Thursday, January 31, 2008

Your input please.

I am in a dilemma and hope someone can help me. Though I have been taking care of the household for the past three years, I don’t know what I should be doing to make this lifestyle more enjoyable for my wife. She is free from the burden of cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and even yard work and car care. I know that she appreciates what I do and knows why I do it – because I love being a housewife. However, I want to do more for her, to really show her how much I love her and love being her wife.

I have read on similar sites that one of the pitfalls of this lifestyle is someone like me wanting to flaunt this in front of the spouse’s face constantly because we are so engrossed in it. I don’t want this to be something she dreads because I talk about it too much. But it is constantly on my mind because I am constantly living it. She isn’t living it because she leaves the house for her work everyday. She only has to face the lifestyle when she returns home for those few hours each evening. After supper is done and cleaned up, we spend the evening hours as a normal married couple; watching TV, reading, spending time on the computer, and having mundane conversations about family, politics, or weather.

Of course I want to talk about my little world and still be the homemaker even while just sitting on the sofa. I want her to see me still in my housewife role. She isn’t a dominating person so I don’t envision her ordering me around. So what can I do to continue this without fear of alienating her?

I enjoy my life and want to continue and expand it. At times I see signs that she might be willing to expand this to include others like when we had dinner with Darryl. And I know she talks to Anna about it. Maybe I should have her invite Anna over for dinner. I could leave it up to her as to how much we show Anna – if I just cook and serve or if I do it in full Beverly role.

This is where I need your help and input. What do you suggest? What has worked for you or failed? Do you let other people into your world or just keep it between the two of you?

Let me hear from you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dinner is served!

Thanks to everyone who has been viewing my blog and who has linked me to their site. I really appreciate the support.

I told my wife about my blog page last night and she thought it was kind of funny that so many men would read and write about taking care of their wives. She said “you would think that they had better things to do, like ironing!” She asked why I was writing in it and I explained that it gave me an outlet to talk about my feelings and experiences in a safe environment. She asked if I wanted to let people know about my submissiveness as a househusband/maid and my feminine side. I replied that I didn’t want friends or family to know, but I liked having others to talk to. She floored me when she told me that she had been discussing this with a friend from work and that the friend, Anna, thought it was fantastic that Linda had a private maid.

I asked Linda if she had told Anna about Beverly, my feminine alter ego and she replied that she had confided in Anna. So now someone else knows about me and I am sure that it is just a matter of time before others will. It almost came out when recently an old buddy of mine visited us.

Darryl is someone I have known for years through work and golf. He lives in Florida and comes back to Iowa for work connections a few times a year. We try to get together whenever possible on those travels. A few months ago while he was here we invited him to dine with us. Since I am the chief cook, I prepared all of the dinner and served it to the table while Darryl and Linda enjoyed sitting back and talking as they watched me work. It sounds all very innocent and plain. However, Linda was in a teasing mood that night. As I was cooking a sweet potato casserole she came into the kitchen and whispered “where is your apron? You don’t want to get your nice clothes soiled.” She proceeded to walk over to the cabinet and pulled out a long and frilly apron, then handed it to me, telling me to put it on. I looked at her with pleading eyes but could tell that she was serious. I put it on and returned to my cooking. I was wearing it when I brought the food to the table and Darryl saw it for the first time. He told me how cute it was and what a good little wife I had become. I thought about taking it off to eat but one look from Linda told me I had better not touch it. So I sat down to eat still wearing the apron.

The meal was delicious and Darryl commented on it several times, adding “you really do make a great housewife. Linda is so lucky.” Linda just smiled and added “you don’t know the half of it.” I blushed deeply, fearing that she was going to tell Darryl about Bev. Fortunately, they changed subject and retired to the living room while I cleaned up.

After Darryl left Linda asked me if I had enjoyed the teasing and I admitted, though scared, I had enjoyed the thrill as well. She said that maybe next time it should be Beverly serving the two of them. Secretly, I would love it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Further details on Bev

I cannot promise to make daily entries into my blog as most of the time my life is pretty boring. But whenever someone asks for details about something or if something interesting happens, I will write about it as soon as possible.

Fd ask about if I shaved and the extent of my feminization so I thought that might be a place to start.

As I mentioned previously, I have been crossdressing most of my life, starting when I was about four or five. So it has always been with me. I married my high school sweetheart when we were in college and told her about my love of women’s clothing several months before our wedding. This was before internet and it’s vast amount of information. So we really knew nothing about why I dressed. In fact, I was sure that I was the only guy who did something like that. But over the years I have done a lot of research and also met hundreds of other crossdresser. I was active in a support group for many years and attended transgender events throughout the U.S. I have been on a television show talking about crossdressing and have spoken to thousand of college students in classes at several colleges over the last 15 years.

My body is shaven all of the time. I have had several laser hair removal treatments done on my face (it hasn’t worked very well and is quite expensive). Part of me would love to take hormones, but I know what it would do to my male sex drive and am not ready to give that up.

Through all of this my wife has been very supportive. For our wedding night, she gave me a nightgown to wear. She shaved my legs the first time. She has gone out with me for a night on the town a few times, but usually prefers that I go out without her. She is afraid of being seen by someone we know, thinking that they might be able to figure out who the woman was with her. That would not be good for her job.

So when I go out it is usually when I am out of town. I try to take one or two mini vacations a year where I spend the entire time as Bev; shopping, dining out, sightseeing, going to theaters or movies, and going to bars for drinks and dancing.

When I am home working (I have my office in the house) I am often dressed up in something feminine. Like today, I am wearing a flowered dress, matching bra and panty, pantyhose, and jewelry. I am wearing makeup, which I don’t usually take the time to do. But I wanted to be pretty today because of the cute dress I picked to wear. And also it is an extension of my feminine adventure of yesterday.

I was doing some light cleaning yesterday, complete with my daytime maid dress (as opposed to my French maid uniform that I wear often when cleaning). Everything went so well that I decided to get dressed up for the evening when I finished cleaning. And not wanting to waste being all dressed up in black skirt and gray sweater, I headed out to a mall for some shopping and finished up going to a movie (The Bucket List… cute movie). I woke up still feeling very feminine so I put on this nice dress. I have some laundry to do today which I can do while dressed nicely. I am planning on a spaghetti dinner tonight and will stay dressed up for when my wife comes home. She likes to come up behind me in the kitchen when I am cooking in my frilly apron and give me a hug from behind. She will tease me about how cute I look, what a great wife I am and how lucky some guy would be to have me but she is not going to give me up.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Next entry I will talk about my housecleaning tips and approach. Be sure to let me know what you think. Please feel free to link my blog to other sites.


Monday, January 28, 2008

My first blog

I hope someone is reading this. I have been reading other blogs about female lead relationships and am working to establish that with my wife. I work out of the house so it is easy for me to be the househusband.

I started three years ago by taking over all of the chores. Actually, I started about 6 years ago by giving my wife a gift of 'housekeeping'. Once a month I would take a day off work to stay home and do a very thorough cleaning. She loved the way the house looked when she came home so it became a monthly endeavor. All I asked of her was that during those days I would be treated as the maid. I would dress in a maid’s uniform; complete with high heels, make-up, and wig; and clean the house. She would inspect my appearance before she left for work and would inspect the house when she returned. She had a checklist of requirements and expectations and would check them off while touring the house. Then she would show me the inspection report and comment on my work. That was all I asked from her in return for my cleaning duty.

Maybe I should explain a little more here. I've been crossdressing for over 20 years and enjoy getting dressed up whenever I can. My feminine side has evolved into a fun and exciting person who dresses very well, though usually on the conservative side... I like to call it the business woman career casual: tailored suits with skirts, that kind of thing. Don't get me wrong, I also love the short leather skirt with garter belt, hose, matching bra and panty, and sexy pumps and those come out later in the evenings. But for the dining out or shopping outing my look is more geared to blending in than standing out. I've been complimented by ladies often while out. I take care in dress, hair, and make-up so if I don't pass then at least it shows that a lot of effort went in to it.

So now back to three years ago. I took over all of the chores. I have supper on the table when she gets home from work every night. The house is always looking nice. The laundry is always done. She is able to come home and relax. She has not taken over a dominate role, nor does she order me around. If there was one thing in our relationship I could change, it would be that. But this is a marriage of compromise. She allows me to be feminine and I am allowed to dress up as much as I want.

So that is my story. I am looking forward to adding to it on this blog. And I am looking forward to hearing from you and sharing experiences. Please let me know you are out there.