Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little things begin to add up.

Math, I have always been good at it but seemed to have forgotten the basic premise… even the little things add up to make the sum larger. That is exactly what has happened to me and my ‘secret life’ lately.

Last week found me doing more work around the house in preparation for family members gathering at our house for Easter dinner on Sunday. Now I have gotten into the habit of being pretty thorough in my cleaning; having divided up chores into daily and weekly routines so that the work is spread out over several days. So there really shouldn’t be too much more I had to do to prep the house for guests. But this being a big family gathering meant getting out the good china dishes and making sure the silverware was spotless, the tablecloth ironed, and the napkins pressed and folded.

I had told Linda that I was planning on spending Friday doing the extra duties and leaving the last minute cleaning stuff until Saturday. Normally when cleaning I like to wear one of my utility maid’s dresses (not the sexy French maid uniform) like the one on the top of my blog. Friday I decided to wear my black dress with hose and heels. I even put on a little makeup and styled my hair into a cute feminine style. I don’t usually go to this much work because I know that I am going to get sweaty and dirty while cleaning. But since that day was going to be spend mostly ironing and getting the dishes ready, I decided that it would be a good day to dress completely as Bev. I had been at it for nearly two hours when I heard a knock on the side door followed by the sounds of the door opening and someone calling out ‘hello’. I was in the laundry room and couldn’t make out who it was. Frightened by the thought of someone seeing me dressed like that I remained silent and listened for whatever was to come. Another hello followed with my name being called announced that the visitor was Linda’s sister and she was dropping off something for Sunday. I knew that I couldn’t keep hiding in there so I took a deep breath and stepped out. There stood Julie with a smile on her face that told me she wasn’t surprised by my appearance.

“I was wondering when I was going to meet Beverly. I have heard so much about what a wonderful maid you were.” At some time Linda must have told Julie about me. We sat down at the table over coffee and talked. Julie asked me if Beverly was going to be making an appearance Sunday in front of the family. I replied that I wasn’t ready for that to happen yet. She only stayed for about twenty minutes. When she left she gave me a big hug along with a kiss on the cheek, just like she would Linda. I guess she was treating me like a sister now.

On Sunday Linda allowed me to wear male clothing but insisted that I wear a bra under my shirt. I picked out a plaid shirt to help disguise the bra lines, but it did little to hide the slight mounds protruding in the front. When Linda’s mother arrived I was in the kitchen cooking, and wearing one of the aprons she had given me on my last visit. All three gift aprons had been quite frilly but I had picked out the least frilly of the lot. Still, it was orange with lots of lace around the pockets. She came over to give me a hug. I felt her hands on my back and shoulders and knew she was discovering the telltale lines of my bra. Her hands almost traced the outline of the bra straps to the mid-back fastener. She slowly pulled away with a puzzled look that quickly turned to recognition and a smile.

I served the dinner, endured the complements on the beautifully presented table and meal which Linda quickly gave me full credit, then cleared the table after the meal while the family sat and relaxed at the table. My brother-in-law joked about what a good wife I was as I just blushed and Julie, Linda, and her mother smiled. Without Linda telling her, her mother had added all of the pieces up and knew just how true that statement was… I really was a good wife.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dinner call.

Now that was strange! Last night Linda got a call from Darryl. As you may remember from an earlier blog entry, Darryl is an old friend and business associate of mine. I had introduced Linda to him several years ago. He lives in another state and gets back to this area a few times a year. We get together for dinner with him whenever he is here. The last time we got together I cooked the dinner and served. He commented to Linda on what a ‘good little wife’ I was. He is not aware of our WLM lifestyle, at least not that I am aware of.

He called last night when I wasn’t home and talked to Linda. She told him that I was gone on Wednesday nights and he replied that he was aware of that and had called to talk to her. She said that they talked for over an hour about things in general. She said that he hardly even asked about me. But I gathered that they had a good time talking and found plenty to talk about. Linda really didn’t go into anything too specifically other than that he brought up our last dinner together that I prepared and how he enjoyed my cooking. He asked her if I was still holding up my end as her wife, which she thought was a funny way to put it. She said that she informed him that I was even more into my role then when he was last here.

Darryl informed Linda that he will be back here before the end of the month and wants to get together. Linda told him that would be great and that she looked forward to it. She told me that looking back she realized that he didn’t really say the three of us getting together, she just assumed that. But the way he had said it could have meant that he was asking to get together with just her and not me. It has always been the three of us getting together, or at least him and me. Why would she think he was suggesting the two of them get together?

Anyway, she told him that she was sure I would be willing to fix dinner for them like before. So it looks like I have another dinner party to plan on. I will let you know how it develops.

Monday, March 17, 2008


As another blogger recently mentioned, sometimes life gets in the way of living. That is what has happened to me lately. I have been unable to keep up with my blog because of too many other things going on that interfered with those plans. Needless to say, my thoughts have been elsewhere for the last ten days, for that I apologize to my friends and readers. I will try to do better in the future.

I could go into a lengthy explanation telling about family medical problems and multiple responsibilities that pulled Linda and I in many directions lately, but I think you are more interested in catching up with the relevant details. As I last left you, I was preparing for the upcoming weekend where Linda had invited her girlfriends over for dinner, with me in feminine role preparing and serving.

That Saturday morning I went grocery shopping for dinner supplies while Linda headed to the salon for a beauty regiment. I got home first and slipped out of slacks and sweater and into skirt and top. I spent an hour preparing the dishes that could be done in advance, then tidied up the house for evening guests. I finished at the same time as Linda returned home looking well pampered and groomed. I brought her a drink then headed back into the kitchen to prepare the rest of dinner. I finished with an hour left to get myself ready before her guests were due to arrive.

I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to wear for this, so I asked Linda, thinking she would leave it up to me. That was not the case. I was instructed to put on my sexy French Maid uniform, complete with flouncy petticoat and black pumps. She even told me what to wear under it, handing me stockings and garter belt as well as the ruffled panties that are so sissy. I knew then I was in for a humiliating night.

The first to arrive fortunately was Anne. She is the most aware of our WLM and my role as the wife/maid. She laughed as I opened the door and invited her in, making me turn slowly so she could take it all in. After taking her drink order I left the room to prepare it an check on dinner. Two more of the guests arrived while I was out of the room so I was spared the door greeting humiliation. But that just meant that their first view of me was when I carried Anne’s drink in and served her. Anna was sitting on the couch so I had to bend slightly when handing her the drink. This made my short dress rise up in back and exposed my hose tops and garters to the new arrivals. Linda ordered me to stay like that momentarily so she could come over beside me and lift the skirt further to expose my ruffled panty-covered bottom. This brought gleeful laughter from Becky and Judy. I was saved only by the doorbell announcing the last of the arrivals. I rushed to open the door to let Pam in, escaping my humiliation for a few minutes.

Drink orders were taken and served, and I returned to the kitchen to prepare the dinner for serving. Linda came into the kitchen to check on dinner and to make sure I was alright after my ordeal. She explained that this was her night and that she was feeling in need of expressing her dominate side to help forget about the family problems she had been dealing with lately. I told her I understood but asked that she just not do anything that would harm me or make it impossible to face her friends again.

Dinner consisted of a well prepared meal served with lots of teasing, peaking, prodding, poking, grins, laughter and tears… all at my expense but done with kindness for the most part. I survived the dinner (I ate mine in the kitchen), served after-dinner drinks and dessert, and received hugs and kisses as they departed. Only one negative incident occurred. When Pam was leaving she informed Linda that her husband, Rick, had dropped her off and would be picking her up. Unfortunately, he decide to not wait in the car but came up to the door to get Pam just as I was opening the door to let her out. So there I stood in the doorway in my sissy outfit. Pam took the opportunity to introduce Rick to ‘the maid’. Of course Rick knows me so it only took a second for him to realize that the maid was me. He broke out laughing and said “wait till the guys hear about this”. I almost broke into tears as I knew that I would be in for a lot of teasing about this from my male friends.

After everyone had left and I had picked up the house I met Linda in the bedroom. She was very pleased about how the evening had gone as was proud of the great job I had done. She asked me if it had been too much for me. I told her that it was difficult at times but, for the most part I enjoyed it. She said that now that her friends know that there is no reason to keep it hidden from them anymore and that I could expect being with them as ‘one of the girls’ a lot more in the future. I told her about Rick seeing me and she responded that she had planned on having couples over next time anyway so that it hardly mattered.

I guess that this means that I am finally ‘out’ as far as our friends go. I wonder what will happen next weekend when our families are together her for Easter dinner. I am hoping that Linda will be kind to me and take it easy on me with them around. But I am not counting on it.

Again, I am sorry for the long delay in writing. I hope to do better for now on. I know it won’t be daily entries into the blog, but I will try not to let more than a couple of days escape between entries. I love your comments and reading your blogs. Keep them coming.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We need to talk... part 2

As the story continues from part one...

Linda talked about how happy she was with me and the way I had relieved her of the societal ‘norms’ of household roles. She told me how she loved having a wife to take care of her, and that she didn’t care if I ever acted like a man again. She said I could dress and act anyway I desire and she would be fine with it. She said if I wore a dress everyday every place we went she would gladly hold my hand. She was also willing to address me by my feminine name fully from now on if I wished, no matter where we were or who we were with.

She could have blown me over with a feather at that moment. I had been expecting the worst and instead got showered with love and affection. I told her that I wasn’t ready to give up my male side fully yet. I was also not ready to expose the world to what we were doing. We had friends and family who might not be ready to accept or appreciate what we had. I said that I would like to keep moving forward but to do so slowly and carefully.

Linda said that was fine, to an extent. She wanted to make sure that we kept making forward progress and not get too set in our ways, and certainly not to back slide. She is ready to let others know about me being her wife and about her being the head as well as the leader of this marriage. She told me that I should expect more exposure as her sissy wife to others, and that would start taking place very soon. Also, she would be the one deciding who those ‘others’ would be as well as when and how much exposure they would receive towards our WLM. I was told that I must be willing to give that control over to her.

Linda has never shown much interest in taking a truly dominate role, but now that was exactly what she was doing. And I was loving it! Here is what she told me was going to happen very shortly…

First, I would be hosting a dinner party for her and six of her girlfriends next weekend where I would be dressed in my maid’s uniform. I would cook and serve the meal as well as deliver drinks to them. Three of them have already seen me in feminine role as Beverly. But the other three, as far as I am aware, know nothing about this. So it will be a night of discovery and exposure for sure.

Second, I am to contact my friend, Darryl, and ask him to give Linda a call so she could invite him to dinner. Darryl is an old buddy of mine who lives in another state but gets over this way every few months. We usually take him out to dinner when he visits and he often stays with us. However, the last time he was here I cooked dinner for us. He doesn’t know anything about our WLM, but joked after that dinner about what a good wife I was becoming. He is a real Mister Macho, tall with rugged good looks. He has done some innocent flirting with Linda in the past, but all in fun. I wonder what he will think when it is Linda inviting him to dinner. She informed me that I will be in the same role that night as I will be for her all-girl dinner party, except that it will be just her and Darryl dining together. It looks like that could take things heading in a new direction as well.

Third, she is going to start being more open to our families about our roles, and especially my dressing in female clothing. She says that soon there will be no doubt who she is referring to when she talks about ‘Beverly’.

So that’s the updates. Many changes are coming my way. I wanted this and now I am going to get it. Maybe just a little faster and further then I had anticipated. I am sure it won’t be dull.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We need to talk... Part One

“We need to talk. Where do you see this going?” Those were the words that Linda greeted me with the other night. Ten words that stopped me dead in my tracks and got my mind to racing. What did she mean by that? What as she thinking? Was my world about to come tumbling down on me? Needless to say, I was pretty worried and dreaded Saturday morning when we would finally have time to talk.

Our time together lately has been difficult and troubling. Linda has had a lot on her mind lately. Her father passed away four months ago and her mother’s health has declined as she faced old age without her rock; her husband of 65 years. Linda has had to wrestle with most of the problems and tasks without the aid of her older sister or brother. We are both the youngest of three siblings in our respected family. Yet the lion’s share of the responsibility has been put upon us when dealing with our parents for some reason.

Linda’s sister has a husband who is nearly helpless when left alone. Now there is no reason for this as he is a successful businessman and is fully capable of taking care of himself. However, he lets on like he will starve or the house will crumble without his wife at home. So she coddles to him and feels like she cannot leave him without food prepared in advance or force him to have to sleep alone for a night or two. She has mentioned to Linda on several occasions how lucky Linda is to have me as a husband because of how well I care for Linda. There have been several occasions when Linda has been tempted to tell her about our roles just to see her reaction.

Linda knows that she doesn’t have to worry about me while she is dealing with family pressures. I try to be supportive as well as allowing her time by herself when she needs it. And she knows that everything will be fine at home in her absence. The house will be clean, the laundry will be done, and there will be a hot meal waiting when she finally walks in the door.

Because of all of this, I know Linda’s mind has been other places other than thinking about our wife-led marriage. Over the past few months thing have been pretty staid, not progressing much but not backsliding either. So her question of ‘where to you see this going’ shook me. I was afraid that she wanted things to return to how it use to be with us sharing household responsibilities, that I would no longer be considered her ‘wife’. So when we finally sat down to talk I was ready for the bomb to go off. But it never did.

I am in the process of gathering this all together and will write about it tomorrow.