Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Off The Top

I recently went to my hairstylist for my monthly appointment. I was the first appointment of the day so it was just Meghan and me alone in the salon. She was in a talkative mood and as soon as I sat down she was peppering me with questions. She really loves hearing about Linda and me, and about our wife-led relationship which Meghan says she wants for her and her boyfriend so I think she takes inspiration from my antics. She loves to hear what Linda has had me do recently, about our families involvement with me as Beverly, and especially about our exploits with Darryl and Roger. She is fascinated with the fact that I dated a guy while dressed as Beverly.

So during this visit she wanted to know if I had heard from Roger. When I told her about his offer to have me come to Florida to visit him she was really excited by it. She started right in peppering me for details… was I going to take him up on the offer?... when would I be going?... how long would I stay?... would we be staying on his boat or at the condo?... what plans had we made?

Of course I haven’t decided if or when I would be taking Roger up on the offer, though a vacation sure sounds good right now. Linda and I have agreed that anything along those lines would be put on hold for awhile and we would be concentrating on just the two of us for the time being.

Meghan still wanted to talk about the ‘what if’s’ so we enjoyed some mild fantasy talk about what it would be like if I went. She really got me turned on with her questions and shared thoughts. It was a good thing that Linda wasn’t there to hear any of this.

By the way, I left there with a really cute short bob hairstyle, complete with streaks of highlights throughout my light brown hair… all ready for summer! Meghan loves treating Beverly to a fun time at the salon and I look forward to every visit.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Putting my best foot forward.

Finally getting back to normal around home. Our houseguest hasn’t left yet, but she is gone during the daytime so I am able to get back into my housekeeping routine.

Last night was kind of unusual. Our houseguest is a somewhat distant relative that is going through a difficult time and needs a place to stay away from an abusive husband. Fortunately, there are no kids involved. The only challenges are that we don’t know how long she will be with us and she doesn’t know anything about “Beverly” or our wife-led relationship. She knows that I work out of the home and because of that, I do most (all) of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. She thinks that it is great that I ‘chip in’ and help with the household chores as her husband would never lift a finger to help.

Linda and I decided that it would be best to keep our relationship looking somewhat normal while she is here… so I am not dressing enfemme. Well, at least I’m not going overboard. Most of my clothing is ladies apparel and has a slight feminine flare. But I am leaving the dresses and makeup locked away while she is here. Of course this may all come out if Linda’s sister or mother comes around as they may not be as discrete as we are. We just feel with the pressures and tension that this poor woman has been through that we don’t need to add any more to her life.

That being said, last night we were sitting together watching a movie when Linda asked me to open a bottle of wine. I am so use to doing what she asks that I never even thought about it and quickly got up to get the wine. Cindy smiled at Linda as I left the room and said “boy, you really have him trained.”

That seemed to ignite something in Linda and when I returned she asked me to change the color of her toenail polish. So I found myself at Linda’s feet with a bottle of polish in my hand. I could see Cindy watching me as she stared on. Then Linda kind of shocked me by offering my services to Cindy. At first Cindy said no, but as I finished Linda’s toes Cindy said “I guess my feet could use the attention.”

Linda told me to give her a complete pedicure so I went and got the foot tub and scrubs. It took Cindy several minutes to relax at my touch, but finally I felt her give into the relaxing attention and she sat back and closed her eyes as I massaged her feet. An hour later both ladies had great looking toes.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Short and not so sweet

I know many of my friends here have been wondering what has been going on and why haven't I updated my blog in two weeks, so here is the 'fast' version.
Linda and I have had a family member staying with us for the past twelve days that is unaware of our situation.... my role as the housewife and maid... and we decided that we needed to help this person out in this difficult time. So we have put aside our wants for this short duration and are trying are best to be supportive of someone in need.
Rest assured that this is a temporary situation and thing should be back to 'normal' shortly. Please hang in with us. We will be back soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mending and Updating

I know several of my loyal followers have been concerned about what has been happening with Linda and me because you have left comments or written to me directly. I appreciate the support and input. The suggestions have been taken to heart and have led to several discussions between Linda and me. That is why there has been a delay in my blog updating the last two weeks. I will attempt to bring things up to date.

Like many of you, I was concerned at the direction our relationship seemed to be taking. I have always enjoyed my cross-dressing, especially when Linda got involved with it. However, I had felt that it should be private and kept to just the two of us. I wasn’t too upset when Linda told one or two of her friends about it as I knew she needed an outlet to talk about her feelings. Plus, it was kind of fun being dressed up in front of supportive women. But then their husbands found out and suddenly my secret was no longer secret. When my mother and sister found out about Beverly I knew that they wouldn’t be too surprised as I had been caught when I was young trying on their things. Linda confided in her sister because they were close, and before I knew it our families knew about Beverly. It just seemed to be mushrooming out of control. My private life was now open to more and more people. While I enjoyed the ever-increasing opportunities to dress up, there was a big price to pay for that privilege. And as they say, you can’t put the genie back into the bottle.

Linda and I sat down over several days to discuss my concerns. We shared what we were feeling and where we thought this was going. I enjoy my role as her wife and my responsibilities of housework, cooking, and laundry, and I don’t want that to end. Working out the home affords me the opportunity to indulge my role-playing and still earn a living. Linda loves the release from typical “wifely duties” and being able to come home from work to a clean house and a hot meal. Neither of us want to lose that.

My main concerns were how to control who finds out about my crossdressing, if it is even possible to control that any more, and where our love life was headed. I enjoy sex with Linda too much to give that up. I am willing to put up with her having occasional sexual relationships, like with Darryl, since I enjoy the cuckold fantasy. I do not want her to replace our sexual relationship with one where she is exclusive to someone else. Fortunately, Linda agrees with me and said that she has missed our intimacy as much as I have and wants to get that corrected. She enjoyed denying me because she could tell that I was enjoying the fantasy as well.

Linda confessed that she enjoyed sex with Darryl and the dates they had, but she doesn’t want him to replace me. We both agreed that the two of them going on dates when he is here would be fine. I expressed my concern about others finding out about those dates and how it could cause problems for us. Our solution is for those dates to be kept to our house as much as possible. Linda got me to agree that she and Darryl could meet sometime some place away from here where there would be little chance of running into someone we know. She mentioned the Las Vegas trip idea where the two of them would go there for a few days sometime. We decided to put that on the backburner until our marriage was back on firmer footings again. Darryl isn’t expected to be coming to Iowa until later this summer so that should give us some ‘healing’ time.

Linda also agreed to talk to Darryl and to try to reel him and his ideas in. He had been talking to her about him taking more control over our lives. He wanted her to be exclusive to him sexually, to the point of cutting me off sexually from her. She is going to tell him that is not possible or of interest to her. Linda is going to tell him that our marriage comes first and that their relationship must take a backseat to it. Not sure how he will react to that.

I asked her about Darryl’s idea of her getting a tattoo for him. She told me that a part of her thought it was a hot idea and that it might be fun, if it was placed somewhere where it wouldn’t show. But that is also going to be put on hold for the time being. However, she suggested that I/Beverly might enjoy getting a ‘cute little tattoo’ as well. Not sure about that.

Then we talked about Darryl’s idea of me dating men. Linda still thinks it might be good for my ‘feminine development’ to experience being intimate with a man. She commented on how much I grew from my experience with Roger while in Florida. She said that it really brought out the woman in me and she liked what she saw. She made me admit that I enjoyed the experience and I agreed that I might like to try it again. However, I told her that I was not interested in a steady boyfriend just as I didn’t want her to have one either. We agreed to go slowly on me dating, just as she and Darryl would be.

She asked me if I wanted to go back to Florida to visit Roger. I told her that, while it was fun, I wasn’t in any hurry to repeat it. Then she got me to admit that I enjoyed my phone conversations with Roger. So we aren’t totally ruling out another Florida visit.

That left us with talking about where we want to be as a couple. We talked about re-building our marriage to get it strong again. We shared what we enjoyed which included me serving her many ways; from giving her personal services like manicures and pedicures, to letting her take the dominate role sexually as well as more in our everyday lives. She enjoys spanking me but doesn’t want me to spank her as she doesn’t see me in that kind of a dominate role with her. Since our friends and family knows about our wife-led marriage she doesn’t see any reason to change that, just as she sees no reason to hid Beverly away from them since they already know. So I will most likely be making more appearances as Beverly in front of our close friends and family members.

So there you have it. Your input has been useful and taken to heart. Thanks for helping out!