Sunday, April 19, 2009

Down But Not Out

Will this weekend never end? I have been under the weather the last few days, so not much has happened around here. Except for the following...

Linda and I are so wrapped up in our roles that even sickness doesn’t disturb the balance we have found. I haven’t felt like doing much this weekend so the laundry is piling up, there are dirty dishes to be washed, and three days of newspaper are sitting on the table. I never let the house get like this. However, Linda assumes, correctly, that those are my duties as her wife and she is not about to lift a finger in doing my chores, even if I am sick. So I hope I feel well soon so I can get this house back into shape. Fortunately, no one has come around visiting so I haven’t had to be embarrassed about it.

I am not a good patient when I am not feeling well. I just want to be left alone so I can suffer in silence. Needless to say, Linda and I haven’t talked much over the last two days. I know she was going crazy with the quietness of the house and not having anyone to talk to. So you can imagine her joy and excitement when Darryl called her yesterday afternoon. Most of the time their phone conversations take place at night, but Darryl must have sensed that she was in need of stimulating conversation and called at just the right time. I happened to notice the clock when the call came, but let Linda answer the call. Then I didn’t hear anything from her for a couple of hours. I am not sure how long they talked but am willing to bet that was close to two hours! Later I move into the living room to watch TV with her and that is when she told me that it was Darryl who called.

I asked what he called about, but wasn’t really sure I wanted to know the answer. Well, she spent most of the evening filling me in on what they talked about. She told him that I was sick and he offered HER comfort. He mentioned that he would pass on the information to Roger thinking that if I heard from him it would cheer me up. Darryl asked her if I had given any further thought to taking Roger up on his offer to have me join him in Florida.

“What did you tell him?” I asked her.

“I said that I was pretty sure that you would be taking him up on it as soon as you could get away,” she replied, smiling.

I offered a weak “oh” in response. “Do you want me to go?” I asked.

“I think it would be good for you to experience being Beverly for awhile without me around. I think you would grow tremendously from the experience. Plus I know you would enjoy spending some alone time with Roger without me getting in your way. Yes, I think you should go and as soon as you can,” she responded.

Trying to change the subject, I asked what else they talked about. She informed me that Darryl was trying to schedule a trip back to Iowa soon and they talked about going out while he was here, just the two of them.

“It would be best if you were visiting Roger then so we both could have our freedom without worrying about what the other is thinking. Don’t you agree?” she asked.

A lot was going through my mind at that moment. What would our families think if she was entertaining Darryl while I was away? Would she tell them what I was doing in Florida? I was also afraid of the connection between Darryl and her getting stronger. Distance was our greatest allie because she couldn’t spend time with Darryl anytime she wanted. And yes, I worried about the connection between Roger and I getting stronger as well.

“I don’t think Darryl wants me to see any other men, other then him. He seemed kind of jealous and possessive of me when I told him about Tom flirting with me. I think that is why he wants to get back up her soon, so I don’t go ‘wandering’ on him. Isn’t that cute?” Linda seemed to take joy in the fact that she had made Darryl jealous. She didn’t seem to worry about my feeling towards her at all.

“He wants to take me someplace and get a tattoo when he is here. I told him that it seemed like getting a tattoo was like he wanted to put his mark on me. He just laughed and said “seems like a good idea”.

“What kind of tattoo is he talking about, not his name or initials or anything like that, is he?” I nervously asked.

“I hope not. No, he said something like one of those designs on the lower back that show just above the beltline. What do they call those, a tramp stamp?” she replied.

I asked her what she thought about that as she has never indicated any desire to have a tattoo. She said that she really didn’t want one and told Darryl so. But she also said ‘we will see’, so not sure what will happen there. There is something scary, yet erotic about having another man put a tattoo on her.

I asked her if that was all they talked about. She said she told Darryl about me being hit on by Jim. I asked what Darryl said about that.

“He thinks it would be good for you to have a local boyfriend since your time with Roger will always be limited and sporadic at best. He thinks that I should find you a single guy, not some married guy like Jim, so you would be free to go out with him without hurting someone else,” Linda answered.

“I don’t want to go out with any guys at all. I just want to be with you. What would happen if our families found out? Or my friends?” I was near panic with the thought of it.

“Well, Darryl said that I should let our families and friends know so that they wouldn’t be shocked when they found out. And, they might know someone you could date!”

“You are going to tell my family that I want to date some guy? How would I ever face them? What would they think of me?” Now I was really worried.

“First, they probably wouldn’t be that surprised as both of our families know you dress up as Beverly and that our friends have even seen you like that. So they would think that it was the most natural next step for you to try dating guys. I don’t think that they would be surprised at all. I know our friends wouldn’t be surprised and probably already expect it. Most of them know about you going out with Roger so it would seem natural that you would want a local boyfriend. Besides, it will make it easier and more understandable for me spending time with Darryl when he is here as they will know that I need some real male companionship. So see, it would be best for everyone to get it out in the open. Don’t you agree?”

This last question was asked as she slid over beside me on the sofa and was rubbing her hand gently on my crotch. She sure knows how to weaken me. I didn’t give in and agree right then, but I think we both knew that it was just a matter of time.

And just like that, I forgot about how sick I had been feeling.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phone call followup

Yes, yes, yes, I know, I know. That wasn’t very nice of me to leave you hanging like that. Why, I should be punished. Yeah, that’s right, punished. Like maybe spanked on my bare bottom. Or, I don’t know, maybe forced to wear women’s clothing and taken to a mall or something. Now, don’t hold back. Let me have it. Give me your best shot. In the mean time…

It was Roger on the phone. We talk pretty regularly, like once a week on an average. I think that has helped us to become better friends. In Florida, we were kind of thrust on each other (ooooh, I like the sounds of that!) and really didn’t get a chance to develop the friendship. Our relationship there was based on sexual pleasure and interaction… not that there is anything wrong with that! But it is not the best foundation for a friendship. Of course, at the time we didn’t think that we would ever see each other again, that our meeting was mostly for Linda’s and Darryl’s benefit, to get me out of the way so they could enjoy themselves more. But a funny thing happened along the way… we discovered that we liked each other, at least as Beverly and Roger. He helped me explore being Beverly on an entirely different level then I had experienced before. I had always enjoyed being the housewife, maid, cook, almost ‘sister’ to Linda, and kind of a plaything for Darryl. But Roger helped me discover the sexual womanly side of being Beverly as well as the intellectual side of her.

Our phone conversations have gone beyond turning each other on, which we often do. We also talked about just everything freely. This phone call started off with the normal pleasantries of ‘how are you?’, ‘what’s new?’ as I filled him in on our dinner party with friends. Roger seemed particularly interested in the actions by Jim of kissing me. He wanted to know if I flirted with Jim. I accused him of being jealous and was quite pleased when he admitted that he was.

Roger keeps asking me to come back to Florida so we can have more time together. He has even offered to pay all of the expenses so it is getting harder to say no to him. Of course Linda has been pushing me to take him up on his offer. She told me that Darryl has suggested that he and I trade places for a week and he would come up and keep Linda company while I traveled to Roger.

It’s tempting. Only time will tell.

It was noted in the comments area that perhaps the stars were aligning for Linda and me to have local boyfriends. But I must point out that Linda had a one-time tryst with Anna’s husband, Tom, after the Halloween party and she has promised Anna that it would never happen again. Linda won’t betray her friendship with Anna so that is not going to happen. Also, I know Linda wouldn’t want to hurt Becky by pushing any kind of relationship with Jim and me, so put that out of your minds. We aren’t going to go there. Jim will just have to keep his desires to himself. So, I think that Darryl and Roger are safe for the time being.

But, as I said, only time will tell.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Tease

Finally, some free time that I can sit down at the computer and catch up on my blog. There is so much to… damn, the phone is ringing. I will just let it roll over to voice mail. Well, I had better check the caller ID as it could be Linda calling. No, it’s a Florida area code. Wonder who it could be? Guess I had better answer it. I will get back to this shortly.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Partying With Friends

As I last left you, I was preparing for the upcoming weekend where Linda had invited 3 other couples over for dinner, with me going to be appearing in my feminine role.

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping for dinner supplies while Linda headed to the salon for a beauty regiment. I got home first and slipped out of slacks and sweater and into skirt and top. I spent an hour preparing the dishes that could be done in advance, then tidied up the house for our evening guests. I finished at the same time as Linda returned home, looking well pampered and groomed. I brought her a drink then headed back into the kitchen to prepare the rest of dinner. I finished with an hour left to get myself ready before our guests were due to arrive.

I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to wear for this, so I asked Linda, hoping it wouldn’t be my sexy French Maid uniform that I had worn to serve her girlfriends once before. Fortunately, she told me I could wear what I had on, just touch up my make-up and hair. I should point out that the three couples coming were our closest friends. The women had been at the party when I served as the maid, Anna’s husband, Tom, had seen me a couple of other times, and the other two men had seen me dressed as Beverly at the Halloween party. However, this would be the first time that I would be appearing before everyone in a relaxed (at least for them) atmosphere of dinner and drinks.

The first to arrive fortunately were Anna and Tom. After taking their drink orders I left the room to prepare them and to check on dinner. The other two couples arrived while I was out of the room so I was spared the door greeting humiliation. But that just meant that their first view of me was when I carried Anna’s and Tom’s drinks in and served them. I took the drink orders from Becky and Judy while their husbands, Ted and Jim, offered to give me a hand. I was quite nervous about being alone with them for some reason. These are guys that I have known for years and often played golf or poker with them. But this was the first time that they were alone with me while I was in femme mode.

As we walked over to the bar Jim complemented me on how nice I looked. Then Ted said that I shouldn’t be nervous as the three guys had discussed my crossdressing and saw nothing wrong with it because they realized how it was a part of me and that Linda was the driving force in my being ‘paraded’ in front of them so often.

“We just wanted to let you know that we are fine with it and you can relax around us. Feel free to dress as Beverly whenever you want. In fact, we’ve missed you at our golf outings and would love to have Beverly join us sometime,” Jim stated.

I almost broke into tears with that comment, but recovered in time and thanked them for their support. Then they really shocked me when each of them gave me a hug. I think that Jim even gave me a light kiss on the cheek, but I was too stunned by this display of support to really feel it. We took the drinks back into the living room to join the others.

I returned to the kitchen to prepare the dinner for serving. Linda came into the kitchen to check on dinner and to make sure I was alright after my talk with Ted and Jim. I told her what they had said and I could see her relax. She was worried that they might be teasing me and that wasn’t what the night was about.

Dinner consisted of a well prepared meal served with lots of teasing, talking, jokes being told, grins, laughter and complements. Only one negative incident occurred; my dessert failed. I’m not sure what I did wrong but it was soupy and uneatable.

More drinks followed as we played some games. Linda suggested that the teams should be gals against the guys, but Ted said that it wouldn’t be fair as the ‘guys’ would be outnumbered five to three. He had placed me on the gals side which I found flattering. Jim commented that we needed to separate the couples somehow so Linda jumped up and joined Jim, Ted, and Tom. No one objected so I found myself teaming up with Anna, Becky, and Judy. We had a great time and the comments and action became more suggestive as the drinks kept coming.

When one of us ‘gals’ answered our questions correctly, the four of us high-fived each other. However, things changed quickly on the ‘guys’ side. When Linda correctly answered a really difficult question Tom gave her a hug, followed quickly by the other two guys giving her a hug. The next round, instead of just a hug, Tom added a quick kiss on Linda’s lips which Jim and Ted just as quickly added to their congratulations. Each subsequent round the kisses became more prolonged, and I swear I saw Tom slip a little tongue in as well.

When Anna objected to the questionable display Linda replied that our team could feel free to do the same. We settled on hugs as no one felt comfortable with kisses.

After the games were over, we sat around talking and relaxing further, everyone having a good buzz on from the drinks. Becky stated that she hadn’t heard much about our Florida trip, other then about the game. She wanted to know what we had done for fun and about New Years Eve. Before we could respond, Jim asked if ‘Beverly’ had made an appearance there. They had known that we were staying with Darryl, but other then Anna, the rest knew nothing about Linda spending time with Darryl.

“Yes, Beverly had a great time in Florida,” Linda replied. “She spent time on the beach in a bikini (the guys wanted to see pictures of that, to which Linda said something about ‘next time’), and other then when we went to the game, Beverly was always around.”

“You mean you stayed dressed up the entire time, in front of your friend Darryl? What did he think of that?” Jim asked.

“Darryl had seen me before we went to Florida so he was expecting it,” I sheepishly replied.

“So what did you do on New Years Eve?” Becky asked again, prying for details.

Linda informed them that she and I put on our party dresses and enjoyed a night on the town. “So Darryl had two ladies to escort that night?” Becky asked, digging deeper.

“No, Darryl arranged a date for Beverly with his friend Roger,” Linda smiled as I watched Jim and Ted’s jaws drop.

“You had a date with a guy?” Jim asked with a bit of shock. “Did you kiss him at midnight?”

I just nodded ‘yes’, and hoped that Linda wouldn’t go into details. Fortunately, she left it with “Beverly and Roger enjoyed each other’s company several times that week. Darryl and I even joined them on Roger’s sailboat on our last day there.”

I could tell that the guys were surprised at this and wanted more details, but were polite enough not to pry further. I was really surprised that no one question Linda about her time with Darryl.

As I went to refill drinks for the final time that night, Jim suddenly appear beside me.

“Did you enjoy your dates with Roger?” he whispered as he stood close to me. I told him that Roger was nice and we enjoyed each other’s company. He stood starring at me for a long time and I wondered what was going through his mind. Suddenly he leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips, then picked up two of the drinks and walked back into the living room. I just stood there puzzled by what had just happened. Linda gave me a funny look when I rejoined them, wondering why I had not come back with Jim.

After everyone had left and I had picked up the house I met Linda in the bedroom. She was very pleased about how the evening had gone and was proud of the great job I had done. She asked me if it had been too much for me. I told her that it was difficult at first but after talking with Ted and Jim I relaxed and enjoyed it. She said that now that our friends know that there is no reason to keep Beverly hidden from them anymore and that I could expect being with them as Beverly a lot more in the future.

I told her about Jim kissing me and all she did was smile, saying nothing other then, “that’s nice. Good night.”

I guess that this means that I am finally ‘out’ as far as our friends go. I wonder what will happen next weekend when our families are together here for Easter dinner. I am hoping that Linda will be kind to me and take it easy on me with them around. But I am never sure what is going to happen.

Again, I love your comments and enjoy reading your blogs. Keep them coming.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend.

I am so tired. Being the first Friday of the month, today is my major cleaning day. The first Friday I really go all out with my house cleaning. Take the kitchen. I not only do the normal scrubbing of the counters, floor, and cabinet fronts, but I also clean the oven and take everything out of the refrigerator and scrub it clean. The bathrooms also get a special scrubbing. I know my wife will be impressed tonight when she gets home because the house looks great.

My normal cleaning schedule goes something like this… I divide the house into two parts. Part one is the kitchen, master bedroom and two bathrooms. Part two is the living room, dining room, laundry room, and 2 bedrooms. One week I will give the rooms in part one the major cleaning and the next week the rooms in part two get the major cleaning. Each week I vacuum all rooms and dust, but the real cleaning only takes place in the room for either part one or two. That way I am not spending all of my time cleaning. It is a system that works for me.

But today I spent about seven hours cleaning and I am really tired from it. It is just about time to change out of my maid uniform (my black and white one today), shower and get cleaned up before Linda gets home. I also will be starting dinner shortly.

I hate to get in the shower because I spent so much time scrubbing and polishing it today.

We may be having some friends over this weekend for dinner and now I know that the house will really look good.

So how was your day?