Sunday, August 31, 2008

Linda Travels While I Dine, Day 2 Nighttime

Tuesday night (day two) I was relaxing in front of the TV wearing a flowing peignoir gown and robe when the phone rang. I was expecting Linda to be calling and checking in on my day’s activities with her mom and sister, but was surprised to see on the caller ID that it was my friend Darryl. I hadn’t heard from him in over a month, not since the time he was invited to stay at our house (Linda’s idea) but had to return back to Florida. He had promised that he would make good on our offer next time he traveled this way.

During our last time together, which had been a few months ago now, he had surprised us with the information that he had heard I was into crossdressing. At the time it had caught us off-guard and Linda wasn’t sure how to respond to him, so it was dropped. During further phone conversations I had admitted that it was true and he seemed alright with it and it wasn’t going to negatively effect our friendship. I also was aware that he and Linda had had some private phone conversations and that the topic had been discussed. On our last time together things had taken an unusual turn when after dinner, Darryl and Linda left to go for drinks as I submissively stayed behind cleaning up the dishes, while wearing a frilly apron. The two of them returned from their little outing holding hands and sharing kisses while I watched silently in shock. Later, Darryl informed me that it had all been Linda’s idea to shock me and play with my mind. It had worked!

On the phone Darryl greeted with warming, brought me up to date on what had been happening with him, his work, his travels, and the latest hurricanes to hit Florida. He was hoping to return to our state, maybe as early as the weekend if he could get out in between hurricane warnings. He asked if our offer still stood for him to be our guest for a night so he could save on at least one night of hotel lodging. It had been Linda’s idea to offer the use of our guest room, and I was sure that nothing had changed, so I again told him that he was always welcome in our house. He was happy to hear that and told me not to go to any special trouble to accommodate him. I blushed as he reminded me that he knew that I was the one who cleaned and took care of the housework. “Are you still being a good wife for Linda?” he asked. Blushing even deeper, I replied that I tried my best to be. He then asked me if I still dressed the part, to which I quietly replied yes. He asked if I was dressed femininely right now and when I said I was he asked me to describe what I was wearing. Probing further, he asked if I had been doing anything exciting while dressed, and for some unknown reason I found myself telling him about my day out with the ladies. He asked what Linda had said about that and I told him that I hadn’t talked to her yet as she was out of town on business for three day.

His tone quickly changed at the mention of Linda being gone and asked where she was. When I told him that she was in Chicago, he abruptly cut the conversation short by saying he would call me when his plans were finalized and that he looked forward to seeing me as Beverly soon. And with that he was gone.

I was pretty sure that he would be dialing Linda’s cell phone number before I had put the receiver down. And sure enough, when I tried calling her seconds later, her phone went to voicemail, therefore letting me know she was on a call. And I knew who with!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

10,000 hits!

I know for some bloggers 10,000 hits isn't much. But when I started this humble little ditty earlier this year I never thought I would see that number so soon, or even if I would have anything of interest to write about this long.
Thank you everyone who has taken time to take a look here, and especially to those of you who are loyal readers and commenters. I appreciate you greatly and will hard to keep this blog interesting and fresh.

Linda Travels While I Dine, Day 2

When I got home from Julie and John’s dinner, I had a message that Linda had called. I kicked off my heels and sat on the bed to return her call.
"I just wanted to let you know that I got here alright and am checked into my room. How was your evening?" She sounded so innocent, almost as if she had forgotten that she had sent this lamb to slaughter (ok, it wasn’t that bad after all.). I told her about Julie’s call (as if she didn’t know!) and having to stop at the grocery store on the way over there. She asked me details about my shopping experience, telling me that she knew that I could do it without any problems. We talked about dinner and how John had acted, and that it had been an enjoyable evening after all. The call was short as she was tired from driving and had to get up early for her meeting. As we were about to hang up she quietly mentioned "I found the little present you packed for me (the vibrator). That was very thoughtful of you. I will be sure to put it to good use soon." We said our goodnights and I slipped into a nightgown for bed.
I really didn’t have anything planned for the next day, so after a leisurely breakfast and show, I dressed in a blue blouse and black skirt, slipped into black pumps with a modest heel, put on my face and hair, and set about straightening up the house. I had done the heavy cleaning the previous weekend so I didn’t have much to do to get everything in order. I was just getting ready to sit down and take a break when there was a knock at the door. Panic momentarily set in as I pondered what to do. A sneak peak from behind the curtain allowed me to see that it was my mother-in-law "come a’calling". What was she doing here? What should I do? Then I realized that this was most likely Linda’s doing, that she had informed her mother that I was home alone, much the way she had let Julie know the night before. Reluctantly, I opened the door and let her in.
Yes, Linda had mentioned to her that I was alone, and she had decided to come over and spend some time with me. She gushed over my appearance and how natural I looked in the outfit, "just like a housewife waiting for the return of her husband". She asked me what I had planned for the day, to which I reluctantly informed her that I had nothing planned (I guess I wasn’t thinking too quickly on my feet that morning). She said that she happened to know that Julie was also without plans, so why don’t we go visit her. Before I could say anything, she was scooping up my purse and pushing us out the door. So for the second day in a row I was finding myself outside in broad daylight dressed as Beverly.
When we got to Julie’s, she was dressed similarly to, that being a nice blouse and skirt combo. I happen to know that Julie doesn’t go around dressed like that at home during the day, so I knew that the two of them had planned this little get-together. Julie informed us that she didn’t have anything to serve us for lunch so ‘Mom’ (on the drive over she insisted that I call her Mom while we were together with Julie, as she felt like she was spending time with her daughters) suggested that we go out for lunch. Once again, this time over my ignored protests, I found myself be hustled out the door on another feminine adventure. Fortunately, Julie selected a small, quaint little bistro with maybe 10 tables at most... a perfect informal meeting place for the ladies who lunch. All I needed was a big brimmed hat and white gloves to make it really perfect. It really was a neat experience as I was treated respectfully as another lady by everyone the entire time. And the real topper was when Julie escorted me to the ladies room before leaving. While in there she told me how much fun she was having, how much she enjoyed me this way, and how she felt like I was becoming her second sister. Wow!
We concluded the perfect girls outing by stopping at the cinema to see "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2". Yeah, I was one of the girls now! We laughed, gossiped, told shameless stories, and they even got me to ‘check out some guys’ while driving home. I asked them in for coffee before sending them off with hugs and a promise to do this again. ‘Mom’ left with a suggestion that next time we should invite my sister and mother to join us so that they could get to know Beverly like they were.
Something to think about I guess.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Linda Travels While I Dine

Monday, Linda was leaving for a business trip and would be gone for three days. She instructed me Monday morning to do the laundry because it included some of the clothing she wanted to take with her on the trip. So as I was ironing her blouses she called to inform me that she was running late because of meetings and details to finalize before she could depart for the trip, and that she would not have the time to come home and pack like she had planned. I was told that I would have to do her packing as well. I knew what outfits she wanted because I had just cleaned and ironed them, but she told me that I was to pack everything else as well. Here was the catch... she didn’t tell me what ‘everything else’ was, just that I was expected to pack everything she would need. She was leaving it up to me to plan, anticipate, and prepare her suitcase properly. Now that was a lot of pressure.
I had unpacked her bag many times upon her returns so I tried now to remember what I had seen. Toiletries wasn’t a problem because she kept a travel back always ready. I just had to make sure that nothing needed to be refilled or replaced. Since I knew what outfits she was taking I could figure out underwear requirements, jewelry, shoes, and accessories (this is when it is good to have a crossdressing husband who knows how to put an outfit together). The only trouble I was having was trying to figure out the ‘extras’ that she would need or enjoy on the trip. I remembered to pack a swimming suit in case she wanted to use the hotel hot tub. I knew she didn’t like to work out in their fitness center because you never know who might be lurking there. I packed her book, a few magazines, and as a last thought, threw in her vibrator!
When she got home mid-afternoon, she verbally ran through a list of what should be packed and I had anticipated everything perfectly. She was very pleased with my efforts. As a reward, she said, she wanted me to stay dressed in feminine clothing the entire time she was gone. “I want to know that my wife is home taking care of the house and waiting for my return,” she exclaimed. I hadn’t had a chance to be fully immersed in my crossdressing for 3 days for a long time and was very happy with her instructions.
We went into the bedroom to change; her into comfortable traveling clothes, and me into a sun-dress. She insisted that I wear full make-up and wig as well during that time. “I want to picture you totally as Beverly while I am gone.” So we sat side-by-side at the vanity and applied our make-up. Before leaving she reminded me that I was suppose to stay in femme mode the entire time, no exceptions. My pleasure quickly turned to concern as I wonder what she might have planned for me during her absence. I carried her bag to the car and gave her a kiss and stood watching as she backed out of the garage and drove off. There I was, all dressed up and no place to go... or so I thought.

I returned to the house and started to think about what I wanted to cook for supper. It was only four, but I knew I would be hungry before long as I had not taken time to eat much for lunch because I was doing her packing. I was looking through the cupboards when the phone rang. A glance at the caller ID informed me that it was Julie, Linda’s sister.
“Hi there. I was just talking to Linda as she was heading out of town and she informed me that you were alone for supper tonight. How about coming over here and joining John and me? He is going to grill some steaks and I will throw some other things together, nothing fancy,” Julie informed me. I was pretty sure that Linda had called her with the idea of inviting me over. That is why Linda had said that I was to stay dressed as Beverly, no matter what. I tried to tell Julie that I was just going to fix a light supper but she insisted that I come over. “Linda said you might balk at the idea and that I was insist that you join us. And don’t worry, I know how you are dressed. I will talk to John so that he doesn’t do anything to embarrass you.”
Julie had seen me dressed as Beverly on a few occasions, once being when she had walked in on me while I was cleaning and saw me wearing a maid’s dress. But John had only seen me in male mode but had witnessed me wearing high heels, hose, and a frilly apron that looked like a dress from the front. However, I wasn’t wearing make-up or a wig then. So now he was going to see everything. Reluctantly, I agreed to join them and asked what time and if I should bring anything.
“Could you bring some whipping cream? I am making a dessert and need it for topping.” Since I do all of the cooking I know what is in our refrigerator, and I knew that I didn’t have any whipping cream. I told Julie that we didn’t have any, to which she replied “be a dear and pick some up on your way over. See you at six.” She hung up before I could reply. So now I not only had to endure the looks and snickers from John, but I had to also stop at a grocery store and buy whipping cream as well.
I checked the mirror in the car before getting out and going into the store. I had picked a grocery store that was not a large chain store, and that was away from our neighborhood and friends. I hoped that I didn’t run into anyone I knew there. I headed quickly to the dairy case, made my selection and straight to the check out. Being a small privately owned store, there were only two checkout lanes open, each with four people in line. So I knew I would have to wait and endure what came. I am happy to report that I got through it with flying colors. The other shoppers pretty much ignored me, a small child in a cart smiled at me, the checkout woman was friendly, and I got back to my car without be tarred and feathered.
John opened the door for me when I got to their house, smile stiffly, forced a semi-friendly hello out of his mouth, and let me in. Julie gave me a hug and commented on my appearance as John stood behind me. I wondered if he was staring at my butt or my legs. Julie told John to get the steaks started as we were going to be busy in the kitchen. The experience was pretty nice. I helped set the table and fixed the salad. John came in once to ask how I wanted my steak cooked. We sat down to dinner and talked about family things, politics, and Linda’s trip... all the while John was civil and didn’t stare (much). It was a pleasant dinner followed by coffee and dessert in front of the TV. At ten I announced that I had best be going and was sent off with a hug by Julie and a ‘bye Beverly’ from John.
I reflected on the drive home how amazingly ‘normal’ the whole experience had been. I also wondered what the next couple of days would bring.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Maid Service

In my last blog entry I talked about how Linda had offered my cleaning services to an old friend of hers, Becky. I hardly knew Becky as she was someone Linda used to work with but now only sees every few months. She lives about an hour away from us in another town.

Anyway, Linda had been talking to Becky on the phone and started talking about how I had taken over all of the domestic chores and had willingly become Linda’s wife. Becky was really interested in hearing about this so Linda told her about how good I was at cleaning, cooking, and doing the laundry. Becky loved hearing this and asked Linda where she could find a ‘wife’ like me. The next thing I know, Linda is offering my services to Becky for a day, saying she would be happy to send me over on the weekend so I could clean for Becky. They had made arrangements for me to go over there a week ago. But that Friday night Linda got a call from Becky saying she had to work on Saturday so that wouldn’t work. Linda, being the ever helpful friend that she is, offered to send me over this last weekend instead and Becky happily accepted.

Ever since Linda had gotten off the phone with Becky the previous week I had been trying to talk her out of this. But I couldn’t change Linda’s mind, even though I tried to make her understand that this was suppose to be something between just the two of us. Linda countered with the explanation that she was proud of her wife and my skills and wanted her friends to see how lucky she was. Try as I might, I was unable to dissuade Linda and found myself heading out Saturday morning for Becky’s.

Linda insisted that I wear one of my maid uniforms (at least it wasn’t the sexy French maid one). So wearing my black uniform, make-up, and wig, I arrived at Becky’s house at precisely nine o’clock. Becky opened the door, did a surprised take of my appearance, and let me in with a warm hug. She showed me around the house and told me what rooms she wanted me to concentrate on. I could tell that she was as nervous as I was and wasn’t really sure how she was suppose to act. So, after the tour, we sat down at the table to discuss that as well as how I would proceed. I told her that I have never cleaned a strange house before, but that I would work on it as if it was my own. Becky smiled and stated that she knew that I did a great job for Linda because I was her wife, but that in this case it was more like I was her hired maid (even though she wasn’t paying me). So she said that, if it was ok with me, she would treat me just like she would any maid. I wasn’t sure what that really meant but decided to accept that premise.

With that, Becky pushed my coffee cup away from me and said that my break was over and that it was time to get started. She wanted me to start with the bedroom, then proceed to the bathrooms, living room, and end with the dining room and kitchen. I told her that it would take me about five hours since I had never done them before and she replied that sounded about right and that I could take a short break every hour. I cleared away my coffee cup, grabbed my cleaning supply tote, and started my cleaning.

It went well, and I even became comfortable with Becky coming around to ‘inspect’ my work when I finished a room. She was very happy with my efforts and complimented me often. A couple of times she made some suggestions (almost demands really) about how she wanted something done. But, for the most part I was allowed to work my way at my pace.

The only awkward time came around lunchtime when Becky came into the living room to tell me it was time for a break for food. She had prepared some sandwiches for us as well as iced tea. I was about to say something along the lines that I could have fixed that when she told me to get the tray of food and drinks from the kitchen and bring them out to the patio. I was to serve lunch to her! At least I was allowed to sit and eat with her. She commented that normally she wouldn’t allow the maid to sit and eat with her, but she wanted the opportunity to talk to me about Linda and my arrangement. She asked many questions about how we got started, why did I dress up in women’s clothing and how often I did it, who knew about us, what our friends and family thought about it, and what did we each get out of this. Lunch lasted for almost an hour because of this discussion, so I was really behind schedule. Becky finally tired of the Q&A and allowed me to clear the dishes and return to work.

Finally done, Becky thanked me with a hug and kiss on the cheek, saying she hoped that she wasn’t too hard on me and would love to have me come again. I wasn’t sure how to respond so I just said that she would have to talk to Linda about that. As I headed out the door, nearly seven hours after I had arrived, Becky left me with the statement, “if you ever want to hire out as a maid, I know several people who would love your services, and I would be happy to recommend you.”

I hope Linda doesn’t catch wind of that. It wasn’t too bad of a day, and Becky was nice about it and easy to talk to… but I don’t want to make it a habit!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More than a birthday surprise!

Linda’s birthday was Tuesday. For part of her present, I took her to a salon for manicure and pedicure. She will not spend money on herself for treats like this, so I knew it would be a gift she would enjoy. Since this was her gift, I decided that she should be the only one receiving the attention. This was tough for me because I love to spoil myself by indulging in spa treatments whenever I can. But I just sat there and talked to her as she was getting spoiled. (I was asked no less than three times if I wanted a mani/pedi myself, each time turning it down with a smile.)

Two other women sitting beside Linda in the pedicure chair commented on how sweet I was to give her such a thoughtful gift. I even selected the color of the polish for her! Then I followed this up with a relaxed dinner at our favorite restaurant. So for this birthday, I did good!

Last night Linda was talking on the phone to a girlfriend, someone she used to work with and tries to keep in touch with. Linda told Becky about my birthday gift. Then Becky must have asked Linda if I was still doing the housework and laundry because I heard Linda say “he is just the best wife I could ever hope to have. I assumed Becky said something along the lines of wondering where she could find a ‘wife’ because Linda laughed and replied ‘I would be happy to loan you mine.’ Next thing I knew they were talking about just that. Linda was explaining my cleaning routine and even how I often wore a maid’s uniform when cleaning, then again, Linda was offering Becky my services and they were talking about me going over this weekend to clean her house. She didn’t even ask me about it, just volunteered my services and made the arrangements.

When she got off the phone I started arguing with her about it, saying I couldn’t believe she would do that without talking to me first. Of course she pointed out that if she had asked that I would have said yes, which is true. She then said that if I put up a fuss that she would take me over her knee and spank my butt. She has never threatened me with physical punishment before so I asked where that came from. She shocked me by replying that Darryl had suggested that she take a firmer hand with me, and that if she couldn’t that he would be more than willing to take over that role. I couldn’t believe that they had talked about something like, or even when they would have done so. Perhaps there have been some phone conversations that I haven’t been privy to.

I have talked to Becky in over a year, and only seen her about a half dozen times. But it sounds like I will be serving her Saturday. I will let you know how it goes.

PS… we are still waiting to hear from Darryl. I can’t wait to cook for him again.