Friday, April 25, 2008

Darryl Comes Clean

I just received a phone call from Darryl. He wanted to talk to me about our dinner last weekend. He wanted to let me know that he and Linda had planned the night to tease me. He said that he didn’t tell her how he was going to come on to her, just that he was going to flirt with her in front of me to see my reaction. He said that he was surprised when Linda returned his kiss so passionately, and that had encouraged him to continue in that vain the rest of the evening.

Linda had talked to him earlier and told him about my crossdressing and described my role as the housewife in this marriage. Darryl was intrigued by this and wanted to have some fun with it and me. So he and Linda plotted and planned my evening.

It was while I was cleaning off the table and they were sitting in the living room drinking coffee that he proposed taking her out for dessert and leaving me home. She thought that was a great idea and couldn’t wait to see my reaction. Darryl said that they hadn’t planned on staying out so late as he had an early morning obligation, but that they were enjoying their conversation and time just slipped away.

He wrapped up the conversation by saying that he hoped I wasn’t upset, that it had all been done in fun, and that he hoped it hadn’t affected our friendship. When I said that I had been embarrassed to have him see me dressed the way I was and having to ‘serve’ them, he just laughed and said that I had looked cute. He said that he hoped that next time maybe I could dress completely in my feminine role so he could get the full picture.

I told him that since most of the embarrassment was now in the past that I could probably dress up in front of him. And he ended the conversation by saying “next time maybe Linda and I won’t leave you behind when we go out.”

And the hits just keep on coming.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Part 3: Dinner and Dessert.

I walked into the living room to announce that dinner was ready, half expecting to catch Linda and Darryl in a compromising position. Fortunately they were sitting on the sofa talking, and with a comfortable space between them. As they came to the table Darryl pulled out the chair for Linda before I had a chance to. Not that I was going to seeing that this was in our house and not something we would do at dinner at home. I noticed the warm smile she gave him. Maybe I was just being over-sensitive.

I had been so fluster by all of this that I had forgotten to remove the apron I was wearing as I brought the food to the table. Darryl remarked that since I looked like the serving maid maybe I should not be joining them at the table. I almost expected Linda to agree with him but was pleasantly surprised when she just laughed and let it drop.

The meal was great, if I do say so myself. The conversation was fun as my appearance was forgotten. Darryl’s wine was wonderful. And I noticed how he made sure that Linda’s glass was constantly full. And Linda seemed to be enjoying the wine as well as she drank more than I remember seeing her do in a long time.

With dinner finished, I was about to remove the dishes when Linda suggested that I leave them and we all retire to the living room to relax and let the meal settle. More conversation followed, however now turning more to my attire as well as my household status as cook, maid, and wife. Linda told Darryl about my 3 encounters the day before while I was cleaning. She even told him how I was dressed while cleaning and how I had served her friends while wearing a French Maid uniform. Darryl commented on how he would like to see that sometime and Linda said that she would have me wear it the next time he came over. So now Darryl knew all about my crossdressing and my assumed role.

Everything was going fine. I was surviving my latest exposure, even if it was to my long time friend. Then a surprise hit.

“How about dessert?” Darryl asked.

“Oh, I concentrated so much on the meal that I totally forgot about fixing any dessert” I informed them.

“Not a problem. We will just go out and eat dessert someplace” he insisted.

When I balked at going out as I was dressed, Linda jumped in. “You stay here and finish your dishes. Darryl and I will go get dessert and be back later. Anyway, you shouldn’t be eating dessert if you plan on keeping your girlish figure.” And with that the two of them headed out the door and into the night as I sat there dumbfounded by the whirlwind that had just hit.

Still in a fog, I did the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and dining room, and went back to the living room to wait. It had taken me a hour to clean up and I had thought that they would be back by then. But it was almost three hours before I heard the car pull up. I didn’t know if I should go to the door or just sit there, so I ended up just sitting there. I heard laughter as they walked up to the door, again followed by a long silent pause before the door finally opened and they walked in. They looked surprised to see me sitting there.

“It’s almost two. Why are you still up?” Linda asked while still standing next to Darryl.

“I didn’t think you would be gone this long” I replied.

“We went to a bar for drinks after dessert and decided to dance off the calories” Linda said. “Why don’t you go ahead to bed and I will be in soon.”

I was shocked by what she was suggesting. She had been alone with him out dancing and drinking and now she wanted some time alone with him in the house. Fortunately Darryl saved me by announcing that he had to be going as he had an early morning obligation. Linda looked really disappointed by that announcement so I know she was hoping things would continue for awhile longer.

Then the reality hit when she stepped up to Darryl and he took her in her arms and kissed her passionately in front of me. When they finally parted he walked over to me and again gave me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek while calling me Beverly, no longer thinking of me in my male role. Back to Linda for a final kiss and out the door with a wave to us. Linda just smiled at me and took in the astonished look on my face, turned and walked towards the bedroom with a throw-off “that was a fun night, wasn’t it.”

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Part 2 - Dinner Prep

Friday had been an interesting day cleaning, what with three chance encounters. I just knew that Saturday was going to be equally as interesting… and I was right.

I spent the morning shopping for groceries and doing some laundry. I still didn’t know what I was going to be wearing that night as Linda had said anything yet. She had me stop at the dry cleaners and pick up her clothes. I noticed her favorite outfit was among the bunch. When I got home she had me hang up everything except that outfit so I knew she was going to wear it for dinner. She was going all out to look good for Darryl.

I set the table for three, started the food that would require long cooking and then headed for the bedroom to get dressed. Linda had just come out of the shower and asked me to help her get ready. I was shocked when she pulled out her underwear as she had selected her sexiest stuff: matching set of bra, panty, and garter belt along with black hose. I asked her why she was wearing something that sexy just for dinner at home. “A woman likes to feel her best when entertaining a male guest. Maybe someday you will get to experience that. Nothing makes you feel your best then knowing that you have sexy undies on,” she replied with a smile.

“Are you planning on letting Darryl see them?” I enquired.

“Would that bother you?” she purred as she walked by me and back into the bathroom before I could reply. From there she called out my clothing requirements for the evening. I paled as I heard her orders.

“I want you to wear your pink bra and panty set, the white linen slacks and the pale pink and white blouse. Wear your new sandals, the ones with the 2” heels.” So she was planning on me being dressed as Beverly for this dinner, as I had suspected. I was going to be exposed to Darryl in my feminine glory. It was going to be out in the open for him to witness and comment on. I walked over and sat down at the make-up table to begin putting on my make-up when she walked back into the room. She looked so sexy in her lingerie that I couldn’t help but get aroused.

“What are you doing?” she asked as she slipped on the thin red dress which showed off her cleavage and lots of leg.

“I was going to put on my make-up since you want me to dress like Beverly tonight.”

“No, just wear the clothing I told you, no make-up or wig tonight.”

I couldn’t believe it. She wanted me to wear a feminine outfit, one that my pink panty and bra would show through. But I was not to complete the look with make-up and hair. I would look as neither a guy or a woman, but in between; a total sissy. This is how she was going to embarrass me in front of Darryl, by not allowing me to go totally in either direction but instead in the middle like some kind of freak.

I got dressed and looked in the mirror to see the sissy looking back. My face was bright red, and I was sure it would stay that way all night. Resigned, I headed to the kitchen to finish cooking. Linda came in and told me to put an apron on so as not to get my clothes dirty. She smiled as I pulled out a pink apron to match my outfit.

An hour later I heard the doorbell ring and knew that Darryl was here. I heard Linda answer it and let him in. There were a few words of welcome followed by a disconcerting moment of quiet. I didn’t dare think about what that meant. Then I heard the footsteps approach the kitchen followed by Darryl saying “cute” as he saw me cooking. I turned and smiled, took a few steps to shake his hand while I watched his eyes travel up and down my body taking in my feminine presentation. Then he really surprised me. Instead of shaking my hand as we had done many times, he stepped closer and gave me a hug complete with a kiss on the cheek.

“My, you certainly look nice tonight.” He proclaimed. Linda stepped up beside him and rested a hand on his shoulder. “She should be doing that to me as a sign of support, not to him” I thought.

My eyes grew wide as I watched Darryl step back away from me and slide his arm around Linda’s waist as if claiming her. She didn’t step away as she asked me how dinner was coming. I told her it would be another fifteen minutes. She said that they were going to sit in the living room while finished up. They never let go of each other as they walked away. I turned back to my cooking, trying to take my mind off of what had just happened. Oh, it was going to be a long night.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Catch Up Time, Part 1

What a weekend! So much to tell, so I will get started. I had been informed by Linda that she had made dinner plans for us Saturday night with Darryl. What I was unsure of was what all that entailed.

I spent five hours on Friday cleaning house in preparation to Darryl’s visit. My original plan was to concentrate on the main parts of the house where we would be; kitchen, dining room, living room, bathrooms. However, for some unknown reason I also spent time cleaning the master bedroom and guest bedroom. I guess I thought that perhaps we would be giving Darryl a tour of the house since he hadn’t been here in awhile.

There were several signs that should have told me that this weekend was going to be one of much exposure of my feminine and submissive side. I had dressed for my cleaning in one of my black cleaning maid uniforms, complete with black pumps, full make up and hairstyling. When I want to really look my best I will wear one of my wigs to complete the look. But when cleaning I don’t like to wear a wig because it is too hot and gets dirty fast.

I was just getting starting washing the outside of sliding doors on our patio when around the corner of the house came the electric company meter reader. There was no place for me to go or hide so I just smiled and said hi. The meter is on the side of the house just 5 feet from the doors I was washing, so I was in full view to him. He just smiled, took his reading, and said ‘have a good day’ as he walked by me. Well, that wasn’t so bad, a little embarrassing, but survivable. I knew that would give him something to tell his buddies back at work.

When I finished the kitchen and dining room I decided to take a break and get the mail. Well, my timing was off again as just as I opened the door to reach into the mailbox there stood the mailman putting the mail into the box. He looked at me and got a kind of surprised and unsure look on his face (that I am sure matched mine). He took the mail out of the box and offered to hand it to me. So I had to open the door and take the mail from him, the second face to face confrontation of the morning.

Just before noon Linda came in the door. She never comes home during the daytime so this really caught me by surprised. I had forgotten that she had a doctor’s appointment at eleven and had decided to stop home for lunch before going back to work.

She laughed when I told her about my two encounters. She was just about ready to head back out when the doorbell rang. I can’t remember when the last time was that we had someone come to the house during the daytime so I was really surprised by this. I was glad Linda was home so she could answer it. However, she decided that since I had already had two face to face exposures that one more wouldn’t hurt, so she sent me to answer the door. There stood a young man in a Swann’s uniform. I smiled and opened the door and listened as he explained that he was taking over the route for this area and was trying to expand the client list to new customers. He handed me a catalog, told me what days he would be in the area, and said to call if I wanted to order anything. Away he went without batting an eye, as if seeing a man dressed as a maid was the most natural thing in the world. I could hear Linda laughing as I closed the door. She said that she might order something just so I could have him stopping by regularly to see me.

The rest of the cleaning and the afternoon went by without further incident… that is until Darryl called. He wanted to check with me as to what I would be fixing for dinner so he could pick out an appropriate wine. He was impressed with the menu I had selected and said that he was looking forward to seeing us. Just before hanging up he asked what I doing, and without giving it any thought I told him that I had been cleaning house. He said “Linda is lucky to have such a good wife” and hung up.

Oh, it was certainly going to be an interesting dinner.

Tomorrow: Part 2

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The long awaited phone call.

I know, I know. I have been pretty lax about keeping my blog up. There just hasn’t been much to write about. However, that may be changing.

Tonight while I was gone to my 'every Thursday evening meeting' Darryl called and talked to Linda. I am pretty sure he knows that I am gone on Thursdays and planned his call for when I was not going to be home. I don’t know how long they talked or what they talked about but it sounds like the two of them have something planned.

When I got home tonight I could immediately tell that something had Linda excited. She asked me what my plans were for during the day Friday. Well, Friday just so happens to be my scheduled major house cleaning day so I told her that I will be spending most of it in my cleaning maid uniform while giving the house a major going over.

She responded with “Perfect, that way the house will look good when Darryl comes. Why don’t you also plan on cooking a good meal for us along with serving a nice bottle of wine?”

I am pretty sure that means that I will be serving the meal to the two of them. She hasn’t said how she expects me to be dressed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I will be maid Beverly in front of Darryl. I know she has been planning on revealing my sissy feminine side to others and that probably means starting with Darryl, my long time buddy, to really put me in my place.

She and I really haven’t done much over the last two weeks with the FLR/WLM so I am betting that she is ready to let loose. I wish I could have been there to hear their phone conversation. I bet it was really something. I wonder how much plotting they did? Do I sound paranoid?

Stay tuned for more!

(By the way... that's not us in the picture, but it is so cute!)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Seems like I just keep getting behind in my writing. Hopefully this photo will take your mind off of it and you will forgive me.

I work out of the house, which allows me time to be a househusband most of the time. However, there are times of the year when my work takes over and my ‘playtime’ must be put on hold. That is what has happened over the last two weeks. I still try to find time to get my household chores done and prepare a nice meal each night. And Linda has been busy also so that has been the extent of our lives lately.

Even a distraction from Darryl hasn’t happened. He was suppose to be in town this last week and said he would call to arrange a time for us to get together, but no word from him yet.

As soon as things change or something exciting happens I will be sure to let you know. In the meantime keep checking back.