Monday, December 30, 2013

Scene from “The Photo Shoot”

One of my favorite authors is Sara Desmarais. I love her stories but especially am in love with “The Photo Shoot”. I came across this photo that I feel goes perfectly with my favorite scene from the story. Following is an excerpt of that scene…

just the tip

“… The girls were posing Steve at Deb's direction, close to me, closer to my body. Deb was moving from the side to rear camera, taking shots from different angles. She had Steve close to me, then closer, until his cock was barely, just barely, touching the bare skin of my upper thigh, between my garter belt and the panties still down around my stocking tops.

  When this was captured on film (well, digitally), Deb asked if she could pose Steve so the tip of his cock was just touching my ass. "It would make a super sexy shot, Amy, the groom about to deflower the bride."

  "I don't know," Amy said to my extreme relief!

  "Trust me, Amy, you'll love the way it looks," Deb pleaded her case.

  I turned to look at Amy, my eyes begging her. "I'm just a little concerned," Amy said, "he looks so feminine, I don't want to ruin the illusion."

   Ruin the illusion? What about a man's cock touching me???

  "I agree, Amy, don't worry, the way he's dressed, the angle of the shots, it will look no different that if I was using Angela or Holly as a model."

   "Well, let me see a couple," Amy said, giving her permission despite my looks, my terror.   The problem was I did not have to say anything. I could have moved, I could have stood up, I could have just refused.

  But I did nothing, nothing at all. I just waited, on my hands and knees, ass up, inviting, while Angela spread my thighs apart and Holly directed Steve's cock until the tip was just touching my puckering, begging ass.

  "So," I heard Deb ask as I weakly tried to keep myself propped up, weak from the burning, humiliating desire.

  "Fuck," Amy said, her mouth dry as Deb took a series of shots with Steve's cock pressed against me… ”

Desmarais, Sara (2010-12-05). The Photo Shoot (Kindle Locations 911-916}

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Happy New Year

My new year resolution is to be a better poster on here then I was in 2013. Of course that’s not going to take much, is it.I feel  I need to update things as there have been a lot of changes in our lives. So here’s my promise to do a better job of posting more often along with sharing photos that I have found on the web and have enjoyed.

Cuckold Comic (12)

maid bjI have found I am getting much better at oral. I have also found that I like this position a lot.


I think this necklace is something I should have and wear proudly.

slut necklace

flat and diaperedHappy New Year baby.