my site by enhancing the rather long blogs that I tend to write with supporting images. Thanks for understanding.

In that same vane, feel free to reuse any of the images on my blog with the exception of my 2 personal photos found on the right side bio section.


Normal Is As Normal Does

I am happy to report that things are returning to normal at our house. Linda is still working too hard, but enjoys returning home at the end of the day to her faithful househusband. I await her arrival each evening, dressed in my feminine best, cocktail in hand, greeting her at the door to relieve her of her stressful day.

While we enjoyed Darryl’s recent visit, her more than me, it is nice to have our lives centered on each other again. There have been some lasting effects from that visit, primarily in the bedroom which I will get into later, and also some for each of us to deal with separately as well as together. It would be foolish to think that someone could be so intimately entrenched in our lives and not have some residual consequences.

At night, we talk about our days with her telling me about work situations and issues while soliciting my response, and I report on my day of cleaning, cooking, and trying to be the perfect wife for her. My work allows me great freedom to not only work from home, but to schedule my work flow as best to not interfere with my housewife role… my number one priority.

Evenings find us relaxing in front of the TV, surfing the web together, skyping with friends or family members. We try to stay together in the evenings for the most part. The exception coming when either of us is interrupted by a personal phone call. This tends to be mostly Linda receiving a call from Darryl or me getting a call from Roger or Jesse. It all seems to equal out as Darryl calls twice as often as my friends do. Linda will usually leave the room for a private conversation that often lasts over an hour. At the same time, she likes me to stay in the room with her when I get a call from “my boyfriends”, as she refers to Roger and Jesse. She loves to hear my side of the conversation and then asks me what they said when finished or she will throw in comments for me to relay to them. I am usually beet red from embarrassment when talking to them, as I know she is privy to the conversation. Sometimes she will even play with my cockette while I try to carry on a conversation, teasing me unmercifully as my beau whispers sweet nothings in my ear.

My feminization continues as I find myself dressed as Beverly about 80% of the time now. Linda prefers me to be dressed as Bev when she gets home as well as being enfemme throughout the day while home. The only reprieve I get is when I have to leave the house to run errands or for business meetings. I am even doing yard work or washing our cars in some sort of feminine garb per her request. I know most of our neighbors have seen me such attired, but I am long past worrying about what they think.

I was putting on my bra the other morning while Linda stood silently watching.

“You do that so naturally now, just as well as any woman, as if you have been doing it all your life,” she finally commented.

When we figured out how long I have been dressing as Beverly, it indeed has been over half of my life now.

She also compliments me on my legs, saying that they are my best attribute. And, I have to agree, it is true. I have great legs. Both Linda and I are blessed with shapely gams. Of course, she also has fantastic breasts, a figure to die for with that taunt stomach, and a traffic-stopping ass to complete the trifecta (or would that be quinella?). Regardless, I think one of the sexiest times is when we are both wearing hosiery. I love to rub our legs together then. Talk about HOT!

Other little life enjoyments we share are taking a long relaxing bath together where we shave each other’s legs while soaking in perfumed luxury or helping each other get dressed in the morning. I love to pamper her with regular manicures and pedicures as we watch a movie. I paint her nails while she feeds me popcorn.

I must admit that I still feel pangs of jealousy when she is on the phone with Darryl for extended periods or I hear her giggle softly as she reads his emails. I also still struggle with the attention from Roger and Jesse, not sure what I feel towards them and if I want a boyfriend (or two) in my life. Linda tells me that those experiences will help form my feminine persona. I am just not sure why I need that.

Roger still begs for me to come visit him. Jesse keeps calling to ask me out. Linda continues to push, “go for it!”.

And Darryl continues to be a force to be reckoned with. He has a firm attachment on Linda now. Hardly a day goes by without his name being mentioned or he inflicts himself on our lives. Because of his requests (read ‘demands’), each night I have oral responsibilities to perform on Linda before retiring. I have still not been allowed to make love to her since he left but, instead, I look after her needs with the use of various size toys. Often, a large dildo, affectionately named Darryl by Linda, finds its way into my mouth by Linda’s hand, culminating with the licking of my own seed from its shaft… a gentle reminder, Linda states, that I must perfect my cocksucking skills.

Yes indeed, our life has returned to ‘normal’… whatever that may be!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorry I have gotten a little BEHIND in my writing. I have been under the weather the last few days and haven't felt like sitting at the computer. But rest assured that I will have a new entry within the next day or two.
In the mean time, be sure to check out some of the blogs that I have listed here. They are terrific!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pam and I... The Early Years

I came upon a photo today that brought back memories of my youth. In fact, my earliest memories that I can fully remember involve my sister and me dressing in her clothes, thus beginning my crossdressing experiences that continued to today.

Pam is 8 years older than me. So, when we were growing up she was always babysitting me to give my mother a break or when our parents went out.

My earliest memories were of Pam and me riding our ponies and playing out in the pastures and wooded timbers of our horse farm. I idolized my older sister and was always doing whatever she asked just to make her happy. As early as age four I remember getting some hand-me-down clothing of hers, usually pants or shorts, maybe a shirt, but especially a cowgirl brown leather skirt with matching fringe vest. Thinking back now, I am surprised that, given our age difference, those items were still around when I got to the size to fit into them. I loved that outfit and wore it many times when we played, even outside when riding ponies. There weren’t many kids either of our ages around most of the time, so we played together often.

I also remember during those early babysitting times, when we were alone in the house, Pam would practice putting make-up on me or styling my hair into cute little girly styles. I was her own real-life Barbie doll. I loved the attention she gave me as well. There were many times that our mother saw this, but she thought it was great that we were getting along and not fighting.

The remember that both my mother and Pam were really into dressing nicely. They often wore dresses, even just around the house. When I was six, my sister had several cancan petticoats, like those worn with the poodle skirts. I fell in love with those and stoled one out of her room one day when she was gone and hid it in a big box in the basement. I would sneak down there and put it on every day, then stash it away when someone came down the stairs. Pam discovered it missing one day and a frantic search was afoot to find it. No one thought to ask me if I knew where it was, and I probably would have lied if asked. When it was discovered, everyone knew that it had to be me because there was no other reason for it being hidden in a box in the basement. My punishment was that I was told not to go into Pam’s room without permission.

Soon after that incident is when Pam dressed me up fully for the first time. She was alone with me for the evening and called me into her room. She had been cleaning out dresser drawers and had several items of clothing laying on her bed.

“Let’s play dress up,” she announced and had me strip out of my clothes. Even though I was almost seven, I was not embarrassed about her seeing me naked because she had given me baths as long as I could remember.

As she put a bra on me she said, “This was my first bra, before I had boobies to put in it. You can have it, if you want.”

I remember being so excited about receiving that bra, and continued getting fully dressed up, complete with girdle, stockings, a petticoat, and dress. She then did my make-up and put bows in my hair. I was really surprised at how much I looked like a girl. What I remember most was both of us standing there in her room wearing identical underwear, just like in this picture.

We were so involved in our playing that we didn’t hear our parents come home. They walked in the door and immediately saw me. Dad just about flipped out, I could tell by his expression that he was not happy seeing me dresses as a girl, but he didn’t say anything, just walked back to his bedroom. Mom had me stand up and turn around so she could see how I looked. I remember her saying that I looked very cute, and how happy I was to hear that.

“We couldn’t find any shoes that would fit him, Mom,” Pam announced.

“He doesn’t need any as long as he is staying in the house, but he should at least wear slippers so he doesn’t get a run in those stockings,” is all Mom replied.

I had no plans to ever leave the house and no one ever suggested it either. Pam and I repeated the dress-up games several times over the next two years, but I never left the house. Then, when she turned sixteen, she started dating and didn’t have much time for her little brother anymore. My dressing continued, but only when I was alone. Mom only saw me dressed as a girl a few times, Dad only that once. But the seeds were planted and have continued with me.

Fortunately, I met Linda who turned out to be very supportive of my crossdressing. We started dating in high school and have been together ever since. On our honeymoon, she gave me my own sexy nightgown to wear as her way of saying that she expected Beverly to be a part of this marriage.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

What Happened??

All of a sudden my blog counter reset itself, but not all the way to zero. It was up to 130,000+, then earlier this week it went back to 12,300ish and I don't know why. It did this last summer as well when it hit in the 40,000 range.
Have you had this happen to you? Any idea why it happens or what can be done to get the counter back to where it belongs?

I am doing some house work today, nothing too elaborate, just general cleaning. So far, no one has dropped in on me. I hope to get finished up early today so I have some time to spend on this blog. That's my reward for getting my work done, so off I go. Enjoy your weekend.

This photo really doesn't have anything to do with this blog entry, but it is SO CUTE!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Live Goes On

I am happy to report that, with Darryl’s visit behind us, Linda and I have started to return our lives to normal. I won’t say that there hasn’t been a few ‘instances’ of unsettling times, but, for the most part, we have worked our way through them and are, once again, enjoying the life of a happily married couple.

So, with that said, I think it is time to return my blog to reporting about the mundane and ordinary life of a male housewife and his/her supportive and adventurous wife.

Did I report that we had won the lottery and are buying a private island away from civilization? I can dream, can’t I?


We have had a few visitors over the last two weeks that I need to report on.

Last Saturday, I was doing some housework when my mother-in-law stopped by. I was vacuuming the living room and was going to be going outside to mow the lawn and do some yard work as soon as I was done inside, so I was dressed in old clothes… cutoff shorts and a t-shirt, since we were not expecting company. Usually, I will were something feminine, like a maid’s dress, when working inside. But not this day.

When Linda’s mother came in I was vacuuming so I didn’t hear her, but Linda tapped me on the shoulder to tell me she was here. I turned off the vacuum to say hello and was greeted by her saying “shouldn’t you be at least wearing an apron while doing housework?”

I explained that I was heading outside as soon as I was done with this chore. She looked at Linda with an expression that clearly conveyed that she thought Linda was being lax with me. It clearly told me that my mother-in-law was quite aware and approving of our female-led lifestyle. As I returned to my housework, Linda walked into the kitchen, got an apron out of the drawer, and proceeded to tie it around my waist. Her mother looked on approvingly as I resumed my work.

They were sitting at the table drinking coffee when I finished. I told them that I was going to go outside to mow now, and then asked if it was all right to remove the apron.

“You cannot mow the lawn in an apron!’ Linda’s mother exclaimed. “You might get it dirty.”

I removed the apron and headed out the door, hearing her tell Linda, “A sundress would be more fitting, don’t you think.”

Earlier in the week, I was having my heavy cleaning day where I spend the entire day cleaning the house top to bottom, so I had elected to wear one of my cleaning maid dresses. It is more of a utility dress, like those worn by hotel housekeeping workers, not the sexy dress that I wear on more special occasions. When I am doing my heavy duty cleaning I like to counterbalance the work by putting on full make-up and fixing my hair to its feminine best. That way, when I look in a mirror, a feminine maid is looking back.

I was in full cleaning mode, going about my chores, when my sister dropped in. I guess we must be a really close family because no one ever seems to call first. They just stop by.

There was a time that having a family member drop in and see me as Beverly would have freaked me out. But when I heard her voice announcing her arrival, I set down my cleaning rag and went to greet her with a hug. She commented on how nice I looked for cleaning house and I explained how that helped me keep in the mood.

“Any time you are in the mood, feel free to come over and clean my house,” she teased. I just may take her up on that some day.

I took a break from my cleaning and offered her refreshments, then sat at the table to talk. She asked me how our weekend with Darryl had gone, commenting that she could understand why Linda was so into him.

“He is a real hunk, so forceful, and so sexy. God, he made me weak in the knees,” she commented. “When he told us to spank you, I swear I got wet immediately.” We both blushed at her openness. “What else did I miss? Did Linda stay naked all night?”

I told her that Linda got dressed shortly after she left because we were going out for the night. Of course she wanted to know all of the details so I told her about my arranged double date with Jesse and how he met us at dinner. Pam asked if we came home after dinner, but the look on her face told me that she expected that we didn’t.

“Darryl took us to a tattoo parlor,” I confessed.

“Who got a tattoo, both of you? Can I see it?” she asked, excitingly.

“Linda got a butterfly tattoo down below the belt,” I conceded. I could see her picturing Linda’s shaven pubic region now adorned with a tattoo. I let her mull that for a second before I proceeded to tell her about my navel piercing. Of course she wanted to see it, so I unbuttoned my dress and spread it open to show off my new jewelry.

“That is so cute! Did it hurt much?” she asked.

I explained that it only hurt for a couple of seconds, then told her about the care instructions for it since she seemed quite interested in my piercing.

“How long did Linda’s tattoo take?”

I really didn’t want that question as I had to admit that Jesse and I didn’t wait around for the whole procedure, so I didn’t know the answer. She tried to pry out of me what the two of us did, but all I replied was that we enjoyed each other’s company. She did get me to reluctantly admit that Jesse had stayed most of the night.

Fortunately, for me, her time was limited and she had to leave, thus cutting the conversation off before more details could be pried out of me.

A few more teasing remarks about Jesse and me, a request to me to tell Linda that she wanted to see the tattoo, and a comment about how she hoped that I was not upset about her participation in my spanking (I am not).

“I am glad to hear that you are not upset with me about that spanking. I have to admit that I enjoyed that. I told Rod about it when I got home and he commented that he would never allow himself to be spanked. So, I guess if I feel the urge to spank someone, I will just have to come see you,” Pam teased.

“Linda told me about the night Darryl took her to Chicago and how she had you dress in a little girl’s dress and had to be in bed by nine. She said that she had thought about calling me to come over and baby sit with you. I wish she had. Wouldn’t that have been fun? Tell her that I am available anytime she needs a sitter,” she further teased. “You be sure to tell her or I might have to give you another spanking.”

With that, she got up from the table and gave me a hug before departing. I definitely didn’t like the turn that had taken.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Asking The Tough Questions; We All Want The Answer!

I came upon an interesting article online today and wanted to share the information and get your opinion as well. It had to do with how often should you wash your bra. The woman generating the topic had ‘a friend’ that only washed her bra every three months, which this woman thought was absurd. She thought that a bra should be washed after every wearing.

The person answering the question stated the following…

… “For normal wearing, a bra should be washed after every 5th to 8th wearing. The bra should never be worn two days in a row as it needs time to regain its shape.

For a bra worn where it may come in contact with heavy perspiration, such as a sports bra, washing may be needed after every wearing.

But for normal wearing, extend the life of your bra by stretching out the laundering, always wash either by hand or under a gentle machine setting, and always line dry, never put a bra in a dryer.”

How does that fit with your practice? Agree or disagree?