Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Little Black Dress

Shopping is always fun, but shopping with a purpose, especially when I don’t know the reason behind it, was a truly erotic endeavor.

We went out this past weekend in search of a little black dress for Linda. She announced to me Saturday morning that she needed to buy a new LBD. However, she would not tell me why. We went to three stores before coming upon the right sexy little number. I kept trying to get details on what brought this on, knowing full well that she had at least three such dresses presently in her closet. All she would say is that they were not right for what she needed; that primarily being ‘something new’. I suspected that there had been some prompting going on, most likely from our friend Darryl.

With that in mind, I went from rack to rack pulling out dresses for her to consider. At first, the dresses I selected were fairly normal in style. They were all rejected with hardly a look. As my selections became sexier, her attention heightened. The first store had nothing to offer, the second one or two for her to try on; the third store was a goldmine. She must have tried on at least six dresses there.

It is really an erotic experience to watch your wife try on sexy dresses and know that there is no occasion in your schedule for her to wear it. Plus, she wasn’t even looking at the price tag, something that is totally out of character for her.

A big surprise came at the third store. While she was trying on the first couple of dresses, I was looking through the racks for other possibilities. Naturally, I also was looking at a few that just happened to be in my size. Linda came out of the dressing room in one dress as I was looking at a dress in my size. “Grab a couple of those and bring them into the changing room.”

It sounded like a wonderful opportunity, so I selected three off the rack, quickly looked around to be sure I wasn’t being observed, and headed into the changing area. The good thing about shopping for dressy dresses off-season on a Saturday morning is that there is no one else there to bother us. I was soon in the changing room stripping out of my guy clothes and pulling on a dress. As I looked over at Linda I got another surprise. She had just taken off a dress and was about to put on another. There she stood in ultra sexy undies: black strapless bra, matching bikini panties, and thigh-high stockings attached to a skimpy garter belt. It has been a long time since I have seen her wearing anything so sexy and a real surprise to see it on a Saturday morning. “I need to make sure that everything looks good together” she informed me. From that I knew that whenever she wore that black dress she would be well dressed from top to bottom.

She helped me with my zipper then stepped out to use the 3-way mirror in the hall. As she did she instructed me to step out as well so I could also view myself in the mirror. As I stepped up to the mirror, a sales clerk entered the dressing area. She was quite surprised to see me standing there in a dress, looked to see Linda in her dress, smiled and asked if we were finding everything alright, acting like it was the most natural thing in the world for a husband and wife to be trying on dresses together.

It took another half hour for Linda to finish trying on all of the dresses, going back to her favorite one last time, all of that time I was in one of the dresses I had selected. With her final selection made, she told me that I could buy the dress I had my eye on for myself. I certainly didn’t need the dress but wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity.

As we headed to the check-out I offered to carry both dresses as she paid for them. She held on to hers and said “we will pay for our own dresses this time.” So as we checked out there was no mistaking that each of us were getting new dresses. It was a different clerk who ran us up then the one who had come into the dressing area. So now two clerks knew about our shopping adventure. She asked if we were going to wear our dresses to the same event. Linda answered no, that she didn’t know when I would be wearing mine but she would be wearing hers soon. The clerk handed me my dress and said “I hope you get an opportunity to wear yours soon as well.” I am sure I was bright red the entire time we were checking out.

When we got home Linda changed out of her sexy lingerie, handed them to me, and instructed me to wash them by hand. I asked her how soon she needed them and she replied simply, “soon”.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This morning Linda announces to me “I need to buy a little black dress and I want you to come with me to pick it out.” I wasn’t surprised by her wanting me to accompany her shopping. When you are married to a cross dresser like me, you have someone who loves to shop for dresses. What surprised me was WHY does she need a little black dress?

Oh sure, no wardrobe is complete without a LBT hanging in it. But I couldn’t understand why she needed to buy one now. As far as I know we have nothing going on in the near future that requires us dressing up. When I asked her why, she was very coy and noncommittal in her response.

Something is up, but I don’t know what.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A personal moment please.

By now you have probably heard about the terrible flooding that took place in Iowa this last week. I live in the city that was the hardest hit as the river cuts through the middle of the city, dividing it in two. Our entire downtown business district was in water ranging from a few inches to over eight feet deep. Every bridge in the downtown area was under water except the interstate bridge, so there is only one way to get from one side of the city to the other. Many people have lost their homes, businesses, and jobs. It is going to take months, if not years, to recover and rebuild.

I was fortunate that my family and friends were lucky and did not suffer any damage. Sometimes it is hard not to feel guilty to have been spared any sacrifice. So now we do what we can to help those who need our help.

I just wanted to take a moment and share this. If you believe in the power of prayer, the people of Iowa would welcome yours. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to share something outside of the lifestyle in which we enjoy indulging.


Act of kindness

It is interesting how sometimes the simplest acts of kindness can take on so much hidden meaning. Last night Linda asked me to give her a foot rub. This is not something we do often, in fact I can’t remember the last time I did that for her. And she asked me very nicely if I would do it; she didn’t instruct me or order me to do it. And so I was very happy to oblige her this small task.

She stretched out on the couch and I sat on the floor by her feet. I spend a long time massaging them. I could tell that she enjoyed my efforts. In this case, there was nothing submissive about me taking care of her needs, nothing dominating in the way she asked me to do it. At the same time, I think the outcome would have been the same. Of course, I would have done it if ‘ordered’ and she would have enjoyed it. But we were able to just enjoy each other and the moment without having to think about it in terms of ‘roles’. We were just a couple enjoying each other’s company.

I don’t know if this makes much sense, or is very interesting. It’s just that sometimes I get so wrapped up in the roles we are suppose to play; dominate, submissive, feminine, sissy… that I forget just to enjoy the relationship. Last night reminded why we are together as a couple… because we enjoy spending time together, and it doesn’t matter what we are doing or why we are doing it. It just felt good.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunday's family party

I didn’t sleep well after Saturday night’s party. I think in part still being wound up after all of the fun and laughter, and part not knowing what was going to happen at Sunday’s party with our family members.

Linda had done a good job of teasing, but keeping things under control the night before. I had expected being exposed to my friends as her sissy househusband. There were some comments made, mostly by two of her friends, about what a good cook I was and how I kept the house looking so nice. Fortunately, they didn’t expound on it in front of their husbands or the other guests, so I was spared some humiliation. I was sure that Sunday’s gathering would be a different story.

I was pleasantly surprised Sunday morning when Linda didn’t have any instructions for me on what I was to wear. She did say that, since it was going to be rather warm, I should wear shorts. For most men this would not be a big deal. But I keep my body shaven, head to toe, because I am often wearing dresses or skirts, and hairy legs would look gross. So I knew that by wearing shorts that my shaven legs would be on display for all to see. I know that there are a lot of men out there who have very little leg hair, but in my family the opposite is true. I come from a family of hairy men, so my shaven legs would really stand out.

As I was preparing the dinner (I know, I had to do all of the cooking for my own party!), Linda walked into the kitchen, looked at me, and got an expression on her face that screamed ‘you had better put on an apron!’. I reached into my apron drawer and took out one her mother had given me, one that was long but not overly feminine. However, it did cover my shorts completely and looked like I was wearing a dress and my smooth legs really stood out. This is how her mother, sister, and my brother-in-law discovered me when they arrived. My sister commented on how cute I looked while John just shook his head and walked out of the room.

My mother was next to arrive with my sister and her husband Bill. Mom got a perplexed look on her face as I walked past her carrying food to the table. When she saw me from the back she exclaimed “oh, you are wearing something under that apron. I thought maybe it was a dress.” The ladies all laughed at that as I turned beet red. Fortunately, Linda didn’t say anything to me as I removed the apron to sit down to eat.

The dinner conversation was light and my previous appearance was not mentioned. After dinner, I briefly thought that perhaps I would be excused from cleanup duty to be able to relax with John and Bill in the other room, but a quick look from Linda cancelled that thought. As I got up to clear the table, John made a comment reminding me to put on my ‘pretty apron’. As I slipped it back on I realized that the ladies had remained seated at the table. They were going to sit there as I cleaned up. So there I was working away as everyone else in the house relaxed. On my last trip from the table to kitchen Linda told me to wash the dishes by hand because the dishwasher was so noisy that they wouldn’t be able to talk. I could see my sister whispering something to my mother and she nodded her head in agreement. As I stood at the sink Mom said “you really have nice legs. I bet they would look good in high heels.”

“Oh, they do.” Linda answered. Turning to me she said “Why don’t you go get a pair and put them on. And put hose on with them.”

I stood there, shocked by her instructions. Then, without a word, I left the kitchen and went to the bedroom. Unfortunately, this trip requires walking through the living room so John and Bill saw me wearing the apron. Of course the return trip was worse as now I was wearing nylons and women’s shoes with 3” heels. The men burst out laughing when they saw me. The women had me stop by the table so they could look at my legs and shoes.

My sister was the first to comment. “You do you have great legs. I’m sure Bill and John thought so too.”

My mother asked if those were Linda’s shoes and Linda informed them that the shoes were, in fact, mine, and that I had several pairs of ‘nice shoes’.

I was sure that the conversation was going to take off on discussing my feminine antics, but nothing further was said. Instead, talk centered around summer plans, movies everyone had seen, and other normal, mundane topics. I was left to finish my dishes, clean up the kitchen, and serve coffee. Nothing more was said about my appearance, not even by the men as I took coffee out to them. They just said ‘thanks’ like there was nothing out of the ordinary and it was any of the ‘women’ serving them coffee. I had been partially ‘outed’ to our family members, and everyone took it in stride. Even as they were leaving and hugs were given to the women, and handshakes to the men, no comments were made about my shoes, my shaven legs now clad in nylon, or the apron I wore that looked like a dress with my ensemble. It was almost eerie how accepting it was. I could only imagine what the future would hold me. Would it be long before Beverly became a part of the family gatherings?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Party

I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were having a dozen of our closest friends over on Saturday night to celebrate me completing my Masters. That was the idea, but the reason was really just an opportunity to share laughter and finally relax. As this was a mixture of a few of my friends from work and our friends we socialize with frequently, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Linda regarding exposing my role as her housewife in our wife-lead marriage. Several of the wives attending had seen me as Beverly when I served as the maid for Linda’s recent party. And one of the husbands had seen me in my outfit when he came to pick up his wife from the party. She made sure that he got a good look at me as I was forced to stand there on display for him. I suspected that he had told our male friends about this at the first opportunity because it had been awhile since any of them had called to invite me to golf or a poker night. If this had been a gathering of only those friends, I am sure Beverly would be making an appearance. But since this was a mixed crowd, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Linda regarding that.

In the past she has said that she has become comfortable enough with me in the wife role that she is not afraid to let others know that it is my preferred appearance. I asked her if she had told others about my dressing and our lifestyle change. She admitted that she keeps her best friend, Anna, abreast of my progress as well as a few of the girls from her party. She did say that as others start to discover our lifestyle changes that she felt that she will probably not hesitate to explain what is going on. I asked her if that included family and she said that her sister and her mother now know and have probably told her other family members. And she said that she thought my mother and sister would understand if they knew.

Now I was faced with wondering if all of my friends were about to find out as well. The evening started out well with me being allowed to pick out my own clothes. I remember the last time we had Darryl over to dinner and Linda had me dressing totally feminine, but not allowing me to wear make-up or a wig to complete the look, thus leaving me looking very much the feminized sissy. It looked like I was going to be able to avoid that in front of my friends.

Several months ago when I first started this blog, I had written… “I do wish that she would give me orders or leave me instructions. I wish she would discipline me when I do something wrong or not to her liking. A spanking to straighten me out would be great. Withholding sex or publicly humiliating me would be a wonderful learning experience. However, I know that she would never think of that on her own, nor would it be something that would come easily to her. She is not the bossy type naturally.” She has come a long way since I wrote that, to the point that now I don’t know what to expect out of her. She has said that the time would come when all of our friends and family would know about my womanly preference. Now I feared that this weekend would find me realizing that fate.

Not to leave you in suspense, it turned out to be a relatively calm party for me. There were a few references about my role as housewife by Pam, Barb, and Nancy. They had been at the Super Bowl party as well as at Linda’s party, and had seen me serve as the maid. They talked about how nice everything looked and how great the food was, complimenting me by saying that it certainly had the woman’s touch. But that was as far as it went. I noticed that some of my guy pals were kind of quiet around me, as if not sure what they should talk about, almost like when a woman enters the sacred ‘men’s circle’. Other than that, the party was great, just what I needed to unwind from my long academic endeavor.

I asked Linda about that after everyone had gone. She replied that it was my night and that she wanted me to enjoy myself with no worries. Believe me, the worries were there all night as I never knew what to expect and was constantly waiting for the ‘shoe to drop’. I guess, in a way, that had been torture in its own way. The anticipation was her discipline for me. Very clever, that gal!

And Sunday was yet another party.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finally getting back for updates

So much has happened that I hardly know where to begin. I will break this into several parts and post them over the next few days so that the posts don’t get too long.

As I mentioned in my last post (I can’t believe how long ago that was!), I recently finished up something that I have been working towards for a long time… that being a Master’s degree. With that finally behind me, my workload and outside activities and requirements will now drop drastically. I should be able to concentrate on getting back to enjoying life, and especially being my wife’s housewife.

To celebrate this milestone, I wanted to invite friends and family to gather in festivity and drink. We decided to break this into two parties; one for dear friends and one for family. Of course that meant several days of preparation on my part… cleaning the house, sprucing up the yard, planning menus, and food preparation. I didn’t care about the amount of work because I was finally done with classes and writing papers.

So let’s start with the cleaning… Believe it or not, I really like to clean. It relaxes me for some reason. I guess that it is the ability to actually see the finished results in the work. I like being able to see everything looking nice after hours of scrubbing and polishing. With that in mind, I had planned on two days of uninterrupted work time to get the house back into shape, something it desperately needed since I had been neglecting it terribly over the final weeks of school. But of course, around here nothing goes as I had hoped.

I was a few hours into housework, down on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor, when I hear a knock at the door. Before I could get up or even call out, the door opened and in walked Linda’s sister and mother.

I guess that I should mentioned at this point that since I hadn’t been able to enjoy my cleaning activities in some time, that I had decided to really get into it by dressing in my black cleaning maid’s uniform, complete with padded bra, hose, high heels, wig and make-up. In other words, I had taken on my Beverly persona with gusto. I never thought anyone would be dropping in unannounced, so their arrival and entry really caught me off-guard. They, however, did not look fazed by my appearance in the least. Looking back, I wonder if they had been tipped off and that I had been set up. Julie did not look surprised at all. She had seen me in the dress before, but not in make-up and wig. However, my mother-in-law had never seen me anywhere near this feminine, only in an apron on a few occasions. But she also did not look surprised and gave me a big smile when she saw me. So there I was, on the floor with my sponge and mop bucket, no where to run or hide.

“Don’t get up. We just wanted to stop by and see if you needed anything. It looks like you have the cleaning well in hand,” Julie said.

It was decided that since I was just about finished with the kitchen floor that I should go ahead and finish and then take a break with them. So for the next five minutes, I scrubbed while they watched, both commenting that they couldn’t remember when they last got down on the floor to clean. When I finished we all sat at the dining room table. Since the kitchen floor was wet I couldn’t offer them anything in the way of refreshment and apologized for the lack of hospitality on my part. They understood fully, and just sat and talked freely, all the while me sitting there in drag like it was totally natural. After 30 minutes, they decided that it was time to leave. Each of them gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek before leaving. Nothing else was said about my appearance. They asked what they could bring to the party, then departed.

After they left I just stood there in a daze. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and how casual they had been. Had it reached the point that my appearing so feminine was expected and accepted? What did this mean for my future? And how was this going to affect the party?