Thursday, December 31, 2009

sexy drawing

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Be safe so we can meet up here again next year.

                                       Beverly & Linda

(photo from Ginger Collins)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happiness and Disappointments

Linda and I entertained the idea of following our beloved Iowaiowa-hawkeye Hawkeye football  team to their Orange Bowl game in Miami. Unfortunately, the date is January 5th, and that would make traveling difficult because of the amount of time away from work Linda would be taking. We decided it just wouldn’t work this year for us. Of course Darryl was pushing hard for us to come back to Florida and offered us a place to stay as well as taking care of all of our transportation needs. We all know the real reason behind his hospitality… he wants Linda to come visit. They talked many times on the phone over the last two weeks, trying to see if there showing sissy off2was any way to make the trip happen. Ultimately, it was Linda who realized that she couldn’t do it because of work. We were all disappointed over it.

Roger and I haven’t talked much in recent months as the lapse time extinguished the flames of desire. I did get an email from him asking if we would be coming to Florida for the bowl game and I had to tell him no. Linda suggested that I go alone and then I could spend time with him. But as I said, those flames have died out now (though I would love to go to the game).

I had to go to a party Saturday night for Linda’s work. I really didn’t know many people there so it was pretty boring. As often happens at these kinds of things, the group segregated into guys in one room and the ladies in the kitchen/dining room. I could overhear the conversations coming from the other room, and it sounded a lot more interesting to me then listening to the guys talk about hunting and skinning animals. At one point I overheard the ladies talking about getting pedicures and wished I could have been in there to contribute my experiences. As we drove home Linda teased me about it and said I should have gotten up from the men’s group and come into the kitchen. Now I wish I had, but told her that I didn’t because I thought it would be better for her and her work  situation if her husband tried to blend in. 

“Most of the women would have understood if you joined us,” she teased. “The guys would have finally realized what a sissy I am married to, and that might have been good for me.”so prettyshowing sissy off1







I’m not sure what she really meant by that, but I blushed as I thought about it. Maybe she would like to have some of her male co-workers know that she needs a real man in her life.

This is going to be a busy week so I may not get a chance to write again until  after Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you next year.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

I realized that I have not filled you in on something that happened aftershopping Bev avitar Thanksgiving. For many years Linda and I have enjoyed going out shopping on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving here in the states that offers up great shopping deals for Christmas at the expense of putting your life in peril. We like to be among the first shoppers to enter the store when the doors open, rush around snatching up bargains galore, then standing in the slowly creeping checkout lines.

This year we slept in a little and didn’t get to the first department store until it had been open for over an hour. The lines for the checkout were just under three miles long I calculated. We shopped together for about 20 minutes, then I went to get in line with arms full as Linda continued a personal goal of bringing the local economy back from the abyss. Every now and then she would return to give me something else to pay for or to ask my opinion, me being the world’s greatest shopper and all.

I am a very social person and love to strike up a conversation with anyone around me. As luck would have it, several friendly and chatty women surrounded me. They commented on what a good husband I was to be out that early shopping. Several agreed that there was no way that their husbands would be willing to stand in line like I was and that my wife was very lucky. As the line slowly crept along we all got to know one another and talked and shared quite freely about what each were buying. And then the fun really began.

I was chatting with them when Linda suddenly appeared at my elbow.

“Having fun?” she inquired. I assured her that I was and warmly introduced her to my new female friends.

“I am so glad that you are making new friends. Perhaps they can offer their opinions on what I have for you,” Linda smiled. Then she proceeded to show all of us (and those others spanty shopping2tanding around being bored) the panties and bra sets she had selected for me. “Won’t he look adorable in these?” she asked as she held out a pink lacy bra and panty. panty shopping1






I was shocked as I stood there like a stone as watched shared glances and whispers being exchanged. The gal in front of me recovered quickly and whisper3asked “those are for him to wear?” Linda assured her that they were and were also similar to the set I was wearing at that moment. 

You would think that by now I would be ready and anticipating Linda pulling something like that. But I was caught off guard as much as my shopping companions were. Linda handed them to me and took off to do more shopping. The silence that followed only lasted about ten seconds before the woman directly in back of me commented “there’s another thing I couldn’t get my husband to do.”

Everyone laughed, including myself, and the awkward moment passed. As we approached the checkout, the woman in front turned and stated to me, “you certainly made this time a lot more fun.”

It was one shopping trip I will always remember.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Things Have Changed

Linda and I used to spice up our love life with fantasy games. We would take turns tying each other up, using blindfolds to heighten the senses, maybe even incorporate a little spanking or nipple play just to make things more interesting and exciting. But that has now changed.

blindfolded1Recently, when we had an evening home without anything vying for our time, I brought out ‘the toy box’ that we keep hidden away for special playtimes. I thought I would surprise Linda by tied to chairblindfolding her, tie her erotically to the bed, and tease her for hours. I had spent some time during  the day planning on when and what I would do once I had her restrained.

I approached her with the blindfold in hand, asking if she would like to have a little fun. The look that came across her face stopped me dead in my tracks.

taking her“That would mean that I would have to be submissive to you while you dominated me,” she said slowly. “I’m sorry, Honey, but I just don’t see you that  way anymore. I’m afraid that I cannot get into you trying to dominate me any more then I could see Darryl putting on a dress and lingerie. It’s just not going to happen.”

I was totally surprised and humiliated. So much had changed over the last couple of years, our roles have been so firmly defined, she no longer would allow me to try to go back to being the man she married. Never would I have thought this chosen path would turn out to be one with no return available.

I am not sure if this is permanent or not, but for the foreseeable time it appears that I will remain the submissive one. I guess I am okay with that.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We knew it would happen, it was so predictable. I’m talking about our relationship… Linda’s and mine. Let another person, in this case Darryl, into a relationship and it changes the dynamics such that, once introduced, cannot be changed back. And right now, I’m not sure either of us would want to go back.

I think in many cases the transition from a wife-led marriage to a cuckold marriage is an easy, predictable, and perhaps almost normal. Now I’m not saying anything about our relationship is ‘normal’. After all, what could be normal about a relationship with a crossdressing house-husband who has become the wife and willingly stands by while the real woman in the relationship is free to have a love affair with another man?

We have found a balance where we are both happy with our roles. I love trying to please Linda daily by reducing some stress and responsibility on the home front. She happily accepts my need to submit as I get wrapped up in the mundane daily chores as well as my willingness to allow her to demonstrate her dominate personality in private as well as in front of others. When it works out right it is so damn good!

The change that really stands out for us now is the sexual dynamic. Linda could easily call her new theme song “You Don’t Bring Me Orgasms Anymore” (sorry Neil Diamond). That’s not entirely true. I just don’t fit the bill in the intercourse role like I use to. Fortunately, I have adapted to other ways of pleasing her in bed.

Linda still has needs and enjoys being penetrated by a cock. And mine still functions quite nicely, so she has it at her disposal whenever she needs it. I just know that if she does have an orgasm during sex with me, it isn’t because of anything I am doing.

One area that this really shows up is in our fantasy play, something we use to incorporate often into our lovemaking a few years ago. I will address that in my next post.

Can you believe it’s December already? Where did the year go?