Monday, August 31, 2009

A Golf Outing

Last week I got a call from Tom, the husband of Linda's good friend Anna, asking if I wanted to play golf on Friday. It has been a few months since I last golfed with my friends, so I quickly agreed.

“It will be a foursome of Anna and me and you and Jim,” Tom informed me. Neither Jim’s wife nor Linda golf, so the idea of me playing as Jim’s partner kind of made sense to me. “Tee time is at two, so Jim will pick you up at one. And just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding, it is Beverly that we are inviting.”

This was going to be a new experience for me as I had never played golf as Beverly. I was kind of looking forward to playing in a cute golf skirt and from the ladies’ tees.

Wednesday I went shopping for golf apparel and wound up buying a cute pink skirt with matching white and pink top, socks with pink trim, and white golf shoes. I have golf shoes but they are definitely men’s golf shoes, so those just would not work. I stopped myself short of buying a set of women’s clubs though (but I was tempted!!).

That night I showed Linda my outfit and she took some photos of me, telling me how ‘adorable’ I looked.

I was a little concerned how Jim would act, being paired up with me. I hope this was just a golf outing and nothing more.

It was fun being out on a golf course as Beverly, and Anna and I kidded the guys as we walked to the advanced ladies tees. Of course, Jim and I rode together in one cart while Anna and Tom were in the other. Jim was a perfect gentleman the whole afternoon, like helping me by putting my golf bag on the cart. We all broke up when he offered to wash my ball for me.

“I will wash my own ball, thank you very much,” I kidded as Jim’s face turned bright red, realizing too late what he had said.

Several times I caught him looking at my legs as my short skirt rode up when sitting in the cart or bending over to retrieve my golf ball from the cup. I quickly learned how to bend my knees and keep my back straight while doing that.

While the time outside in the sun was fun, my golf game sucked. I think it might have had something to do with the unaccustomed protrusions sticking out of my chest affecting my golf swing. Even with the advantage of the forward ladies’ tees, my score was higher than my average.

We all had a good time and talked about doing it again, maybe even making it a weekly affair. And I am happy to report that Jim never did anything out of line or hinted at there being anything more to this than getting together for golf. The last thing I wanted was for him to think that this was going to lead to something further. I don’t want that and I know his wife wouldn’t be happy with any hanky-panky taking place.

I guess the only thing left is to work on my golf game. Either that or learn how to yell like a lady… “FORE!”

Thursday, August 27, 2009

He Is Finally Leaving!

I awoke Sunday morning with my mine rapid-firing over the last two day’s events. So much happened in a short time span that most was still a blur. I kept focusing on the items that were permanently done, that we would be forced to live with the consequences for some time to come.

My first thoughts were of my sister seeing Linda walking around naked in front of Darryl and me, and my acceptance of that behavior. I know that her thoughts of me were forever changed, as she would now see me as the cuckolded sissy who allowed another man to take over his wife. My crossdressing was something that she could accept because she had gradually seen the progress. However, Linda’s infidelity, and my acceptance of it, had been thrust upon her the day before. How would that change our relationship and where would that lead?

Secondly, the appearance of Jesse for my surprise date last night was a shock that was only surpassed by my willingness to let the evening progress as it did. Plus, Jesse had also witnessed Linda’s submissiveness to Darryl as well as his orchestration of her permanent marking by his command of selection and placement of her butterfly tattoo. He had seen her willingly strip from the waist down to allow another man to intimately mark her while I just stood by. How must he think of me today?

Then there was the whole tattoo parlor adventure. I was easily reminded of it as I gently touched my new bellybutton stud. At least it was something I could remove and let heal after Darryl left… but it was kind of cute, so maybe I might keep it for awhile. I couldn’t wait to see Linda’s tattoo. I had gotten a look at it during the early stages the night before, but not the finished product. She had promised me that I could see it this morning.

Pushing all of those thoughts out of my mind, I got out of bed and began preparing for the day ahead. I practically jumped when I looked in the mirror. I had fallen asleep with Jesse beside me and had not taken the time to remove my makeup, which had become quite smeared during our bedroom Olympics. The shower felt refreshing and helped to wash away some of the guilt I was feeling about how I had behaved the night before and what I had allowed to happen.

An hour later, dressed for the day, I knocked softly on the master bedroom’s door and just as softly walked into the room carrying hot coffee on a tray. I tried to advert my eyes from the two naked bodies entwined on the rumpled sheets. Linda was the first to notice my presence as she lifted her head and smiled. My eyes immediately focused on her new prize… the colorful butterfly dancing just above her pussy lips.

“Come take a closer look,” she whispered as she moved away from sleeping Darryl and reclined on her back to allow me an intimate inspection.

I set the tray down and slipped silently to my knees beside the bed. I was pleased to see that it was rather small and intimate, not something gaudy, as I had feared. “It looked cute,” I thought as I accepted the fact that my wife now sported a tattoo at the desires of another man, something that would be a constant reminder of this time and circumstances. Whenever I looked at it, I would remember that I was a cuckold to my wife, that I could not stop another man from marking her.

“Taste me as you study it,” Linda quietly ordered as she spread her legs open.

I eased between the parted legs and lightly kissed, then licked her intimate opening, my eyes never leaving her butterfly. It was in the perfect spot for me to focus on it as I performed my oral duties. I knew that I would be in this position and viewing it from inches away many times in the future. Each time I tasted her there, I would have a reminder starting back at me. I would never be able to forget last night.

The rest of the day was pretty ordinary. I fixed a brunch as the three of us were starving. Linda walked around naked again and I was constantly staring at her butterfly. Darryl took her three more times before leaving; once in the kitchen as I cleaned off the dishes, once more in the bedroom during an afternoon ‘rest period’, and finally in the living room just before leaving when he lifted her off the sofa and fucked her on the floor while I sat in the recliner. After the last time, he instructed me to lick her clean as he kissed her goodbye. The tears rolling down her face were not because of the orgasm I had brought her to, but from the knowledge that it would be months before Darryl would be back this way. I didn’t even say goodbye to him as I was ‘busy’ at that moment. But I knew that I was hardly on his mind then.

The next few days were quiet for Linda and me. We talked sparingly of the previous three days, instead just trying to get back into our normal routines and returning to our lives as a couple again. I think that we are okay, that the activities have not scarred us or driven a wedge between us. I think that we will gradually return to the place that we are most comfortable with.

This experience has been stressful and a strain on us. Only time will tell if there are any repercussions or long term effects. You can count on me diligently reporting all as best I can.

Thanks for following along and for your comments and concerns. Once again, it has been an interesting ride.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tattoos? I get the point!

We ended up at a place that was not one of the places I had checked out and I wondered why Darryl had even bothered to have me go on that mission. I guess it was just part of the mental games he plays.

I was really surprised at how busy the place was on a Saturday night at eleven o’clock. This was an uncomfortable surroundings for me to be in while crossdressed. But being with Jesse, we looked like we were a couple, just like Linda and Darryl. I noticed that no one really looked too closely at me as everyone was absorbed in their own little worlds and looking at various tattoo samples.

Linda and Darryl were whispering back and forth while we waited twenty minutes before being led back into a private room. I knew then that Darryl had contacted this place previously as the artist showed Linda a picture of the tattoo she was about to receive. It was a small butterfly, quite cute actually. I was about to ask where that was going to go when Linda nervously unbuckled her jeans and slid them down her legs. I was hoping that it was going to be placed on her ankle or maybe her thigh. But when she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties I knew just where it was going to go… on that cute bald pussy! Down came the panties and there stood Linda, naked from the waist down, in front of us. The artist, Brice, told her to lie down on the table, the whole time acting as if he saw naked pussies all the time (maybe he did!).

Then came another surprise. Darryl came over to me and took my hand, telling me to come with him as Linda got prepped for her tattoo. He led me, followed by Jesse, out into the main room.

Beverly is going to get her navel pierce,” he informed us and he told the gal, Nikki, in charge of piercing what he wanted. She greeted me warmly, addressing me as Beverly, and acted like she was use to seeing crossdressers in her shop. Who knows, maybe she was.

I followed wordlessly to a high stool where she told me to open my blouse. She commented on what a cute bra I was wearing, which helped me to relax some. A few minutes later, I was the proud owner of a navel bar. I was still in a daze as Nikki informed me how to care for my new piercing.

“Is she going to get a tattoo also?” Jesse asked Darryl. I could have slugged him!

“Not tonight, maybe another time,” Darryl replied as I let out a sigh of relief.

We went back into the room where Linda’s tattoo was underway. I showed her my piercing, which I was beginning to like. We watched Brice’s hand dance across her skin just above her slit. There was no modesty allow here as Linda’s legs were slightly spread to allow Brice to move about freely. Linda’s pussy was on display to all. I found it ironic that I was thinking how I was glad that Jesse was gay and therefore not really enjoying my wife’s naked charms on display. At the same time I was surprised by Linda’s ease at being naked in front of so many people. My, how she had changed.

Darryl informed Jesse and me that it was going to take awhile to do Linda’s tattoo, and that we should run along home and I would be able to see her tattoo later. I gave Linda a kiss on the cheek and wished her luck before leaving with Jesse.

As we walked hand-in-hand to Jesse’s car, I realized that the whole event; my piercing and Linda’s display… had left me horny and quite turned on. Before leaving the parking lot, Jesse gave me several mind-blowing kisses, then place my hand on his tented pants while putting the car in gear. I knew what he wanted (duhhh) and I rubbed the growing bulge while getting hotter myself.

At the next stop light, I found myself doing something I never dreamed I would do… I unzipped his pants, pulled out his glorious cock, and leaned over to take him in my mouth. I don’t know how he managed to focus on the road as I gave him a blowjob as he drove us home. I was willing to finish the job in my driveway, but Jesse pulled me away from him with a promise to allow me to finish once inside.

We got no further than the living room couch, stripping away clothes on our rush towards it, then I quickly resumed what I had started earlier. The next half hour was a blur as I sucked, changed positions per his requests, until I was finally rewarded for my efforts.

We were in my bed with him on top of me showing me even more pleasures, when Linda and Darryl returned. I blushed crimson when Linda opened the door to tell me she was home, telling us not to stop as they were going to bed as well.

“Enjoy yourselves because that’s just what we plan to do. I will show you my tattoo in the morning,” she insisted. “Goodnight you two.” With that, she closed the door and Jesse resumed showing me how to trip the light fantastic.

I awoke sometime during the night by the movement of Jesse slipping out of bed, telling me he had to go and would call me later in the morning. Part of me felt alone in the bed, and part of me was glad to finally be alone with my thoughts.

This night had certainly been a surprised. I wondered what the morning would bring, and then blissfully, sleep overcame me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

First, I must start off with exciting news. My blog hit 100 followers today (Friday)! Wow!! Thank you all for showing an interest in my humble scribes. Plus, this blog has also gotten over 120,000 hits this year. I reset the counter on January 1. I had just over 40,000 hits in all of 2008.

I can’t believe that so many people have nothing better to do than read my writings. Just kidding, I really appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to tune in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now back to our irregularly scheduled program…

I didn’t know what was schedule for our night out that Saturday. However, looking at the outfit Linda had set out for me… denim skirt with a simple blouse… my guess was that we were not going to be competing against the previous evening’s Chicago adventure. While I still get nervous going out dressed as Beverly sometimes, especially in new surroundings, it is easier for me when I am with others. Being with Linda and Darryl would make it easier for me to ‘blend in’ in public.

Of course, I was dressed long before Linda and Darryl emerged from the bedroom, so I took the time to open a bottle of wine and was relaxing with a glass when Darryl joined me on the sofa.

“Linda will be down shortly. She seemed to have trouble restarting after our little romp,” he bragged. “She seems to bring out the best in me.”

As I handed him a glass of wine, he told me to set mine down for a minute. “I think we have been neglecting you too much. Here we are having great sex all the time and you are not getting any for yourself.”

The unzipping of his pants and the unbuckling of the belt told me what he wanted. “You know what to do, Beverly,” he said as he pulled down his pants, exposing his growing erection. Without reservation, I sunk to my knees in front of him and started stroking him.

“That feels nice, but I want you to put that pretty mouth of yours to work,” he whispered.

I licked tentatively up the shaft and across the crown, then lower my head as the entire cock invaded my mouth. I knew that he had just showered, but I would swear that I could still taste Linda’s sex on him.

“I see I didn’t wear you out,” I heard her voice. Of course it had to be that moment that Linda chose to enter the living room.

Beverly was feeling left out,” Darryl stated, sounding somewhat guilty.

Linda sat down next to Darryl and finished my glass of wine as she watched her sissy husband orally pleasing her lover.

I could not believe the huge load Darryl delivered to my mouth, especially knowing that he had been in bed with Linda less than an hour previously. Where was it all coming from?

Once finished with my oral duties, I made a quick trip to the restroom to repair my makeup (and brushed my teeth), then rejoined the lovers. I noticed that Linda was also dressed casually in jeans and tee shirt.

We drove to a town 30 miles from home and pulled into a sports bar… not at all what I was expecting for a night out on the town with Darryl. An even bigger surprise awaited as we walked in. Sitting in a booth just inside the door was Jesse, the gay brother of Julie, Linda’s workmate, and the guy that I had an arranged blind date with just the week before. At first I thought, “what a coincidence”, then realized that this was pre-arranged and I had a date for the night. Linda nudged me as we walked up to the table, as if to say “gotcha”.

Jesse stood as we got to the booth, kissed me on the cheek, said hi to Linda, and then shook hands with Darryl as Linda introduced them. Jesse allowed me to slide into the booth, then sat next to me as Linda slid in on the other side of me.

“Surprise!” Jesse laughed. He knew that I had not been informed of tonight’s arrangement. He slid his hand into mine and I finally relaxed and smiled.

We had an enjoyable evening, good food, casual conversation, a few laughs, and lots of drinks. It became apparent that our dates were trying to get us gals drunk, or at least well lubed. And the reason for that soon presented itself.

After more then two hours of eating and drinking, Darryl looked at Linda and announced, “I think it is time for us to embark on tonight’s entertainment,” he stated and I could swear Linda’s face went white. Now what?

“I have been promising Linda a tattoo for some time now, and tonight she is going to get one. So let’s head over to the tattoo parlor,” he said, sliding out of the booth and taking Linda’s hand to assist/drag her.

“Why don’t you guys follow us,” Darryl said as he told Jesse where we were going.

I followed Jesse to his car. He opened the door for me, the perfect gentleman, and pulled me into a kiss before I could get into the car (okay, maybe not a PERFECT gentleman, but I didn’t resist the kiss either).

As we followed Darryl’s car we talked about what was about to happen. Jesse was surprised that I didn’t know that this had been planned or that I didn’t know any of the details like what tattoo she was going to get or where it was going to be.

“Maybe you should get one while we are there,” he grinned. I silently hoped that it wasn’t part of the evening’s plan.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One moment please...

I hope you are enjoying my blog. Thanks to those of you who have left comments. I welcome your feedback… both positive AND negative.

However, if you are going to leave a negative comment, please put your name or ID with it.

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Pam Gets An Eyeful

The doorbell chimed, announcing my sister’s (Pam) arrival. I don’t know who looked more panic; Linda, because she was naked, or me, because my sister was about to witness another man dominating Linda and me.

“Linda, why don’t you go up to the bed room while Beverly introduces me to his sister and I have a chance to inform her of your current appearance,” Darryl mercifully said while silently instructing me to get the door.

Pam was not surprised to see me dressed in feminine form, even complimented me on my appearance, saying that I looked ‘lovely’. I thanked her and took her hand, a very feminine gesture, to lead her over to meet Darryl. He stood up from the sofa and turned on the charm. I could tell that Pam was immediately impressed and taken by him. Darryl just has that charisma about him that people immediately size him up as someone forceful, an effortless leader.

He took her hand and held it while kissing her lightly on the cheek. Pam actually blushed from the gesture while I just blended into the background, already forgotten.

As she took a quick glance around, not seeing Linda, Darryl spoke before she could ask the question.
“Linda will be down in a minute. However, I thought it might be best for us to talk a bit before she does. Would you like something to drink? Beverly, why don’t you bring us some iced tea. How does that sound, Pam?”

Pam nodded her agreement as she glanced my way and saw me turn silently and head to the kitchen.

When I came back with the refreshments, Pam was sitting next to Darryl on the sofa. Her face modeled in an expression bordering on disbelief, shock, surprise, and curiosity, all in one. I knew that Darryl had explained Linda’s nudity and was now expounding on the details of our ‘arrangement’. He looked up at me when I sat the drinks down on the table in front of them, but Pam’s eyes never left his face, nor did her expression change.

“I just explained to Pam a little about what has been going on. She wasn’t surprised to hear about your serving role, but seems a bit perplexed about Linda being naked while in the house,” he explained to me unnecessarily. Turning back to face Pam, he said, “while you initially may have been a little shocked, I think you are curious to have Linda join us, aren’t you my dear?”

Pam nodded silently and turned towards the stairs as Darryl called out to Linda. All eyes were on the stairway as Linda descended them. She walked over and stood before Darryl in front of the couch in all her naked glory.

“Hi Pam. I hope you aren’t too shocked by this. I can’t tell you how nervous I have been about walking in here like this. But Darryl insisted and I just cannot say no to him,” Linda quietly explained.

“Oh, Linda, no need to be nervous. You can do whatever you want in your own home. I think that it is kind of neat, but I would never have the nerve to do that,” Pam replied, smiling at Linda. “You look very nice, by the way,” she continued as I saw her eyes nervously glance at Linda’s shaven pussy, lingering longer that she probably wished.

“Well, Pam, feel free to join Linda in her natural state if you wish,” Darryl smirked. I was glad when Pam quickly declined the invitation.

Darryl turned his attention to the forgotten me. “Beverly, pour Linda some iced tea and top off our drinks,” he ordered as he patted the seat beside him for Linda to sit. He draped his arm casually around Linda’s shoulders and pulled her close to him as Pam surveyed the scene.

Hardly any attention was paid to me as I went about my duties. Finished pouring, I sat down in the armchair across from the threesome on the couch, once again hoping to drift into the background unnoticed. But I should have known that would not be the case with Darryl holding court.

He allowed the conversation to pick up for a few minutes as Linda told Pam about their date to Chicago the night before. Pam asked a few questions about what they had to eat and about flying in a small plane, something she had never done before.

That was the opening Darryl was looking for. “I would love to take you up sometime,” he chimed, none of us missing the subtle meaning that lay beneath the surface of those words. “Your sister-in-law joined the Mile-High Club last night,” he beamed as Linda blushed.

A puzzled look came over Pam’s face momentarily, then it quickly changed to recognition as she blushed along with Linda.

“Is that kind of difficult to do in a small plane? I’ve heard of people doing it on airliners in the bathrooms, but I guess that would be a tight space also,” she commented.

“It does take a bit of maneuvering, and isn’t very comfortable. But at least now I can say I did it,” Linda bragged.

“Are you interested?” Darryl asked.

“The plane ride sounds like fun, but I will pass on the other. Maybe my husband and I could take a ride sometime with you,” Pam said, trying to get herself out of the pickle Darryl was trying to draw her into. Darryl politely dropped the other references and agreed to give Pam and Rob a plane ride in the near future.

After that, there was a lull in the conversation for a moment, then quickly defused when Darryl turned to me and said, “if I remember correctly, Beverly, we owe you a spanking!”

Oh, he wouldn’t, would he? Not in front of my sister. Oh yes he would!

“Linda, I think you should do the honors. You don’t mind, do you Pam? You see, Beverly was hesitant in following some instructions earlier, and she must be punished for her disobedience. If you would rather not witness this, it could be put off until later. But it would be best if it was handled now,” he explained.

“I used to love watching him get spanked when he was a small boy,” Pam beamed. “I think it would be funny to see him get a few swats.”

Beverly, go get the brush,” Darryl instructed. “And take off your pantyhose while you are at it.”

When I returned with the brush, Darryl had taken my place on the chair and was explaining to Pam his outlook on discipline. He indicated for me to stand next to Linda.

“Okay, Beverly. You know how to assume the position. Show your sister what a good little sissy you are and lower your panties once in position,” Linda said.

I lowered myself over my wife’s naked legs, being careful not to accidentally brush against her exposed breasts, knowing that would earn me extra swats. Once on her legs, I reached back and pulled up my skirt, then tugged my pink panties down to my knees. I was sure that my blushing went from my face to my toes and that my sister was getting an eyeful.

Linda proceeded on Darryl’s command to deliver 10 firm swats to my exposed buns. Then she paused and offered the brush to Pam.

“Would you like to deliver the next ten?” she asked.

I didn’t hear a reply but did hear Pam get off the sofa as she took the brush and stepped up beside me. She place one hand firmly on my back to hold my skirt out of the way, then just as firmly as Linda, gave me 10 spanks that I will not soon forget.

When she finished, Pam handed the brush back to Linda and said, “Sorry little sister, but I have never spanked anyone before. And I have always wondered what it would be like. I kind of enjoyed that.”

She took her seat again and Darryl instructed me to go get more iced tea. Tears were streaming down my face as I pulled my panties up and hurried into the kitchen. I couldn’t believe it… not only was I spanked in front of my sister, she had participated in my embarrassment.

Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves when I returned. Linda had me sit between her and Pam on the sofa while they assured me that my embarrassment was done for the afternoon.

Pam indicated that she had to be going and how much she had enjoyed the unusual afternoon. She gave me a hug, even managed to give her naked sister-in-law a hug, then was pulled into a hug by Darryl who stated how nice it had been to finally meet her and that he looked forward to more enjoyable times to come.

After she left, Linda noticed the time and said that we had better start getting ready for our evening. I was informed then that we were going out to dinner and the evening held a few surprises.

“I know just what I want you to wear so I will come with you upstairs to lay it out,” Linda said.

“Make it quick,” Darryl said with a smile. “We have something else to do first before we get ready.”

“God, does that man never tire?” Linda pretended to fuss, just before she ran up the stairs with her cute naked butt dancing with each step.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning About The Date

It was almost noon before Linda and Darryl got out of bed. I heard the shower running so I made sure that there was fresh, hot coffee for them when they finally joined me.

Darryl was the first to appear, dressed in jeans and polo shirt, freshly showered, hair still damp. As I started to get up from the table to pour his coffee, he instructed me to stay seated. He poured two cups and brought them to the table (since I had mine I knew the other was for Linda).

“How was your night?” I asked, dying to hear the details of the date. I was shocked to hear that he had flown them to Chicago for dinner.

“It’s just a ninety minute flight from airport to airport. Flying is so much easier than driving. Once airborne, the plane practically flies itself,” he said with a mischievous grin. “I am happy to report that your wife is now an official member of the Mile High Club.”

I didn’t even want to think about how they achieved that, but pictures formed in my mind anyway. He went on to tell me about the great restaurant they ate at that was on the 20th floor overlooking Lake Michigan. I knew that there was no way I could compete with him. He was definitely showing Linda adventures that I could only dream about.

And speaking of Linda, at that moment she made her entrance in grand… and very naked… style. She walked into the kitchen totally nude. I had forgotten Darryl’s instructions that she was to be naked while home during his visit. Seeing her walking around so easily and carefree was difficult to take. I also notice her freshly shaven bald pussy, something else Darryl had insisted on. She looked so vulnerable like that.

She told me about the surprise of flying to Chicago (she left out the part about joining the Mile High Club!), and the limo waiting to pick them up at the airport. Besides the dinner, they also drove around Chicago looking at sites at night, stopped to walk along Lake Michigan by the Shedd Aquarium, then back to the airport for the flight home.

“And what did you do on the return flight?” Darryl prodded her. I was getting ready to hear about him taking her in the plane.

Linda blushed as she answered, “I flew the whole way back dressed the same way I am now, totally naked.” She looked to see my reaction. I am sure my mouth was hanging open.

“Then I played with his ‘joy stick’.” She picked a banana out of the basket and proceeded to give me a visual sample by erotically sampling the fruit.

“Since it was so late at night, there were no ground crew around when we landed, so I got out of the plane and walked to the car without getting dressed. I rode home like this as well. I haven’t had any clothes on since we took off from Chicago!”

I was trying to absorb all of this while we sat there talking about their evening and the rest of the day to come. We were going to relax around the house all afternoon, then get ready to go out for dinner around seven. My head was spinning from all of this and I wasn’t really thinking straight, when all of a sudden something was said that brought me back to reality.

“Oh, I just remembered,” I said sitting up at the table. “Pam is coming by sometime this afternoon. She wants to meet Darryl.”

“Pam is Beverly’s sister,” Linda informed Darryl. I saw her face suddenly flush with understanding as she realized that she was naked and we were going to have a houseguest dropping in. She looked at Darryl, hoping that he was also understanding what she was thinking. “Ahh, about Pam being here…” she quietly said to Darryl.

“Linda, you agreed to the rules on how you are to be dressed while home. You knew that there was a chance that someone might stop in. There will be no changing the rules just because your sister-in-law might drop in,” Darryl stated firmly as Linda dropped her head in acceptance.

I wanted to scream “she can’t be naked in front of my sister while you are here. What will Pam think?” But I remained quiet, knowing that if Linda was willing to accept her fate, then so must I. I wasn’t worried about being dressed as Beverly in front of Pam as she had seen me that way several times now and was very accepting of her brother now being her sister. Pam also knew about Linda being intimate with Darryl and that they were sleeping together during his stay. But Pam seeing Linda walking around the house naked in front of Darryl and me was another matter all together. I wasn’t sure how that would go over.

As I was clearing the table of the light lunch I had thrown together, Darryl walked up behind Linda and gave her a hug, telling her to get over her nervousness, that everything would be alright, and he was sure that Pam would understand about Linda being naked.

“Maybe we should offer her the opportunity to get naked as well,” Darryl laughed.

I could see that Linda was as nervous as I was about that suggestion. Neither of us wanted to bring our family members into any kind of sexual situation. It was okay perhaps for some of them to know about what we were doing, but we both drew the line at including them into the ‘inner circle’. At least that is what I thought.

Suddenly, Darryl turned Linda around, picked her up and set her on the edge of the counter, then proceeded to undo his pants and let them drop to the floor. He took her right there in the kitchen! Well, I guessed my clean up duties were done for now, so I left them and went out to the living room to wait.

A few minutes later, Linda walked over to the couch, laid down and spread her legs open.

“Come here, Beverly, and clean up the nice dessert Darryl left you,” she commanded me. I hesitated for a moment, just looking at her and looking to see where Darryl was.

“I said come over here, now!” she said firmly.

I slipped over beside the couch and gingerly licked up the fresh cream pie being presented to me. I didn’t hear Darryl come back into the room, but a moment later I heard him say that my hesitation at Linda’s command had earned me a spanking from her.

Oh, boy. When will I ever learn?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Date Reaches New Heights

The Friday night date was really something, Linda told me the next morning. I wasn’t awake and didn’t hear them come home, but she told me that it was very late… or very early, depending on your point of view… and for good reason.

I have mentioned in previous posts that Darryl has his own airplane. In fact, one of the first time times Linda met Darryl was when he flew us up to Wisconsin (we live in Iowa) for an evening dinner. For their big date night, he decided to outdo even that by flying Linda to Chicago for their night out. I can only imagine how exciting and romantic it must have been to fly over the big city with all of those lights, land at a small airport where a limo waited to take them to a romantic dinner at a restaurant high above the city.

Saturday morning I woke up and went through my usual morning routine, well, as routine as things get when Darryl is sleeping with Linda, dressed in a simple skirt and blouse, put on make-up and combed my hair into a feminine style, and headed to the kitchen to start the coffee and breakfast. I found a note on the table from Linda stating that they had gotten in late, would be sleeping in, and did not want to be disturbed until they called me. So, with nothing else further to do but wait, I fixed myself coffee and made a batch of muffins.

I was still sitting at the table eating a muffin and reading the paper at ten o’clock when the phone rang. It was my sister, Pam, calling to see how our evening had gone. She knew that Darryl was visiting as I had shared a long conversation earlier in the week while we were getting pedicures together.

With difficulty, I explained that Darryl had taken Linda out on a solo date and had gotten in late so I hadn’t had a chance yet to talk to her and get any details on their evening out.

“So I take it you and Linda are not sharing a bed while Darryl is visiting?” Pam asked. I could tell she was smiling at my discomfort. I had to admit to her that I was sleeping alone in the guest room, a very difficult thing to tell your sister I might add.

“Is it ok if I stop by later so I can meet Darryl?” she asked. We had talked about that previously so I was not surprised by her inquiry.

“I’m not sure when they will be up, so why don’t you come by this afternoon,” I replied. I knew Linda would enjoy my discomfort while she would be able to show Darryl off to my sister. At the same time, I worried about what Darryl might do in front of Pam.

The phone call must have awaken the lovers sharing my marital bed because I heard their voices when I walked by the closed door. Hearing them awake, I went and prepared a tray of coffee and warm muffins for them. I knocked and was sure I had heard someone tell me to come in. As I opened the door, I was greeted with the site of Linda, naked, lying on top of Darryl. At first, I thought that I had walked in on them making love, but realized that they were just having a conversation. And what an interesting position for a casual talk!

“Good morning, Beverly. What have you brought us? Something smells good,” Linda said as she turned her head to look at me, but not moving from atop Darryl.

“Just leave that for now,” Darryl instructed. “We need to work up a bit of an appetite first.” Linda laughed at the sexual innuendo as she buried her face into Darryl’s chest hair.

“I just love a hairy man,” she purred at him, driving home the difference between Darryl and me and the fact that my chest was shaven clean.

Just as I was turning to leave, he said, “Beverly, come over here and give me a hand.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant until I got beside the bed and he pulled the cover off his legs to show his naked hardening cock resting on his leg.

“Reach down there and give my cock some nice strokes to get me good and hard for your wife.” He wanted me to masturbate him so he could fuck Linda! She spread her legs apart to give me easy access to her lover’s cock.

Reluctantly, I took hold of his member and started stroking it up and down. I felt it thicken in my hand. After a couple of minutes of manipulations, he instructed me to rub his cock along Linda’s moist pussy lips. As I did, she repositioned herself to allow the head of the cock to ease between her folds. I was fucking my wife with another man’s cock! Each stroke eased it in and out of her pussy. Finally, she decided that he was hard enough because she sat up and allowed his cock to slip totally inside her, pushing my hand away in the process.

Since they were involved in their own sexual world, I quietly slipped out of the room and retreated to my own bedroom. My hand soon found itself wrapped around another cock. This time the pleasure was all mine.

What a strange, yet interesting Saturday this was going to be!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Their Date

That Friday was a long and lonely day. I had little to look forward to as I knew that Linda and Darryl would be going out for the evening without me. I had little housework to do because I had cleaned so thoroughly for several days leading up to the weekend. I decided to wash the bedding in the master bedroom because I was sure that it would be quite soiled from the night’s workout. Sure enough, when I pulled back the blankets there were several ‘wet spots’ in the sheets. It looked like a sexual war had been fought on that silky battlefield.

Once I had the laundry done and the bed remade, I again found myself bored and left with only my thoughts to fill my mind. I was worried about Linda and Darryl being out and seen by people we knew. I wasn’t ready to handle the rumors that could be starting over their date night.

Linda got home from work around five and quickly set about getting ready for her date with Darryl. She told me to stay downstairs until she was ready as she didn’t want me to see how she looked until she came down.

Darryl breezed in just before six, ordered me to fix him a drink, then headed upstairs to shower and dress. I knocked on the bedroom door with his drink in hand, and heard Linda tell me to come in. She was sitting at her vanity finishing her make-up. I told her I had a drink for Darryl and set it on the dresser. She stood up and asked, “How do I look?”

She was stunning, wearing the black dress that she had worn on New Years Eve in Florida. All I could as was ‘wow!’

“I want you to go change into the cute little sissy dress that Mother bought you,” she ordered. “Be sure to put on the ruffled panties with it!”

I wasn’t quite sure why she would want me to wear that, but I obediently went to my room and changed into the frilly pink concoction. It reeked of sissyness. Once on, I felt like I was four years old. This was not a dress that a grownup woman would wear, or even a young woman. That dress just sang out ‘little girl’.

Darryl and Linda were sharing cocktails as I walked into the living room. I immediately understood the significance of my chosen apparel. They were dressed for an evening out; her in her black dress and him in a suit and tie; while I was dressed as a sissy. They were the adults heading out for the night and I was the little one left at home. Their smiles were borderline smirks. They were having a difficult time containing themselves while taking in the pink princess in front of them.

“Sweetie, you look so precious. Don’t you agree, Honey?” Linda purred while Darryl just rolled his eyes at me as his arm snaked around her waist.

“I want you in bed by nine. And no alcohol for you tonight. We won’t be home till late so no waiting up. Will you be alright or should I get a sitter for you?”

I was blushing beet red as I told her that I would be just fine.

“I know you haven’t fixed anything for dinner since you were going to be eating alone, so I ordered a pizza for you. It should be here in ten minutes. The money is on the coffee table. Now don’t get any ideas of trying to go change before it gets here. You are to stay dressed like that until you go to bed. Then you can put on your pink babydoll nightie,” she said, then kissed me on the forehead before heading out the door.

Darryl gave me one last look and smirk before following her out. “Goodnight Sweetheart. Have a good night.” And with that I was once again alone.

The pizza delivery person was a young man of about 19, who really showed his surprise on his face when he saw me. He never took his eyes off me, didn’t even bother to check how much money I had handed him. I had to shove the door closed in his face to get him to leave. I am sure he would have stood there staring at me all night if given the chance.

Even with all of that going on, I still think the most difficult part of the entire day was trying to go to sleep at nine o’clock while thinking about the two of them out on their date. I was really understanding and feeling what cuckolding was all about. Linda had made sure that I saw the difference between Darryl and me… the alpha male and the sissy.

However, the even bigger surprise came when I found out about the details of the date.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Morning Silence

It was a fitful night’s sleep that greeted me Thursday night. I could hear Linda and Darryl making love in the other bedroom. For some reason they had not closed the door so the sounds waffled down the hallway to my bedroom. I’m not sure how long they were at it, but there was no doubt that they were making up for lost time. I just hoped that Linda would be able to walk in the morning.

With only a few hours of sleep, I managed to pry myself out of be in the morning, shower, slip into a dress, and put a light covering of makeup on. Then I headed down through the quiet house to the kitchen to start the coffee for the sleeping lovers. I was surprised to find Darryl standing at the counter drinking a cup of fresh brew.

“Good morning Beverly,” he greeted me with a hug, his hands grabbing my ass in the process. “I have an early meeting and a full day so I decided to get an early start. You look nice this morning. I hope Linda and I didn’t keep you up all night. I must say, she did her best to keep me ‘up’ for most of the night,” he said with a smirk.

He poured me a cup of coffee, his hand lingered on mine as I took the cup.

“Our friendship has really changed, hasn’t it?” He was standing quite close to me as he spoke. “I don’t think either of us would have thought five years ago when we were working together that today I would be fucking your wife, sleeping in your bed, while you were serving us and enjoying every moment of it. Quite a surprise isn’t it? And you are enjoying every minute of it, aren’t you?”

I silently agreed. I couldn’t believe what a powerful presence he had. I could understand why Linda was so turned on by him. He just oozed confidence as well as sexual strength.

He took back my coffee cup from my hands, I hadn’t even had a sip of the dark liquid yet. He then placed his hands on each of my shoulders and applied soft, yet firm pressure.

“I think you should send me off on my day with the proper encouragement of a sissy to her master,” he spoke softly, yet we both knew exactly what he meant, and I sunk to my knees in front of him.

Without a word being spoken by me yet to him that morning, I obediently reached for his belt buckle and unfastened his pants, tugging them down to the floor. His growing manhood greeted me. Can a cock smile? I was sure that his was as I leaned forward and took it into my mouth.

“What a good little sissy cocksucker you are,” he commented a few minutes later, just before unleashing his hot load into the back of my mouth without warning. Like a faithful dog, he patted me on the top of my head as he retracted the softening cock from my mouth and instructed me to pull his pants back into place.

“I must be going now. Take a cup of coffee up to Linda. She is waiting for you. I will see you this evening when I get home.” And with that he walked out of the kitchen and left me still kneeling on the floor. I had not spoken a word yet that morning but had already been force to submit to his power.

I drank my luke-warm coffee, filled a cup for Linda, and headed for her bedroom. She was stretched out naked on the bed when I came in. She sat up and took the coffee from me. I couldn’t get over how ‘used’ she looked. She really looked like she had a rough night of sex and little sleep.

“Why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee and come back here and join me,” she said.

Returning with the cup, I sat on the bed beside her. She had a funny look on her face that let me know that something was up. She sat her cup down and reached down on the floor beside her, bringing up a used condom!

“Darryl left you a little something for your coffee.” She proceeded to pour the cum from the condom into my cup, smiling at me as she did this. “Drink up,” she commanded with a smile. She watched as I took a sip of the strange concoction.

“Darryl must have really missed me. I think we fucked five times last night. I wanted to welcome him with a blow job, but he said that he was leaving the blow job duties to you. Did you give him one this morning?”

I nodded in agreement without looking at her, keeping my eyes on my laced coffee.

“I think he has become more forceful this time. He just seemed to overpower me. I was unable to think for myself and just did everything he wanted. I’ve never been with a man like him. The two of you are so different. I find it hard to believe that you have been friends for so long. I could see it if you had been his sissy bitch all of these years, but not friends.” Linda looked at me but didn’t expect me to answer, knowing that I could not explain it either.

“I had better get up and get going or I am going to be late for work. Remember, he is taking me out for dinner tonight so you don’t have to worry about fixing us anything. Go ahead and take my cup to the kitchen. I can get my own clothes out this morning,” she said as she got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom.

I sat there, stunned, on the bed for a full minute as I heard the shower running. This had been a strange start to a day. I had already taken two loads of Darryl’s cum, and I still hadn’t said a word to anyone. Maybe silence is golden.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Darryl's Visit - Thursday

I spent last Thursday getting things ready for Darryl’s visit. I don’t know why I was so nervous, I mean, after all, he is an old friend who has seen me as Beverly many times now. And let’s be honest, he really isn’t coming to see me. He wants to stay here so he can spend time with Linda, enjoying sex with her at my expense.

Linda didn’t say much when she left for work this morning, just ‘make sure the house is ready for Darryl’s visit’. She didn’t even ask me what was for dinner or tell me what she wanted me to be wearing when he got here later.

I had the house prepped and dinner in the oven cooking away all by mid-afternoon. That left me with time to get myself ready. I went and took a long, soaking bath, shaved my body head to toe, painted my nails, selected my undies (matching set of course), put on my make-up using extra care, and picked out a skirt and blouse to wear. My hair was starting to grow out, and Meghan had done a great job on my last salon visit of highlighting and shaping it into a cute feminine style, so I decided to fix it up and forego the wig. Besides, it would be cooler for this warm summer day.

Linda came flying in the door at 4:30, shouting for me to follow her to the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom just as she was stepping out of her skirt, which she threw at me with implied instructions to take care of it.

“I need to take a quick shower. Lay out some clothes for me. You know, sexy underwear set, oh, and my summer sundress that I like so much,” she stated as she left her clothes in a pile on the floor and rushed, naked, into the bathroom. “By the way, you look very nice. I like what you are doing with your hair.”

I picked up the pile of clothes, put them in the hamper, and then went about laying out her outfit for the evening. I knew that she would want nylons and a garter belt along with matching bra and panty. I still feel weird picking out undies for her wear for her boyfriend. Just as I placed the dress on the bed she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, which quickly ended up on the floor for me to pick up. She made no comment on my selections, just got silently dressed without a look my way. I am sure her mind was on the evening ahead and I was not involved in the intimate thoughts. I just stood there silently waiting for further instructions.

Finally, she seemed to realize that I was still present and spoke without looking at me. “I am okay here. Why don’t you go take care of dinner and wait for Darryl’s arrival. Tell him I will be down shortly.” With that, I was dismissed. The tone for the evening had been established.

Twenty minutes later, while I was working in the kitchen, the doorbell chime announced Darryl’s arrival. He stepped in as I opened the door… I think he half expected a curtsy out of me… smiled as he took in my appearance, and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek in a warm greeting. His bag was by the outside door and he glanced at it, and said, “would you be so kind as to take that up to my bedroom.” He didn’t say which bedroom was ‘his’, but we both knew that he meant the master bedroom that he would be sharing with Linda.

As I entered the bedroom, Linda was spraying herself with perfume, including a spritz under her skirt. The meaning of this was not lost on me and she smiled as she saw my recognition. She wanted to smell nice ‘down there’ for Darryl.

I silently place his bag on the floor by the bed, then retreated out the door, to be followed by a “tell him I will be down in a minute.” It was clear that Linda wanted to make a grand entrance for her beau.

Fortunately, I was in the kitchen when she came down, so I missed their welcome to each other. I was surprised that I wasn’t summoned to prepare cocktails for them. I found them in a tight embrace when I came to announce that dinner was ready. It took them a full minute to pull themselves apart and come to the dinner table.

Over dinner Darryl filled us in on his latest activities and his business ventures that brought him to town (he is developing a strip mall). He informed us that he would be very busy all day Friday but would be taking Linda out for a late dinner… without me! They would be having a solo date in our hometown. Linda saw the worried look on my face and I am sure she was concerned as well. She had to work in this community and we knew many people. Being seen out on a date with another man was risky for her.

Darryl seemed to read our thoughts, or anticipated our reaction. “Don’t worry. I will be taking you someplace safe and out of the way,” he reassured her.

I was quiet throughout dinner as most of the conversation centered around the two of them. Darryl did set down some rules for the weekend.

Addressing me, he stated, “While I am here, you will be dressed as Beverly as you are now. Not as a maid, but as either fully feminine or in sissy attire, unless instructed otherwise. That means inside the house as well as out.” He did not ask for my understanding or acceptance as it was understood that both were implied.

Turning to Linda, he said, “you and I will be a couple all weekend, no matter where we go or what we do. That means that if we are seen by other people, they will know that we are ‘together’. Do you understand?” Nervously, but without hesitation, Linda nodded her head in agreement. I know we were both scared where that might lead and what consequences it might have. I half expected some comment by Linda, but she accepted her role without question.

“Also, like when you were in Florida at the condo, after this evening you will be naked at all times in this house unless instructed otherwise.” This time Darryl did not ask for her agreement.

With the rules established, he sat back in his chair with a satisfied smiled. He was king of this castle once again.

I cleared the table as they retired to the living room. Once I had cleaned the kitchen, I went to join them. I found Linda naked and standing before a seated Darryl. He was just sitting there looking at her, taking in her naked beauty from head to toe. He made a gesture with his hand and she obediently turned slowly around so he could view her backside. As she turned full circle, he reached out and grasped her pubic hair.

“I want this gone tonight. After we go to bed, go and shave your pussy bald. Make sure it stays that way,” he ordered. I didn’t know if he had meant for this weekend or permanently.

“I promised you a spanking and I think we should get that out of the way right now. Assume the position,” he instructed as Linda stretched out over his knees. “Beverly, go get me a hairbrush.” I could see the panic look on Linda’s face, as she had never been spanked by anything other than his hand. We both knew that this was going to hurt a lot worse than any spanking she has had before.

When I returned with the brush, he was softly caressing her bottom, reassuring her that he would be fair. Then he proceeded to give her ten very loud, and I am sure very painful, swats. She had tears streaming down her face, but she never uttered a sound. I was worried about how she was feeling. Darryl found the answer for me.

He set the brush down then took his hand and forced her knees apart, exposing her pussy in the process. He rubbed his fingers along her slit, then sunk two fingers between her folds.

“Your pussy is gushing because you liked being spanked like that. It turned you on, didn’t it?”

He was right. Linda’s pussy was glistening with her flowing juices. I was shocked by her reaction. She was, indeed, very turned on.

“Come then,” Darryl instructed as he gently pushed Linda off his knees. “Let’s go to the bedroom and enjoy the rest of the night.”

With that, they walked hand-in-hand up the stairs without any further words to me. I was left standing in the living, recovering from witnessing my wife turned on by a firm spanking.

As I headed up the stairs, I stopped by the open bedroom doorway and looked in to see them lying on the bed in a lover’s embrace. Once again, I was out of their minds and left in my own little world.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

All I can say is WOW!

It has been a very interesting weekend. Darryl just left so hopefully life can return to normal again... if that is possible at all! There is so much to tell so let me get my head around all of this and I will report back with several posts this week. Be sure to check back regularly if you are interested in all of the details!
And just to be clear, I am not permitted to post photos of Darryl at all. Also, Linda does not want her face appearing on my blog. You will see many photos accompanying my blogs that are used for illustration only. There may be some actual photos of Linda used but they will not show her face. So when in doubt assume that the photos are stock photos used to enhance the posting. How's that for a disclaimer!
Ok, I am going to try to get a good night's sleep and recover from these last four hectic days. More to come soon.