Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween and Linda and I are going to a party at Anna’s and Ron’s tonight. Linda finally told me last night what I would be wearing, and it came as no surprise to me. I am wearing a French Maid’s uniform, complete with sexy short skirt, crinoline slip, and a little maid cap. She told me to wear perfume so I will smell as good as I look. Then the surprise came. She would be enjoying herself while I would be serving food and drinks to all of our friends. I would be working this party as the maid. It’s going to be a long night.

I got a call Tuesday from Darryl. Linda was gone to a meeting so I was home alone. I could tell he wanted to talk to her but since I was the only one there we ended up talking for 20 minutes. It has been a long time sine he and I had a private conversation and a lot has changed in our relationship since then. It was kind awkward at first, each of us struggling to find a conversation starter. Finally he broached the topic of Linda and him having their private talks and asking if I was okay with that. I assure him that I was fine with it but worried where this was leading. His reply was “wherever Linda wants it to go.”

He then asked if I had been doing any more crossdressing or if I had plans to do so in the near future (I am sure he knew about our Halloween plans). So I told him that I was dressing around the house as I cleaned and cooked and about the party Linda and I were going to with our friends. He didn’t ask about our costumes, again I think he already knew.

Finally he said he was going to be in town next week and said that Linda had told him he could stay with us (thus relieving me of being involved with that decision). I asked what he wanted for dinner while here and together we planned a menu. Then he ended the evening’s conversation with “I am looking forward to seeing you as Beverly while I am there as well as to enjoying your culinary and serving skills. Linda and I have been looking forward to this for some time now. Don’t disappoint us or there will be consequences!” And with that he hung up.

Oh, boy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phone conversations

We spent last weekend mostly at home. It was nice not to have to be on the go the whole time.

Sunday, my mother came over, joined us for church, and enjoyed lunch with us. I, of course, cooked everything while Mom and Linda sat out on the deck enjoying one of the last nice warm fall days of the year. Mom walked past the kitchen while I was cooking and asked “why don’t you have one of your nice aprons on?” So I reached into the drawer and pulled out a yellow pinafore style apron that has lace trim. I don’t know why I selected such a feminine one, but somehow knew it was the right one for that day. Mom smiled as she passed by the kitchen again on her way back to the deck. I knew she told Linda about it as she joined her on the deck. I could faintly hear laughter and whispered conversation going on.

The rest of the meal went without any incident. I removed my apron after serving the food before sitting down and put it back on as I cleared the table and did the dishes. I guess I knew that it was expected of me in my role as housewife and sissy maid. I don’t even think I blushed at being seen in it by Mom. It was just the way things are now.

Saturday night, Linda and I enjoyed a quiet evening in front of the TV. She asked me to get my nail care kit and change her nail polish color. As we sat there, her on the couch and me on the floor at her feet, I decided to ask her the question that had been nagging at me all week.

“Did you talk to Darryl while you were traveling?”

She smiled and answered “yes, we talked a couple of times. Does that bother you?”

“No, not really. I guess I was expecting that you would. Did you call him or did he call you? And what did you talk about?”

Linda got this devilish grin on her face then. “Well, I called him Tuesday night after I talked to you. I was bored sitting in my hotel room. Then Wednesday night he called me around ten. I guess we talked about an hour each time, just about general things… the election, relating travel horror stories of crapping hotel rooms and rubbery room service meals. We talked about you some, about what a nice sissy you have become. And we talked about some personal things that you don’t need to know about.”

“Oh,” is all I could manage to muster. I grew kind of silent then, trying to concentrate on polishing her finger nails. “What did he say about me?”

“He commented on how much you have changed from the guy he used to work with who was all business and a take-care worker. He said that you have really turned into a crossdressing sissy who stays home and cleans house and goes to coffee with the other girls. He said that he remembered when he first met me when you brought me to a dinner party a few years ago, how I was so quiet and you did most of the talking, how that has pretty much reversed itself now.” Linda paused to complement me on the nice job I had done on her nails as I put the tools and polish back into the case.

“And he asked me if I had spanked you yet.”

Now I did blush deeply. “What did you say?”

“I told him that I spanked you last week. He asked how you had responded to it and I told him that you accepted it, got very quiet as I spanked you, and that you got turned on by it… especially when I reminded you that Darryl was going to spank you soon.”

“You told him that?” I cried. “Why?”

“Because you did. And Darryl just laughed at it. He said he was glad that you enjoyed your spanking and that I should continue to do it to prepare your bottom for him. He said that he was not going to go easy on you.”

I sat there at her feet, totally mortified. How had it come to this? My wife and my friend were casually talking about spanking me like it was the most natural thing to do. I can’t believe it. How did I ever let this happen? And where would it ever end?

“You won’t have to anticipate it much longer. Darryl will be visiting us very soon. But here is something else for you to be thinking about. Next weekend we are going to a Halloween party at Anna’s and Ron house. And I want you to have a very sexy, yet sissy, costume. And I have just the idea what it should be.”

Oh, boy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Saturday morning special

I have refrained from discussing our sex life on my blog because I didn’t think I wanted to go there. However, two things recently happened that have temporarily changed my feelings. First, things have been so slow that I haven’t had anything of interest to report. And second, Linda did something new last weekend and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

We both love Saturday mornings… sleeping in late and enjoying the start of the weekend with some fun in bed. Last Saturday looked to be another of those great starts with some hot sex. Linda woke up frisky and very playful. Usually we put aside the female-led marriage and become equal partners in bed for sex. That morning Linda started right off by placing me in my sissy submissive place with “good morning. How’s my little sissy girl this morning? Did you dream about your boyfriend last night?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” I replied, feeling funny about this strange conversation.

“Oh, that’s too bad. Maybe someday, if you are a good girl, you will have your own boyfriend. Wouldn’t that be nice?” I wasn’t sure how to respond to Linda. We have never been down this road before. I wasn’t sure what she wanted from me, what role I was supposed to take. Was I supposed to stand up to her and show I am still a man? Or was I suppose to play along with this fantasy? So I just remained quiet to see where she would take it.

“Wouldn’t you like to have a boyfriend? Wouldn’t that be nice, a nice strong man to take care of you? I bet you would love that, wouldn’t you.” She was rubbing my nipples through my silky pink nightgown and smiling at me as she spoke. Without speaking, I slowing nodded my head in agreement, since I thought that was the response she wanted. “Yes, of course you would. I just knew you would like to have a boyfriend. All girls do, even pretty little pretend girls like you. Why, maybe we could even double date. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

I was getting very aroused by this talk and I knew she was fully aware of it. Then the last statement finally set in. “Who would you be dating and going out with?” I was afraid that I already knew the answer to that question.

Linda smiled, dropped her hand to the tent growing in my panties, and replied “why, Darryl of course you sissy. Who else would there be?”

Her smile grew when she felt the immediate response in her hand. “Of course,” I replied in surrender.

She let go of my erection and pushed me onto my stomach. Her hand pushed my nightgown up over my bottom, exposing the pink panties. I laid there quietly and unmoving and she pulled down the panties. I felt the cold air on my ass.

“Aah, your bottom looks cold. Let’s see if I can warm it up for you.” Before I could speak her hand came down hard on my exposed cheek. Just as quickly another spank followed, then another and another. I did nothing as my ass grew redder and redder under the falling blows. Finally she let up, stating “did that feel good? I thought I should get you use to that so you will be ready for when Darryl spanks you.”

“He’s not really going to spank me, is he?” I quietly asked.

“Oh, yes. He certainly is looking forward to it. And I am looking forward to seeing you over his knee just as much. Yes, sweetie. You better believe you are going to experience his spanking, just as I believe that I will be experiencing his hand as well.” I looked at Linda and could tell that she was totally serious, and that she was equally sure that she would be spanked as well… and I was sure she was looking forward to it.

As I said, this was a new path for us. It culminated in some very hot sex for us. I am not sure I want to repeat this fantasy talk again anytime soon and I am not sure what brought it on this particular morning. It certainly got Linda hot and excited while I submissively went along with it, which may have set some new standards for us that I had not considered. I guess only time will tell.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All quiet on this front.

It has been so quiet around here that I haven’t had anything to write about. We haven’t been entertaining at all so no one has been around. I’ve been doing my housecleaning as usual, but that is pretty boring to write about. Our families have been keeping to themselves lately as well. And even Darryl hasn’t call here for over two weeks… at least that I am aware of.

Linda has been out of town a couple of days each of the last two weeks so I have had some time alone. This would usually be a time that her sister or mother would have stopped in or ask me to go with them someplace, but nothing there either.

Maybe I should ask Linda if she has heard from Darryl at all. I guess there is the possibility that they could have talked while she was on the road. I know she gets bored sitting in her hotel room at night. We usually talk early in the evening, like right after dinner, because sometimes she likes to turn in early and I don’t want to call late and disturb her. I think I will ask her about it when she gets back. Perhaps she and Darryl have been in touch and neither has bother to say anything to me.

Am I sounding paranoid here?