Friday, February 27, 2009

It seemed to have become a routine now. I would get up and start fixing Linda’s breakfast as she would get ready for work. Some mornings, if I woke early enough, I would shower and get dressed in a skirt or dress, maybe put on one of my maid uniforms if I was planning on cleaning that day. And then some mornings we would wake at the same time and I would head to the kitchen still in my nightgown, slipping into robe and slippers first. Each morning as she headed out to work Linda’s last image of me was always of me looking feminine. And each evening when she walked in the door I was usually putting the dinner on the table while dressed in a dress or skirt, never slacks unless I was in male mode. Even then, I would be wearing an apron while working in the kitchen.

What I am getting at here is that Linda was constantly seeing me looking feminine to some degree, and more and more 100% so. Of course there were times that we were together as a ‘normal’ couple, like when we went out to dinner or grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. However, those times were becoming more of the exception than the rule. She seemed really happy with this, commenting often on my appearance with compliments and an occasional suggestion. I was loving my lifestyle as well because I was enjoying indulging in my crossdressing to my heart’s content. I guess I should have realized that there was a price to pay for this, and that price was Linda thinking of me less and less as the man she married and more as her feminine friend.

Our nightly conversations over dinner and while relaxing for the evening had become more like conversations carried on by girlfriends or sisters. We talked about what was going on with me, which consisted of mostly housework and cooking, and about her day and the people she interacted with. A lot of the longer conversations were about ‘our guys’, Darryl and Roger. We talked on the phone with them often, Linda and Darryl several times a week, Roger and I at least once a week. At night we would compare notes on what we had talked to them about, giggling at the funny little things we shared and, more and more, about the intimate things.

It was the intimate sharing that often led to us getting aroused and heading to the bedroom. Even in bed, our activities took on the form of two girls together in a lesbian romance. Linda preferred that I stay in feminine mode. “We wouldn’t want to cheat on our guys, would we?” she would tease. While we were being sexually intimate almost every night now, it was not like typical husband and wife. But neither of us seemed to be complaining.

We both were accepting this change in our relationship. We talked about it often and decided that, while we didn’t think it would be permanent or even long lasting, we would enjoy it for now until either of us tired of it. It was fun and enjoyable. And since each of us was getting pleasure from it almost nightly, why fight it? And so we are.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Filling In the Family

On the flight back from Florida, Linda and I discussed how we were going to handle our families’ questions and what we were going to tell them about our trip. We agreed that there was no reason to divulge the details of our time with Darryl and Roger. We wanted to keep those details to ourselves because friends and family wouldn’t understand or appreciate how things had naturally progressed during our week there. Of course I was elated to know that Linda would not be sharing any of those intimate details as I didn’t want anyone to know what took place with either Linda and Darryl or Roger and me. I had worried that Linda would talk about that part of our trip with either her sister or her best friend, Anna. But she assured me that she would keep that just between us.

It was a good thing that we had talked about that because we had hardly been home an hour before Linda’s sister was calling and wanting to know all about the trip. As I listened to Linda’s side of the phone conversation I thought once or twice she might start to weaken, but she held strong to her resolve and only talked about the great weather and the game.

We didn’t get together with either of our families for several weeks after our return because of other obligations. Finally it was decided that we would host an informal party at our house for the Super Bowl.

Unlike past family gatherings, no meal was prepared as everyone just brought snacks to share. This meant I didn’t spend most of the time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. Why was this significant? Because I didn’t spend the evening in any kind of feminine mode… no apron, no feminine clothing, not even any hints of discussions or comments about my housewife role as in past family get-togethers. I was really surprised by this as I was treated as a regular guy the whole time. It allowed Linda and I to tell the details about going to the bowl game, which everyone wanted to hear about. We kind of glossed over the rest of the trip and the family finally got their fill of it so we could put that behind us.

I know you wanted to hear that I was totally embarrassed in front of our family by being ultra feminine attired and serving everyone drinks while wearing my French Maid outfit, or having to endure the torture of revealing intimate details of Linda’s time with Darryl or me having a date (and more) with Roger. Sorry to say, nothing like that happened.

See, if this was fiction I would have gone on with stories like that for weeks. But I’m being honest here folks. But don’t give up on me. There is still a lot of juicy things to share, which I will do so soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Phone Home

I know what you really want. You want to know what has transpired between Linda and I since we returned from Florida. You want to know what we told our family and friends about the trip. And you want to know if we have heard from Darryl and Roger almost as much as you want to know what’s happened with our sex life. I am right, aren’t I? And you won’t be happy until I answer the questions and divulge the dirt. Well, I am not going to do it, so there. Oh, stop crying. You know that I was just kidding. Ok, I will try to get into much of that with this post and the next few to follow. So turn off the TV, grab the popcorn, put the phone on mute, and away we go. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Let’s start with the juicy stuff. Sex. Or lack of sex is more like it. As you might remember, for those who have been with me for that long, in mid-November Linda and I were planning on hosting Darryl at our house for a couple of days. Linda had informed me that I would be sleeping in the guest room so she and Darryl could be together in the master bedroom. Along with that announcement came the bomb… she and I would not be having sex until after Darryl left. Unfortunately, the weather gods were not smiling on us and the ice, snow, and cold kept Darryl from making the trip.

Around that same time our favorite football team was invited to play in a bowl game in Florida and we decided to take the trip to watch them as well as to spend some time with Darryl. Because of the impending trip, Linda decided that it would be a good idea to put our sex life on hold until after our trip and her time with Darryl. By the time we returned home from the trip it had been six weeks since Linda and I had enjoyed sex together. SIX WEEKS!

Unfortunately for me, Linda had been so sexually satisfied by Darryl during our week in Florida that she wasn’t in any hurry to rush back into having sex with me. I was still sorting out some of the things I had done with Roger so I didn’t press her about it. Another two weeks, then three, passed without resuming our intimacy. It has now been three months (!) and we still haven’t made love to each other. We talk about it and Linda teases me about how she is making me wait. She talks about how good Darryl was and reminds me what she witnessed on Roger’s boat. She has even come right out a couple of times and said that she still sees me as the girlfriend who double-dated with her in Florida and who spend those romantic nights with Roger. In other words, she is having trouble seeing me as her husband right now.

Of course there are a few things that are reinforcing that for her… I am dressing up more around the house, like constantly, since our return. And second, she has been talking on the phone with Darryl quite a lot since we got back. I know that Darryl has been saying things to her about her sissy husband and reminding her about what I did and how I acted in Florida. I know that Darryl feels like he has staked a claim on Linda and most likely telling her not to have sex with me. How long this will last, I have no idea.

Speaking of phone conversations, Linda and Darryl have been burning up the phone lines a lot. They talk at least two times a week and sometimes it seems like its almost daily. I can tell when the phone rings that it is Darryl because Linda gets a big grin on her face, then heads for the bedroom or living room so she can talk privately. The calls last a long time, often an hour or more. After the calls, Linda is usually pensive and withdrawn, desiring to be left alone.

I guess I should mention that the reason I wasn’t upset over Linda’s phone fantasy world was because I was enjoying my own. I was receiving my share of phone calls from Roger. That man had certainly exposed a side of me that I hadn’t even known existed, and I was enjoying the thrill, even if it was long distance. I believe that the reason I was dressing more often was that I never knew when he would call and I wanted to be in femme form when he did.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back to blogging

Life has returned to normal for Linda and me.. whatever ‘normal’ may be. Our Florida adventure is behind us, though certainly not forgotten by any means. We talk about it, but not too often, and reminders keep creeping up on us when we least expect it.

After returning home, we tried to let everything settle back into our old routines of me being the housewife and Linda going to work everyday. It felt good to have dinner prepared and on the table when she got home each evening. I even enjoyed getting back into doing laundry and cleaning the house in her absence.

Florida and the ‘guys’ started to slowing slip into the past, at least for a few days. Five days after leaving the warm weather behind, a reminder arrived. The box of clothing that we had worn on vacation had arrived back in Iowa… and with it all the memories of our days in Eden.

As luck would have it, that day I was dressed up in a simple skirt and blouse, and had even gone to the effort of putting on make-up and a wig, when I heard the doorbell ring. Usually our family members will call to say they are coming over, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t them. As I peeked out the window I saw the UPS truck in the street. So I bravely went to the door, hoping that the delivery person would have left the package and was on his way back to the truck. But no, there he stood when I opened the door.

“I have a package for Beverly. Could you sign for this?” he asked with a pleasant smile.

Smiling back, trying not to let my knees knock too loudly, I reached for the electronic tablet and signed my name. Have you ever had that feeling that you are being studied carefully by someone? That is what I felt as I signed and handed back the tablet. When I looked at him, he was still displaying that nice smile.

He surprised me with “Would you like me to carry this inside for you? It’s pretty heavy.” I have never known of a delivery driver offering to carry a package any further then they had to, so I was taken back by his offer, yet stepped back opening the door for him to bring it in.

I had him take it into the dining room and set it on the table, thanking him for being so kind. He smiled, seemed to linger just a second, then walked back to the door with me following. As he stepped out to the walkway, he looked back over his shoulder, gave me another warm smile and a wave, and headed back to the truck. For some reason I stood in the doorway and watched him go. He waved once more to me before driving away.

What was that all about? Was I flirting with him? Was he showing some interest or just being kind? Would I tell Linda about what had taken place? Hummmm.

Returning to the box, I opened it and swear that a burst of warm Florida air escaped from it. Each item I removed brought memories of our trip… my little black dress, Linda’s swimsuits, my French maid uniform, and two sets of bras and panties that I didn’t recognize. I was pretty sure that they must be Linda’s, but I had never seen them before. And considering that I did all of the laundry, that was mighty strange. I concluded that they must have been gifts from Darryl to Linda that she had worn for him. I had to admit that the guy had good taste as these were sexy and expensive little morsels.

Had she worn them on our nights out? Or had they been for some private ‘show and tell’ time. I had helped her dress on a couple of the nights, but not every night, so I was pretty sure that she had done some romantic modeling for her boyfriend.

I would have to ask her about that, but I wasn’t sure I really wanted to know the answer. All I knew for sure was that my laundry chore had just increased in size as I sorted out the box of its treasures.

So much more to tell. I hope you will enjoy it.