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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hot Afternoon

I’ve decided to post a follow up to the post from June 18 “An Interesting Weekend”. I have been working on a story based on that weekend and am almost done with it. It kind of took on a life of its own and is quite lengthy, too lengthy to post on here. However, I feel like I owe you the details of that weekend. Perhaps down the road you will be interested in obtaining the embellished story.

As I left off, I had been enjoying a warm afternoon in our backyard serving Linda while dressed in a cute, but quite feminine, shorts outfit when our next door neighbor and his three friends spied us and summoned us over. Linda proceeded to take me by the hand and drag me over to Ray’s pool area where they were relaxing. I was very nervous, both because of how I was dressed and how the afternoon would progress.

holding hands“Hi guys!” Linda chirped. “Having fun?”

“Yeah, we were just kicking back, enjoying a few beers and telling story,” Ray replied. I could feel all four sets of eyes studying me. “It looks like you were enjoying yourself as well Linda. It must be nice to have someone at your beck and call.”

“Yes, I am quite spoiled by my little hubby I must admit,” Linda answered.

“Any chance you would join us and we could enjoy some of that spoiling as well?” Ray asked.

“I don’t see why not. In fact, I’ve been eyeing your pool all day thinking how nice it would be to enjoy that water,” Linda said. “Maybe I could change into my suit and take a dip.”

“You can certainly take a dip anytime you want. And don’t feel you have to put on a swimming suit to use it,” Ray said with the subtleties of a rattlesnake. The others chuckled in response. All eyes were now focused on Linda.

“I don’t think that going without a swimming suit would be very safe in present company. Maybe if your wife was here that would be different.” Linda smiled back defiantly.

“Beth often swims naked. She will be home later. Feel free to enjoy the pool,” Ray replied.

“And you can feel free to enjoy our little server here. I’ll go change. I’ll be back in a little bit Hon.” And with that Linda turned and headed across the yard to our house, leaving me just standing there.

showing sissy off1“That’s a cute little outfit you have on,” Ray spoke to me. “It looks good on you. Why don’t you go over to the refrigerator in the garage and get us all another beer ‘Hon’.”

The guys were all watching me with a mischievous look in their eyes. Without a word I walked to the garage and fetched 4 beers, not once thinking of getting one for myself. I knew I was not a part of the party, just the wait-staff. The fact that Ray had called me ‘Hon’ told me just where I stood and I knew what was expected of me… to serve and be quiet.

As I handed the beers around the guys got a good close-up look at me. One of them asked “you have nice legs. Do you shave them?”

I muttered a ‘yes’ and passed out the other two beers, the last going to Ray. I could tell he was about to say something but just then the sound of our back door closing brought all eyes towards Linda’s approach.

As I turned to look I could see why. She had put on her smallest bikini. It was red and really complimented her figure. I heard one of the guys quietly state “I would love some of that!” Had he forgotten that I was standing there, or did he just not care?

“With that skimpy of a suit, you could have just as easily gone without,” Ray quipped.

“Oh, Ray,” Linda laughed. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends? And Honey, would you put some suntan lotion on me? I don’t want to burn,” Linda asked as she held the bottle out.

One of the guys, the biggest one there at close to 6’4” and built like a linebacker, jumped to his feet and grabbed the bottle from Linda’s hand. I was surprised at how fast a guy of his size could move.

“I’ll take care of the lotion Linda. I’m Scott,” he said as he opened the bottle and squired some lotion on his hand. Then over his shoulder in my direction he said, “Honey, why don’t you go get Linda a beer.”

Linda smiled at both of us and offered her back to Scott. Ray spoke, trying to contain the laughter in his voice. “Well, you’ve now met Scott, the old guy over there is Tim and the young stud is Jimmy, but we call him ‘Peanut’.” The two other guys didn’t look to be more than a year or two apart in age but one could tell that the reference had been a standing joke between the four guys.

“Peanut?” Linda inquired.

“We call him that because, truthfully, he’s anything but, if you catch my drift” Tim answered, speaking for the first time. When he saw the confused look on Linda’s face he realized that she, indeed, had not caught his drift.

“He’s actually hung like a horse but is really shy aboutwaking up it. So we tease him by calling him Peanut,” Scott explained as he applied the lotion across her back. His hands traveled to her sides and dangerously close to the exposed sides of her breasts. “I’ll be happy to apply lotion all over if you want,” he whispered in Linda’s ear as he leaned in close.

“I think I can handle the rest,” she replied.

No one had noticed my return and it took a few seconds for Linda to realize I was standing there holding her beer. “Oh, thanks Honey,” she finally replied as she took the beer from my hand. Everyone notice when she tilted her head back and took a long sip of beer from the bottle. It was as if time stood still as the men watched her lift her breasts higher as she drank.

She never did get in the water. The closest she got was to sit on the edge of the pool and put her feet in. The guys were wearing street clothes so they never got in the water either. But Scott sat beside her at the edge of the pool for a while, Tim offered her the seat next to his when she rejoined the group. Jimmy/Peanut barely said a word the whole time but seem to watch me a lot. When I took breaks from serving the 5 of them Jimmy would motion for me to take the seat next to him. Ray sat back and seemed to be taking the whole thing in. He was definitely in control of the group and steered the conversations to topics of his interest. Linda loved the attention and shifted her flirting between Ray, Scott, and Tim.

I was constantly jumping up to get beers for the guys. It was funny how there was never two needing a beer at the same time. So as I got back with one another would send me scurrying for the next cold beer. Every time I returned Jimmy would be watching me. I’m sure he was doing the same as I walked to the garage. For some reason the idea that he was looking at my butt excited me a little. Whenever our eyes would meet, we would both look away quickly, as if caught doing something naughty. And one time, while sitting next to him, my mind drifted momentarily to thinking about his nickname and why he had it, and my eyes glanced at his crotch. When I looked up he was smiling at me and I knew he had seen where my eyes had been. I blushed deeply.

The next chapter will cover the rest of the afternoon, how the cold beers and warm sun relaxed everyone and the conversations became more inquisitive and personal. Evening finds Beth returning home and some guests departing and some not.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life’s Funny Moments

upset little girlI was in a department store and was walking by the women’s swimsuit display. A young girl, about 7 or 8 I would guess, was looking at the displays when she reached up and poked the bra cup of one of the suits.

“Mommy,” she exclaimed. “This swimsuitswimsuit has boobies!”

The mother, half ignoring the little girl muttered “yes Dear.”

The young child removed the swimsuit from the rack and asked “Can I get it?”

I almost burst out laughing, but I was thinking the same thing… “Can I get it?”

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Interesting Weekend

sissy dress cartoon1If you have been following my blog over the years you know that many people know a lot about Linda and me, especially me. Our family knows about my crossdressing as do several of our friends. Our sisters know about our wife-led marriage and about both of our boyfriends and some of the sexual going-on. However, only a few casual friends know about any details of our ‘private lives’. Some of that changed this last weekend.

We have lived in the same neighborhood most of our married lives. We have met our neighbors on both sides of our house but not really socialized with them as we all keep pretty much to ourselves. I don’t believe our neighbors know anything about our private lives as my crossdressing is usually confined to indoor activities. But, for our neighbors on our north side, that changed last weekend and I think it will continue to escalate in the future.

Our backyard is beautiful and mostly secluded. It has three large trees that put our patio and area under the trees in constant shade. On those hot afternoons it offers a wonderful oasis with shade and a nice breeze. It’s not good for sunbathing but is wonderful for sitting out with a book and relaxing away the afternoon while offering some degree of privacy.

I am going to give you a tease of what took place the other day. Linda was out maid service2reading on the deck while I was pampering her with iced tea and snacks delivered as I waited on her hand and foot. I was dressed in shorts and matching top that was obviously a woman’s set to anyone seeing it up close. I mean, after all, it was matching top and shorts! Add to that the fact that a faint outline of my panty could be seen as well as the small protrusions projecting on my chest from the bra I wore. It didn’t scream “sissy”, but wasn’t whispering it either.

Our neighbor-to-the-North’s yard is very open as they have a pool and hot tub by their patio and no trees at all. They can see easily into our yard while the house on the other side cannot because of the garage blocking the view. So it is these neighbors that I had to worry about seeing us. They have only lived there for two years and we rarely see them out in the yard. We always thought that it was a shame that they didn’t use their pool much as we know we would get a lot of use from a pool if we had one. We both love the water so much.

bikersThey are really not people we would hang out with or socialize with if it wasn’t for the fact that we lived next door to them. We have barely spoken with them for more than a few minutes on a few occasions. He has a big noisy motorcycle and it appeared that most of their friends were involved with motorcycles and riding around on them. That is no our crowd at all so it appeared that we shared no common interests with them.

Last weekend Ray had 3 of his biker buddies on the patio drinking beer and shooting the breeze. They had been enjoying themselves all afternoon, had drunk a lot of beer, and werebike buddies in hottub feeling no pain. One of them must have seen me bringing refreshments to Linda and noticed something about my outfit because I heard him say kind of loudly “Hey, Ray. What’s the story about those two?”

I didn’t hear what Ray replied but I worried that trouble was brewing. Sure enough, a moment later we heard Ray call out “hey, Linda. If you are done with your server we could use some service over here.”

Linda looked up from her book, saw Ray wave and the other guys laughing, looked at how I was dressed, then got a mischievous smile on her face. “Looks like the guys over there need a serving girl to help them out.”

She got out of her chair and took my hand and started over to Ray’s yard, pulling me along with her. I was whispering in a panic “what are you doing? I can’t go over there dressed like this!” as I reluctantly followed along beside her.

What followed is a very interesting afternoon involving both of us with Ray and his friends. I am debating writing about the adventure for my blog or expanding on it for a story for Fictionmania or to be published as a short book. I’m sure I can guess how you would vote.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oral Wins!

girlfriendsLinda and I had a wonderful weekend where we enjoyed 3 whole days together with no one else around. That rarely happens as there seems to always be family members wanting to get together on a holiday weekend. But this year everyone else had made plans and we were able to avoid them. We were happy because we really needed some time for just the two of us to be alone. Even our boyfriends allowed us to do this, which is rare.

Yes, we each have boyfriends, and that is something Linda and I needed to spend time talking about. We are still together and plan on remaining so. We love each other deeply, yet understand that neither of us is able to fulfill the other’s deepest needs.

Linda needs an alpha male in her life, someone to totally take charge of her sexually,Dressingup physically, and mentally. That is a role that I cannot fulfill. I need to be able to express my submissive, sissy side and cannot do that fully with Linda. She does a wonderful job with understanding my sissiness and helps me explore it. And to be truthful, if I didn’t have a boyfriend I would probably be able to be happy just with Linda in my life.

This is what we spent much of our weekend discussing… where we are with each other and what role others play in our life and where we see this going. Most of the discussion took place outside of the bedroom, almost all but maybe 20 minutes of it. So we were orgasmnot in the throes of passion during our discussion. We were sitting side by side on our patio enjoying the beautiful weather for hours on end over three days.

We have settled into a good place for us in our relationship where our needs are being met and we are enjoying our time together as well as our time apart. And we are both alright with the fact that our sexual needs are being satisfied by someone else.

What I shared with Linda is very similar to the postings on two other blogs today; favorite instrumentSaragirl's Sissy Confessions and Leann’s Sissy Musings. I discovered my bisexual cravings back in high school when my best friend and I discovered blowjobs. I found that I liked giving more than receiving and he was very happy to be on the receiving end. Later I found that I really enjoyed giving blowjobs when I was crossdressed and could take on the girl’s role. Early in our marriage I showed Linda how eagerly I would suck on a dildo and that progressed to getting her a strap-on that I could really enjoy sucking. This weekend I shared with Linda that I would rather suck cock then have intercourse with her. She told me that she suspected I was now more gay then bi and is alright with that as I can please her better orally or with toys then I can sticking my sissy cock into her.

At Her ServiceThat is why we are both ok with each of us having boyfriends to satisfy our sexual needs. She has seen me giving my boyfriend blowjobs as well as him fucking me. But she has no desire to be a part of those activities. However, she does like to have me be involved occasionally with her and her boyfriend. She likes having me fluff him with my oral talents as well as orally prep and clean her. So I will happily do my duties when requested and otherwise stay out of the picture when not needed.

Our talks also include past activities such as bondage and discipline games, and other fetishes including some dabbling with diapers. I will save those discussions for another time.

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Early Years

I was raised by an understanding mother and supportive older sister, each who enjoyed helping me explore my feminine side.

petticoat2My mother was a product of the 50’s and I fondly remember her wearing poufy dresses with billowing petticoats underneath. Onepetticoat of those petticoats was the first article of feminine clothing I ever wore. I snuck into her bedroom one day and found several petticoats on the floor of her closet.

petticoat3I remember stepping into one and pulling it up almost to my armpits so it wouldn’t drag on the floor. Looking into the mirror I loved the reflection looking back. That experience led to me trying on her panties. Of course they were huge on me but I would repeat that experience many times when I got older.

Before I started pre-school my sister, she is 6 years older then me, and I were playing cowboys and cowgirls in the back yard. She was wearing jeans and a cowboy shirt and stated that she was ‘Roy Rogers’. I adored my sister and always looked up to her. I would unconditionally follow her lead. “Who am I going to be?” I asked.

little cowgirl2“You will be his wife ‘Dale Evans’. And I have just the thing for you to wear,” she replied. We went to her room and she dug around in the back of her closet. She pulled out a bunch of brown clothing, but I couldn’t tell what it was. She told me to get out of my clothes as she had something else for me to wear. Being only five I didn’t think anything of undressing in front of her. After all, we had always taken baths together since I could remember. She proceeded to put a tan blouse, leather skirt and matching vest on me. I remember it like it was yesterday. I ran to the mirror and saw a cute young cowgirl looking back. I loved it and turned and gave her a big hug. I think she was surprised at how much I enjoyed the outfit. I wore it for the rest of the afternoon as we continued our playing outside. When Mom called us in for dinner she looked quite surprised at what I was wearing. All she said was ‘that fits you nicely’.

I helped set the table and waited for Dad to get home. When he walked in and saw me he stopped for a second, glanced at Mom, then said “well, don’t you look spiffy.” That was all that was said about my appearance. Everyone acted like it was no big deal.

The next day as soon as I woke up I put the outfit back on again and wore it all day. Again nothing was said about it, it was just accepted. After supper that night Dad said he was going to take us out for ice cream. As we headed for the car Mom asked “don’t you want to change first?” “Why?” I asked and got into the car. Again, that was all that was said.

I wore that outfit a lot that summer so everyone got use to seeing me in it. One night after our bath I was watching my sister getting into her nightgown. I told her how I thought the nightgown was so pretty and I wish I had something like it. After she got dressed she went into her room, then returned with something behind her back. As I was drying off she told me that she had something for me, then handed me one of her old nightgowns that she had outgrown. It was a little large on me but I loved it. You can imagine the surprise my mother got when she came into my room to tuck me in and I was wearing the nightgown. All she said was “how pretty”. So from that night on I wore a nightgown to bed.

Things continued on this line for many years. My sister would give me her outgrown clothes and I would happily wear them. My parents got use to seeing me in girls clothes and just accepted it. Later I learned that they had many discussions about it when they were alone and just decided to leave it alone and see where it went.

As my sister became a teenager she became obsessed with her looks and started using make-up and worrying about her hair. She would practice on me, having me sit for hours as she put make-up on me and tried styling my hair. Because of this I let my hair grow longer until it was over my ears and almost to my shoulders. I am surprised my parents never made me get a haircut during those years.

So with the clothing, make-up, and styled hair I looked very feminine most of the time at home. My sister started calling me Beverly and it wasn’t long until Mom and Dad pick up on it and started calling me that as well. I had the best childhood that I could imagine!

I had a few outings while I was dressed. At first it began with me taking trips to the grocery store with Mom and my sister. Since I was all dressed up Mom thought it would be alright to take me out like that. I loved it and was never really nervous about being seen as Beverly. Then it progressed to going out as a family to a movie or dinner. Everyone accepted me and treated me as a girl. At Christmas and for birthdays I was given many gifts for Beverly so I had my own clothes and not always wearing my sister’s hand-me-downs. I can remember the first purse I was given. It was Christmas morning and I felt it was the best present I received, even though there were far more expensive gifts for me.

bra-sistersBut the best gift was when my sister was in high school and I was eleven. I came into her room as she was cleaning out some dresser drawers. She gave me a big smile and said “I have something for you.” When I walked over to the bed she handed me three bras. “These were the first bras I ever wore. I remember how I felt so grown up when I got them. I want you to have them.”

I was so happy that I started crying as I hugged her. Mom just moms helphappened to be walking by then as saw us hugging and ask what was going on. “Pam just gave me my first bras!” I exclaimed. Mom smiled and said “my, you are a big girl now.” I ran and gave her a hug too.

I never got into trouble growing up, always studied and got good grades, and had a very close family. I believe it was because I was allowed to be myself growing up, never teased about how I was dressed. I was not pushed into being a girl, but rather allowed to go down that path and accepted for who I was.

PermI have also loved permed hair. Growing up my mother would give perms to many ladies in the neighborhood. I would watch, fascinated by what she was doing and how the ladies would look when done. Once, one of the ladies commented on how I seemed so interested in the perms that maybe my mother should do mine. Oh, how I wished she would have done that. But she said perms were only for women, not boys.

The toughest time was when a girl from my schoolperm2 came to have Mom perm her hair. I had to pretend not to be too interested, which was difficult, not only because I loved watching the perm process, but because I also had a secret crush on the girl. She also teased me by saying that Mom should give me a perm sometime. I think Mom could tell because she agreed to give me a perm that Saturday morning. Christine sat at the table and watched as Mom rolled my hair onto the curlers and applied the lotion. She even said I was brave for doing this.

I only had that one perm in my life, but I will always remember it fondly.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Airport…

Linda and I returned yesterday from a 10 day tropical island vacation, a time of relaxation and the opportunity to reconnect. Our busy lives have kept us apart way too much lately and we found ourselves going in different directions too many times. So the vacation was much needed on many fronts. That being said, it was a pretty normal vacation in most every way, except for one little incident that happened on the plane.

Linda was reaching for something and accidently tipped over my very full glass of orange juice (I swear it was just orange juice!). The juice went right down the tray-table and onto my lap, soaking the seat cushion in the process. My crotch and butt were totally saturated in the process. And for some reason on this flight I decided to wear tan Dockers so the damage was very noticeable.

I saw this all happen so I know it really was an accident and Linda felt very bad about it and my condition. She apologized many times as she knew the embarrassment I was going to face getting off the plane in my present condition.

“When we get off the plane go into the restroom and use one of the blow dryers to dry your pants,” she suggested. I told her that it would not do much good without removing the pants so that the hot air could circulate through the material.

“Well then, remove your pants and use the dryer silly,” she giggled.

“Uhm, do you remember what panties I’m wearing today,” I said, reminding her of the very feminine lacy pair I had put on that morning.

“Oh, right,” she said as her face broke out in a grin. Her expression slowly turned mischievous as she then said “in that case I strongly suggest you do as you’re told. Give me everything in your pants now. When we get into the terminal go into the stall, remove your pants, and use the dryer until they are dry.”

The look on her face told me she was very serious. During the entire vacation we had done nothing to enforce our normal ‘wlm’ living condition so this was really coming from out of left field but I knew I had to do as she was telling me no matter how embarrassing it was going to be for me.

As we were leaving our seats she said loud enough so those around us could hear “oh, honey, it looks like you wet your pants. When we get in the terminal go into the restroom and dry those.”panty show1

Even the flight attendance gave me a quizzical look as I walked by. There was a restroom right by our gate so I gave her one last look hoping she would relent. Seeing her stern expression I knew I had to follow through.

I ducked into the last stall and removed my pants. Looking at the sexy white panty I had selected that morning I knew I was in for some major embarrassment. My shirt did not come close to covering my predicament, coming only to mid-panty high on my hip. I knew my lace covered ass would be on prominent display.

I swear every urinal and stall was in use with a line waiting as I stepped out of the stall and up to the blow dryer. Of course it was right in front of the mirror wall so everyone had a good look at me from both sides. I knew Linda would check so I had to make sure that the pants were dry before putting them back on. I must have stood there for 10 minutes continuing restarting the dryer until I was confident Linda would approve. One guy stood at the mirror silently starring at me for almost the full time. Another washed his hands, looked my way and offered “cute” before walking out.

The pants were fairly dry but the orange juice had left a telltale stain in the pants. Linda giggled as I emerged red-faced and flustered.

“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” She snickered.

“I bet 30 guys saw me standing there like that,” I replied.

“I know. Several told their traveling companions about it as they came out. I heard a lot of ‘guess what I saw in there’ comments.” Linda took my arm as we walked to baggage claim. I noticed several glances and elbow nudges as we waited for your luggage.

As I’ve said many times, life is never dull with Linda around.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Scene from “The Photo Shoot”

One of my favorite authors is Sara Desmarais. I love her stories but especially am in love with “The Photo Shoot”. I came across this photo that I feel goes perfectly with my favorite scene from the story. Following is an excerpt of that scene…

just the tip

“… The girls were posing Steve at Deb's direction, close to me, closer to my body. Deb was moving from the side to rear camera, taking shots from different angles. She had Steve close to me, then closer, until his cock was barely, just barely, touching the bare skin of my upper thigh, between my garter belt and the panties still down around my stocking tops.

  When this was captured on film (well, digitally), Deb asked if she could pose Steve so the tip of his cock was just touching my ass. "It would make a super sexy shot, Amy, the groom about to deflower the bride."

  "I don't know," Amy said to my extreme relief!

  "Trust me, Amy, you'll love the way it looks," Deb pleaded her case.

  I turned to look at Amy, my eyes begging her. "I'm just a little concerned," Amy said, "he looks so feminine, I don't want to ruin the illusion."

   Ruin the illusion? What about a man's cock touching me???

  "I agree, Amy, don't worry, the way he's dressed, the angle of the shots, it will look no different that if I was using Angela or Holly as a model."

   "Well, let me see a couple," Amy said, giving her permission despite my looks, my terror.   The problem was I did not have to say anything. I could have moved, I could have stood up, I could have just refused.

  But I did nothing, nothing at all. I just waited, on my hands and knees, ass up, inviting, while Angela spread my thighs apart and Holly directed Steve's cock until the tip was just touching my puckering, begging ass.

  "So," I heard Deb ask as I weakly tried to keep myself propped up, weak from the burning, humiliating desire.

  "Fuck," Amy said, her mouth dry as Deb took a series of shots with Steve's cock pressed against me… ”

Desmarais, Sara (2010-12-05). The Photo Shoot (Kindle Locations 911-916}