Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What a difference!

The temperature when we left Iowa was low twenties and when we got off the plane in Tampa it was low seventies. What a difference!
So much to tell all ready... from the time we got to the airport to Darryl meeting us in Tampa... it's going to be an interesting week. But that's all I have time for today. I will write all about it when I get back.
Have a great New Year's Eve everybody!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting ready to travel

Linda and I spent most of today at our salon spa preparing our bodies for the vacation trip. We each had some waxing done; her: legs and bikini line, me: back, legs, and bikini line. That bikini wax was a first for me, and I was very surprised that I didn't have a 'male reaction' during the procedure. I guess the pain and discomfort from it kept me from having an erection. Our friend from the salon did the work so it was a bit embarrassing to be naked and manipulated by some one I know in such an intimate way.
We also got our hair colored and highlighted as well as manicures and pedicures. So we both walked out looking our best and ready to take on Florida.
The reason I got a bikini wax is because Linda bought me a swim suit to wear on the beach. Fortunately, it wasn't a 2-piece bikini, just a one piece woman's suit. But it is cut high in the legs and I worry how it will cover my male parts. I guess I will be doing a lot of 'tucking'.
We leave tomorrow morning and will be in Florida after lunch. Darryl is picking us up at the airport. Then the fun will begin!
Wish us luck (me, especially).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with Family

I didn’t think I would get another chance to write before heading out to Florida, but I found a few hours of free time today so I am taking advantage of it.

Speaking of Florida, we are really looking forward to getting to some place warm and away from this terrible Iowa winter. Linda has been on a real high these last few days as she prepares for the trip. I know she has talked on the phone with Darryl several times and the two of them have been making plans for our visit. With those two plotting, I know it is going to be an exciting, yet scary, time.

I wanted to report on our Christmas holiday since I have the time. We spent the day with my relatives at my mother’s house. Fortunately, Linda did not insist that I wear anything feminine for the occasion, so I was able to dress ‘normal’ (meaning regular guy’s clothes). That really didn’t seem to matter as it turned out because I spent most of the time either in the kitchen or doing what would normally be considered ‘woman’s work’.

As soon as we arrived, my mother asked me to help in the kitchen with preparing the brunch. Without a word being exchanged, she handed me a waist apron to put on. I noticed her smile as I accepted it without hesitation. Since we had been the first to arrive, the rest of the family members all saw me in the kitchen at work wearing the apron as they arrived. My sister greeted me with a hug and a ‘cute’ comment. My brother-in-law just waved and retreated to the living room. My brother and his wife stood and talked to us as we worked but neither offered a hand. Even Linda stayed out of the kitchen as Mom and I cooked. I served the meal and notified the others that dinner was ready, then removed the apron and sat down as Mom brought out coffee. Other then that, it was a normal meal with my family with much laughter and fun.

After the meal concluded, I started clearing the table without a thought. However, much to my surprise, no one else offered to pitch in and I was left alone to clear and wash the dishes (having donned my apron of course). I was even summoned to serve coffee once as the rest of the family sat in the living room. Everyone had just assumed that my place was that of the ‘maid’, even me.

Finally, my kitchen work done, I was able to join them and sit and relax… for a short while. After an hour, Mom asked, “would you be so kind as to put the table cloth and napkins in the wash machine for me?” Of course I did it without hesitation, all the while thinking that it wasn’t that long ago that she would have asked my sister to do that chore. Now it seemed to have become my duty. I had taken over for my sister! Perhaps Mom was now thinking of me as her ‘other daughter’.

Even the presents I received for Christmas pointed to my feminine persona as I opened boxes of dishware, mixing spoons, special pots and pans, a Belgium waffle iron, silk bedroom sheets, and even a Christmas apron. Linda gave me dress slacks that looked like men’s… until my sister noticed that the zipper was on the side! Thankfully, she kept quiet about that until she could tease me about it when we had a moment alone. And through it all, no one in my family raised an eyebrow or uttered a discouraging word about my quickly growing feminine world.

The only time I felt the least bit uncomfortable was just before we were leaving. Linda was talking about our upcoming trip to Florida. Everyone was excited for us, even the guys were a bit jealous that I was going to be attending the game while they were having to settle for watching it on television. My sister asked where we were staying and Linda told her that we would be staying at Darryl’s condo on the beach. I noticed a sudden glance Pam shared with our mother that seemed to convey some hidden message. Nothing more was said about the trip other then their wishes to have fun and safe travels. But I couldn’t help but worry about that shared eye contact between Mom and Pam. Did they know something? Had they found out about Linda and Darryl’s adventure? What exactly did it mean?

I asked Linda about it on the drive home. She said that she had not talked to them about Darryl. However, she had shared with her sister some of what went on that week when Darryl visited. Usually our two families don’t talk to each other much so I didn’t think that Linda’s sister, Julie, would have told Pam anything. And Linda doesn’t think that Julie said anything to their mother about what took place. But the whole thing has made me very nervous as this is a part of Linda and my private life that I do not want to share with family.

That is all going to be put aside for now as we prepare for our adventure in the sun. Let’s meet back here after the first of the year and see what happened.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ending out the year.

Linda knows that I write this blog and understands that it is a form of therapy for me. It allows me to vent, unwind, and express my feelings of fear, excitement, nervousness, and anticipation. I knew that she read a few of my posting in the beginning. But I didn’t realize until last night that she has kept up with this blog quite regularly. I had just assumed that she had looked at it in the beginning out of curiosity, then tired of it and forgotten about it. But no, she informed me last night that she enjoys reading it and has gained much insight into me and my thinking. Oh, boy!

As we were enjoying dinner last night, she brought up the blog. She was glad that I had included the adventures with Darryl and that I hadn’t painted her as a slut or a monster. “It’s important that your readers realize the love and affection we share and that we are very much a happy couple,” she commented. She went on to say what she enjoyed most were the comments left for me.

“It seems that your readers’ comments are mostly about the sexual side and how they want you to interact sexually with Darryl and for me to cut you off from sex between us. What do you think of those ideas?”

I replied that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go down that path.

“I kind of like the idea of denying you access to me until after I’ve been with Darryl again. I think it might be a good idea to cut you off until after we return from Florida. Think you can last two weeks?”

I was shocked to say the least. I tried to talk her out of it, even bringing up Christmas as a hook. But it seems that her mind is made up, thanks to your suggestions! So now I can’t wait for the new year to get here.

Because of our busy holiday schedule and traveling, followed by our Florida trip, I will probably not be posting again until we return in January. But think of all I will have to report on when I return.

2008 will definitely not be going out with a bang, at least not for me!

See you in 2009.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hair Affair

This entry will be a departure from my latest escapades involving Darryl, and a return to where this blog originated… that being fun and frolic between just Linda and myself. I hope you don’t mind.

Yesterday was our anniversary. I won’t say which one, only that it is well past twenty happy years. My gift to Linda was a certificate for a day of spoiling at a spa. Linda treated me to supplies for my favorite hobby (photography). Unbeknownst to me, there was even more to come.

I had an appointment to get my hair cut in the morning. As Linda was leaving for work, she handed me a small bag that was taped shut. “Give this to Meghan (my hairstylist) when you go in this morning,” she instructed, then kissed me and headed out the door with no further explanation. In the past Linda had conspired with Meghan to treat me to various forms of embarrassment and femininity exposures. I was sure that this would be something along those lines as well.

Meghan has known about ‘Beverly’ and my dressing activities for several years. Each time I come in to the salon she asks me about my latest feminine involvements and adventures. Since she has me come in as the first appointment of the morning, I know the salon will not be busy and therefore always dress leaning towards the feminine side. I was wearing a blue sweater and gray slacks, women’s wear of course. The bra I wore was not padded but the outline and slight protrusions could still be identifiable to the knowing observer. I decided to put on a little eyeliner and mascara along with a light coating of lip gloss… nothing too noticeable, but I knew Meghan would see it. I keep my hair somewhat long and cut into a slightly feminine wedge. And I let Meghan have free-rein over the styling each time. As I sat in the chair I handed her Linda’s bag. I realized that she and Linda had been talking and plotting because she took the bag without registering any surprise, setting it aside without opening it.

Since we were alone in the salon, Meghan started peppering me with questions about how I spent my Thanksgiving and then settling in asking about Darryl’s visit. That surprised me somewhat. At my last appointment I had casually mentioned that my friend was coming for a visit. I guess I must have commented that Beverly would be making an appearance as well. She asked how he reacted, then asked about Linda’s reacting to her husband appearing in all his feminine best before my old friend. I must have revealed too much because Meghan picked up on something I said and started quizzing me about Darryl and Linda interacting. Before I knew it I had told her everything about that week as well as about our plans to attend the bowl game and stay with Darryl. I couldn’t believe that I talked about all of that so freely with her. It must have been the ‘power of the beauty salon’ at work. I have heard about how all secrets are revealed within those walls, and now it had taken its toll on me.

Because I was talking so much, I wasn’t paying any attention to what Meghan was doing with my hair. When I looked in the mirror I was shocked. She had styled my hair in a totally feminine comb-out, complete with little pin-curls. Then she opened Linda’s bag and pulled out an assortment of hair accessories: ribbons, pins, clips in all colors and styles. She smiled at the collection and began picking and selecting what she would use in my hair. When she was done I looked like something between a teen girl going to a prom and a bride on her wedding day. There was no way I was going to hide that hairstyle as combed out as it was and decorated with sparkly clips.

“This is part of Linda’s anniversary gift to you. Plus, you are to meet her for lunch at Harrington’s,” Meghan explained.

When she removed the long black apron that covered me, my clothing selection no longer looked androgynous. With my feminine hairstyle, I now looked quite feminine head to toe. Now I wished that I had worn more make up and padded my bra so I could at least look like a woman. Instead I looked exactly like what I was… a cross dressed man!

Meghan wished me luck on my lunch date and almost had to push me out the door. Fortunately, Linda was already seated when I arrived at the restaurant so I was able to walk in and sit down. She commented on how nice my hair looked and asked if I liked my surprise. “It definitely was a surprise,” I answered.

I am happy to say that lunch went extremely well. The waitress smiled warmly at me as she took our order. I received only a few glances and stares from passersby and seated patrons, mostly do to the pronounced hairstyle being out of place for that time of day and location.

All in all, it was a fun and unforgettable anniversary.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Recent Surprising Development

I am sure that there are very few of you reading this that know or care that the Iowa football team will be participating in the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida on New Year’s Day. So why is it being mention in my blog? Because, my friend, Linda and I are going to be traveling there to spend New Year’s Eve and to attend the game. So why should you care about that? Well, faithful readers, do you remember who lives in the great state of Florida, about 2 hours away from Tampa? That just happens to be where Darryl lives!

During Darryl’s visit, on one of those rare occasions when the three of us sat around talking about trivial things, we talked about the Iowa Hawkeye Football team and where they might be going to a bowl game. Darryl is also a Hawkeye fan, being he lived in Iowa until just a few years ago. He was hoping that the team would get selected to a Florida bowl. That brought up the discussion of ‘what if’ they did, and it was discussed that it would be great if Linda and I would travel to Florida for the bowl game and spend a few days there.

Low and behold, the Hawkeyes are going to be spending the holidays in warm weather, and it looks like we will be traveling there as well. Immediately after the selection was announced we got a phone call from Darryl asking us to come down and stay with him. He said that if we got game tickets for the three of us and flew down that he would pick us up at the airport and take care of all of the other expenses. We would stay with him at his beach condo.

It is an offer too good to pass up because of the great cost savings. However, I am sure you know what is going to happen. We will be on his turf for 4 days and nights, so he will be very much in charge with what goes on. I am excited about seeing my first bowl game as well as spending a few days in the warmth and sunshine. And Linda is excited about that as well as spending time with Darryl.

Darryl is very excited about having us visit, probably more so than attending the game. He said that he wants to take his ‘girls’ out for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration. He knows that, since we are flying, we will not be able to bring a lot of ‘extra’ clothing, so he has instructed us to ship a box of dress-up/evening wear clothing and anything ‘Beverly will need’ so we don’t have to take it on the plane. Then he will ship it back when we leave.

There is much to be excited about, but also much that I am nervous of. Regardless, the year is going to end on a very different note.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finger Licking Fun

I have had several inquiries into what has taken place sexually between Linda and I since Darryl’s visit, so I thought I would take some time to address that. I really hadn’t given it much thought until this last weekend. We have been married a long time and have settled into a bit of a rut when it comes to sex. We usually reserve Saturday morning for us to sleep late and then play around in bed before starting our weekend. I won’t go into a lot of details here except to say that we enjoy our sex life. I try to make sure that Linda is ‘satisfied’ first whenever possible. Also, I usually am not acting as Beverly in bed at these times as Linda prefers to make love to her husband and really doesn’t have much interest in experiencing a lesbian relationship. She does enjoy my oral skills however as well as the tenderness that I bring because of being in touch with my feminine side.

I realized last week that thing were different since Darryl’s visit, but hadn’t been aware of how it had carried over to Linda and my sex life until last Saturday.

The Saturday after his visit did not find us making love as we usually did. Instead, Linda asked me to spend some time pleasing her in bed. Since I was still somewhat in my feminine frame of mind carrying over from Darryl’s visit, I was happy to spoil her with a long massage as well as orally pleasing her. Once finished we realized that the morning had slipped away and got out of bed, leaving me sexually unfulfilled. I figured that we would have time later that weekend and so I wasn’t worried about it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find time that weekend so I told myself that the next weekend we would make up for it. However, that Saturday I ended up over at my sister’s house helping get ready for our family’s Thanksgiving gathering (more on that in another post), so I was out of bed early to head over there.

I was really looking forward to this last weekend thinking that we would finally have time together. We did, but not as I thought. Image my surprise when Linda announced that morning that she didn’t want to make love but would instead manually take care of my needs. I enjoy when she does that so I wasn’t upset, but I did wonder why she didn’t want to make love, and asked her about it.

“To be honest, Honey, I am still remembering how hot it was when Darryl made love to me, and I am afraid right now that you don’t measure up to that. But don’t worry, my little sissy, we can still enjoy ourselves,” Linda stated as she rubbed my erection through my panties. I asked what was so different with Darryl and she replied “he was so powerful and masterful. He made me really feel like a woman. He has a great cock and he knows how to use it.”

“Don’t I satisfy you?”

“Sometimes, but I am still seeing you as Beverly and not as a man. In time that will change. But for now I don’t want your sissy cock in me. I hope you understand. Now lay back and let me take care of my little girl.” She rubbed her finger over the crown of my cock, gathering up the pre-cum that had accumulated, then brought her finger to my mouth. “Does my little sissy want a taste?” she asked as she pushed her wet finger into my open mouth. I sucked on it as she smiled.

“I bet Darryl would never eat his cum, or any other man’s for that matter. Don’t you agree?” she asked. I nodded in agreement. “I bet you would eat another man’s cum, wouldn’t you?” She had me so turned on with her ministrations that I would have agreed with almost anything she asked. “I know you would because you got a taste of Darryl’s cum from my pussy, didn’t you. You liked that, didn’t you?” Again, I nodded in agreement. “And I bet you would like to taste his cum straight from his cock, wouldn’t you? Maybe next time he visits we can arrange that.”

That was all that was needed to send me over the top and I covered my stomach with my cum. Linda scooped it up in her hand and poured it into my mouth, instructing me to lick her palm clean of the sticky mess. She smiled as I followed her instructions. Next she ordered me to bring her off orally. While doing so I realized that this would probably be our ‘normal’ routine for some time to come.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Dinner

I don’t know if I would rather have one holiday feast with our combined families under one roof or two get-togethers at two locations and keep the families separated. There are good and bad points to each.

When we started talking about Thanksgiving plans months ago we talked about each scenario. Linda offered to host both families at our house on Thanksgiving Day. Of course she knew who would be doing most of the cooking and pre-party cleaning… ME! However, each of our sisters wanted to host separate events this year for reasons that I won’t go into here. So to keep peace with everyone, it was decided that we would have her family’s gathering on that Thursday and my family’s on Saturday. Menus were planned and arrangements were made.

I was happy because it cut down on my work considerably. The housework was not really a factor because I would have the house cleaned regardless of whether we were having a houseful of people or it was just Linda and I. Cooking would be immensely simpler as I would only have to prepare one or two dishes for each meal (I couldn’t very well attend empty-handed now could I?).

Also, with the meals being hosted at someone else’s house I didn’t have to worry about having to entertain the ladies by appearing in some kind of feminine apparel. So I was ready to relax and enjoy the holiday. Of course you know that things would never be that easy for me, don’t you.

On Sunday before her family’s get-together, Linda informed me that she had volunteered my services to her sister and I was to ‘report’ on Wednesday morning to assist with house cleaning. I tried to find out from Linda if she had talked with her sister about Darryl’s visit, but Linda would not tell me. I know that they talk often on the phone and have shared many things throughout their adult lives. I just hoped that this wasn’t one of those things that they had shared.

When I got to Julie’s house Wednesday morning she greeted me with a hug and a sincere thanks for being able to help out. “I just hate all of the preparation for these things. I’m ok when the people are here. I just hate cleaning and the set-up.”

We got started with Julie handing me a well-worn waist apron without saying a word, just assuming that I would wear it, and worked together all morning. I must say that the house certainly need some ‘help’ and I could tell that Julie was not the most thorough housekeeper that ever lived. As lunchtime approached Julie said she would fix us something to eat while I kept working. I had just finished the bathroom when she announced lunch was ready. We sat down and enjoyed a light and simple lunch.

“How was your friend’s visit? Did you guys do anything special?” Julie inquired. I had my mouth full and was able to take a moment to think about my answer before saying anything.

I decided to keep my answer simple and not give too much detail, hoping that maybe Julie would reveal what she knows. “It was good to see Darryl and catch up on what’s been going on with him. We had dinner in two nights and he took us out one night,” I volunteered. Julie replied with a ‘that’s nice’ and then changed subjects to talk about what we needed to do to get the house ready for the next day. All of my worrying about what she knew or suspected and she just glossed over the subject. So maybe she didn’t know anything about Darryl and Linda. If she did, I was sure that she would have been either teasing me about it or digging for more details. Since she did neither I gathered that Linda hadn’t talked to her after all. It looked like I dodged that bullet.

The afternoon was spent setting the table, getting serving dishes ready, and a final walk-around to make sure the house was ready. With that completed, Julie thanked me profusely and I was on my way home.

I could make up some exciting story about the dinner being a constant embarrassment for me but, fortunately, the ladies took over Thursday morning with cooking and I was left out. I almost complained but decided not to rock the boat. I was drafted into clean-up duty after the meal was over, but even that was done without any comments made or an apron appearing for me to wear. I asked Linda about it on the drive home, wondering if she had said something, but she assured me that she hadn’t. She wasn’t sure why I had been excluded from the pre-dinner prep or why the subject of ‘Beverly’ hadn’t been brought up. I think we were both welcoming the reprieve after the previous week’s experiences with Darryl. And a relaxing and stress-free meal was greatly appreciated by both of us.

There was still my family’s dinner yet to come.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back to Normal

Thankfully, things have quieted down around here and starting to return to normal. Linda and I have had some time to think about everything that has taken place during the last month and finally sat down and talked about them.

She realized that it was a tough time for me with having to allow Darryl to see me in my role as Beverly, the housewife and subservient maid. Mentally, that was challenging because Darryl knew me quite well as a man, then to see that all changed as I because so utterly feminine instead. I think that was more difficult then having our family members see me in that light. I don’t have many close male friends, and this outing potentially risked losing one of my closest ones.

Then there was the matter of watching my wife become so intimate with another man. I guess I knew that it was a possibility if I was willing to admit it. But I didn’t really want to admit to myself that it would happen. Looking back, I remember thinking about that very thing when Linda and I first discussed Darryl staying with us. I knew what would eventually happen when he did stay here, but tried to block it out. The only surprise that Linda admitted was her surprise in me accepting her and Darryl becoming so intimate without ever a word of protest. She was sure that I would at least put up some token resistance to him bedding her so easily. However, she said she knew within ten minutes after Darryl’s arrival that I would be going along with everything they threw at me… and I did!

As we talked we concluded that we both had enjoyed my role as the maid to them as well as my constantly being dressed in feminine apparel and acting totally feminine. Linda was surprised that not once did I allow my male side to show. We also discussed what the future would hold and both agreed that Darryl would be welcomed here again and we would each resume our roles when that happened.

Finally, we talked about the sex. Linda stated that she would continue that with Darryl and I agreed to accept that. However, we both agreed that her involvement with another man would be strictly limited to Darryl and no others. I asked her about what took place after the party on Halloween when Ron brought her home. She said that she really didn’t plan on jumping into bed with him but that the drinks had loosened her up too much and Ron was able to take advantage of it. She talked with Anna and apologized for letting it happen. Anna was pissed at Ron and forgave Linda with the stipulation that it was a one-time occurrence and could never happen again. In trade-off, Anna got Linda to agree to have me spend a day at their house cleaning as ‘payment’. I’m not sure how I got roped into this whole thing, but it looks like I will be paying off Linda’s sin. That doesn’t seem fair, does it.

Then there is the matter of our families… I know they will want to know about Darryl’s visit and I really would rather they not know too much about what took place. So I asked Linda if she had said anything to anyone. All I got in return was a silly grin. I know she and her sister talk about many things. I was hoping that they hadn’t discussed any of this. Linda would not reply to my digging and kept trying to change the subject. Finally she tired of my constant asking and threatened me by saying that if I didn’t stop right then that she would take me over her knees and spank me. After the experiences at the hands of Darryl I wasn’t about to try pushing my luck with Linda, so I shut up abruptly and no more was said about the subject. I guess I will just have to wait until I am with her family again and see what comes up.

For the most part it was good to clear the air on all that has taken place. But there are still some lingering concerns that only time will tell how they will play out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Darryl Comes To Visit - Part Eight

I can’t believe I slept through the night, falling asleep soon after my head hit the pillow on the guest bed, and not waking once. Had I gotten so accustomed to our sleeping arrangements that it didn’t even faze me now? That can’t be good. At least last night was the end of it as Darryl was leaving today and things could go back to normal… or was that even possible anymore given the changes that had occurred over the past few days. Would Linda be able to see me as her husband, or even wife, again or would I forever more be just a sissy maid in her eyes? I know my relationship with my old friend Darryl would never be the same. I mean the man had spanked my naked butt and felt my arousal from it. I could never be just an old drinking buddy ever again. Plus my wife had been his lover for three days, so that relationship was forever changed as well. No, I was pretty sure that roles couldn’t be changed back, and that Linda and Darryl certainly would not want them to regress.

I was thinking about these things as I sat at the table that last morning when I suddenly became aware of the time. I needed to take coffee up to the lovers and prepare their breakfast. As I knocked on the door to the bedroom (I couldn’t bring myself to think of it as ‘their bedroom’), I held my breath as I pushed open the door to Linda’s reply of ‘come in’. I wasn’t sure what awaited me on the other side.

Linda was lying in bed dressed in a black satin nightgown, the covers pulled up to her waist. She sat up as I walked over to the nightstand with the coffee. She smiled and said “Darryl is in the bathroom and will be right out. I bet you are happy that he is leaving today.”

Before I could reply, I heard the bathroom door open and Darryl walk into the bedroom. I didn’t turn but just continued to pour their coffee. “There’s our little sissy girl. Did you sleep well last night?” he asked as he walked up behind me.

Suddenly I found him wrapping his arms around my waist from behind as he hugged me. I looked at Linda and saw a big smile on her face. It was then I realized that he was naked! When he pulled me into him I could feel his erection pushing into my lower back. I didn’t know what to do as I looked to Linda for help and support. Instead, she smiled back at me with a wicked grin and said “why don’t you give our man a good morning kiss? That would be something we would have in common.”

Before I could reply Darryl loosened his grip on my waist and spun me around so I was facing him. As soon as I looked up at him he lowered his face so his lips met mine. Once again I was pulled into a tight squeeze, only this time I was locked in a kiss, and only my clothes were separating us. When the kiss finally ended (did it last an hour or was that just my imagination?), I found myself first looking at the big grin on his face and then my eyes traveled south, locking on the site of what was poking out between us. His erection was huge and it appeared to be looking up at me! I heard Linda suggest that I get a closer look at it but, instead, I was able to pull away from Darryl’s grip and tried to resume serving coffee. They both laughed at my discomfort as I handed each a cup of hot brew. Flushed with shame, I quickly exited the bedroom to the sounds of their mutual laughter.

How could Linda do that to me; put me in that embarrassing position, and then make that awful suggestion that I get closer to Darryl’s manhood. I know where that would have led and I didn’t want any part of it. I went about my duties in the kitchen preparing breakfast and listening for them to come down.

Once again we sat around the table and talked about ordinary things, ignoring what had taken place in the bedroom this morning or over the last few nights. Darryl thanked us again for our hospitality, saying how much he enjoyed spending time with us. Linda asked when he would be back and he promised that it would be very soon. It didn’t shock me when she once again offered him a place to stay whenever he was in town. After these last three days I knew we would be seeing Darryl more often in the future.

He talked about having to make a business trip to Las Vegas right after the first of the year. “Why don’t you join me? The two of us could enjoy a week in the sun and escape the cold Iowa winter.” I noticed that I wasn’t being included but was somewhat surprised when Linda said that she would check to see if she could get away from work then. Would see really go and spend a week alone with another man, and not even talk about it with me first? I knew what the answer was and also knew that a week ago things would have been different.

Finally the time had come for Darryl to depart. I was able to get away with just a quick hug, no kisses. However, he and Linda embraced long and tight and I could see that neither wanted this trip to end so soon. Then the front door closed and we heard his car drive away. Linda turned towards me. I could see that she was fighting to hold back crying.

“It has been an interesting three days. I know that things have been trying for you and you have been surprised at what took place. We need to talk about it and to work on getting back to ‘us’. But I would like to ask you to give me another day before we talk so I can put this behind me. Then we can sit down and you can ask anything you want. Just let me have a little more time to get my mind straightened out. Ok?” She gave me a hug then went to get her purse. She gave me a nice warm kiss before leaving for work.

The door closed behind her and I sat down at the table to once again get lost in my thoughts. It had been an unbelievable experience with Darryl, taking us places that I never dreamed we would go. It had left an imprint on Linda and I, on our marriage, and on our friendship. This was going to take some time to work through. Fortunately, our love for each other is strong and I was sure we would get through this together.

Well, my dear readers, that is the saga of Darryl’s visit. Thanks for staying with me and putting up with the breaks. I hope I have done a good job of retelling what took place. There is more to come with family reactions, holiday gatherings, our discussions, and everyday occurrences. They won’t be as exciting as this has been because I don’t know if I could handle anything as tough as this anytime soon. I know that there have been many questions asked and I will try to get them all answered. One I will address now is that there are no photos to share here. That would be way too dangerous for me to post photos of Linda or Darryl as it could do too much harm, and really wouldn’t contribute all of that much to the site. So just conjure up in your mind any image that you wish to attach to Linda or Darryl and make do with that.

And with that, I will now try to return to my ‘more normal’ blogging. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more excitement ahead!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What gives?

I spent all of that time writing the blogs and no comments left for the last two. I guess that what I wrote wasn't of interest to anyone so I will end that line and start a new one after the holidays (Thanksgiving here in the U. S. A.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Darryl Comes To Visit - Part Seven

Darryl quickly finished the spanking, pulled the hem of my dress down over my bare bottom, and told me to get up and to pull my panties up. I didn’t look at him as I bent over and slid the panties into place, covering my male attention in the process. He turned by to the table and picked up his coffee cup, then held it out to me.

“My coffee has cooled off. Please refill it for me.” I took the cup and headed into the kitchen, happy to be escaping the embarrassing situation. Fortunately, nothing was said about our ‘dual reactions’.

I returned with his coffee then headed upstairs to shower. When finished, I exited the shower just in time to hear Darryl call out “I will see you later,” followed by the door shutting. Wrapped in a towel, I sat on the edge of the bed and reflected on what had happened that morning. Why had he spanked me again? It was one thing to do that when Linda was here to witness it. I could almost understand it then… him showing his power over me and his position in this three-way relationship. But to do it when it was just the two of us didn’t make sense to me. He certainly didn’t need to prove anything to me.

Totally befuddled, I finally mustered up the energy to get dressed, once again finding myself selecting a feminine outfit and sitting down to put on my make up. Why didn’t I just put on some of my guy clothes? No one was going to be there all day so there was no real reason to dress as Beverly. And yet that is the route I took once again. I rationalized that while Darryl was here, he was the man of the house, so I couldn’t dress in that mode.

I spent the day, again, in a fog… going through the motions of picking up the house and preparing dinner, but not really aware of the tasks. Linda arrived home first, but just barely. I had greeted her at the door, hung up her coat, and was in the process of bringing her a glass of wine to help unwind from her workday, when we heard Darryl’s car in the drive. I turned towards the door, ready to go open it for him, when Linda brushed past me.

“I’ll let him in. You go get him a drink,” she ordered. I walked by her just as she opened the door. Darryl smiled warmly at her and greeted her with an embrace. “My, they are really getting chummy,” I worried. “Will things be able to return to normal after he leaves?”

Once again, when I returned with his drink, they were sitting on the sofa, kissing. He took his drink from me with a thanks, then returned all of his attention back to Linda. I could see that my company wasn’t needed… or desired… so I returned to the kitchen to finish dinner. Once placed on the table and announced, I waited for them to sit down, then served the coffee.

I almost jumped for joy when Darryl talked about having to leave the next day to return home. He said how much he had enjoyed his visit (I bet he had!), and how he appreciated our hospitality. “Things turned out so much better than I had expected,” he stated as he looked into Linda’s eyes. She smiled back warmly and agreed.

“I hope we haven’t been to rough on you, Beverly, You have been a real trouper going along with everything we threw at you,” he said to me. I wanted to reply that I really wasn’t given much choice in the matter, but I just smiled back at them.

It was a quiet evening, quite different then the other two. We sat together and watched TV, them on the sofa and me in the chair. For the most part they behaved themselves and didn’t turn the night into another make-out session. We talked freely about everything except the roles we were assuming or how the two of them would spend their final night in our bed. As the evening was drawing to a close, Darryl started to get frisky as his embrace got tighter around Linda and his hands began roaming freely. I don’t know when it happened, but during one commercial break I looked over at them and discovered that Linda’s blouse had been unbuttoned and pushed free of her shoulders. She had selected a front hook bra and it was unfastened, allowing her breasts to hang free. Darryl’s hand was roaming back and forth, from one to the other, caressing and teasing her nipples. Her eyes were closed; she was no longer watching TV! When the show ended, they stood, said goodnight to me and headed up to bed. Just another night at the Jones’s house.

Everything so normal… except that was my wife! Alas, tomorrow he would be gone.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Darryl Comes To Visit - Part Six

Before heading out, Darryl took me aside and told me that the evening was his treat to Linda, and I was being ‘allowed’ to accompany them, so I was to be on my best behavior. I felt like a six year old kid being lectured by a parent before going out to the grownup place. No reply was expected from me and none was given. I walked behind them to the car.

Darryl had selected an excellent restaurant, one of our favorites. It was located in another city about 45 minutes away, which reduced the likelihood of seeing someone we knew. That was important considering that I was out dressed as a woman and Linda was being escorted by a man who wasn’t her husband. Had we run into anyone we knew it could have had dire consequences. Fortunately, luck was on our side and the evening was uneventful… at least in that regard. I guess watching my wife being courted by Darryl was anything BUT uneventful. They flirted the whole time, he held her hand from the time she got out of the car to the table, pulled out her chair for her to sit, ordered for all of us, and spent the evening staring into her eyes. Linda loved the attention, and what woman wouldn’t! Darryl played his part perfectly, lavishing the compliments and carrying on conversation with Linda. She was definitely a queen on a pedestal.

I was definitely the third wheel and wasn’t sure why I was there. It was obvious that Linda and Darryl wanted to spend time together and they ignored me most of the time. I believe the only reason I was there was so Darryl could see how I would do out in public. Once he realized that I wasn’t going to panic or draw undo attention to myself, he ignored me. Or maybe the reason I was there was to watch my wife being seduced by him so my place in the relationship was further driven home.

Since it was a work night, none of us wanted to stay out too late (as if I had any say in the decision), so after dessert, we headed home. It was almost comical when we got home as Darryl shut off the car then hurried around to open Linda’s door for her. Once she got out Darryl took her hand and walked her to the door… all the time I was left sitting in the car, waiting to see if he would open my door too. He didn’t. And there I sat.

Once inside Linda ‘asked’ me to put on some coffee and to bring it into the living room. I knew an order when I heard one, so I disappeared into the kitchen as they settled into their normal spot on the sofa. When I carried in the coffee fifteen minutes later they were making out. Linda’s dress was unzipped, pulled off her shoulders, and Darryl’s hand was inside her red bra caressing her breast. It was really difficult for me to witness his sexual assault on my wife. What was I suppose to do… sit there and watch… or leave them alone?

Finally Linda broke their kissing long enough to look at me, still standing next to the coffee service. “I think we will take our coffee to the bedroom,” she said as they got up from the sofa. As she stood her dress slid off her arms and into a puddle at her feet. Standing there in her sexy matching red bra and panty she told me to hang up the dress and to thank Darryl for the ‘lovely evening’.

I stepped over to him and thanked him while leaning in to place a kiss on his cheek. He anticipated my move and turned it into a kiss on the lips that lingered longer then I thought necessary. I couldn’t help but feel the reaction taking place in Darryl’s pants and wondered which of us had caused it, though I was sure it was there from his petting with Linda.

“I’m glad to see the two of you are getting along so well. I just knew Beverly would enjoy being a sissy girl for you,” Linda stated taking Darryl’s hand to pull him away from me. Shockingly, for a second I felt a twinge of jealousy as Linda led him away, once again leaving me standing there alone in the living room. What a strange feeling it is to watch my half naked wife leading her boyfriend up to the bedroom.

It surprised me that sleep came easier that second night. Perhaps I was being too accepting of this new situation. But then there really wasn’t much I could do about it, so might as well accept it.

The morning was a repeat of the previous morning… me serving coffee in the bedroom, seeing the two of them laying in bed together so naturally. I was able to get out of there before Darryl got out of bed so I didn’t have to see him naked again.

Breakfast was served and eaten with minimal conversation. Linda kissed each of us (Darryl first), and then was off to work. Darryl was going to hang around for another hour before he had to head out. So he sat at the table and watched me clean up the breakfast dishes and tidy up the kitchen. The work done, I was going to head upstairs to shower, when Darryl stopped me and had me stand in front of him. It felt strange to be receiving orders from him when Linda wasn’t there to witness it. Darryl started talking about last night, asking how I felt seeing Linda partially undressed with him and him playing with her breast.

“I felt very uncomfortable and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do,” I answered.

“Did you like seeing it? Did you like knowing I was taking your wife upstairs to make love to her?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t think it mattered if I liked it or not as it was going to happen because it’s what Linda wanted. My protesting wouldn’t have stopped her.” I started to turn and walk away when he reached out and grabbed my wrist. I looked at his hand, felt his firm grip, and protested “I don’t think there is anything more to talk about. I am accepting what is happening and I won’t say anything to interfere. But I want to go take a shower now, let go.”

I knew that was a mistake as soon as the words came out of my mouth. Before I could utter another word he pulled me over his lap, and I knew what was coming.

As I felt my skirt being lifted he said “I didn’t say you were dismissed yet. Now lift your hips so I can pull down those cute panties.”

Without a word of protest I lift my hips and felt him slip the panties down to my knees. “My sissy little Beverly likes being in this position, doesn’t she?” he asked, his hand caressing my naked bottom. In answer, I hung my head in total surrender. “That’s what I thought. Linda was sure you would enjoy your spankings. You can expect a lot more of these.”

With that, Darryl’s hand stopped caressing and started hitting my bare butt. There I was, alone in my house, laying over the knees of my old friend. Could things get any worse? Of course they could… I was getting an erection from this! I was sure he could feel it as I was naked on his lap. Then another surprise… I could feel his erection!

Oh, my God!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Darryl comes to visit - Part Five

I sat at the table for a long time thinking about all that had taken place in such a short time. The fog in my head slowly started lifting and I realized that my coffee had long ago gone cold. I cleared away the breakfast dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and wondered how I was going to keep myself busy, and with it my mind so I wouldn’t dwell on everything that had happened.

Since I was dressed like the maid I figured I might as well make the most of it and pick up the house so it would look good when Linda and Darryl returned. There wasn’t much to do since I had spent time two days ago thoroughly cleaning. I picked up the living room and removed the wrapping paper from Darryl’s gifts. Reflecting on those, I realized that he had spent a good amount of time picking out (and personalizing my apron) our gifts. Had I thanked him sufficiently? I was sure that Linda had done so when they were in bed.

Thinking of the bed, I decided to wash the sheets, figuring that they needed it, so the two lovebirds would have fresh bedding tonight. Why was I so accepting of this development? Had I seen it coming? I didn’t think so, but maybe I was just fooling myself.

I made sure that I took the bedding off without looking for traces of Linda and Darryl’s tryst. I didn’t need to see physical proof of what had taken place because I was sure that it had. How could it not have happened? On the chair was the clothing that Darryl had worn on his arrival. “I guess I should wash those as well,” I thought. What a good housewife/maid I was. It felt strange to be washing another man’s clothes. It was something I never thought I would do. One more step towards giving up my manhood.

When the laundry was done I remade the bed, then went to the closet to find something for Linda to wear that night. She has a hot little red dress that really shows off her body beautifully. She has only worn it twice with me because she says it is ‘too sexy’. “That will be perfect for tonight,” I thought. “Everyone will be looking at her and I can blend into the background.” I also selected a red bra and panty set that would really finish off the outfit. I found myself thinking “Darryl will really like this.” I didn’t know why I was going out of my way to make Linda so sexy for Darryl. I guess my mind was on autopilot and I was just going along for the ride.

For my outfit I select a more conservative skirt and blouse. I picked out a simple bra and panty set since I knew no one would be seeing it. Nude hose and black pumps completed the look.

It was early afternoon by then so I decided to enjoy another relaxing bubble bath. Before I could start, I heard the doorbell. Darryl had returned. I let him in, asked how his meeting had gone, then asked if he wanted something to eat or drink. He asked for a beer and I went to the kitchen to get him one, only to discover that he was following me. He asked what I had been doing and I told him about doing his laundry.

“You are a great little wife, aren’t you?” he stated. “No wonder Linda keeps you around.” I wondered what he meant by that. Had Linda said something that I didn’t know about? I reflected back to their late night phone conversations and once again worried about what all had been discussed in my absence.

Ignoring the comment, I told him that I was going to go take a bath and then get ready for tonight.

“I think I will take a shower and get changed as well. Since my clothes are in the master bedroom I guess I will use that shower,” he stated.

So once again I was pushed out of my bedroom and bathroom and forced to use the guest facilities. As we headed up the stairs I realized that, without consciously thinking, I had set my clothing for the evening in the guest bedroom. I guess that I had accepted the changes without thinking.

I had been soaking for about twenty minutes, having shaven my body fully, when Darryl opened the bathroom door. I found myself embarrassed that he could see my hairless body relaxing in the feminine bubbles.

“I thought we could have some time to talk.” With that he leaned up against the sink and indicated that he wasn’t going anywhere soon. I tried my best to carry on a normal conversation… there wasn’t anything specific that he wanted to discuss, just idle chitchat… while aware that the bubbles that hid me were quickly dissolving away. I could see his eyes travel over my body, acutely aware of our physical differences as mine was so much more feminine appearing.

The water was turning cold and I was starting to ‘prune’. “I need to get out now and get dressed. Would you mind leaving?” I asked sheepishly.

Instead, he grabbed the towel, opened it in both hands, and held it for me to get out and step into. “Come on, you haven’t gotten anything I haven’t seen before,” he smiled.

With great embarrassment I stood up and stepped out of the tub. As he wrapped the towel around me he said “wow, you shave everywhere, don’t you.” Another secret was revealed. I wondered if Linda had told him and he just wanted to see for himself. After drying off, without thinking, I wrapped the towel around me in the feminine way like a woman would do, just under the armpits to cover her breast.

“It looks like, without even thinking about it, you do everything as a woman would do. You really are all girly now, aren’t you. Have you switched to men yet?”

“No,” I answered, then walked into the bedroom. He followed and proceeded to sit on the corner of the bed. He intended to watch me dress! “Well, if it’s a show he wants, then a show he will get,” I thought as I dropped the towel and picked up the panties on the bed. I slipped them up my legs and then reached for the bra.

“Need a hand fastening that?” he asked.

“No thank you,” I replied as I slipped it into place and skillfully reached around back and fastened the hooks. I glanced at him, expecting a comment. But he just smiled at me. We both knew what he was thinking… how I was truly at ease in my feminine role.

Without speaking, I walked back into the bathroom to apply my makeup. He sat on the bed and watched me through the open door, occasionally chitchatting away, but mostly watching my transformation. When I finished I walked back over to the bed and picked up the blouse, buttoned it up, then stepped into the skirt and zipped it up. I put the wig on, stepped over to the mirror to comb it, sprayed on some hairspray, smiled as I spritzed on some perfume, and stepped in front of him as if to say “what do you think?”

His approval came quickly as he stood and walked over to me. “That was really something, watching you get ready. You were totally feminine the entire time. Not once did I feel like I was watching a guy get dressed.” He further showed his approval by slipping his arms around my waist and pulling me to him, then tenderly kissed me.

“Yeah, watching you kind of turned me on as well. Want to do something about it?”

“No,” I said as I pushed away from him. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not, but I didn’t want to find out if he wasn’t. I grabbed a purse from the dresser and headed downstairs. “Are you coming?” I asked over my shoulder.

“No, just breathing hard.” He joked. Back downstairs he asked for another beer and sat down on the sofa in the living room. I brought him his beer but sat in the chair opposite him, not trusting him enough to sit next to him.

Linda arrived home soon after. She walked in and sat next to Darryl on the sofa and asked me to get her a glass of wine. When I returned they were in an embrace. Immediately I thought about Darryl’s comment to me about how watching me had turned him on. And now here he sat next to my wife, still in his randy state. That could be dangerous.

As I sat down in my chair, they pretty much ignored me. As Linda asked about his day, I couldn’t believe what happened. Darryl’s hand reached over to Linda’s leg and slipped under the hem of her skirt and started up her leg. He met no resistance from Linda.

As he proceeded to tell her about the scene that took place in the bedroom with my reversed striptease, his hand found its target and I watched Linda’s legs part to allow him easy access. As he proceeded to pet my wife in front of me, Linda looked at me and asked “so you got out of the tub and got dressed in front of our guest? My, what a little hussy you are.”

“Me, a hussy?” I thought. “You are the one being felt up right in front of me.”

“Maybe we should take this upstairs,” Linda said to Darryl in breathless words, her eyes glazing over.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” Darryl replied while smiling at me.

“I think it would be better to do this in private,” Linda countered.

Darryl suddenly sat upright and removed his hand from under Linda’s skirt. “Are you disagreeing with me?” he snapped. Linda’s eyes grew wide as she shook her head. “I think you are. And we can’t have that, can we? Go upstairs right now and prepare for a spanking. You know what to do, and don’t you dare argue with me.”

Without a word, Linda rose from the sofa, glanced nervously at me, and headed up to the bedroom.

Darryl watched her the whole way. When she was out of sight, he turned to me. “I want you to come with me and witness your wife being spanked. I don’t want you to say a word or to interfere in anyway, If you do, you will receive the same as Linda.” With that we both stood and we walked up the stairs. And just like the previous night, Darryl place his hand under my skirt and on my bottom as we climbed the stairs.

The sight upon entering the bedroom was shocking to me. Linda was laying on the bed with her feet still on the floor. Her skirt was pulled up and her panties were pulled down to her knees, her bare bottom sticking up in the air. Guiding me with his hand on my ass, Darryl directed me to stand on one side of Linda’s prone body as he took the other side.

“Hold her skirt up so it doesn’t get in the way,” he ordered. Then he began spanking my wife just as he had spanked me the night before. This time I was a witness to her humiliation at his hand. Linda endured twenty swats, barely uttering a sound until the end. I stood there holding her skirt the entire time, not daring to say anything to try to stop the punishment. What kind of a husband was I that I would allow a man to do that to my wife and not say anything? A wimp, that’s what kind.

Finally finished with Linda’s punishment and humiliation, Darryl said to me “you can go back downstairs now. We will be down in a little while, after Linda get ready to go out.”

As I was leaving the bedroom I heard the sounds of a zipper being pulled down, followed by a ‘thud’… Darryl’s pants hitting the floor. The last sound I heard as I headed downstairs was a moan from Linda. I guess both of us had made Darryl horny, and he was finally finding some relief.

Almost an hour later they came downstairs and were ready to head out to dinner. As Darryl helped Linda with her coat, she smiled at him. I guessed everything was forgiven. And the night was beginning.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Darryl comes to visit - Part Four

I didn’t sleep very well that night as I am sure that doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Would you be able to sleep if your wife had just taken your friend to bed for the night? I don’t think so!

The sound of the bedroom door closing jolted out of the daze I was in. I found myself standing alone in the living room. Numbly, I checked to see that the doors were locked, turned off the lights, and reluctantly climbed the stairs to the guest room. The guest room! I was being pushed out of my bedroom and left with the guest room for the night. I couldn’t believe it. The last time I slept in the guest room was when Linda was ill and needed privacy to get a good night sleep.

I set Darryl’s suitcase on the chair in the corner, and then stopped dead in my tracks. Lying on the bed was my nightgown! When had Linda had time to put that there? Obviously it happened sometime before the two of them came upstairs, which means that Linda had known that she and Darryl would be sharing a bed and I would be sleeping alone. Did she do that before she came downstairs after Darryl’s arrival? Or, perhaps she did it as early as when she left for work this morning? Once again I realized how blind and naive I had been to what was happening.

I slipped the apron and sissy dress off and hung them in the closet. As I walked back to the bed I heard a noise and turned towards the door. In walked Darryl, seeing me in my panty and bra, stockings, and heels.

“My, don’t you look sexy,” he smirked. I blushed and picked up the nightgown and held it up in front of my near naked body, then realized what a feminine gesture I had just made. Darryl smiled and commented “you really are a sissy little thing now. You are nothing like the guy I use to hang out with. You are so totally feminine now.”

I just stood there, silent and holding the nightie like a shield. Why was I acting like such a sissy?

“I just wanted to let you know that I told Linda that perhaps we were going too fast by sleeping together tonight, but she insisted that you would understand and be accepting of this. I sure hope so.” He walked over to me, hugged me, and once again, kissed me on the lips, and again forced his tongue into my mouth. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he broke the embraced, gave my pantied bottom a firm spank, picked up his suitcase and left the room. I never said a word the entire time. I just accepted what was going on and how I was being treated. I must have stared at the door for several minutes before finally shaking myself out of the daze. I took off my undies and put on the nightgown. Then I closed the door and climbed into bed.

Sleep did not come easy for me. I also realized how soundproof our house was as I, fortunately, never heard a sound from the master bedroom. I remembered wondering, when our children were small, if they were ever able to hear strange sounds coming from our bedroom. I knew now that we didn’t have to worry about that as no sounds were transferred.

I had no trouble getting up in time to fix breakfast the next morning as I had hardly been asleep. Deciding what to wear was another matter. One fortunate thing was that I kept most of my feminine wardrobe in this room since there was too much to fit in Linda and my main closet. However, my underwear was all kept in the dresser drawers in the master bedroom so all I had to wear were the items I wore yesterday, unless I wanted to enter the master bedroom in my nightgown. I wasn’t about to do that so I put on the worn items, figuring I could always change once they had left for the day. I quick shower, shave, and make-up applied and I was ready to get dressed. Now what to wear? Well, I decided as I pulled a dress out of the closet, since I was being treated like a maid I might as well dress like one. I slipped on my ‘day maid’ dress (not the French maid uniform), slipped into a pair of black pumps and headed for the kitchen.

Once I had the coffee going I decided to play my role all the way. I put the coffee and cups on a tray and headed for the master bedroom. My knock was answered with a sleepy ‘come in’, so I walked in and placed the tray on the nightstand.

There was Linda and Darryl lying in bed together. The reality of it really sunk in. At least Linda had a nightgown on. I don’t know how I would have reacted if they had been lying there nude. I am not sure what Darryl had on, if anything, as he was under the covers.

Linda reacted first by sitting up and smiling. “What a nice way to wake up with our maid bringing us coffee. Thank you Beverly, how sweet.”

“Yes, ma’am. Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes if that’s alright.” I played right along with her.

“That will be great. Would you start the shower for me?” As I walked into the bathroom I heard her say to Darryl “good morning Honey. That was a fantastic night.” I could hear them kissing as I started the water in the shower. I set out two towels for them, then headed back through the bedroom… just as a very naked Darryl was climbing out of the bed!

“’Morning Beverly. Sleep well?” he asked as I passed him, trying not to look down at his ‘nakedness’. I was afraid that he was going to hug me and I didn’t want to experience hugging a naked man. So I quickly exited the room, hearing Linda’s laughter as I closed the door.

The food was waiting for them when they entered the dining room. As they sat down at the table I notice Darryl giving Linda a look and a nod, definitely a prompt for her to say something.

Beverly, I don’t think you were very cordial to Darryl this morning. You didn’t say ‘good morning’ to him or answer him when he spoke to you. That wasn’t very nice, was it.” I looked her with a stunned look, not sure what I was supposed to say or do.

“Well, don’t you think an apology is in order?” Again, I was caught totally off guard and just stood there.

Barely two beats passed before Darryl reached out and grab my wrist. “I think I know how to get an apology from her.” With that, he pulled me over to him and across his lap before I could react. I was totally stunned by this maneuver and didn’t move as my skirt was pulled up over my hips. Just as a “whaaaa..” escaped my lips it was quickly silenced as Darryl’s hand came down on my pantied bottom. I think two or three hits landed before it registered… “he’s spanking me!” He held me firmly as I squirmed on his lap in total embarrassment. Not only was he spanking me, he was doing so in front of Linda. My humiliation was now complete and I surrendered to his power over me. Finally the assault was finished and I felt a nudge indicating that I should rise. I couldn’t look at either of them as I stood up. I was still too shocked to react, though I wanted to cry.

“That’s what bad little girls get when they don’t respect their elders or they misbehave. I hope you remember that or you will be spending a lot of time over me knees. And Linda, that goes for big girls as well,” Darryl firmly stated.

I looked at Linda to see her expression go from shock and disbelief to understanding and acceptance. Her eyes dropped without looking at me and I knew that we had both accepted our positions.

Before any relief could seep into my mind, Linda announce “Darryl is going to be in town for a few days this trip and will be staying with us a couple more nights. Isn’t that great?”

I knew better than to remain silent to her question, so I replied “that’s wonderful. I will plan meals for the next two nights then.”

“Don’t bother fixing anything for us tonight as I am taken both of you out for dinner.” Darryl rose from the table and stated that he had better be going because he had an early meeting. He leaned over Linda and gave her a long and warm kiss. A quick goodbye to me and he was heading out the door.

Linda sat at the table quietly for a few minutes, picking at her food, then looked at me. “I know that this has been hard for you and certainly more than you had expected. I’m sure you want to talk about it but there just isn’t time now. I will try to get home early so we can have a few minutes for just you and I. I must say that you are doing a wonderful job with everything. So just keep it up a little longer.” She got up from the table and came over and hugged me. As she released the hug she said “pick out an outfit for me to wear tonight… something sexy.” Then turning and walking away, she said over her shoulder “isn’t nice that you don’t have to worry about fixing dinner for tonight? Darryl is so thoughtful… and so good in bed! See you later.”

And once again I found myself being left in a lonely daze. This was beginning to be a habit! And it looks like there was still more to come.

And there is!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Darryl comes to visit - Part Three

I have got to give him credit… Darryl didn’t laugh! He smiled when I opened the door, let his eyes travel from my eyes to my feet taking in my total appearance.

“Hi, good looking. Are you going to stand there looking beautiful or are you going to invite me in?” Blushing, I stepped back and held the door open for him. He smiled down at me as he passed, letting his arm brush against my padded breasts. As I shut the door behind him, he set his bag down, then turned to me and gave me a hug.

“I must say, you don’t look anything like my old friend. I guess I didn’t expect you to look so feminine, so passable, so pretty. And that dress is just so cute and makes you look a lot younger, almost juvenile. Do you always dress like that?”

Again, I blushed. “No, Linda’s mother is responsible for this. I usually dress age appropriate.” All of this time, he was still holding me. He finally realized my discomfort and released me. I asked him what he wanted to drink, told him where the guest room was and that he could clean up if he wished. I headed towards the kitchen to fix his drink but turned to see him heading up the stairs. “God, this is going to be a very strange night.” I thought.

His drink delivered, I headed for the master bedroom to check on Linda. She was dressed in her black dress and looked stunning. I had almost forgotten how hot and sexy she was.

Oh, good. You are just in time to zip me up. So how is Darryl? Was he surprised by your appearance? Let me know when he is back downstairs so I can make an entrance. Now get out of here so I can finish getting ready.” And with that she turned back to the mirror dismissing me.

Darryl was just coming out of the guest room as I left Linda. He stepped aside to allow me to descend the stairs first. What a gentleman. “Linda will be down in a minute. Would you like another drink? I have to go check on dinner.” As he followed me down the stairs I was so glad that we were going down and not up, otherwise he would be looking up my short skirt.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs Darryl said “I will be right back. I need to get something out of my car.” There was a part of me that hoped I had scared him off and he was making a run for it. But I knew Linda would be upset if that happened. I guess it was finally sinking in that even though Darryl was originally my friend, that now he and Linda seemed to be closer than Darryl and I were and that this evening was really for her, not for me. I was their entertainment, not their equal. And I resigned myself to go along with whatever was expected (or demanded) of me that evening.

I heard the door open and close so I knew Darryl had returned. I headed into the living room with his drink in hand just as I heard Linda come out of the bedroom and descending the stairs. Darryl and I looked up in unison and each uttered a combined ‘wow!’. Darryl brushed pass me, ignoring his drink, and met Linda at the bottom of the stairs. I was shocked at their embrace as it was so intense. Once before I witnessed them kiss, a nice warm kiss of friends. But this was nothing like that one. This kiss was the kiss of lovers… or soon to be lovers! I was totally ignored as their embrace seemed to last forever.

It was almost comical when then broke apart and greeted each other with “hi, how have you been?” The comments just didn’t fit with the intimacy of that embrace. Finally Linda noticed me standing there watching them.

“What do you think of our Beverly? Isn’t she just precious?” Linda purred while still in Darryl’s arms. He reluctantly turned from Linda to look at me.

“I had no idea how far you had brought her. She looks so cute.”

Cute? Precious? Was this me they were speaking of? I had been reduced to cute and precious? Oh, my.

Finally Linda seemed to become aware again of her surroundings and suggested that we all sit down. She took Darryl’s hand and led him to the sofa, leaving me to sit alone in the chair. “Beverly, would you get me another glass of wine? How is your drink, Darryl?”

I headed to the kitchen to fetch drinks and check on the food. Everything was coming along fine so I took the drinks and a plate of appetizers back the living room. I had only been gone for a few minutes but it appeared that Linda and Darryl had been occupying themselves with a few more kisses. They broke apart as I set the refreshments on the coffee table.

“I brought some gifts with me for my two lovely ladies,” Darryl announced. He got up and walked over to the door to pick up a bag sitting there. Returning to his place beside Linda, he reached into the bag and handed a small wrapped box to Linda and then a larger present to me. “Linda, why don’t you open yours first,” he instructed.

Linda proceeded to unwrap the paper and to display the jewelry box inside. She opened the lid of the box and her mouth fell open. Darryl had given her a beautiful necklace with what appeared to be a diamond pennant hanging from it. Without a word, Darryl removed the necklace from the box and proceeded to fasten it around Linda’s neck. She looked at it and then hugged and kissed Darryl. “It’s beautiful. But you shouldn’t have given me such an extravagant gift,” she exclaimed. I was thinking the same thing. Then they both turned their attention to me.

“Go ahead, open yours,” Linda instructed.

With some reluctance I removed the wrapping paper to find what looked like a shirt box. Lifting the lid my fears were realized as I discovered something pink and lacy.

“What is it? Come on, show us,” Linda demanded. I lifted the contents out of the box to show her the frilly apron.

“I remembered how much she enjoyed wearing an apron last time we were together. So I got her a special one from me,” Darryl remarked. “And her name is embroidered on it.” Sure enough, across the front in raised lettering read ‘Beverly

At their urging, I stood and slipped into the sissy garment. Surprisingly, it went perfectly with the sissy dress I was wearing. “Oh, Beverly, it’s darling. I love it, don’t you? Go ahead and show Darryl your appreciation, just like I did.” The meaning of her statement was not lost on me and I slowly walked over to Darryl, leaned down to him, thanked him, and then kissed him as Linda looked on beamingly. She had now witnessed me kissing a man. While she had seen Joe kiss me on Halloween, this time it was me instigating the kiss. Before I could pull away, Darryl slipped his hand around my neck, holding me and the kiss longer, and to my dismay, slipped his tongue into my mouth as well! Oh, god, I had just been French kissed!

Linda laughed as I finally pulled away from Darryl. She had me turn around to model the apron and even perform a curtsy for their benefit. Finally I was allowed to sit down and conversation started flowing. Darryl filled us in on his latest business dealings and Linda talked about her work and travels. I sat quietly as I knew they didn’t want to hear about my latest escapades in housecleaning.

I left them to go get the dinner ready and called them to the table as I lit the candles. Darryl was holding Linda’s chair for her as I returned with the food, then took the seat beside her, leaving the end seat for me. Dinner was cordial with the two of them occasionally including me in the conversation. But mostly the only talk directed at me was a comment made about the food (it was delicious I might add).

Following dinner, without anything needed to be said, I assumed my duties of cleaning away the dishes as they headed back to the living room. It took me nearly an hour to wash and put away the dishes. I stayed in the kitchen most of that time, coming out once to bring them coffee and once to refresh it. Each time I walked in on them kissing, the second time I think Darryl had his hand up under the hem of Linda’s dress. But I had just caught a glimpse as I didn’t look at them as I refilled the coffee cups. I guess I was trying to be a good maid and not a jealous husband. Besides, I don’t think they would have stopped even if I had protested.

Finally I came out announcing that dessert was being served and they broke their embrace. I notice that neither of them looked the least bit guilty about making out like a couple of teenagers. Linda had me stand before Darryl as I served the dessert, asserting her power and control over me for his benefit. Again, food was followed by light conversation and comments about how nice the evening had turned out. I had to agree as I was surviving my ordeal of feminine exposure as well as watching my wife enjoying the charms of another man.

And then the dreaded end of the evening arrived and it was time to turn in. I had tried to push the thought of it out of my head ever since Darryl had arrived. Now came the moment of truth.

Linda sat down her wine glass, looked over at me and said, “Honey, I think you should sleep in the guest room tonight. I am sure you understand. Darryl and I are going to turn in now. It would be great if you would have some breakfast prepared by seven so I can eat something before heading off to work.” And with that she stood, reached out her hand to Darryl, and the two of them walked towards the stairs. She stopped at the foot of the stairs and turned back to me.

“Honey, would you please unzip my dress for me,” she instructed me. As I walked over and slowly pulled down the back zipper I realize that this was her way of having me accept and prepare her for her new lover. And Darryl claimed his place by placing his hand on Linda’s bottom as they climbed the stair