Thursday, December 31, 2009

sexy drawing

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Be safe so we can meet up here again next year.

                                       Beverly & Linda

(photo from Ginger Collins)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happiness and Disappointments

Linda and I entertained the idea of following our beloved Iowaiowa-hawkeye Hawkeye football  team to their Orange Bowl game in Miami. Unfortunately, the date is January 5th, and that would make traveling difficult because of the amount of time away from work Linda would be taking. We decided it just wouldn’t work this year for us. Of course Darryl was pushing hard for us to come back to Florida and offered us a place to stay as well as taking care of all of our transportation needs. We all know the real reason behind his hospitality… he wants Linda to come visit. They talked many times on the phone over the last two weeks, trying to see if there showing sissy off2was any way to make the trip happen. Ultimately, it was Linda who realized that she couldn’t do it because of work. We were all disappointed over it.

Roger and I haven’t talked much in recent months as the lapse time extinguished the flames of desire. I did get an email from him asking if we would be coming to Florida for the bowl game and I had to tell him no. Linda suggested that I go alone and then I could spend time with him. But as I said, those flames have died out now (though I would love to go to the game).

I had to go to a party Saturday night for Linda’s work. I really didn’t know many people there so it was pretty boring. As often happens at these kinds of things, the group segregated into guys in one room and the ladies in the kitchen/dining room. I could overhear the conversations coming from the other room, and it sounded a lot more interesting to me then listening to the guys talk about hunting and skinning animals. At one point I overheard the ladies talking about getting pedicures and wished I could have been in there to contribute my experiences. As we drove home Linda teased me about it and said I should have gotten up from the men’s group and come into the kitchen. Now I wish I had, but told her that I didn’t because I thought it would be better for her and her work  situation if her husband tried to blend in. 

“Most of the women would have understood if you joined us,” she teased. “The guys would have finally realized what a sissy I am married to, and that might have been good for me.”so prettyshowing sissy off1







I’m not sure what she really meant by that, but I blushed as I thought about it. Maybe she would like to have some of her male co-workers know that she needs a real man in her life.

This is going to be a busy week so I may not get a chance to write again until  after Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you next year.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

I realized that I have not filled you in on something that happened aftershopping Bev avitar Thanksgiving. For many years Linda and I have enjoyed going out shopping on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving here in the states that offers up great shopping deals for Christmas at the expense of putting your life in peril. We like to be among the first shoppers to enter the store when the doors open, rush around snatching up bargains galore, then standing in the slowly creeping checkout lines.

This year we slept in a little and didn’t get to the first department store until it had been open for over an hour. The lines for the checkout were just under three miles long I calculated. We shopped together for about 20 minutes, then I went to get in line with arms full as Linda continued a personal goal of bringing the local economy back from the abyss. Every now and then she would return to give me something else to pay for or to ask my opinion, me being the world’s greatest shopper and all.

I am a very social person and love to strike up a conversation with anyone around me. As luck would have it, several friendly and chatty women surrounded me. They commented on what a good husband I was to be out that early shopping. Several agreed that there was no way that their husbands would be willing to stand in line like I was and that my wife was very lucky. As the line slowly crept along we all got to know one another and talked and shared quite freely about what each were buying. And then the fun really began.

I was chatting with them when Linda suddenly appeared at my elbow.

“Having fun?” she inquired. I assured her that I was and warmly introduced her to my new female friends.

“I am so glad that you are making new friends. Perhaps they can offer their opinions on what I have for you,” Linda smiled. Then she proceeded to show all of us (and those others spanty shopping2tanding around being bored) the panties and bra sets she had selected for me. “Won’t he look adorable in these?” she asked as she held out a pink lacy bra and panty. panty shopping1






I was shocked as I stood there like a stone as watched shared glances and whispers being exchanged. The gal in front of me recovered quickly and whisper3asked “those are for him to wear?” Linda assured her that they were and were also similar to the set I was wearing at that moment. 

You would think that by now I would be ready and anticipating Linda pulling something like that. But I was caught off guard as much as my shopping companions were. Linda handed them to me and took off to do more shopping. The silence that followed only lasted about ten seconds before the woman directly in back of me commented “there’s another thing I couldn’t get my husband to do.”

Everyone laughed, including myself, and the awkward moment passed. As we approached the checkout, the woman in front turned and stated to me, “you certainly made this time a lot more fun.”

It was one shopping trip I will always remember.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Things Have Changed

Linda and I used to spice up our love life with fantasy games. We would take turns tying each other up, using blindfolds to heighten the senses, maybe even incorporate a little spanking or nipple play just to make things more interesting and exciting. But that has now changed.

blindfolded1Recently, when we had an evening home without anything vying for our time, I brought out ‘the toy box’ that we keep hidden away for special playtimes. I thought I would surprise Linda by tied to chairblindfolding her, tie her erotically to the bed, and tease her for hours. I had spent some time during  the day planning on when and what I would do once I had her restrained.

I approached her with the blindfold in hand, asking if she would like to have a little fun. The look that came across her face stopped me dead in my tracks.

taking her“That would mean that I would have to be submissive to you while you dominated me,” she said slowly. “I’m sorry, Honey, but I just don’t see you that  way anymore. I’m afraid that I cannot get into you trying to dominate me any more then I could see Darryl putting on a dress and lingerie. It’s just not going to happen.”

I was totally surprised and humiliated. So much had changed over the last couple of years, our roles have been so firmly defined, she no longer would allow me to try to go back to being the man she married. Never would I have thought this chosen path would turn out to be one with no return available.

I am not sure if this is permanent or not, but for the foreseeable time it appears that I will remain the submissive one. I guess I am okay with that.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We knew it would happen, it was so predictable. I’m talking about our relationship… Linda’s and mine. Let another person, in this case Darryl, into a relationship and it changes the dynamics such that, once introduced, cannot be changed back. And right now, I’m not sure either of us would want to go back.

I think in many cases the transition from a wife-led marriage to a cuckold marriage is an easy, predictable, and perhaps almost normal. Now I’m not saying anything about our relationship is ‘normal’. After all, what could be normal about a relationship with a crossdressing house-husband who has become the wife and willingly stands by while the real woman in the relationship is free to have a love affair with another man?

We have found a balance where we are both happy with our roles. I love trying to please Linda daily by reducing some stress and responsibility on the home front. She happily accepts my need to submit as I get wrapped up in the mundane daily chores as well as my willingness to allow her to demonstrate her dominate personality in private as well as in front of others. When it works out right it is so damn good!

The change that really stands out for us now is the sexual dynamic. Linda could easily call her new theme song “You Don’t Bring Me Orgasms Anymore” (sorry Neil Diamond). That’s not entirely true. I just don’t fit the bill in the intercourse role like I use to. Fortunately, I have adapted to other ways of pleasing her in bed.

Linda still has needs and enjoys being penetrated by a cock. And mine still functions quite nicely, so she has it at her disposal whenever she needs it. I just know that if she does have an orgasm during sex with me, it isn’t because of anything I am doing.

One area that this really shows up is in our fantasy play, something we use to incorporate often into our lovemaking a few years ago. I will address that in my next post.

Can you believe it’s December already? Where did the year go?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Survivor - Thanksgiving

We survived the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with the only casualty being to my waistline. I wish I could figure out why I think that there has to be three times as much food available as we could possibly eat.

This year found Linda and I once again hosting both families at our house. The difference this time was that we dined with the two families on different days. We fed her family on Wednesday evening and my family on Thursday at noon. It seems to work better that way so we can both enjoy our respective families without as many worries that someone will feel slighted. By that I mean our mothers as they tend to get a bit competitive for attention.

The downside to this arrangement was that I had to prepare two meals instead of one. Also, the menu was almost identical for both days. Fortunately, that kept me from pigging out both days.

Linda made fun of me because I had prepared a spreadsheet for food preparation for both days. However, I got the last laugh as each day the all of the food was ready on time and to perfection.

I half expected that she would have me in a dress for at least one of the meals, but, fortunately, she allowed me to wear slacks and a shirt each day. Of course they were women’s black slacks and colored shirts but not overly feminine in cut or style.

However, the outline of the bra I wore each day was quite visible underneath the shirts. I know this for sure because when Linda’s sister came into the kitchen Wednesday evening, the first thing she did was come over to me to give me a hug and immediately let her hand trace the outline of my bra straps. I was busy cooking so all I could do is stand there and let her have her fun. Also, when my sister, Pam, arrived on Thursday morning, I was once again busy in the kitchen and she walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “I think one of your straps is twisted.”

I should also point out that each day I was wearing a very feminine and cute apron. On Thursday my mother’s only comment was, “you look very nice, Dear.”

For the most part it was a normal family gathering both days. I did see Pam corner Linda at one point and quietly asked her what the latest news was on Darryl.

Is he coming back here again soon? I would love to take him up on his offer to take me flying. You could come along, too, of course,” I overheard her say to Linda. She made a point of looking over at me to let me know that she was remembering what she witnessed the last time Darryl was here.

As if reading my mind, she whispered to Linda, “I still need to see Beverly in that cute little pink dress. Do you need me to baby sit sometime soon?”

Oh, boy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Off The Reservation

I fucked up, messed up big time, screwed the pooch.. you get the idea. For some reason I rebelled this past week. I temporarily walked away from the wife-led marriage and I really don’t know why.

It started on Tuesday when I was having trouble getting into the flow of the week. I usually love cleaning and puttering around the house making it look nice. But that day I just couldn’t get into the routine. Nothing was motivating me and I really didn’t care if I had the place in tip-top shape by the time Linda got home. Even knowing that she would be displeased with me wasn’t motivating me.

Then came the meal planning, nothing was sounding good and I really didn’t want to cook. I was really out of sorts and couldn’t get focused. Somehow, I had slipped into a blue funk and nothing was getting me out of it. Also, no one was around that I could call and talk to about my problem. Linda was in meetings at work, my sister, Pam, wasn’t home, even my mother was gone. I had nowhere to turn and no one to help me. So, I just sat in the living room and watched TV. Now I almost never turn on the TV during the day, so this was very unusual for me.

That is where Linda found me when she got home. I tried to explain to her what I was going through, but it was difficult to put it into words. She offered to fix dinner and left me sitting on the sofa as she went to the kitchen. I usually get pretty protective of my kitchen and don’t want anyone messing with it, but that night it barely registered with me.

I wish I could say that having her home snapped me out of it, but it’s almost a week later and I still am struggling. I am forcing myself to try to get back into the routine, but it’s not coming easily.

I am sure that many of you struggle with trying to maintain a particular on-going lifestyle. It’s not all glitz and glamour. Daily life often forces its way into our nirvana and drags us, kicking and screaming, back to reality. I guess I should feel fortunate that I have been able to sustain my dream for as long as I have. It just feels shitty to have it disrupted. I can only hope that this is short-lived.

How do you deal with it?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween Follow-Up

Yes, I am finally getting back and updating my blog. I must confess that I just ran into a case of writer’s block or maybe more like not having the desire to sit down in front of the computer and write. I feel bad that I have neglected my responsibilities to my faithful readers. I can’t promise that I will be keeping up any regular schedule, especially around the holidays, but I will try my best to make at least weekly additions to this site. And if anything really exciting happens, I will report it immediately. I promise!

I guess I should start by going back to where my last post left off… Halloween. For my costume, I just couldn’t bring myself to wear the French maid uniform as I associate it too much with actual work… cleaning or serving at parties… so that wasn’t going to feel right for this Halloween. And I am glad I didn’t wear it as at the bar we went to there were at least three other gals dressed in French maid costumes, though none as nice as my dress. Linda was kind of pushing for me to wear the little girl’s dress full of pink ruffles and frills. It would have been cute, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to wear on a date with Jesse. So I finally decided to fall back on an old faithful outfit; the naughty nurse dress. It is a really short white dress (an actual nurse’s uniform that has been shortened) that unbuttons down the front. I added the nurse’s cap, a red garter that held a play hypodermic needle, and a stethoscope. Under it I wore a white bra, panty, and garter belt to support the sexy hose. I LOOKED HOT! I received several complements on my appearance at the bar along with the proper response from Jesse as he had a hard time keeping his hands off of me all night. [Naughty nurse picture from "Being Femm" blog]

I spent that Saturday afternoon getting ready by taking a long leisurely bubble bath and shaving all over. I remember the famous line from “When Harry Met Sally” about whether to shave your legs or not before a date, and what that means (if you shave your legs it means you are expecting to have sex).

Jesse picked me up at 7:00, and Linda, for some reason, found an excuse to be out of the house before he got there. He was dressed as a pirate (how original, I think that there were only 12 other pirates at the bar). We hadn’t seen each other in a several weeks so things were a little stiff at first. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!

We went out to dinner first, which was a bit awkward because my costume was a bit too sexy for normal dining spots, even on Halloween. I know my legs got a lot of attention as we walked to our table and I was aware of how I was sitting the whole time, being careful not to flash anyone. At least there were a few other people in costume dining there at the same time, so not all of the attention was on us. Jesse and I relaxed and got comfortable with each other during dinner, so I knew the night was going to be fun.

The bar was fabulous. If you have never been to a gay bar on Halloween, you must give it a try sometime. The costumes are fantastic and anything goes. The place was so packed that we really couldn’t dance much on the dance floor. We just stood close to each other and bobbed along with the music. My short dress must have been giving off some kind of invitation because I can’t count how many times I was pinched or groped by strange hands that night. Of course Jesse’s hands also found their way under the skirt several times as he held my ‘cheeks’ as we danced. I guess that I was feeling no pain from the drinks because at one point while we were on the dance floor I realized that he had his hand on my lower back and held the hem of my dress in his hand so that my panty-covered ass was totally exposed. It had been like that for like 10 minutes before I realized what was going on. When I pushed his hand down, he got a look on his face like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, trying to look all sweet and innocent.

As a gesture of full reporting to you, I must tell you that he did not spend the night with me. On the drive home, I playfully pulled his penis out of his pirate pants and kept him on the brink the entire drive. We got home before Linda (she had gone out with the girls) so the house was dark and quiet when we got there. We went to the guest room where we took turns undressing each other. I guess I had done too good of a job prepping him (hey, I was dressed as a nurse wasn’t I?) because as I brought my mouth close to his erection, it exploded all over my face. He was so embarrassed by his lack of control that he excused himself soon after that and left, pretty much leaving me high and dry. Damn, that’s frustrating!

I was asleep before Linda got home so we didn’t talk until the next morning. She just laughed at my frustration. “Now you know how girls feel,” she smirked.

So even though my Halloween ended on a negative note, it was a fun night otherwise. Jesse called on Sunday and apologized for his abrupt departure, feigning that he had never had that problem before (how many times have you heard that one girls?), and promised to make it up on our next date.

Jesse, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen anytime soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surviving work, returning to play.

Finally, I’m back to blogging. I used to think that running my own business and working out of my house would allow me lots of free time to do anything I want. And, at times, it is that way in which I am able to be Linda’s housewife and maid while dressing as Beverly around the house cleaning and cooking. Then there are the other times, like I have been going through the last few weeks, where work demands take priority and everything else is put on the back burning. Finding balance is not only difficult, sometimes it is impossible!

But now the big project is done, the billing is complete, and all that is left to do is wait for payment to come in and enjoy the free time until the next project starts up. This week has finally found me able to return to my desired station in life where dawning the maid’s dress and affixing the make-up is my biggest challenge of the day. Dinner is in the oven, the table is set, and I have two hours to relax before Linda arrives home.

As you can guess, because of my hectic work schedule, all fun and games have been on hold of late. I shouldn’t say all. Linda and I have enjoyed our Saturday mornings relaxing in bed before I jump up to fix her coffee. Don’t tell Darryl but she has allowed me some ‘husbandly privileges’ the last two Saturdays. Of course those have started with a kiss on the butterfly (tattoo) on my way ‘down South’. And this last time the dildo got first privileges as I waited my turn. But I did get to dip my pen in her ink well as they say.

Speaking of tattoos and such; my navel piercing is healing nicely. I guess I didn’t really know how long that took before, but at the tattoo parlor I was told that it could take up to a year to heal totally, and that it needs daily cleaning to help the healing along. At one point, I had thought of removing the stud, but now I like the looks of it and will keep it awhile longer.

Linda and I haven’t gotten out much lately because I have been so busy. However, last Saturday night we went out with Anna and Tom for dinner and drinks before returning to their house to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes football team remain undefeated (8-0!) and now ranked #4 in the BCS. It was just a nice evening with friends with no mention of wife-led marriages, crossdressing, or cuckolding. Darryl’s name was not brought up, at least when I was around. There was no teasing of me by anyone. We all relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. I know that makes for boring reading on a blog like this, but sometimes normal is nice.

Just as we were preparing to leave, talked turned to Halloween weekend and we discovered that no one had any plans… no parties planned, no one going out to the bars, everyone was staying home. But that all changed quickly.

Anna just happened to mention to Linda that her brother, Jesse, was going to a party and didn’t have a date. Of course, Linda jumped on that quickly by stating that I could go with him since we had had such a nice time the last time we got together. That last time was when he joined Linda, Darryl, and I for dinner and our trip to the tattoo parlor, followed by keeping me company for the rest of the night… as well as warming my bed well into the morning hours. I had talked to him a couple of times on the phone but not seen him since that night.

So it was quickly arranged that I would be joining Jesse for Halloween night. All that had to be decided was what I would wear for a costume. Linda and I talked about that on the drive home. She offered up the ideas of the French Maid outfit, or the sissy little girl outfit that I had worn when Darryl was here. Nothing was decided then, however, Linda said that she would let Jesse make the final decision. So it looks like I won’t know what I will be wearing until Saturday evening.

Which way would you vote?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Linda & Me... the beginning

I don’t know if I have mentioned that Linda and I were high school sweetheart or that our romance almost ended before it really began. We started dating the year when I was a junior and Linda was a sophomore.

The following summer, Linda went away for a month to church camp. When she came back, she told me that she had met a guy there and she wanted to go out with him, but still keep me as her boyfriend. I was shocked by this but didn’t want to loose her, so I agreed.

I was at her house the day Robert came to pick her up for their date. It was really tough watching her nervously walking around the house waiting for him to show. I didn't understand why she wanted me there, and at the same time I wanted to be there.

When he showed up, I could see immediately why Linda was interested in him. He was the attractive football quarterback type, very sure of himself. I was surprised when he gave her a kiss when he came in the door. Obviously, they had been more then a little friendly at camp. Her mother was also standing there watching the scene. I can only imagine what she must have thought about me as I stood silently watching my girlfriend, and her daughter, warmly greeting a new suitor. She told Linda to be home by 1:00am and waved as the two of them left. I turned and looked at her mother, very embarrassed. She just smiled then turned and walked out of the room, never saying a word to me. With no one else there, I let myself out and drove off.

I knew where they were going for their date. The annual county fair was in town. I went home and told my parents that I was going to the fair and would be home late. I wandered around the fair grounds looking for Linda and Robert. Within an hour, I spotted them on one of the rides. I watched as they got off, holding hands and seemingly having a great time. Then I watched them get on the Ferris Wheel. As the ride spun around I could see them in the chair. Whenever the ride would stop, Robert would lean over and kiss Linda. I could tell that she was really enjoying his attention.

As luck would have it, three of Linda's friends walked up to me. I could tell that they couldn't wait to see if I knew what Linda was doing. "Who’s the guy with Linda? Why isn't she with you? Did you two break up?"

Those were tough questions to answer since I really didn't know. I stammered out a reply that she was out with a friend she had met at camp. The girls exchanged looks that told that they knew something strange was going on and that Linda had gotten the best of me. Just knowing that they knew increased my embarrassment three-fold. I couldn't look at them and heard their snickers and laughter as I walked away. How would I ever face them again after this?

I followed Linda and Robert the rest of the night, watching the affection they shared grow, the multiple kisses and smiles. From a distance, I watched him open and hold the car door for her, watched as she slid over to unlock his door, and stayed in the middle of the bench seat. He put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled against him as they drove off. Part of me wanted to follow, to see if they stopped to park some place private, to see if she directed him to "our" parking spot in the woods a mile from her house. However, I was defeated. I couldn't bear anymore. I went home to bed, but not to sleep. Sleep never came that night as I rewound the scenes of their playfulness over and over.

I called her the next day. She acted as though nothing had happened. She wouldn't tell me anything about their date, but hinted that there might be other dates in the near future.

I know she continued to write to him (this was before email), he called her a few times as well.

We had been somewhat sexually active as teenagers, enjoying petting and making out. However, we had never 'gone all the way'. After her date, she started suggesting that we should have sex. I reminded her how we had talked about not doing it until after high school. However, obviously she had changed her mind. Though she never said so, I was pretty sure that she and Robert had had sex, that she had tasted the forbidden fruit and now wanted more. My refusal to give in led to our brief breakup a few weeks later. She started dating a few guys while I dated one girl twice. We got back together during the fall of the next school year and continued dating through high school and into college. We got married when we were both in college.

I never forgot about that night Linda went out with Robert as it had a lasting effect on me. That memory led to my desire to be cuckolded. Fortunately, I was able to talk freely and openly to Linda more and more as time went on.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Dog ate my homework.

I know I have been quiet for the last few weeks and I am happy to report that nothing is wrong. It has just been a quiet, uneventful time for Linda and me. We have enjoyed our time together and have let things return to a nice, normal household and marriage. We have been spending time together and alone, allowing our marriage to come back into balance and our love life to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

I know several of you have written to my blog with advice on where we should go with our wife-led marriage or suggestions for how I should be come for feminine (and even a full-time gal). Thank you for the advice and suggestions. We have enjoyed reading them and talking about them and the impact that they could have on us. For now, we are happy to just be with each other and enjoying our roles as they are.

I will address some of those topics…

As for ‘getting rid of my penis’, as some have suggested; if you will pardon the pun, I am very much attached to my penis (I know, that was bad) and have no desire to get rid of it. Also, Linda does find a use for it now and then so she wants it there and functional. And, yes, Darryl is aware that we do occasionally have a typical marital relationship. And since he’s not here to do anything about it, then I am just going to enjoy it whenever it happens.

By the way, I should interject that Linda’s tattoo is doing nicely. I kiss it each evening before we go to sleep and gaze upon it fondly when I am spending some intimate time pleasing Linda. It really is cute. My bellybutton piercing is also healing well. We both like the looks of it and can’t wait until I can change it out for another piece of jewelry. Linda wants me to get me a gold “L” post to wear in it. Won’t that look nice!

I have talked to Meghan about dressing more completely as Beverly when I go into her shop and we have agreed that it might make some of the other stylists and customers uneasy if I did. So, for that reason, I am mostly androgynous when I go to the salon.

And, lastly, the topic of feminizing me more by having me take hormones or getting implants… I would like to set the subject straight that I am a crossdresser, not a transsexual. I was not born in a female body and do not feel my body needs to be altered to feel ‘complete’. I know of many transgendered people who cannot wait to get on female hormones so they can feel ‘more womanly’. I believe that approach is wrong and too many people out there are erroneously going on hormones and putting their lives in danger. Many things can go wrong with hormones; they can have more negative effects on the body then positive ones, so for me it is not worth the risk. Plus, I could not pass the scrutiny of a trained psychiatrist for the prescribing of hormones under the pretense of being transsexual and I am not about to obtain hormones illegally. Therefore, I will happily go about my life with small and simple samples of femininity. As long as Linda is happy, then I am happy.

Now that we have that behind us we can more on. Tomorrow I will share a little information about when Linda and I were first dating. I think you will find it interesting.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Salon Trippin'

Tuesday was my monthly salon appointment with Meghan, my hairstylist. Meghan knows all about my feminine alter ego and enjoys hearing my latest exploits. She always schedules me as her first appointment of the day, usually before the other stylists come in to work. Yesterday’s appointment was no exception. In fact, she had scheduled me a full hour before others were due because I was to have my hair colored along with styling. Once the color was “cooking”, she sat down in the stylist chair beside mine.

“Ok, we have at least 45 minutes before anyone else is due in, so let’s hear the latest news about Beverly and Linda,” she instructed as she reclined in the chair.

I filled her in on Darryl’s last visit, my double date with Jesse and the ‘other couple’ of Linda and Darryl. She wanted to know all of the details so I found myself opening up and telling her everything… my greeting Darryl at the door and how I was dressed, how he greeted and kissed Linda along with how I felt watching this. I even told her about Linda and Darryl’s night out alone while I sat home dressed in my little girl dress (she laughed hysterically at that) as well as Darryl’s instruction to Linda about staying naked whenever she was home during his stay.

“Did anyone drop in? What did she do then?” Meghan asked wide-eyed as I told about Linda’s shaved mound and Pam’s unexpected visit.

“Oh MY GOD! Linda walked around naked in front of your sister? How did that make you feel? Did Darryl do anything in front of Pam with your wife?”

So I told her about Linda having to make an entrance and stand naked in front of us. Plus I found myself admitting to me being spanked by both ladies, which Meghan found highly amusing and teased me about it.

Then she wanted to know about the double date and where we went. That meant telling her about our trip to the tattoo parlor and me having to show her my piercing which led to a 10 minute discussion of sharing our piercing experiences as I found out she had gotten her navel pierced while in high school.

“Tell me about Linda’s tattoo. What did you think about her getting it?” Meghan inquired.

I told her about the butterfly tattoo just above Linda’s hairless vagina and how I felt uneasy watching her undress before us (me, Jesse, Darryl, and the tattoo artist) as well as how it is healing nicely and really looks cute despite my initial feelings towards it.

“Does she let you see it up close often?” she mischievously asked, both of us know what she really meant and I acknowledge that I pay intimate homage to it often.

“So did Jesse spend the night?” she grinned as I turned bright red and nodded silently. “You are such a slut, Beverly,” she teased.

The bell ringing announced that it was time to rinse my hair and move on to the next phase. When finished rinsing, Meghan looked at my eyebrows and announced that they needed cleaning up. She commented on my latest adventure while applying wax to my brow line and ripping away until she was satisfied with my feminine arch.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my own sake), our private time was up as two other stylist arrived. I was saved from any further self-depravation and relaxed as we talked about hair styles and other mundane things.

I love those visits and feel fortunate that I can share things with someone supportive like Meghan. It is good to have someone to confide in. Moreover, she is always so enthusiastic to hear my stories. We keep talking about going out together some night for drinks. I hope that happens soon as I know we would have a great time. Who knows, maybe we will even let Linda join us. If that happens, look out world!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture This!

I was just visiting another blog, Spanked Hubby. Mike makes a very good point about photos and drawings/cartoons posted on blogs. I ‘borrow’ many photos and drawings that I find on the web, so many in fact that I don’t remember where most came from. If you see that I have used something of yours and you want me to remove it, just let me know and it will be done. I am not trying to rip anyone off and I don’t want anyone upset by my usage of their images. I am just trying to build interest on my site by enhancing the rather long blogs that I tend to write with supporting images. Thanks for understanding.

In that same vane, feel free to reuse any of the images on my blog with the exception of my 2 personal photos found on the right side bio section.


Normal Is As Normal Does

I am happy to report that things are returning to normal at our house. Linda is still working too hard, but enjoys returning home at the end of the day to her faithful househusband. I await her arrival each evening, dressed in my feminine best, cocktail in hand, greeting her at the door to relieve her of her stressful day.

While we enjoyed Darryl’s recent visit, her more than me, it is nice to have our lives centered on each other again. There have been some lasting effects from that visit, primarily in the bedroom which I will get into later, and also some for each of us to deal with separately as well as together. It would be foolish to think that someone could be so intimately entrenched in our lives and not have some residual consequences.

At night, we talk about our days with her telling me about work situations and issues while soliciting my response, and I report on my day of cleaning, cooking, and trying to be the perfect wife for her. My work allows me great freedom to not only work from home, but to schedule my work flow as best to not interfere with my housewife role… my number one priority.

Evenings find us relaxing in front of the TV, surfing the web together, skyping with friends or family members. We try to stay together in the evenings for the most part. The exception coming when either of us is interrupted by a personal phone call. This tends to be mostly Linda receiving a call from Darryl or me getting a call from Roger or Jesse. It all seems to equal out as Darryl calls twice as often as my friends do. Linda will usually leave the room for a private conversation that often lasts over an hour. At the same time, she likes me to stay in the room with her when I get a call from “my boyfriends”, as she refers to Roger and Jesse. She loves to hear my side of the conversation and then asks me what they said when finished or she will throw in comments for me to relay to them. I am usually beet red from embarrassment when talking to them, as I know she is privy to the conversation. Sometimes she will even play with my cockette while I try to carry on a conversation, teasing me unmercifully as my beau whispers sweet nothings in my ear.

My feminization continues as I find myself dressed as Beverly about 80% of the time now. Linda prefers me to be dressed as Bev when she gets home as well as being enfemme throughout the day while home. The only reprieve I get is when I have to leave the house to run errands or for business meetings. I am even doing yard work or washing our cars in some sort of feminine garb per her request. I know most of our neighbors have seen me such attired, but I am long past worrying about what they think.

I was putting on my bra the other morning while Linda stood silently watching.

“You do that so naturally now, just as well as any woman, as if you have been doing it all your life,” she finally commented.

When we figured out how long I have been dressing as Beverly, it indeed has been over half of my life now.

She also compliments me on my legs, saying that they are my best attribute. And, I have to agree, it is true. I have great legs. Both Linda and I are blessed with shapely gams. Of course, she also has fantastic breasts, a figure to die for with that taunt stomach, and a traffic-stopping ass to complete the trifecta (or would that be quinella?). Regardless, I think one of the sexiest times is when we are both wearing hosiery. I love to rub our legs together then. Talk about HOT!

Other little life enjoyments we share are taking a long relaxing bath together where we shave each other’s legs while soaking in perfumed luxury or helping each other get dressed in the morning. I love to pamper her with regular manicures and pedicures as we watch a movie. I paint her nails while she feeds me popcorn.

I must admit that I still feel pangs of jealousy when she is on the phone with Darryl for extended periods or I hear her giggle softly as she reads his emails. I also still struggle with the attention from Roger and Jesse, not sure what I feel towards them and if I want a boyfriend (or two) in my life. Linda tells me that those experiences will help form my feminine persona. I am just not sure why I need that.

Roger still begs for me to come visit him. Jesse keeps calling to ask me out. Linda continues to push, “go for it!”.

And Darryl continues to be a force to be reckoned with. He has a firm attachment on Linda now. Hardly a day goes by without his name being mentioned or he inflicts himself on our lives. Because of his requests (read ‘demands’), each night I have oral responsibilities to perform on Linda before retiring. I have still not been allowed to make love to her since he left but, instead, I look after her needs with the use of various size toys. Often, a large dildo, affectionately named Darryl by Linda, finds its way into my mouth by Linda’s hand, culminating with the licking of my own seed from its shaft… a gentle reminder, Linda states, that I must perfect my cocksucking skills.

Yes indeed, our life has returned to ‘normal’… whatever that may be!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorry I have gotten a little BEHIND in my writing. I have been under the weather the last few days and haven't felt like sitting at the computer. But rest assured that I will have a new entry within the next day or two.
In the mean time, be sure to check out some of the blogs that I have listed here. They are terrific!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pam and I... The Early Years

I came upon a photo today that brought back memories of my youth. In fact, my earliest memories that I can fully remember involve my sister and me dressing in her clothes, thus beginning my crossdressing experiences that continued to today.

Pam is 8 years older than me. So, when we were growing up she was always babysitting me to give my mother a break or when our parents went out.

My earliest memories were of Pam and me riding our ponies and playing out in the pastures and wooded timbers of our horse farm. I idolized my older sister and was always doing whatever she asked just to make her happy. As early as age four I remember getting some hand-me-down clothing of hers, usually pants or shorts, maybe a shirt, but especially a cowgirl brown leather skirt with matching fringe vest. Thinking back now, I am surprised that, given our age difference, those items were still around when I got to the size to fit into them. I loved that outfit and wore it many times when we played, even outside when riding ponies. There weren’t many kids either of our ages around most of the time, so we played together often.

I also remember during those early babysitting times, when we were alone in the house, Pam would practice putting make-up on me or styling my hair into cute little girly styles. I was her own real-life Barbie doll. I loved the attention she gave me as well. There were many times that our mother saw this, but she thought it was great that we were getting along and not fighting.

The remember that both my mother and Pam were really into dressing nicely. They often wore dresses, even just around the house. When I was six, my sister had several cancan petticoats, like those worn with the poodle skirts. I fell in love with those and stoled one out of her room one day when she was gone and hid it in a big box in the basement. I would sneak down there and put it on every day, then stash it away when someone came down the stairs. Pam discovered it missing one day and a frantic search was afoot to find it. No one thought to ask me if I knew where it was, and I probably would have lied if asked. When it was discovered, everyone knew that it had to be me because there was no other reason for it being hidden in a box in the basement. My punishment was that I was told not to go into Pam’s room without permission.

Soon after that incident is when Pam dressed me up fully for the first time. She was alone with me for the evening and called me into her room. She had been cleaning out dresser drawers and had several items of clothing laying on her bed.

“Let’s play dress up,” she announced and had me strip out of my clothes. Even though I was almost seven, I was not embarrassed about her seeing me naked because she had given me baths as long as I could remember.

As she put a bra on me she said, “This was my first bra, before I had boobies to put in it. You can have it, if you want.”

I remember being so excited about receiving that bra, and continued getting fully dressed up, complete with girdle, stockings, a petticoat, and dress. She then did my make-up and put bows in my hair. I was really surprised at how much I looked like a girl. What I remember most was both of us standing there in her room wearing identical underwear, just like in this picture.

We were so involved in our playing that we didn’t hear our parents come home. They walked in the door and immediately saw me. Dad just about flipped out, I could tell by his expression that he was not happy seeing me dresses as a girl, but he didn’t say anything, just walked back to his bedroom. Mom had me stand up and turn around so she could see how I looked. I remember her saying that I looked very cute, and how happy I was to hear that.

“We couldn’t find any shoes that would fit him, Mom,” Pam announced.

“He doesn’t need any as long as he is staying in the house, but he should at least wear slippers so he doesn’t get a run in those stockings,” is all Mom replied.

I had no plans to ever leave the house and no one ever suggested it either. Pam and I repeated the dress-up games several times over the next two years, but I never left the house. Then, when she turned sixteen, she started dating and didn’t have much time for her little brother anymore. My dressing continued, but only when I was alone. Mom only saw me dressed as a girl a few times, Dad only that once. But the seeds were planted and have continued with me.

Fortunately, I met Linda who turned out to be very supportive of my crossdressing. We started dating in high school and have been together ever since. On our honeymoon, she gave me my own sexy nightgown to wear as her way of saying that she expected Beverly to be a part of this marriage.

And the rest, as they say, is history.