Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surviving work, returning to play.

Finally, I’m back to blogging. I used to think that running my own business and working out of my house would allow me lots of free time to do anything I want. And, at times, it is that way in which I am able to be Linda’s housewife and maid while dressing as Beverly around the house cleaning and cooking. Then there are the other times, like I have been going through the last few weeks, where work demands take priority and everything else is put on the back burning. Finding balance is not only difficult, sometimes it is impossible!

But now the big project is done, the billing is complete, and all that is left to do is wait for payment to come in and enjoy the free time until the next project starts up. This week has finally found me able to return to my desired station in life where dawning the maid’s dress and affixing the make-up is my biggest challenge of the day. Dinner is in the oven, the table is set, and I have two hours to relax before Linda arrives home.

As you can guess, because of my hectic work schedule, all fun and games have been on hold of late. I shouldn’t say all. Linda and I have enjoyed our Saturday mornings relaxing in bed before I jump up to fix her coffee. Don’t tell Darryl but she has allowed me some ‘husbandly privileges’ the last two Saturdays. Of course those have started with a kiss on the butterfly (tattoo) on my way ‘down South’. And this last time the dildo got first privileges as I waited my turn. But I did get to dip my pen in her ink well as they say.

Speaking of tattoos and such; my navel piercing is healing nicely. I guess I didn’t really know how long that took before, but at the tattoo parlor I was told that it could take up to a year to heal totally, and that it needs daily cleaning to help the healing along. At one point, I had thought of removing the stud, but now I like the looks of it and will keep it awhile longer.

Linda and I haven’t gotten out much lately because I have been so busy. However, last Saturday night we went out with Anna and Tom for dinner and drinks before returning to their house to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes football team remain undefeated (8-0!) and now ranked #4 in the BCS. It was just a nice evening with friends with no mention of wife-led marriages, crossdressing, or cuckolding. Darryl’s name was not brought up, at least when I was around. There was no teasing of me by anyone. We all relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. I know that makes for boring reading on a blog like this, but sometimes normal is nice.

Just as we were preparing to leave, talked turned to Halloween weekend and we discovered that no one had any plans… no parties planned, no one going out to the bars, everyone was staying home. But that all changed quickly.

Anna just happened to mention to Linda that her brother, Jesse, was going to a party and didn’t have a date. Of course, Linda jumped on that quickly by stating that I could go with him since we had had such a nice time the last time we got together. That last time was when he joined Linda, Darryl, and I for dinner and our trip to the tattoo parlor, followed by keeping me company for the rest of the night… as well as warming my bed well into the morning hours. I had talked to him a couple of times on the phone but not seen him since that night.

So it was quickly arranged that I would be joining Jesse for Halloween night. All that had to be decided was what I would wear for a costume. Linda and I talked about that on the drive home. She offered up the ideas of the French Maid outfit, or the sissy little girl outfit that I had worn when Darryl was here. Nothing was decided then, however, Linda said that she would let Jesse make the final decision. So it looks like I won’t know what I will be wearing until Saturday evening.

Which way would you vote?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Linda & Me... the beginning

I don’t know if I have mentioned that Linda and I were high school sweetheart or that our romance almost ended before it really began. We started dating the year when I was a junior and Linda was a sophomore.

The following summer, Linda went away for a month to church camp. When she came back, she told me that she had met a guy there and she wanted to go out with him, but still keep me as her boyfriend. I was shocked by this but didn’t want to loose her, so I agreed.

I was at her house the day Robert came to pick her up for their date. It was really tough watching her nervously walking around the house waiting for him to show. I didn't understand why she wanted me there, and at the same time I wanted to be there.

When he showed up, I could see immediately why Linda was interested in him. He was the attractive football quarterback type, very sure of himself. I was surprised when he gave her a kiss when he came in the door. Obviously, they had been more then a little friendly at camp. Her mother was also standing there watching the scene. I can only imagine what she must have thought about me as I stood silently watching my girlfriend, and her daughter, warmly greeting a new suitor. She told Linda to be home by 1:00am and waved as the two of them left. I turned and looked at her mother, very embarrassed. She just smiled then turned and walked out of the room, never saying a word to me. With no one else there, I let myself out and drove off.

I knew where they were going for their date. The annual county fair was in town. I went home and told my parents that I was going to the fair and would be home late. I wandered around the fair grounds looking for Linda and Robert. Within an hour, I spotted them on one of the rides. I watched as they got off, holding hands and seemingly having a great time. Then I watched them get on the Ferris Wheel. As the ride spun around I could see them in the chair. Whenever the ride would stop, Robert would lean over and kiss Linda. I could tell that she was really enjoying his attention.

As luck would have it, three of Linda's friends walked up to me. I could tell that they couldn't wait to see if I knew what Linda was doing. "Who’s the guy with Linda? Why isn't she with you? Did you two break up?"

Those were tough questions to answer since I really didn't know. I stammered out a reply that she was out with a friend she had met at camp. The girls exchanged looks that told that they knew something strange was going on and that Linda had gotten the best of me. Just knowing that they knew increased my embarrassment three-fold. I couldn't look at them and heard their snickers and laughter as I walked away. How would I ever face them again after this?

I followed Linda and Robert the rest of the night, watching the affection they shared grow, the multiple kisses and smiles. From a distance, I watched him open and hold the car door for her, watched as she slid over to unlock his door, and stayed in the middle of the bench seat. He put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled against him as they drove off. Part of me wanted to follow, to see if they stopped to park some place private, to see if she directed him to "our" parking spot in the woods a mile from her house. However, I was defeated. I couldn't bear anymore. I went home to bed, but not to sleep. Sleep never came that night as I rewound the scenes of their playfulness over and over.

I called her the next day. She acted as though nothing had happened. She wouldn't tell me anything about their date, but hinted that there might be other dates in the near future.

I know she continued to write to him (this was before email), he called her a few times as well.

We had been somewhat sexually active as teenagers, enjoying petting and making out. However, we had never 'gone all the way'. After her date, she started suggesting that we should have sex. I reminded her how we had talked about not doing it until after high school. However, obviously she had changed her mind. Though she never said so, I was pretty sure that she and Robert had had sex, that she had tasted the forbidden fruit and now wanted more. My refusal to give in led to our brief breakup a few weeks later. She started dating a few guys while I dated one girl twice. We got back together during the fall of the next school year and continued dating through high school and into college. We got married when we were both in college.

I never forgot about that night Linda went out with Robert as it had a lasting effect on me. That memory led to my desire to be cuckolded. Fortunately, I was able to talk freely and openly to Linda more and more as time went on.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Dog ate my homework.

I know I have been quiet for the last few weeks and I am happy to report that nothing is wrong. It has just been a quiet, uneventful time for Linda and me. We have enjoyed our time together and have let things return to a nice, normal household and marriage. We have been spending time together and alone, allowing our marriage to come back into balance and our love life to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

I know several of you have written to my blog with advice on where we should go with our wife-led marriage or suggestions for how I should be come for feminine (and even a full-time gal). Thank you for the advice and suggestions. We have enjoyed reading them and talking about them and the impact that they could have on us. For now, we are happy to just be with each other and enjoying our roles as they are.

I will address some of those topics…

As for ‘getting rid of my penis’, as some have suggested; if you will pardon the pun, I am very much attached to my penis (I know, that was bad) and have no desire to get rid of it. Also, Linda does find a use for it now and then so she wants it there and functional. And, yes, Darryl is aware that we do occasionally have a typical marital relationship. And since he’s not here to do anything about it, then I am just going to enjoy it whenever it happens.

By the way, I should interject that Linda’s tattoo is doing nicely. I kiss it each evening before we go to sleep and gaze upon it fondly when I am spending some intimate time pleasing Linda. It really is cute. My bellybutton piercing is also healing well. We both like the looks of it and can’t wait until I can change it out for another piece of jewelry. Linda wants me to get me a gold “L” post to wear in it. Won’t that look nice!

I have talked to Meghan about dressing more completely as Beverly when I go into her shop and we have agreed that it might make some of the other stylists and customers uneasy if I did. So, for that reason, I am mostly androgynous when I go to the salon.

And, lastly, the topic of feminizing me more by having me take hormones or getting implants… I would like to set the subject straight that I am a crossdresser, not a transsexual. I was not born in a female body and do not feel my body needs to be altered to feel ‘complete’. I know of many transgendered people who cannot wait to get on female hormones so they can feel ‘more womanly’. I believe that approach is wrong and too many people out there are erroneously going on hormones and putting their lives in danger. Many things can go wrong with hormones; they can have more negative effects on the body then positive ones, so for me it is not worth the risk. Plus, I could not pass the scrutiny of a trained psychiatrist for the prescribing of hormones under the pretense of being transsexual and I am not about to obtain hormones illegally. Therefore, I will happily go about my life with small and simple samples of femininity. As long as Linda is happy, then I am happy.

Now that we have that behind us we can more on. Tomorrow I will share a little information about when Linda and I were first dating. I think you will find it interesting.