Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh oh!

Out of the blue, or so it seems to me, last night Linda asked me “where do you see this going?” She, of course, was referring to our wife led marriage with me being the housewife in our relationship. For the past three years I have taken on the role and tasks of caring for all of the household duties; grocery shopping, cooking and meal planning, cleaning, laundry, and ironing; while she concentrates on being the primary income provider. I also work out of the house as a marketing consultant so I too contribute to our income, just not as much as she does.

I thought that things have been going along pretty well since, in addition to doing the housework, I also am able to partake in my passion of crossdressing daily. Most days will find me working indoors in some kind of feminine finery, and often going all out with make-up and wig. I seem to be able to get so much more done when I am dressed up as Beverly. I am happy with our roles and thought she was too. So this question set me back… is she unhappy and wants to revert back to traditional roles, does she want things to change in some small way, or does she desire us to step things up dramatically? The way she asked and phrased the question gave me no clue so I asked “what do you mean?” Her reply was a cryptic “this weekend I think we should take some time to sit and talk about what each of us wants from this so there are no misunderstandings.”

On the surface that sounds pretty innocent, however, I can’t help to think that there are some undercurrents at play here. Needless to say I have been on pins and needles all day today. I know I shouldn’t read too much into it, but I can’t help myself. She suggested that each of us write down what we are thinking so it will be easier and clearer to present our thoughts and feelings.

Oh, well. Wish me luck! And you can bet I will be on my best behavior tonight and tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Close Call

Linda had to take her elderly mother to a doctor’s appointment this morning. Now that really shouldn’t affect me but…

I was home today, as usual, working on my business work as well as doing my normal housewife duties; picking up, doing dishes, laundry, vacuuming. Since I am usually alone in the house I like to dress in something sweet and feminine. Today I had on a simple skirt and blouse along with hose and heels, but without make-up. Just before noon Linda called to tell me that her mother was done with her doctor’s appointment and they were going to stop home for lunch in about 15 minutes.

Her mother knows nothing about our WLM lifestyle or that I am the real wife in our relationship. But if I didn’t do something, fast she was about to find out. Linda knows that I am usually dressed up in something feminine while home, thus the heads up call. I just barely had time to put into the microwave oven a container of vegetable soup that I had made and frozen over the weekend, and then run into the bedroom to change clothes. I am glad now that I hadn’t put make-up on as there would not have been time to remove all traces of it.

Linda was smiling as she came in the door just as I was coming out of the bedroom. She knew how close of a call I just had. All she said was “aren’t you glad I phoned first?”

I am sure that someday there will not be the phone call first and I will be discovered. I really don’t mind some of our friends knowing, but I am not ready for family members to know about this. I think we need to discuss this and reach a decision on what we are going to do and who we are going to tell.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clean Sweep

It’s kind of funny, at least I could see the humor in it. I was just finishing up cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and had just swept the floor and was loading the dishwasher when Linda asked if she could do anything to help. I asked her if she would mind putting the broom and dustpan away. She grabbed the broom and asked “where does this go?” It had been so long since she had swept (or any cleaning for that matter) that she couldn’t remember where we stored the broom. I had to struggle to keep from laughing. I wonder in how many households this would happen.

And this followed a conversation we had over dinner where she was telling me that she had been talking to a co-worker that day who was complaining that her husband was out of work and home all day, and didn’t lift a finger to do anything. Of course, Linda couldn’t help bragging how not only would I have the house cleaned and laundry done when she got home, but that there would also be a delicious hot meal on the table when she walked in the door.

I have read many blogs dealing with a FLR or WLM where the man wasn’t getting the recognition or satisfaction that he wanted out of the relationship. I totally understand that feeling. It is difficult to make the fantasy a reality and achieve positive feedback needed to keep me going. However, when I hear Linda praising my work and lifestyle decision to others, I feel very good.

When we went out the other night with her friends for a girl’s night out, a good portion of the evening was spent with Pam and Phyllis asking me questions about my being the wife in this relationship as well as me explaining what I got out of the arrangement. Seeing the smile on Linda’s face as I talked to the others was a very satisfying moment. We don’t talk about our lifestyle much to each other, mostly just taking each other for granted. Sometimes it takes an outsider commenting to make appreciate what we have going.

Linda is not a bossy or dominate person so I know I will not be ordered around or disciplined in private or in public. So I have to find other means of receiving positive reinforcement. To ask more of her would be topping from the bottom. Linda would resent that and would pull back from this limited lifestyle. So I have to appreciates the slivers I receive and keep moving forward. That is not always easy to do or accept, but I have asked for this position so I must be content with that outcome. How do you deal?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another snow day!

Can spending time together be a bad thing? Can we actually spend too much time together? I am beginning to find out that we can overdose on togetherness.

Besides the weekend together, we have been snowed in the last two days… no way to get out and no place to go. Four days of just the two of us. I guess it proves that we are getting older and more set in our ways because early in our marriage we would have looked forward to being snowed in like this. We would have spent most of the time in bed (or elsewhere around the house) in the throws of passion. Not now. Now we are searching for our own room we can escape to.

We are use to being together on the weekends and usually have several things we like to do together… shopping, buying groceries, going to a movie or out to eat. Then during the week we each have our own routines that we do separately. She goes to work and I stay home to do my work and take care of the house. Well, she has been home for two unexpected days and that has thrown off my routine. Plus, she doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself and is bored.

Yesterday (Monday) wasn’t too bad because I went about my work cleaning up and preparing supper. She watched me. I am not use to that. At first it was kind of fun dusting and vacuuming, knowing she was watching me. But then it just got a little creepy. “What is she thinking as she is watching me? Am I doing something wrong? Should I be paying more attention to her? Working faster? Taking less breaks? What? What? What?

Her only comment was made during dinner… “you really enjoy your role as housewife, don’t you?”

Of course I do. I love doing things for her, taking care of her, cooking for her, even doing personal things for her. But I kind of got freaked out having her watching me and not saying anything all day long. Plus I don’t normally break for lunch at noon or even fix much for lunch when it is just me. With her home, that changed. I plan dinners, not lunches.

Today, we stayed away from each other most of the day, though I did see her pacing around being bored several times. I think I will go offer to give her a massage or paint her nails for her. Maybe that will help. I am sure it couldn’t hurt!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dining Out With The Girls

I had mentioned a week ago that I accompanied Linda to her salon and was instructed by her stylist on the proper way to wash hair. That has become part of my duties now. Several times a week I will be called on to wash Linda’s hair. If you have never done this, I recommend you give it a try. It really is kind of sensual as well as fun. I wish Linda still had her long hair as that would be even more fun than short hair. I think we are on to something great here.

Friday night I was to join Linda in dining out with two of her friends. I thought it was kind of strange that they would want a guy tagging along. I should have know better. When Linda walked in the door I was just finishing my bath. She came into the bathroom to see how I was doing and was glad to see that I had taken the time to shave all over; smooth from head to toe. She told me that while I was drying off she would layout something for me to wear. That should have tipped me off, and in fact, it did. I was not surprised to see her pulling one of my feminine outfits out of the closet. It was my black leather skirt and top along with a painted t-shirt.

“Oh, you want me to go as Beverly,” was all I said. I was going to be meeting the other gals dressed in my feminine best.

“Of course. It’s a girl’s night out, silly,” she stated as she dug into my underwear drawer.

Pam and Phyllis were not surprised at my appearance so they must have know in advance. We really did have a fun night and nice dinner. We talked, drank, and laughed for hours, all the while everyone was treating me as just another one of the gals.

So now I am out to two more people as Beverly. They learned all about my role as the housewife in a wife-led-marriage. They asked lots of questions and I answered freely. Not once did I feel like they were laughing or looking down at me. It really was a pretty normal night; one that I am sure will be repeated often. Plus, they are coming to dinner at our house soon so they will see me fully in my housewife role.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Out there

You can never go wrong with a nice romantic dinner. And if it happens to be on Valentine’s Day, even better. That’s what I did for Linda, and she loved it. I think it was actually that we had a night out of the house and the opportunity to sit and talk without TV or telephones competing with our conversation. I made sure that I didn’t bring up FLR all evening as well. That way there was no pressures put on either of us. It was just like back when we were dating. It is nice to be back on even footing every once and awhile so she has the opportunity to get back in touch with the man she married.

Ok, that’s over with, now back to the ways I like it with her in charge and me once again in my role as the wife. Let’s see, her birthday’s not until August so I only have Mother’s Day to contend with. That’s not until May so I won’t worry about it now.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with two of her girlfriends. Originally, it was just the three of them getting together. But Linda talked them into letting me join them, and then told me that I was going to be dining with them. At least I won’t be serving and waiting on them here. I can just imagine what that would involve. Of course I realize that I will probably end up the center of attention and conversation tonight. I am just sure that Linda can’t wait to put me in my place in front of them and that much about my lifestyle will be revealed to them. I am not even sure at this point how I am going to be dressing for the night… male, female, androgynous, or someplace in between. With Linda involve, I am sure I be on edge all night.

She tends to let her bossy, domineering side come out when she has me in front of other women. I think it is her way of showing off some for them. I want to make her happy so I am just along for the ride. At least there won’t be any men around. I always get a little more uncomfortable when I am ‘displayed’ in front of men. Plus I think Linda likes to make me aware of how different I am from other men, how much of a sissy I have become. I find her flirting more now then in the past also.

She will be home shortly so I had best end for now and go take my shower so I will be ready for her. I have her slippers by the door for her to put on when she walks in so she won’t track slush across my clean kitchen floor. I am not going to make that mistake again!

Enjoy your weekend. I bet I will.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey guys, tomorrow is Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and as much as I hate the over-commercialization of the day, I know that I would be in big trouble if I failed to make the day special for Linda. Of course her New Year resolution was to lose weight by eliminating candy so I can’t go with the old tried and true heart-shaped box of temptation. If I got her some slinky lingerie she would accuse me of 1) buying something similar for myself, 2) actually wanting what I bought her for myself, or 3) trying to live vicariously through her gifts… and all would be true. She seldom wears jewelry so she would think that would be a waste of money spent. So I usually end up planning a nice romantic dinner out. However, with the onslaught of bitterly cold and snowy weather we are experiencing, she would rather just stay home and be comfortable. Once again I find myself struggling to come up with an appropriate gift for her on cupid’s day. What do you do?

One year I took her to get side-by-side couple’s manicures and pedicures. It was a fun experience and she enjoyed the novelty of it… until I wanted to get matching color on my nails as well. I have given a gift of a professional massage only to find out she really doesn’t enjoy having some stranger rubbing her body. I have never heard of someone NOT liking a massage!

Electronic gifts don’t seem appropriate (no, not that kind that vibrates!). I definitely couldn’t get her something for the house (never give a gift with a cord attached) as I would end up being the one who uses it the most. And flowers make her sneeze so that’s out. And a gift certificate?? She would shoot me!

When she was in college she worked in retail (JC Penney’s) and always joked about the guys who would rush in at the last moment; just before closing on Christmas Eve or late afternoon on February 13th. She could sell them anything at any price and they would buy it, knowing full well that it would most likely be returned. Do any gals actually wear those red teddies with white fluff around the neck?

I certainly don’t want to be one of those guys so I had better come up with something quick. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


“Why, that’s one of the nicest things you have ever said to me!” That was my reply to Linda last night when she told me that I looked so domesticated. At the time I was darning an oven mitt that had a hole in it. I was sitting on the sofa doing some hand sewing; the oven mitt, replacing a button on her blouse, and tightening the button holes on a pajama top so it won’t come unbuttoned when I slept in it.

I was wearing a white blouse and black harem pants along with hose and black pumps. I must admit, I looked like little Suzy homemaker, sitting there so cute with my needle and thread. That, on top of the fact that when she got home tonight, I was in the kitchen in my apron cooking spaghetti dinner. I was really driving home my housewife role, and we were both enjoying it.

I have been reading on several blogs the difficulty many couples have about defining roles and also the husband wanting the wife to take a more active part in the relationship; primarily that of being more dominant. My wife has trouble with that as well. She appreciates the effort I am putting into this with my doing all of the housework and chores. She just can’t bring herself to order me around. Plus she still occasionally wants to help out around the house. She stills picks up dishes after dinner. However, then there are times that she only does the bare minimum. Like when there is clean laundry in a basket that hasn’t been sorted yet, and she takes just her clothes out and leaves the rest for me to take care of.

I do wish that she would give me orders or leave me instructions. I wish she would discipline me when I do something wrong or not to her liking. A spanking to straighten me out would be great. Withholding sex or publicly humiliating me would be a wonderful learning experience. However, I know that she wouldn’t think of that on her own, nor would it be something that would come easily to her. She is not the bossy type naturally.

So I guess I am trying to say that we can wish for many things in a relationship, but reality has the upper hand. I should be asking her if she is getting what she wants out of this lifestyle experiment or what I could be doing to make it better for mer.

Of course that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to make this fun.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Boob Tube

Isn’t it nice when you reach a place in your relationship when you feel comfortable talking about almost anything? We were watching television the other night and saw something that led to a discussion.

We were watching the medical drama “House”. In this episode the patient just happened to be thousands of miles away doing research at the South Pole. She was there with one or two men in a strictly work environment (no sex taking place). Linda pointed out that when the woman undressed that her legs and underarms were clean shaven.

“Do you really think any woman living in freezing conditions where no one is seeing her naked on a regular basis is going to worry about shaving her legs?” I know there has been many times during cold weather that Linda has skipped that ritual for weeks on end because she was only wearing slacks and not exposing her legs. I, on the other hand, keep my legs smooth all of the time.

I just thought it was amusing that we were having that conversation. How many other wives would admit that thought to her husband? How many other husbands would care to discuss female groom habits in the first place? How many husbands have ever helped their wives with personal grooming, I wonder?

The next program we watched was the new show “Lipstick Jungle”. By the way, I love the high heel shoes ladies wear on shows like that. In this episode one of the women was hit on by a man who knew she was married. At one point the guy takes out a Sharpie and writes his phone number on the woman’s thigh. At first she worries about her husband seeing the number, then she actually flaunts it at him and goes unnoticed.

At the commercial break I pulled the covers back on the bed and looked at my wife’s thighs and stomach, teasing her that I was surprised not to find some guy’s number there. She joked back “I usually just put it in my PDA, but will make sure to have him write in where you can find it in the future.”

Another show we watched showed a young woman struggling with fastening her bra. “You do a much better job putting on your bra then she does” Linda commented. I replied back “that’s because I have been doing it longer then her.” I have had over 25 years of practice after all. There have been times that Linda has asked me to either help her fasten or unhook her bra and I love being able to help. I enjoy it even more when she comes to me to borrow some clothing or jewelry. I always seem to have just the right accessory to go with what she is wearing; either a strapless bra or necklace. Of course I always point out “isn’t it great to have a crossdresser for a husband?”

Who said television doesn’t lead to stimulating conversation?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Salon Pause

Baby, it’s cold outside. The high today is going to be zero! Why do I live in the Midwest?

I had a fun experience Friday night. Linda had her hair appointment and knew she would be there for at least two hours, so she wanted me to come along. I knew that there was a good chance that I was in for some teasing or uncomfortable times. And, let’s face it, I really do enjoy most of it even if I don’t let her know it.

I should tell you that I go to my own stylist and salon, so being in a beauty salon is not a new thing for me. In fact, my stylist, Mehgan, has been doing my hair for many years. And from the very beginning I approached her by telling her that I wanted a feminine style for my hair and even brought photos I had cut out of magazines showing her different ideas. She has been very helpful and enjoys discussing the latest antics of Beverly.

Entering Linda’s salon was no different than my salon except I was on her turf, and I was the stranger among them. It was almost like a hush came over the place when I sat down. I could see a few of the younger girls whispering and glancing my way as I thumbed through the hairstyle magazines. My isolated comfort didn’t last long as Linda called out for me to join her at the wash basins. I am sure all eyes were on me as I walked to the back of the salon following Linda and Dana, her stylist. I wasn’t sure why I was there and proceeded to just stand there as Dana washed Linda’s hair. Then Dana started describing the way she was washing and rinsing Linda’s hair, looking at me for my confirmation. I almost feel over when suddening Dana stepped back and told me to stand by the sink and continue washing Linda’s hair. Linda had told her to involve me in the procedure and there I stood washing her hair in full view of everyone. Linda told me that she wanted me to learn how to do this properly so I could start washing her hair at home.

When we were finished I was told to go sit back down and keep myself occupied. As I started to go back to the waiting area Dana called out for me, telling me to bring a chair over to her stall so I could talk to them as Linda got her hair done. So for the next two hours I sat, watched, and talked about my housework, cooking, and taking care of Linda. I notice that much of the conversations from the stalls around us had stopped as everyone was listening to us. Linda even told Dana (and anyone who was listening) that I had my own blog to discuss what I did. Fortunately, she didn’t mention the name or location of my site.

It was a fun experience and certainly gave us something to talk about on the drive home.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally The Weekend

Another Friday, another cleaning day. It was an easier day today because I just had the bedrooms to clean besides dusting and vacuuming the house. It is much easier then when I have to clean bathrooms and the kitchen. The bedrooms don’t seem to get very dirty and it only takes me about three hours to do my housework. So that means I have some time to relax and spend some time on the internet. I will be able to check all of the other blogs and read what has been going on with you.

I was reading on one blog about the worry of others finding out about living a wife-led marriage. I am starting to get past the point of worrying if others find out. I am proud to be a housewife and am lucky to be able to serve my wife. And I don’t care who knows! Well, to be honest, I still worry about some people knowing because I know they won’t understand it. My brother is one of them. He is two years older than me (I’m the youngest of three) and he has always enjoyed teasing me. My sister would be ok with it I think. She might even remember back to when we were children and she was our babysitter. Many times she would style my hair, put nail polish on my fingers and toes, and even apply makeup to my face. I think she knew that I often went into her room and tried on her clothes. So it would not be a big stretch for her to realize that I have gotten in touch with my feminine side to the point of proudly becoming the wife.

A few male friends would not be at ease if they knew. Isn’t it funny that most women have no difficulty accepting that a man might want to experience being a woman but that it is too foreign a thought for most men.

Linda will be home soon, but just long enough to pick me up. She has her hair appointment tonight and wants me to go along with her so we can talk while she is letting the color set (don’t let her know that I told you that she colors her hair!!!). She goes to a different salon then I go to and I have never met her stylist. Linda has said that she brags about me to Dana and the other girls and wants them to meet me. I can imagine that I might be in for some ‘fun’ while there. I will let you know what happens.

I had better get changed out of my dress and find something to wear to the salon. I can’t keep Linda waiting. Have a great weekend and please stay in touch.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day, as in we got hit with 12 inches of snow in 24 hours. For Iowa, that’s a lot. The good part is that Linda decided not to chance driving in to work and stayed home. It was great having her home.

Wednesday is one of my normal ‘busy housewife’ days where I had a lot to do around the house besides working on my business. I decided as soon as I got up that even with Linda home, I was just going to go about my day as normal. That meant showing and changing into one of my maid dresses before eating breakfast. Normally Linda has left the house before I am dressed for the day. She is not a breakfast person and just grabs a cup of juice or coffee and hits the road. So she doesn’t normally get to see me dressed for my daily chores. Knowing she would be there to see me all day, I went all out and put on make-up and styled my hair. I said good morning to her as I walked through the kitchen on the way to the laundry room to start the first load. She replied with “my, you nice this morning. Is this how you work everyday?”

I told her that I always make sure I am dressed for work before eight, then went about my duties. I cleaned up the kitchen table after she had finished and asked if I could get her anything. She said that she would be working out of the office today and for me to bring her coffee there. So began my day.

I went about my normal cleaning and laundry, fixed a chef salad for us for lunch, and prepared a casserole for supper. I would stop by the office every now and then to see if she needed anything. It was pretty much a typical day for me, but it went so much faster having her there and knowing that she was really seeing me in my maid/housewife role. I am glad it wasn’t one of my heavy cleaning days because there is nothing sexy about seeing me clean toilets or scrubbing floors.

At bed time she gave me a big hug and kiss and told me how much she appreciates the hard work I do for her and us. That is all of the pay I need. I love my role!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

I loved Super Tuesday! It’s not that I am all wrapped up in this year’s elections, however, I was very appreciative that last night had nothing else on television but election coverage. Why? Because we were both home and decided to turn off the TV and take the opportunity to talk to each other. That’s a dangerous idea I know. But sometimes you have to do it. And last night turned out to be very good.

Linda and I haven’t spent much time talking about our newly chosen female-led lifestyle. We have just been going along letting things take their course, not checking on where the other of us is at or what we have liked or disliked about our choices. So last night was sort of a ‘check up’ for us.

Fortunately, we are both happy with most of what has been occurring. We like my role as housewife where I have taken the responsibility of keeping the house clean, doing the laundry and ironing, and preparing the meals. I told Linda the June Cleaver is my role model. Linda appreciates all of the work I have done and doesn’t mind that I am dressing up in my feminine clothing more around the house. She said that she has come to expect me to be in feminine garb when she gets home. I use to make sure that I left time to change before she got home, but now if I change it is into a nicer ‘wifey’ outfit.

She said that she has become comfortable enough with me in the wife role that she is not afraid to let others know that it is my preferred appearance. I asked her if she had told others about my dressing and our lifestyle change. She admitted that she keeps Anna abreast of my progress but hasn’t told others… yet. She did say that if as others start to discover our changes that she feels that she will probably not hesitate to explain what is going on. I asked her if that included family and she said that her sister has let on that she might know more than we think, and that her mother seems to be picking up signals and accepting this (ie: her mother giving ME aprons). Linda hasn’t come out and told them yet, but it appears to be just a matter of time before she does. And she said that she thought my mother and sister would understand if they knew. I guess I won’t be surprised if at our next family gathering I end up being the center of attention.

I am not sure how I will feel when our friends find out as we do several activities together as couples: card playing, golf, weekend get-aways. I worry most about what my male buddies will say. I don’t take on a ‘guy mentality’ as much when we are together now as I use to. But I am not sure how I will feel when they start seeing me as the sissy I am becoming.

Have you had to deal with this? Who told your friends and family and what was said? Have others seen you ‘in action’ being submissive to your wife or girlfriend? What was the reaction?

I know that it is just a matter of time before I will be facing this situation. I hope I am ready for it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

On Time Delivery

Sometimes I even impress myself. For dinner last night I prepared herb pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh baked bread, and sliced strawberries. Not a bad meal at all. The amazing part was that I had it all timed perfectly so when Linda came in the door I was just putting the food on the table. It was more impressive because she had gotten home 15 minutes earlier than normal. Somehow I had anticipated and prepared everything to be ready at just the right time. I love it when things work out like that. It was nice for her because she had a meeting to go to and only had an hour home before having to leave. Had I not had dinner ready then, she would have had to rush through dinner and then just leave. This way she was able to enjoy dinner and relax a little before having to go.

By the way, I was wearing one of the aprons her mother gave me. Linda really appreciated knowing that I was going to get some use out of her mother’s gift. She took a picture of me and wants to give it to her mother. I am not sure how I feel about that. But I know it will be done whether I like it or not so I had just as well go with it.

As you can see on my site, I have added quite a few blog links. If you would like me to add your, please let me know. And feel free to add my blog link to your site. I would like to hear from you when you have time. So please write!

I am adding photos to my blog to make it more interesting. Some of the photos are of me and some are photos or drawings that I have found on other sites. If I happen to ‘borrow’ one of your generic photos I hope you won’t mind. You should feel flattered that I enjoyed the photo and want to show it to others. I will never post a personal photo of anyone without their permission so you don’t have to worry about that. There are a lot of great ‘clip art’ photos on FLR topics and those are the ones I would consider borrowing. Is that ok? Of course you can use any photos on my site except those of Beverly.

Monday, February 4, 2008


What a weekend. I thought it was going to be pretty mundane a routine, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Friday, I baked a cake after cleaning. That evening we went to see Linda’s 87 year old mother and I suggested taking her a piece of cake. While there Linda gave her the cake and she thanked Linda for bringing it. Linda then told her that it was my idea to bring the cake since I had baked it. Linda also told her mother how I had spent the day cleaning and about my reaction to Linda tracking across the kitchen floor. Her mother commented on Linda never did understand how much work it took to keep house and that it was a good thing she had me to take care of it. Then her mother got up and went over to a kitchen drawer, opened it, and removed two aprons from it. She brought the aprons over and handed them to me say that she was cleaning out and getting rid of things around her house while she could still do so. She said that she had thought about giving the aprons to Linda’s sister, knowing that Linda would never get any use out of them, but that instead she wanted me to have them. “I hope you will use them” she said smiling at me. Without thinking I took them and said that I would be sure to use them. Then I looked at them and realized that they were very frilly and feminine, more like serving aprons than utility ones. I thanked her again when we left. I don’t think Linda had ever mentioned anything to her about our arrangement. However, her mother seemed to be quite in tune with how things are.

Saturday, Linda and I went out with me dressed as Beverly. We had a nice dinner, then stopped at the mall for some shopping (neither of us bought anything), and then to a movie. Linda said I could pick the movie so I chose “27 Dresses”, a real chick flick. It was cute, and I don’t think there was a ‘guy’ in the place. It was a fun night for both of us.

Yesterday we were invited to friends’ house for a Super Bowl party. I made up some brownies and a cheese dip with chips to take. At the party were 2 other couples. The host couple are close friends but we hadn’t met the other couple before. I was quite surprised when almost immediately Linda informed Barb (the hostess) that I had made the brownies and dip. Barb was impressed and told the other wife about it. The 3 wives were in the kitchen as the 3 of us guys were in front of the TV. I heard Linda call my name so I went into the kitchen. She said that Barb and Nancy wanted my recipe for the cheese dip. As I wrote it down Linda proceeded to tell them about how I had cleaned the house on Friday and about how I had gotten upset about her tracking across the floor. Barb commented “sounds like you have your own wife, Linda.” And Linda informed her that, indeed, she did. Nothing more was said except for the rest of the time there Linda would have me get up to get her a drink or something to eat while she sat there. I know she was showing off for the other ladies, and I really didn’t mind. The guys never caught on but I bet something was said by their wives later.

She asked me when we got in the car on the drive home if I had minded her mentioning my wifely skills. I told her that I didn’t mind at all and that is seemed like she was starting to ‘out me’ more and more. She just smiled.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shopping cure

I love being my wife’s housewife. I really do. I enjoy the cooking and cleaning. I even like doing the laundry. But there are days that the fantasy and reality seem to butt heads. Yesterday was one of those days.

I just had trouble getting in the ‘mood’, which is not a good thing on a Saturday. We are both home on weekend. It is the best time for me to show off to her what a good little wife I can be. But I just was having trouble getting into it. I wanted to lay around and goof off. I had worked really hard all week and had the laundry caught up and the house was clean. So my mind decided that I should have time off from my wifely duties.

However, weekends are not the time for me to take off. Weekends are my time to shine and showoff. Why wasn’t my mind getting with the plan? Do you ever have times like that? What do you do in those cases?

Well, I did what any good wife would do on a Saturday morning. I went grocery shopping. There is nothing like pushing that metal card up and down the aisles, sampling foods, and planning menus to get me back into the proper mood. And it worked. Maybe it was the woman who smiled at me as I picked up the feminine hygiene products that were on my list. Or maybe the woman who stopped and asked my opinion on what brand of laundry detergent was best for a high efficiency front load washer as I was reading the label on a bottle of All. Whatever it was, it snapped me out of my funk and put me back onto the housewife highway.

Linda noticed it immediately when I got home and commented that I seemed to be in a better mood as she kissed me and squeezed my ass through the designer jeans I was wearing (the ones with cute hearts embroidered on the rear pockets). She really perked me up when she said “I think Bev and I should go out shopping and to a movie tonight.” This is a real treat because she seldom wants to go out around here with me dressed up.

I was actually humming as I put the groceries away. My, what a beautiful day it was!


Saturday, February 2, 2008


Ok, so I freaked out a little. And she laughed at me for doing that. But what would you do under the circumstance?

As I said in yesterday’s blog, I spent many hours cleaning house, and it looked great. Especially the kitchen floor where I spent a long time on my knees scrubbing and polishing. It really looked good if I say so myself.

Unfortunately, our wonderful Iowa weather didn’t cooperate very well. It snowed and the temperature was cold. So when Linda walked in the door, her glasses immediately fogged over because of the warm temperature there from my cooking and preparing dinner. And she really wasn’t aware of the snow still clinging to her shoes as she walked through the kitchen on her way to the bedroom where she wanted to change into something comfortable.

I saw the snow tracks across my clean kitchen floor and immediately freaked out. I actually gave a high pitched scream, grabbed a towel and dropped to the floor to whip up the puddles. Linda turned at my scream and saw me on my knees. She couldn’t help herself. She laughed out loud at me. Looking back, I guess I did act like a little sissy. But my floor!

When she came out of the bedroom she gave me a big hug and said how sorry she was at her reaction. She told me the house looked beautiful. And all was forgiven. In the future I will make sure I meet her at the door with her slippers so this won’t happen again.

I just finished baking a cake. The house smells so good. Linda came out from the office and asked how soon we could cut it. She loves it when I bake. And I love doing special things like that for her.

I must go get the clothes out of the dryer so have to make this short. What does your weekend find you doing?


Friday, February 1, 2008

Cleaning day!

I am so tired. Being the first Friday of the month, today is my major cleaning day. The first Friday I really go all out with my house cleaning. Take the kitchen. I not only do the normal scrubbing of the counters, floor, and cabinet fronts, but I also clean the oven and take everything out of the refrigerator and scrub it clean. The bathrooms also get a special scrubbing. I know my wife will be impressed tonight when she gets home because the house looks great.

My normal cleaning schedule goes something like this… I divide the house into two parts. Part one is the kitchen, master bedroom and two bathrooms. Part two is the living room, dining room, laundry room, and 2 bedrooms. One week I will give the rooms in part one the major cleaning and the next week the rooms in part two get the major cleaning. Each week I vacuum all rooms and dust, but the real cleaning only takes place in the room for either part one or two. That way I am not spending all of my time cleaning. It is a system that works for me.

But today I spent about seven hours cleaning and I am really tired from it. It is just about time to change out of my maid uniform (my black and white one today), shower and get cleaned up before Linda gets home. I also will be starting dinner shortly.

I hate to get in the shower because I spent so much time scrubbing and polishing it today.

If we end up having anyone over this weekend to watch the Super Bowl, I know that the house will really look good.

So how was your day?