Thursday, July 30, 2009

Company is Coming!

Darryl arrives tonight! He actually is in town now for meetings all day but will be staying at our house for three nights. I am not sure if I will be able to update my blog during this time so it may be Monday before I can get back on here. I will report back faithfully as soon as I can. Stay tuned!
Until then, here is another adventure that recently took place.

Night out with Jesse

A few posts back I mentioned Jesse. He is the gay brother of Julie, Linda’s co-worker. Jesse is new to the area and doesn’t know anyone other then the few people he works with in a small office. He is not from this area so knows little about the gay scene or where to go for a night out.

Julie had asked Linda if there was a chance that I could take Jesse out some night to show him some of the local watering holes frequented by the gay community. Linda had volunteered my assistance without consulting me, as if she really had to! I always do what Linda tells me.

So it is not surprising that Thursday evening I found myself getting dressed up to go out for the night with Jesse. Linda insisted that I wear the short skirt and slinky top that she had picked out. I thought that it would send the wrong signals to wear something so sexy, but I put them on as Linda instructed.

Turned out that Jesse was a nice guy, attractive and dressed nicely, and actually listened to me when I talked. That was refreshing.

We went to the gay nightclub, which was of course kind of quiet, being a Thursday evening and all. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when we ended up the only people on the dance floor. Jesse was a good dancer as well so we danced several dances before sitting down to our drinks and conversation. I even found myself relaxing during one of the slow dances as he maneuvered us around the dance floor. Somehow, we found ourselves in the back corner of the dance floor when the song ended, and Jesse took advantage of our location to kiss me. For some reason, I just went along with the kiss and let it last longer than it should have, sending wrong signals and setting the stage for the rest of the evening.

For the rest of the night Jesse held my hand or put his arm around me as we walked to and from the dance floor. Several more kisses were shared, and soon we were headed home. A long, tongue-wrestling kiss ensued at my door, and I found myself inviting him in for coffee, which somehow led to us making out on the sofa for another half hour. He tried to advance the action further but I was somehow able to convince him that it was time to end the date and pushed him out the door.

As I entered the bedroom, Linda asked from the darkness, “Did you have a good evening?” Fortunately, she was too tired for details so I was spared having to confess my actions. As I fell asleep I had very mixed thoughts… I had fulfilled my task of showing Jesse a place that he could go and meet people… but did I want him to go there without me?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tattoo Parlors

As instructed, I did some checking up on tattoo parlors in our area. I couldn’t believe how many there were. There were two that stood out as appearing higher class than the others, so I drove over to check them out. I met with the artist at each, got an idea of the costs based on what little I knew of that Darryl wanted, got a tour of the establishments, and walked out with my suggestion to Darryl confirmed.

It was really difficult to ask for price ideas when I didn’t know what the tattoo would be, if it would be something from their tattoo book or an original design, or even where the tattoo would be placed. I had told them that the tattoo was for my wife, but found it awkward to reveal that I had no idea where it was going to go. So I asked how they handled the placement of tattoos in intimate locations and was told that they would supply whatever coverage of the area needed that still allowed them access while conforming to the recipient’s comfort level.

“We get some ladies in here that throw modesty out the window and lay there buck naked while I work around their pussy,” one of the artist volunteered. I wondered where Linda would fall along that modest spectrum, or what Darryl would allow was more likely.

So if the tattoo issue comes up, I guess we are ready with a location.

And speaking of Darryl, he is coming to town later this week. He called Linda Saturday and confirmed his arrival. They talked for a long time so I am sure that they were making plans for his stay.

Maybe I should just leave town!

Monday, July 27, 2009


So much catching up to do that I will get right to it. In my last post, I talked about being bored so I called my sister to see if she wanted to get together. She asked what I had in mind. She could tell I was nervous because of the way I was hemming and hawing, not coming out and saying what was on my mind.

“You are dressed as Beverly right now aren’t you?” she asked as she guessed correctly.

When I confirmed that I was she said, “And you want to go out and do something ‘girly’, is that right?” She hit it perfectly.

“Do you want to go shopping or go get something to eat, or did you have another idea?” she inquired.

“I was thinking that maybe we could go get our nails done or something,” I blushingly replied.

“That’s a great idea. I really need a pedicure. Why don’t I pick you up in an hour and we will go check out that new salon that just opened by the mall,” she commented excitedly.

I headed to the bedroom to slip into something fun and comfortable. I selected a white skirt and print top along with white sandals that would show off the pedicure I was going to get. An application of daytime makeup followed by a spritz of perfume and I was ready to go just as she pulled into the driveway.

“Is it my imagination or are you spending more time as Beverly,” Pam commented as I slid into the seat beside her. “You really look good and appear so comfortable like this that it is difficult for me to think of you as my little brother. You are definitely my sister now, and I love it.”

I gave her hand a squeeze. “I really enjoy spending time as Beverly, especially when I can get out of the house. It’s not something I am going to do full time, but I love to take advantage of every opportunity I can,” I replied.

“I’m not so sure about the full time thing. I know that Linda is comfortable with you this way, and you certainly look good. I could see my brother disappearing all together in the near future. And just so you know, your family would support you if you decided to go that route.”

Oh, this was going to be a very enjoyable day!

We were able to get right into the spa as the place had just opened two weeks ago and was still building a clientele. We took adjoining spa chairs for our pedicures. Immediately Pam started with the questions.

“So what adventures have you been having as Beverly lately?” she asked.

I told her about Anna and Tom coming over for dinner and how I fixed dinner. I knew she was going to ask how I was dressed so I volunteered that I was Beverly for the evening and she smiled knowingly. She asked many questions about what I wore, what I cooked, how Anna and Tom reacted to seeing me dressed as Beverly. It felt so good to be able to have someone to talk to and I found myself opening up and freely discussing everything. I surprised myself with my candor, especially when I mentioned that I was glad that our guests left before Linda got a phone call from Darryl.

Pam’s eyes widen at the mention of Darryl and I could tell that she had a lot of questions in her mind about what was going on there. She pried and I opened up, telling her everything; their dates, his dominate personality and how he easily controlled Linda and me. I even confessed about my date with Roger and our phone calls as well as Darryl’s idea of tattooing Linda.

“I always knew you were a bit submissive. Heck, I even took advantage of that growing up when I had you do my chores in exchange for helping you with makeup or dressing up. I didn’t know you had a thing for guys, but I guess I’m not surprised by it. With as good as you look as Beverly it is only natural that guys would find you attractive and desirable. I think it’s cute that you have a boyfriend,” Pam commented. “Now Darryl sounds like Linda has a handful. He sounds quite masterful and Linda is willing to let him have his way. The tattoo thing sounds interesting, kind of like he is putting his brand on her, marking his property and every time you see that tattoo you will remember that Darryl put it there.”

I was thankful that the nail technicians seemed to not be listening to our conversation as we selected matching nail color for our toes. Pam and I hadn’t had an opportunity to sit and talk to each other in a long time and it felt good to be able to discuss these intimate topics.

“Are you going to get a tattoo also?” Pam asked smiling.

“I hope not. Darryl hasn’t said anything about that. But I foolishly told Roger about Darryl’s idea and Roger thought it sounded good and he might get me tattooed when we get together again,” I replied.

Then we were off talking about Roger and I found myself sharing what he and I had done. I couldn’t believe I was telling my sister all of these details but she just had a way of getting me to loosen up and talk.

When she finally dropped me off at home, after we had gone out for lunch as well, we hugged like the two close sisters we had become. It really felt good to know our relationship was on a new level now. I knew that Linda shared most everything with her sister, Judy. Now Pam and I were similar.

“Maybe I can meet Darryl when he is visiting,” Pam suggested.

Judy had met him on a previous meeting so I didn’t see any reason not to let Pam also meet him.

“I don’t know what his schedule is like when he is here, so we will just have to see about it,” I answered.

This is just getting deeper and deeper!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pinch me so I know I am alive.

I love our lifestyle, especially serving Linda. I also enjoy being a housewife… most of the time. But today I am having trouble getting into the routine. I haven’t planned dinner yet as nothing is sounding good to me. The house is cleaned so I don’t have any cleaning that I really have to do. I have the laundry started so right now I am just sitting here, bored.

Maybe I should call my sister or Linda’s sister and see if either of them would like to get together. Maybe we could have a girl’s spa afternoon and get our nails done, or maybe go shopping for a new outfit. That would pep me up. I will give them a call!

See, all I had to do was talk to you and now I am feeling better. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dinner and a phone call.

As I suspected, Linda wanted me to be dressed as Beverly for our dinner party with Anna and Tom. What I wore, she left up to me. Since our guests had seen me as Beverly before, there was no reason for me to hold back. So I picked out my best summer dress, slipped some nearly nude stockings up my tan legs, wiggled into a cute pink panty with matching bra and garter belt, did my make-up to perfection, and dawned a light brown wig that I combed over one eye… very sexy yet almost innocent. Linda was very pleased with my selection and let me know by giving me a long hug as I came out of the bedroom.

Anna and Tom arrived right on time and I greeted them at the door with a pitcher of martinis and a smile. They both complemented me on my appearance and I felt Tom’s eyes soak up every detail as they traveled over me, head to toe. You know, its kind of fun being admired by a male. It makes all of the time and fuss worthwhile.

We joined Linda on the patio and enjoyed casual conversation. All of the time I was treated as just one of the ladies as we shared our latest shopping tales. Tom was feeling left out as he was the only ‘male’ in the group. That was somewhat weird I thought. Usually I am the one feeling left out.

When I went to get the steaks, I put on a cute pink apron that really complimented my dress. I was the picture of perfection; the cute hostess, all dressed in pink. As I cooked the steaks, I refreshed drinks and went to get the rest of the dinner items. When I stood up from getting the salads out of the refrigerator, I was surprised to find Tom standing there.

“I just came in to see if you needed any help carrying anything. I must say, Beverly, you really look nice. You are so convincing as a woman that it’s hard for me to remember you as my golfing buddy. I just wanted to say that I am glad that you found yourself, your female self. You and Linda seem so happy and I think it’s because you are in this new role. It just fits you perfectly,” Tom stated.

I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled, leaned over and gave him a peck on the check (such a feminine thing to do). I handed him two bowls to carry out and we headed back to the patio. I didn’t tell Tom that my kiss had left a nice pink lipstick imprint on his cheek, but Linda and Anna noticed it immediately and teased Tom, asking him what we had been doing in the kitchen. He blushed as I said, “We’re not telling.”

The rest of the evening was relaxed and enjoyable. At one point Linda mentioned that she was expecting a call from Darryl, which was followed by Tom giving me a quick glance to gauge my reaction. I sat silently, giving no indication that it affected me. Anna asked Linda what he was calling about and Linda answered that she wasn’t sure.

“You will have to tell me about it at work tomorrow,” Anna replied.

Fortunately, our guest left soon after, before the call came so I was spared that embarrassment. I was cleaning up the remains of dinner and washing dishes when the call came. Linda called out from the living room, “I’ve got it.” I waited silently for a minute, trying to catch anything being said, but all I heard was the door to our bedroom closing. Linda had moved to the bedroom to have her privacy while she talked with Darryl.

My work was done and I wanted to turn in for the night, but I knew better than to go into the bedroom and interrupt their phone conversation. Plus, I really didn’t want to see what Linda might be doing as she spoke to Darryl. Once before I had heard her moans of pleasure through the bedroom door while they had phone sex. I really didn’t want to go through that again.

It was an hour later when I heard the bedroom door open as I laid restlessly on the sofa, waiting to go to bed.

“You can come in now. We’re done,” Linda spoke softly. She was in the bathroom when I came into the bedroom. I was sure that she was ‘making herself presentable’ for me. She came to bed wearing a nightshirt, her face freshly washed. She kissed me quickly, then turned off the light beside the bed. She didn’t say anything to me. She was waiting for me to ask about the call.

“How’s Darryl?” I finally gave in.

“He’s fine,” is all Linda replied. Oh, she was going to play it coy.

“What did he have to say,” I inquired calmly. Two can play this game.

“Not much,” replied the master of the game.

Finally, I gave in. “What was the call about?”

“Oh, this and that. Mostly we just talked about things in general,” she parried. “Oh, he did say that he will be back here in a week or two and wanted to know if he could stay with us for a few days. I told him that it would be all right. You don’t mind, do you?”

I knew that I really had no say in the matter and I had better not complain or object. So I replied that it was fine with me.

“Anything else?” I inquired.

“He did bring up the tattoo idea again and that I should see what’s available in this area. Would you look into that for me tomorrow? Find out what are the most reputable places,” she stated. She has a way of giving me instructions, orders really, without them sounding like orders. But I knew that I had better do it or I would be suffering the consequences.

“Are you really going to get a tattoo? I didn’t think you liked tattoos. Did he give any indication as to what kind of tattoo or where it would be placed?” I inquired.

“I’m not really in favor of tattoos, but I may not be given a choice. As to what and where, well, that’s a surprise,” she said softly.

Even in the dark I could tell she had mixed emotions about it. She didn’t want a tattoo but she might be willing to get one for Darryl. That really worried me. And as for it being a surprise, I wondered, “a surprise for who… her or me?”

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well that night.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I spent most of Saturday cleaning and picking up the house. It really wasn’t that much work as I had been keeping up on my housecleaning schedule throughout the week. Friday evening over dinner Linda told me that her co-worker and best friend, Anna, and her husband were coming over for dinner Sunday evening. I take pride in my housework and always want the house to look its been when we have company over. Of course I also was thinking that Anna and Tom know about my feminine alter ego, Beverly, and would be expecting me to be in femme form while they are here. Linda hasn’t said anything about it but I am expecting her to tell me how I will be dressing for the occasion anytime now. Because of that, I want to get the housework out of the way on Saturday so today I wouldn’t be worrying about it and could concentrate on getting myself ready. We will see how that turns out and will report on it later.

Linda did mention that she got an email from Darryl Saturday telling her to expect a call Sunday evening as well. I hope it doesn’t come while Anna and Tom are here. That would be very embarrassing to be left to keep them company while Linda is off enjoying an intimate phone conversation with her boyfriend. Can you imagine how I would feel? I do wonder what the topic will be and why he alerted her to the call instead of just surprising her.

Time will tell. Enjoy your Sunday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hot times, Summer In The City

I’ve gotten an early start on the day. It’s not even eight o’clock yet and I have a load of laundry started, dinner planned, the kitchen cleaned, and am just about ready to take a shower and get dressed for the day ahead. Not bad, huh? I am sooooo organized. So I decided that this would be a perfect time to catch up on my blog.

Where to start? Oh, though Darryl has not been back here yet, he has been calling Linda quite regularly… at least once a week. When he calls, Linda will usually take the cordless phone and shut herself into the bedroom or the study so I can’t hear their conversation. I think that they are having phone sex because she usually looks somewhat flushed when she comes out of the room. I never ask what they talked about, just how he is doing. I leave it up to her to tell me if she wishes.

She did tell me that he is still pushing the idea of her getting a tattoo when he is here next. Neither of us are big on tattoos and not sure why he wants to mark her. He hasn’t said what tattoo or where he wants it on her body, but it’s kind of scary to think that she could be wearing his mark forever. What do you think of the idea?

Last Saturday we had the families over for dinner. We haven’t had everyone together since Easter so it was nice to see everyone. Both of our families get along well. There were ten of us here and we grilled out since it was such a beautiful day. Everyone sat out on the patio drinking wine and beer. Of course you know who was serving them… me!

I was dressed somewhat femme; just sea-foam green shorts with matching v-neck top (guys never wear matching tops and bottoms do they, especially in sea-foam?). Under those I was wearing a bra without padding (but the outline I’m sure was noticeable) and bikini panty. My light pink nail polished toes peeked through my sandals. I was wearing matching polish on my finger nails as well as mascara, eyeliner, and pale pink lip gloss. With my hairless legs and arms I know I was quite feminine looking and I had to be careful that I didn’t bend over from the waist when serving or my bra might peak out of the v-neck top. I didn’t even complain to Linda when she picked out my outfit and we were dressing that morning. I knew that our families would be expecting to see me in something along those lines, so I just went along with it. I was surprised when Linda squirted some perfume on me as I was getting ready to head downstairs, but I didn’t say anything then either. I just accepted the fact that everyone thought of me as the feminine sissy so I shouldn’t disappoint.

Of course there were comments about my appearance made by most everyone when they arrived. My mother gave me a hug and her hands caressed my bra straps in a knowing way. My mother-in-law allowed her eyes to travel slowly up and down my body as she took it all in, then just smiled and said “hello dear. You look lovely today.” Both of our sisters made favorable comments and stated that we needed to have a shopping day together soon. Linda’s brother and our brother-in-laws just took in the site without comment other then ‘bring us a beer, Hon’.

So I cooked, served, cleaned up, and endured teasing comments and sideways glances the rest of the day. I was really surprised at how everyone just accepted my appearance and expected me to wait on them. I didn’t disappoint and relished my role and opportunity. I was at my best and I know Linda was proud of me.

The one surprised that came was when my mother and sister were leaving. My mother hugged me and whispered “you would look nice in a summer dress like your sister is wearing. Maybe you should pick up one when you three go shopping.” My mother was suggesting I wear a dress! She was so accepting of me being feminine, it was almost scary. Recovering from the surprise, I told her I would look for one.

After I cleaned up Linda had me join her on the sofa as we relaxed and reflected on the day.

“That was a nice party. You did so well. You are the perfect housewife. Everything looked and tasted so good. You really made me proud. And everyone was pleased with how you look. Don’t you agree?” Linda asked.

I had to agree with her. She gave me a hug and said, “I don’t think that there is any reason for you to hold back any longer around our families. I think next time you should be totally ‘Beverly’ around them.”

I said nothing but realized that it would probably happen whether I agreed with it or not.

Just before heading up to bed the phone rang. I was sure it would be Darryl, checking in to see how the day had gone. But, to my surprise, it was Roger calling from Florida.

We talked for 45 minutes. The conversation started out with the pleasantries of ‘how did the day go, what was I wearing, how did I feel looking so feminine in front of family, what did they say’… typical small talk. Then the conversation turned to whether I had thought any more about his offer for me to visit him. I told him that I had been thinking about it and that Linda had been pushing me to do it. We both agreed that July and August might not be the best time to visit Florida because of the heat and humidity. So, if it were to happen, it would most likely be pushed back to September.

I will admit that it was great talking to him and, towards the end, the conversation turned more sexual and suggestive as he told me how much he missed me and what I could look forward to enjoying when I was with him. Yes, it turned me on and a part of me wanted to say ‘yes’ to his offer and jump on a plane for Florida. I tell you, that man can talk! I swear he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. But I stayed strong and didn’t give in, other then to lay down on the sofa while talking to him and let my hand take a trip inside my shorts and panty. But I swear I didn’t make any promises… other then what I would do to him when we are together again. But that’s it. And promises made in the throws of passion don’t really count, do they? Oh, I am so weak. Please forgive me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrate Freedom!

I know, I know. I have been so quiet lately. It’s just that there has been nothing going on here to write about. Linda is working a lot right now so she comes home and crashes. My work has been busy enough to keep me from having any ‘play time’. There has been no further mention of Jesse or me showing him around town either. Our families have been leaving us alone as well.

We will be having a big family gathering this Saturday to celebrate the 4th of July. Maybe there will be some good old fashion family fireworks to spice things up. I will be sure to let you know.

And before you ask, no recent calls from Roger to me or Darryl to Linda. I guess everyone is busy right now. I think we all need to get away and have a relaxing vacation.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend as well.