Friday, January 30, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Conclusion

When we returned to the condo, Linda asked me to go with her to her bedroom to pick out what she should wear for the last night in Florida. It was decided that the four of us would go out for dinner. Part of me was glad to get out of cooking duties for the night, while part of me enjoyed showing off my kitchen skills to the men. For some reason I wanted Roger to see me in the housewife role one last time. But that was not to be.

“I think we should really go all out tonight for the men and get really dressed up,” Linda said as she shut the bedroom door.

As we picked out a matching set of sexy lingerie, we both giggled at the tone we were setting for the night. We both knew that we were dressing to entice, and we were both happy for where it would most likely lead.

She pulled out a dress that I hadn’t seen before and held it up to her as she looked in the mirror. She was so sexy.

“When did you get that dress? I don’t remember seeing it before,” I commented.

“Darryl picked it out for me. I wanted to wear it on New Years Eve but he told me to keep it until tonight. Like it?” she asked.

I told her how hot she would look in it, at the same time a bit upset that Darryl had picked out something like that before we got here. That just showed how confident he was in himself I concluded. As Linda stripped off the beach dress that she had put on before we left the boat, I saw how much of a suntan she had gotten. There were almost no tan lines, just a faint outline of her bikini bottom. That nude swimming and lounging on the boat had done its job on giving her an even, all-over tan. Seeing how tan she was, I knew that my tan lines would be very striking by the time we got home and reminders of my hours in the Florida sun would be staying with me for some time to come.

“Were you nervous about being naked in front of Roger?” I asked her.

“I was yesterday when we got back from the game and I was walking around here like that in front of him. But by today it didn’t bother me at all. Maybe Darryl has made a nudist out of me. Did my being naked bother you?” she asked.

“I was just glad that it was you and not me. And Roger seemed to enjoy it as well. Should I be jealous of him fucking you in the water?”

“That was just a one time thing. He was telling me how much he likes you and has enjoyed spending time with you. He came up to give me a ‘thank you’ hug, and one thing just led to another. There was really nothing to it. It was just a quick fuck, nothing more. He definitely is smitten by you and only wants you. I don’t think either of us has anything to be jealous about,” Linda replied. “It’s going to be difficult going back to our old life tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. But I am also looking forward to things getting back to normal. I hope we can, get back to normal that is,” I replied.

She told me to go get ready as she wanted to shower before getting dressed. As I walked out of the bedroom, Darryl was just coming in. He saw the handful of lingerie I was carrying and smile, whispering ‘sexy’ as we passed. Something told me that Linda’s shower was about to be interrupted.

I walked into my bedroom and stopped abruptly, Roger was sitting on the bed. I thought that he had just dropped us off and headed back to the boat to get ready. But I realized that it made more sense for him to get ready here. And ‘here’ seemed to in my bedroom now. Then I surprised myself by rushing over to him and almost throwing myself on him and the bed. Before long, we were making love once again, followed by another first… we showered together. There was no opportunity to carry over my ‘Beverly disguise’ as we stripped naked. Make-up was removed, wig was taken off. But I still felt like Beverly with him and I didn’t feel self-conscious as we lathered each other, nor when I dropped to my knees to orally satisfy my man.

Roger watched intently as I put on my make-up and got dressed, marveling as my transformation progressed. Even with all of the extra-curricular activities, we still managed to get ready before Linda and Darryl and were enjoying a glass of wine on the patio when they finally appeared.

Darryl, again, selected a marvelous restaurant for our final night of dining in Tampa. I couldn’t believe how hungry I was. I guess the day on the water and physical workout had left me famished. It was almost three hours later when we found ourselves headed back to the condo. Again, the ride was quiet as the four of us contemplated the reality of the time; in a few hours Linda and I would be headed home.

We entered the condo, none of us wanting to delay our last private time together by sitting around sharing drinks. Instead, the two couples said ‘good night’ and head to our respective bedrooms.

As the morning alarm announced the hour to rise and shine, I found myself firmly planted in Roger’s arms. Even though I dreaded the difficult goodbye which would soon follow, that was soon denied me as Roger announced that he had to get dressed and head right out for an important meeting. So we said our goodbye there in bed with hungry kisses and wet tears. And just like that, he was gone.

Part of me was glad as I showered and dawned my remaining set of male clothing for the return flight, but part of me felt a hollowness of missing him already. I packed my bags, put the clothes to be shipped back in the return box, and went and made coffee. Darryl and Linda were surprised to discover that Roger was already gone, though each of us carried our own belief as to why he had made a hasty exit.

At the airport, luck was on my side as we found ourselves a private area to say goodbye to Darryl, away from the eyes of friends who may be returning home with us. I almost had to get a crowbar to pry Linda from Darryl. His handshake to me seemed so inappropriate.

I was glad that we didn’t run into Tim and Amy as I didn’t look forward to having to explain our friendship with Darryl to them.

There were many other Iowa Hawkeye fans on the flight, all talking about the exciting game. However, Linda and I were quiet in our own little world, reflecting on all that had happened in those few short days. We held hands, kissed warmly and often, and knew that we were alright and would return to our wonderful lives without difficulty or fallout… at least we hoped.

So, that, my friends, was our Florida adventure. A week in the sun, a week of discovery and exploration, a week we will never repeat. We don’t need to. It was wonderful, and we survived it. Perhaps we are even better because of it. Only time will tell. Thanks for allowing me to relive it. My blog will return to telling about my life as Linda’s housewife, about our wife-led marriage, and about the interweaving of that with friends and family. It may, at times, be boring. Hopefully, there will be some excitement to share. I can promise you this, it will continue.

Thanks for going along on the trip.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Celebrating One Year

I will be finishing the Florida report shortly but just wanted to take a moment to say thanks.

I started this blog one year ago and, to date, have had over 50,000 hits! To some bloggers, that might not seem like much. But to this humble, simple person, that is awesome. And I thank you for taking the time to read my simple tale.

I can’t believe the changes that have taken place over the last 365 days. Linda and I are stronger in our love to each other then ever before. Many things have happened over the year, some I am proud of and some I am not so proud of. But, all things being equal, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you loyal readers and friends. I value you comments (well, most of them) and appreciate deeply the response I have received. I will try to be faithful in my writing and not let too much time pass between posts.



PS, Linda says thanks, too!

Florida Trippin'... Part Seven

Roger’s boat was a thing of beauty… so clean and well maintained. I could see why it was his home away from home. He had me remove my shoes before boarding; dummy me, I wore my high heels from the apartment to the dock; then carefully took my hand to help me step from the dock onto the deck. I was really getting into this ‘helpless female’ role. Should I have been batting my lashes at him the whole tim

He took me on a tour of the well laid out cockpit with all the bells and whistles imaginable, then down the steps to the salon. While not large, it was also well designed and comfortable. The main area even had a large screen TV and DVD hookup. The head was small (so small that you had to step outside to change your mind) and I knew I wouldn’t be putting my make-up on in there. Then, with great pride, Roger showed me the master stateroom. It was beautiful and quite roomy. Of course he took that moment to really welcome me onboard by embracing me and kissing me tenderly. And before I knew it I felt myself being lowered onto the bed.

Up went the skirt, down came the pantyhose, off went the blouse, zip went the zipper and away went the skirt… and there I was, laying on the bed in my undies, and having been on the boat less then 5 minutes! That has got to be some kind of record. For some reason, he was slower in removing his closes, making me lay there and watch as he unbuttoned, unzipped, peeled and pulled, finally down to just his tidy whities… which I was all too happy to help remove. He spread my legs apart and laid down on me, kissing me hungrily. He reached for a remote control on the headboard and suddenly the air was filled with soft music. Oh, this guy was smoooooooth!

I am not going to go into much detail here, other then to say that I took all he had to offer. Later, I felt him leave the bed and heard him securing the boat for the night, then warmly greeted his return. I slipped into my nightgown and slept contently in his arms, the gentle rocking of the waves against the hull provided the final symphony of the evening.

I awoke famished and happy. And even more enjoyable was lying in bed as he fixed us breakfast. I freshened up, slipped into a swimsuit and cover-up, then enjoyed sitting drinking a second cup of coffee in the cockpit as he prepped the boat for a day on the ocean.

Linda and Darryl arrived around ten; Linda carrying a food basket and Darryl a cooler. Hugs were given all around then Linda followed me below so I could show her the rest of the boat. She loved it as much as I did. Then she saw the master stateroom and asked me how the bed was.

“It seemed to hold up just fine to the workout we gave it,” I replied.

“And??” Linda urged.

“And, I didn’t hold back,” I stated proudly.

“Good for you. How was it? Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. I’m glad we aren’t going bike riding today. But it was alright,” I said.

“I’ll bet it was better than alright,” she said, then gave me a hug. It seemed like we were doing a lot more hugging lately, but very little kissing.

“Did you and Darryl enjoy your night alone?”

“Oh, Beverly, you wouldn’t believe it. We made love on the beach. It was kind of chilly, but so romantic,” Linda gushed. We spent a few more minutes talking about our experiences, then the men called down to us that we were ready to shove off.

It was a great day for sailing. We enjoyed the breeze and the sun. Darryl even opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the adventure. That seemed to loosen Linda up. Off came her bikini top with her stating that she was going to work on getting a really serious tan while on this trip.

“In that case,” Darryl replied, “don’t stop there. Take the bottoms off too.”

And so she did. Darryl helped apply sunscreen, even to places that had little chance of getting sun. Roger covered me with sunscreen as well while understanding why I didn’t want to remove my suit. I was going to go home with some very definite tan lines from this trip.

As the drinks went down easily and the sun warmed us and loosen everyone’s inhibitions, talked turned more sexual. Of course having a naked lady stretched out before us made it all that much easier to talk freely. Linda’s head rested on Darryl’s lap while I cuddled up next to Roger, his free hand casually caressing me from breast to hip.

Our quiet relaxation was suddenly interrupted by Darryl announcing, “I think we should have a contest between our two wonderful ladies here, to see which one gives the best head.”

Linda and I looked at each other. She knew that I wanted to protest, but her wink told me to just go along with it, so I kept quiet as Darryl explained what he had in mind.

“Ok, ladies, get off the seats and onto your knees. It will be a race for you to remove our swimsuits, get us hard, and get us off. The first couple to finish is the winner.”

Linda asked, “and what do the winners get for a prize?”

“The winning couple get to go down below and use the bedroom while the losing couple stay here sailing the ship. Also, the losing gal gets a spanking!”

Before we could reply he said “Go!” I was still sitting there in a daze over this bizarre contest when Linda sprang from Darryl’s lap, dropped to her knees and pulled off his suit. It was easy to see that he was ready for the contest to begin. Suddenly Roger pushed me off the seat and told me to get to it, lifting his butt to help me get his suit off. Without thinking further, I pulled his suit down and sucked his hardening cock into my mouth. The guys cheered us on with words of encouragement.

And, are you ready for this… I won! Happy with my success, I rejoined Roger on the seat cushion while brushing off my sore knees, and settled in to watch my wife complete her task.

When she finished; a good 3 minutes after me; Darryl apologized to her, saying “I guess you really wore me out last night and this morning.”

It was decided that the reward portion would have to wait awhile for everyone to recover. Linda and I went below, her still naked, to get lunch ready.

“You seem to really have gotten the knack of giving head, girl. That was quite some performance you gave up there,” she teased.

“I guess so,” I sheepishly replied, avoiding looking at her. I grabbed the plate of sandwiches while she got the beer.

Lunch was enjoyed as we sailed up to a small island and dropped anchor. Afterwards, we got snorkels and masks out of the storage bin and went swimming. Linda stayed nude the entire time and I caught Roger peaking at her pussy from time to time, a couple times earning him a poke in the ribs and a dirty look from me. Darryl and I tired first and climbed back on board while Linda and Roger swam a little longer.

We were enjoying a beer when Darryl leaned over and whispered, “Look at those two. I think Roger is fucking your wife.”

I looked to see that the two of them were close together with him behind Linda, and it looked like she was bouncing up and down slightly. I think Darryl was right. Very possibly, Roger was taking advantage of my naked wife and was slipping his cock into her. They looked over and saw us watching. Linda waved but Roger kept his hands on her waist. Finally they separated and swam over to the boat. I know Roger got a good look at Linda’s pussy as he was right below the ladder as she climbed up.

We spent another hour there before it was decided it was time to head back. As soon as the sails were set, Roger gave Darryl instructions on a return heading. Then, taking my hand, he announced that he was taking me below to collect the winnings of the bet.

“Are you sure that you have enough left in you?” I teased him as we went down the steps.

“Oh, I’m sure you can coax it out of me,” he replied.

“Have fun you two,” Linda called out to us.

He did, indeed, have something left in him, and he was eager to show me. Making love was easier this time as I knew what to expect and could relax. I found myself on top as he rolled us over, and I was able to set the tempo. This time we finished almost simultaneously, then I collapsed beside him.

“Wow, that was really something.”

I sprang straight up. There stood Linda in the doorway. She had witnessed our love-making! I was speechless and so embarrassed.

“This is really going to give us something to talk about on the return flight,” she teased, then turned and went back up on deck.

Roger took me into his arms and kissed me so I would forget about her. After ten minutes I was able to push it aside and we slipped our suits back on so we could rejoin the others.

Roger took over the helm and Linda sat next to me, putting her arm around me. It felt good to be close to her and to know that we were ok with what had happened. We were all pretty quiet on the return trip until Darryl announced that Linda hadn’t gotten her spanking yet.

We were probably a half mile out from the harbor when she stretched her naked body over his lap. He gave her ten really hard slaps, then paused.

“Were you fucking Roger in the water when we were anchored in the cove?” he asked. When she admitted that she was, he gave her 10 more, even harder. As she stood up from his lap, he informed her that she is to ask his permission before fucking someone. She quickly agreed, keeping her head down. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was going to include me in the future.

As we pulled into the dock, Linda and I slipped below to change clothes. Neither of us spoke the whole time, both a bit ashamed of our actions.

Once the boat was secured, it was agreed that we would head back to the condo to shower and change for a dinner out, our last dinner in Florida. I rode back with Roger. Each of us were pretty quiet during the drive, knowing that our time together was coming to a close.

I know that this gal wasn’t looking forward to that.

Next chapter: the end of the journey and the return home.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Six

When we got back to the condo, Linda followed me to my bedroom, closing the door behind us.

“I wanted us to have an opportunity to talk privately and see how you are doing. I know the last two days have been awkward for you. Are you ok?” Linda asked.

“I guess I am doing ok. There has just been a lot thrown at me that I wasn’t expecting,” I replied. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how intimate you and Darryl are being. After the last time we were with him, I should have been expecting things to escalate. I think I am kind of surprised at how quickly things got intimate and how close the two of you are to each other now. Having you walking around nude was a shock. You never have done that with me. Plus I really don’t want to watch the two of you have sex. I know you are fucking him, and I am getting use to that. I just don’t feel comfortable watching it. Does that make sense to you?”

“Oh course, Honey. I can understand how difficult that is for you. But Darryl feels that it is important for you to see us together like that so you will be able to fit into your role of serving us. Be honest, didn’t it turn you on to see me sucking his cock and him sliding it into my pussy?” she asked.

I had to admit that it turned me on while also reminding me of my reduced status. While we talked Linda helped pick out an outfit for me to wear. I was surprised that I wouldn’t be required to put on a serving uniform.

“We thought it would be better to have you dressed up nice because Roger is going to be here,” she explained. “And speaking of Roger, I can tell you got along nicely with him, so you must have liked him. Care to tell me what took place last night?”

I could feel my face turn red from her prodding. My eyes dropped as I replied, “Roger is a nice man. I guess I surprised myself by my response to being with a man. I found the attention flattering and just easily slipped into my role as his date. While dancing with him, feeling his strong arms around me, my resistance seemed to melt away and I found myself responding in the most feminine ways. I can’t believe how good his kisses felt. He was just so powerful and he skillfully pushed all the right buttons.”

“Come on girl, don’t hold back from me. I want to know what happened after Darryl and I went to bed,” Linda prodded.

My face was crimson by then. “After you went to bed, we kissed in the living room for awhile. Then I felt my dress being unzipped, and I didn’t stop him. I didn’t WANT to stop him. It just felt so right. After I stepped out of my dress he just stood there looking at me. I could feel his eyes traveling up and down my body. But I wasn’t embarrassed. I enjoyed the attention. And when he took my hand and led me back here I happily followed him. Then I undressed him and found myself taking his cock into my mouth. I loved how it was so hard, yet felt like velvet and tasted so good. I took my time exploring it and enjoying it. When he finally came in my mouth I held his load for a long time before swallowing it so I could really get the full taste of it. Somehow he was able to play with my cock and get me to cum while still making me feel like a woman. I loved that. But when I woke this morning, I know he wanted to repeat it all again. However, knowing I would have morning stubble growth, I didn’t want him to see me not looking 100% feminine. Does that make sense?”

Linda hugged me and said that she understood fully. “This trip has really helped you understand how much of a woman you have become. It’s not all dressing up and keeping house. You have now experienced another side of the joys of womanhood, and it suits you. I think you should explore that even further, not hold anything back,” she said as she smiled at me. We both knew what she was suggesting, that I should have sex with Roger, that I should let him make love to me. Was I ready for that? She seemed to read my mind as she replied, “yes, Honey. You are ready. Go for it. I know you will love the experience.”

One final hug, then she told me to get ready while she did the same. “Thanks for reminding me about being naked in the house. It wouldn’t have been a good thing if I had forgotten again. And I know that Darryl is just looking for an excuse to spank me again. But then he really doesn’t need an excuse, does he?” she quipped before closing the door behind her.

There was a note in the kitchen telling me what to prepare for dinner and when to have it ready. So I put on an apron and started cooking. It was over an hour later when Linda and Roger emerged from the bedroom, undoubtedly enjoying a late afternoon delight. It certainly wasn’t because Linda had spent the time getting ready as she walked in the kitchen naked, helping herself to the drinks that Darryl was fixing.

The conversation was light and fun with lots of talk about the game mixed in. I had lost track of time when I heard the doorbell ring. Immediately, two thought ran through my mind… first, it was ironic that Roger was ringing the doorbell at his own condo when he had every right just to walk right in; and second, Linda was standing there naked. What was she going to do?

I could tell she had the same question going through her mind as she looked at Darryl with a panicked expression on her face. Darryl quickly took control of the situation by telling me to go answer the door while he took Linda’s hand and led her over to the couch. She was going to stay naked even with Roger there!

Roger looked very happy to see me and quickly took me into his arms and kissed me. This time I did not feel self-conscious kissing him with Darryl and Linda looking on. It was almost comical to see the expression on Roger’s face as we broke the kiss and he turned to say ‘hello’ to Linda and Darryl. He was very surprised to see that she was naked.

He quickly recovered and joked, “Gee, am I overdressed?”

Surprisingly, the atmosphere relaxed and the ‘naked Linda’ was just accepted. I noticed Roger stealing looks her way several times, but who could blame him? I was doing the same, and she’s my wife!

I excused myself to go start the grill and Roger followed. As I put the chops on, Roger commented, “That was some surprise, seeing Linda sitting there naked. What is that all about?”

I explained to him Darryl’s rules, which Roger fully appreciated; that causing him to receive a gentle elbow to the ribs. While I cooked, he stood behind me, wrapping his arms around me, while we watched the sun going down and the people frolicking on the beach. It just felt so right to be held like that. I turned around and we kissed for a long time.

When the meat was done, Roger took it to the table while I got the rest of the food on the table. Darryl came in with a bottle of wine, stating that Linda would be with us shortly. She returned wearing a cover-up that, indeed, covered her body, but allowed us to know that it was the only thing she was wearing. No explanation was given, but I think Darryl had decided that it would make dinner easier on all of us.

“Darryl, have you told our lovely ladies what the plans are for tomorrow?” Roger asked over dinner.

“No I haven’t. But this seems like a good time to do so,” Darryl replied. Turning towards Linda and I, he said, “I know you like to sail and spend time on the water. Well, Roger owns a sailboat and is going to take us sailing tomorrow.”

That was wonderful news as Linda and I are sailing enthusiast. The idea was the perfect way to spend our last full day in Florida. “What kind of boat do you have?” I asked Roger.

“It’s a 42 foot Hunter with two berths. If fact, that’s where I have been staying during your stay… at least most of your stay,” he said, smiling at me about last light’s reference. “It’s very comfortable. I often sleep onboard on weekends so I can get an early start on a day of sailing.” He placed his arm around me, resting it on the top of the chair, leaned close, and said, “I have a great idea. Why don’t you and I spend the night onboard? I know you will love it. Plus, it will give these two love birds some time alone. What do you say?”

I was shell-shocked, and looked to Linda for help, only to find her smiling back.

“Go ahead, Beverly. That sounds like great fun. Then we will join the two of you in the morning,” Linda pushed.

Before I could reply; but we all knew my answer was going to be yes; Roger told me to go pack a swimsuit, cover-up, and a change of clothes for tomorrow. “And don’t forget to pack something to sleep in. I might even give you a chance to wear it.”

As I got up, I asked him if I should change out of my dress into something more sporty. “What you have on is fine,” Roger replied. “Something tells me you won’t be in that dress for long when we get on board.” I walked away to their laughter, wondering if I was destine to always be wearing a red face while around them.

I came back down with a small bag, served the brownies I had baked that afternoon, and sat down to enjoy coffee and more small talk. I could tell that Roger wanted to head out and he took the first break in the conversation to suggest that he and I should be going. Linda gave me a kiss, whispering to me to remember what we had talked about, then pushing me towards Roger. As we headed out the door, I turned back to say one final ‘goodbye’, just in time to see Darryl pulling the cover-up over Linda’s head. She was naked before the door shut. Darryl was not going to waste a second of their time alone.

Meanwhile, I was head to a new adventure aboard a small boat. For some strange reason an image of Gilligan and a three-hour cruise popped into my mind. Oh, boy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Five

Now, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted? Oh, yes, I remember now.

I really had too much to drink the night before. Yes, it was New Year’s Eve and that was expected. And yes, the excess drinking had reduced my inhabitations to the point that I found myself doing things that were new to me. So it was natural that I awoke the next morning hung-over and in a fog. Have you ever had one of those morning after when you are trying to grasp reality but it was just out of reach?

I was having trouble getting my bearings straight until I realized that I was in bed… and I wasn’t alone! Then everything from the previous night came rushing back. ROGER! I was in bed with Roger!!

I remember what we had done the night before, then I had fallen asleep. I guess that Roger had also passed out from the booze and the… oh God, I can’t believe it… sex! I had a date with a man I had just met and I ended up giving him head and spending the night with him in my bed. I’M A HUSSY! A SLUT!!!

I laid there very still, not wanting to wake him, and trying to figure out what to do. I turned my head to look at him and found him smiling back at me.

“Good morning Beautiful,” he beamed.

Beautiful? I must be a wreck. I had slept in my underwear. My wig was still on but must look like a hornet’s nest. And whatever make-up I had on when I went to bed was probably all over my pillow by now.

I tried to get out of bed but suddenly found his arm around my waist, pulling me towards him. As I looked at him and tried to explain that I needed to go fix this mess, I was silenced by his kiss. Ok, I really wanted to get out of bed, but why wasn’t my body listening to me? My arm was going around his neck instead of pushing him away. And my lips were no help at all. They just opened up to his tongue’s pressure and allowed it easy access. You just can’t trust lips!

Finally, my brain triumphed in communicating with the other body parts and I got some distance between us. The reality set in of my being in bed with a man while my wife was not far away, even though she was in bed with a man herself. I needed to get control of the situation, and I needed to get cleaned up before Linda and Darryl started moving around. Roger had other things on his mind (don’t they always!) as he pulled my hand towards his naked cock.

“Oh, no you don’t. I know where that can lead, and we are not doing that this morning,” I thought to myself as I escaped from the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

When I looked in the mirror, I realized that I had been right. What a mess! I slipped off the wig and underwear, and started the shower. I let it run towards the cool side figuring a cold shower would do me good. While I was in the shower my mind replayed the events of the previous evening. It had been a wonderful experience to go on a date as Beverly. I really felt totally feminine then, which probably led to my actions at the end of the night. But now, in the stark reality of the morning light, how was I feeling? And how would Linda view me and my actions?

Wide awake from the brisk shower, I reapplied make-up and wrapped a towel around my body. Roger was still lying in bed when I reentered the bedroom. As I picked out underwear and an outfit to wear, he continued a dialog stating what a great night it had been, how much he had enjoyed my company, and his desire to be with me as often as he could during the remainder of my stay… everything a girl wants to hear after she has put out. I was feeling less like a tramp and more like a girlfriend, and that’s a much nicer feeling.

“You aren’t going to wear that to the game, are you?” Roger reminded me.

The game! I had totally forgotten that today was Bowl Game day. I put my outfit aside and reached for the Iowa Hawkeye shirt and pants. Then I realized that I had put on make-up but that I was going to the game in ‘guy mode’. I headed back into the bathroom to remove my make-up. But then I realized that I didn’t want to go back into the bedroom because I didn’t want Roger to see me as a guy after we had been so intimate as a couple. I had to suck it up (that was a bad choice of words) and go back into the bedroom and get my clothes. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, but I could feel him watching me and realized that he could see most of me in the mirror’s reflection. I had never felt ashamed to be a guy before that minute. But right then I wished that didn’t have to appear to him that way. He must have understood what I was feeling because he got out of bed and went into the bathroom so I could finish dressing alone.

I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when the three of them came out. Linda seemed quite startled to see me in guy mode. She was still in a robe but Darryl was already dressed for the game. Linda gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, grabbed a cup of coffee and a slice of toast, and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed. So there stood the three of us ‘guys’. Surprisingly, Roger seemed the most at ease and started talking about the game. We talked about the quarterback and running back for Iowa, what to expect out of the opponent, best way to get to the game with the anticipated traffic. Why, I was surprised we all weren’t belching and scratching our balls! This was really weird.

As usual, Linda was taking a lot of time getting ready and didn’t reappear until it was time to take off. Then it really got awkward. How were Roger and I supposed to say goodbye, what with me in guy mode? He handled it well by giving me a nice hug (no kiss), and asking if we could all get together after the game. Darryl said that he would call when we left the stadium and we would make dinner plans then. We all walked out together to the cars and departed with a wave.

I was glad that during the drive to the game Linda did not give me the third degree. She asked if I had a good time and if I wanted to see Roger again.

“It was a wonderful evening. Thank you, Darryl, for all of the planning and arrangements you made. It was a special night. And, yes Linda, I would like to see Roger again, which is a good thing since we said we would see him tonight,” I answered. Linda smiled back, and nothing further was said about the previous night.

I won’t go into details of the game other then to say that it was my first bowl experience and it was awesome. We had pretty good seats. The Hawks played great (and won). I couldn’t believe what we had to pay for food and drinks. But sitting in that warm sun on the first day of a new year was beyond words. Plus I think it helped burn the alcohol out of my system.

And speaking of burn, at one point towards the end of the game we were actually getting hot sitting in the sun. I started to take my shirt off, then remembered that I had spent several hours sunbathing in my girls swimsuit. I knew that my tan lines were just beginning, but they would have been very noticeable if I had removed my shirt.

The game over, we drove back to the condo and Darryl called Roger to tell him what time to come over.

Beverly (it felt kind of strange to be referred to as Beverly when I was in guy mode), I want you to go and get change immediately when we get home. I don’t want to see you looking like that again until it is time to fly home,” Darryl ordered. Linda smiled at his forcefulness. We were back into our roles again.

Thanks to all of you for allowing me my ‘recovery time’ from that little blog incident. That’s behind me now and I will push forward to complete my Florida report. Plus even more things have happened since our return to Iowa (besides record setting temperatures at around 30 below zero!). I can’t wait to share them with you. I appreciate your support and loyalty, and for just hanging in there for me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Explain something to me.

I received two negative comments from the same "anonymous" reader who took issue with my blog previously. What I don't understand is why he keeps coming back to my blog when he obviously doesn't like it. He says its crap and fiction. Then why read it?? There are millions of blogs he could choose to spend his time reading, but for some unknown reason he choses to keep reading and blasting mine.
I just don't understand people like that. They don't seem to be happy unless they are unhappy. I would say that they keep therapist in business, but I doubt he would ever realize that he desperately needs therapy.
Last time I checked, I wasn't forcing anyone to visit my site. He said for me to keep my 'homosexual thoughts' to myself. I thought the whole purpose of a blog was to be able to express oneself, regardless of the content selected.
So let me once again state that if you don't like my blog then please just pass it by and go enjoy all of the millions of other blogs that are available to read. If fact, why not write your own blog so we can read what you think is important and then comment accordingly.
I am not going to let this one asshole get me down. I will continue my blog soon.
Anonymous, you have been warned! You won't like my next blog entries, so don't bother reading them!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Please allow me to vent.

If you will take a moment and read the comments posted on the bottom of the previous post you will find one there that really pissed me off! The writer, who, of course posted under the name “anonymous”, stated three things that have upset me.

First, he (I am assuming it is a guy) accused me of taking an idea he suggested and using it for my posting, that being of Darryl arranging a date for me. Second, he accused me of purposely deleting the post to hide that fact. And third, he stated that my blog, though nicely written (thanks for that handout), is totally fiction.

I started this blog just a year ago with the idea of telling about my life and adventures as a househusband to my wonderful wife, Linda. I have been most fortunate to have had a very interesting year, one that has progressed further than I ever imagined. As far as I know, it has been factual with the only liberties with the truth taken being the changing of names to protect friends and family.

I have stated several times that I have and will use photos, cartoons, and drawings that I find on the web to enhance the storyline and will give credit for those when asked and will withdraw and delete any that the owner wished me to do so. I use my photo and sometimes Linda’s photo from time to time and will let you decide which one those are (hint, if the face is obscured there might be a reason for that, like protecting identity!).

I never set out to please everyone, just to write my thoughts and feelings down and to share my experiences. I have not knowingly deceived or mislead anyone with anything I have written. What I write is what I know, feel, and have taken part in, which means that, to date, and hopefully in the future, NO FICTION. If I wanted to write fiction I would do so with the hope of being paid for it… not in a blog.

So, sorry Anonymous for writing something that you have a hard time believing. Just let me know what parts you are having a difficult time grasping as reality and I will do what I can to set you straight. If you can’t do that then you are free to bypass this blog and read the millions of other ones that are out there. I have put myself out here with my photo and location clearly shown, not hiding behind a generic name and no identity. I wish you would have done the same.

Sorry to make the rest of you read this dribble but I need to get that off my AA-cup chest. If you will forgive me I might take a few days to simmer down before continuing my Florida updates. In the mean time please take time to visit the many sites I have listed on this page as blogs I follow. They are written by great people with interesting things to say. And I believe every one of them!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Four

Warning and disclaimer: In the past I have, for the most part, refrained from talking about Linda and my sexual escapades in detail, instead just glossing over the ‘dirty parts’ in general terms. Because of what has taken place over the last week I do not feel that I can continue that way or, by omitting those details, that I would be doing justice to this adventure or to my faithful masses. So if you are offended by blogs that delve into the sexual details, then I would suggest that you bypass my blog for the next several days.

“That would be your date, Beverly,” Darryl casually remarked as he set down his wine glass and walked to the door. I looked to Linda to gauge her reaction, only to find her smiling back at me. Of course she knew all about this. She and Darryl had been cooking this up for weeks. How could I not see this coming?

Before I could say anything to her, Darryl opened the door and stood back to let the stranger in. In stepped a man in a black suit, standing around 6’1”, brown wavy hair with just a touch of grey in the temples, and, I had to admit, quite nice looking… for a man!

While I was looking at the stranger, Linda and slid over beside me and whispered in my ear, “Not bad. Just go along with things this evening and let yourself enjoy the adventure. If you just relax, I know you will have a good time.” Then she stepped over beside Darryl as he introduced his guest to her.

“This lovely lady is my friend, Linda,” Darryl gleamed. “Linda, this is my old friend, and the owner of this condo, Roger.” As Linda held out her hand, Roger took it and then leaned over and gave Linda a kiss on the cheek. I saw the smile dance on her face as he did.

Then Darryl was looking at me and stating, “And this is your date for this evening. Beverly come over here and meet Roger. He won’t bite, at least not at first.” The three of them laughed at the little joke as I somehow managed to find my legs and slowly stepped over to them. Roger repeat the same welcoming that he had given Linda; warmly taking my hand and then bending to place a kiss on my cheek. I know I was blushing as this transpired, however, it was an accepting blush as the offered kiss felt kind of nice.

Fortunately, I was rescued from the moment by Darryl asking (telling) me to get a glass for Roger as he uncorked another bottle of wine. I paused in the kitchen to catch my breath, my thoughts rushing over all that had just taken place. I had a date for the night! With a MAN!!!

Finally, I knew I couldn’t stall any longer and I returned with glass in hand to the living room. The three of them were seated, Linda next to Darryl on the sofa, and Roger on the loveseat. He looked up expectantly as I handed him the glass, and I knew that I was suppose to join him. As I sat, Darryl got up and brought my glass and the wine to us and poured us a glass. Then, rejoining Linda, he offered a toast.

“Here’s to the end of 2008, and bringing in the new year with dear friends, old and new.”

Roger clicked his glass against mine, then took a drink, his eyes never leaving mine. “Oh, this is going to be a long night,” I thought. Small talk filled the next hour as Linda told Roger how much we enjoyed his condo and how nice it was. Roger talked a little about his real estate holding, which were quite impressive. He and Darryl exchanged a few stories about their mutual past.

Darryl looked at the clock on the mantle and stated that we had best be on our way to dinner. He had made reservations at The Colonnade, a wonderful seafood restaurant he added. Since the night air was chilly, Linda and I went to the bedroom to get our evening wraps.

As we stepped into the room, I immediately exclaimed, “Did you know about this? What’s the big idea? Does Roger know about me, about us?” The words rushed out as I nervously paced the room.

Linda just laughed and replied, “Yes, Roger knows about you being a man who loves to dress up, and he knows we are married. He also knows that I am with Darryl while we are here and that you and I are temporarily unmarried. So you don’t have to worry about him ‘finding out’ anything about you. He already knows, and Darryl tells me that he really likes the idea as well. Darryl says he is not sure, but thinks that Roger is either gay, or at least bi because it has been awhile since Roger has talked about going out with any women. So, see, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Nothing to worry about? You guys have set me up to be a date of some guy who is probably gay, and I have nothing to worry about? I think that gives me a lot to worry about,” I exclaimed.

“Well, it’s not like you have to jump into bed with him… not unless you want to,” Linda teased. Before I could reply, she picked up my wrap and handed it to me. Grabbing hers, she pushed me out the door. I started to put my wrap on as we walked back to the living room (lion’s den?). Linda stopped me, whispering, “Let Roger help you with that.”

As I watched, she walked up to Darryl and handed him her wrap, which he slipped over her shoulders. Suddenly, my wrap was being pulled out of my hands and I turned to see Roger placing it on my shoulders. I quietly uttered “thank you” as he smiled warmly at me. Then we grabbed our purses and were escorted out the door.

The drive proved to be a welcomed relief as I sat in the back seat with Roger (it’s nice to have someone open doors for you!). It provided us with the time and opportunity to chat and for me to relax… a little. Turns out Roger was a very nice guy who seemed to take a genuine interest in me. We found ourselves having our own private conversation and the two in the front seats left us alone. By the time we reached the restaurant, we were starting to act like a dating couple and I allowed him to hold my hand as we walked in. I caught Linda’s quick glance and serendipitous smile at this simple act. Well, she did tell me to relax and enjoy myself, so I was!

Dinner was fabulous and we all raved at Darryl’s selection. It was the perfect place for a romantic dinner. I was happy that I attracted no undo attention and was just blending into the situation like any other lady. I have Linda to thank for that as she was a total knockout in her skimpy black dress that had every man’s head turning (as well as a few women’s) as we sat down.

When dinner was finished, Linda and I excused ourselves to make a necessity trip. Once inside those hallow walls of feminine sanctuary (the restroom, dummy), Linda quizzed me on how I was doing. I was only too happy to report that I was enjoying myself and that Roger had been a good choice. As we were exiting the ladies abode, she calming asked, “Then you are ready for a night of dancing?” I am sure my mouth dropped as we walked back to the table.

The men rose to assist us with our chairs. I use to think that was an insulting gesture, like a woman couldn’t pull her own seat out? But I must tell you, when you are dressed up to the nines, that little gesture makes all of the prep time seem worthwhile. Roger was rewarded with one of my best 100 watt smiles in return.

“Let’s enjoy an after dinner drink before we head to our next destination,” Darryl said. He then informed us that we would be welcoming in the New Year at a place called Valentine’s Bar.

Roger laughed at that and replied, “Darryl, what a great idea. That is the perfect place to go tonight. It will be jumping.”

Linda and I just looked at each other, not knowing what was going on. “Just wait. You will see,” Darryl replied to our unasked questions.

Valentine’s, it turns out, is one of the best gay bars in Tampa, known for their outstanding drag shows. And it was a jumping place. Somehow Darryl had gotten a table reserved for us right next to the dance floor, which allowed us easy access to dancing as well as front row seats during the drag entertainment acts. If you have never been to a drag show, you should go. The ‘girls’ were beautiful and very talented. And their gowns were to die for! It was a fun place to celebrate New Year’s Eve as everyone was there to have a good time. We danced, a lot! There was one period of time that I swear I didn’t sit down for thirty minutes as Roger insisted that we dance one song after another. I had a great time, to the point that I totally forgot about Darryl and Linda, as Roger turned out to be as smooth on the dance floor as he was off. I quickly got use to holding his hand and being in his arms during the slow songs. When midnight struck it felt quite natural to press against him and lift my face to his for our New Year kiss. Even his invading tongue was welcomed by that time. When we broke I realized that Linda had made sure that she was close by to watch it happen. She stepped up and we shared a kiss as well as she turned out to be the second person to kiss me in 2009. Darryl took her place when we finished and I accepted his kiss easily. What a way to start the New Year.

We stayed and danced and drank Champagne for another hour, then headed back to the condo. Roger, realizing my resistance was low, enjoyed more kisses on the drive as we made out like teenagers in the back seat. Linda had to say something to us to let us know that we had arrived as we were in our own little world.

Back inside the condo, we all decide that we had had enough to drink so cocktails were passed on. The awkwardness of the situation started to surface when Linda announced that she was going to retire for the night and pulled Darryl towards the bedroom. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but as I heard their door close Roger pulled me into his arms and kissed me. We stood kissing for a long time, then I felt the hand on my back reach up for the dress’ zipper, followed by the sound and pull of the zipper traveling down. As our kissing continued I felt the cold air on my back as the dress pulled open. I wasn’t sure what to do, but felt Roger’s hands on my shoulders as he pushed the dress off of them. Almost without thinking, I slipped my arms out of the sleeves and felt the dress puddle around my high heels. Still not breaking the kiss, I stepped out of the dress with one foot and kicked the dress away with the other. Where had I learned that maneuver? So there I was, standing in my underwear, kissing my date in the living room of his condo. I never saw that coming!

When the kiss broke, Roger took my hand and silently led me to my bedroom (well, technically his bedroom, or his guest room… oh, just forget it). I turned the light on the nightstand on, then was pulled onto the bed where the kissing resumed. Now how did I get into this predicament? And how was I going to get out of it? Two good questions that were about to be resolved.

As we kissed, Roger cupped by breast and my hand traveled down to cup his cock. We each started slowing massaging our prizes. With a mind of its own, at least that’s what I am telling myself, my hand unbuckled his belt and unzipped the pants. He lifted his hips in assistance as I tugged at the pants, pulling them down past him knees. That nasty hand of mine wasn’t satisfied rubbing his cock through his underwear for long, and the Jockeys quickly joined the pants.

For the second time in less then twelve hours, I found myself with another man’s cock in my hand. And, for the second time in less then twelve hours, my mouth soon found its way down to my hand and I tasted my second cock. I must have been doing a good job because Roger was speechless and reduced to animal sounds. It wasn’t long before I knew that I was doing a good job as I was rewarded for my efforts. I thought that the evening would come to an end then. However, Roger, being the gentleman that he is, returned the favor to me. Fifteen minutes later I was asleep in his arms.

And thus began 2009! But wait, there’s more!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Three

Naturally, I was the first to awake the morning of New Year’s Eve. Well, that is not necessarily true… I was just the first to get out of bed. I really don’t know when Linda and Darryl awoke, and I wasn’t even sure that they were awake when I got dressed in my maid uniform and headed to the kitchen to put the coffee on. That done, I headed back to my room to finish getting ready for the morning.

I was sitting at the kitchen table when Darryl walked in. He smiled, told me not to get up, and walked over to pour himself a cup. I remained silent and seated as he joined me. He was giving me the morning weather report; another beautiful day in paradise; and was about to talk about the day’s activities when he suddenly looked up and said “ah, there’s my sleeping Beauty. I hope I didn’t wear you out last night.”

I turned to say good morning to Linda, but instead my jaw dropped open, she was standing there naked.

“I hope you don’t mind, Beverly, but Darryl and I talked last night and decided that I will remain naked while inside the condo and it’s only the three of us here. Don’t worry, I’ll cover up if anyone else comes by,” Linda softly said as she slid into the chair next to Darryl and across from me.

Before I could answer, Darryl stated, “Why would she mind? She is just the maid. If I want you nude, then nude you will be… even if there is someone else here. Understand?” Once again, he was establishing the pecking order here.

He continued looking at Linda and dropped a hand under the table and onto her leg as he told us about the day’s plan. “We can either stay here at the beach today and enjoy the sun and sand, or we can go see some of the sites if you would like.”

I knew not to answer, as it was not my opinion that was being sought. Linda answered, “Is it ok if we just stay around here? We don’t get to enjoy the water and beach much and I am not really into site-seeing, unless there is something that you wanted us to see.”

She suddenly sat up straight and I knew that Darryl’s hand was doing some exploring, and there were no clothes to get in his way. Smiling, he said, “I think that is a good idea. We are going to have a busy night and will probably be out late, so relaxing here sounds great. As for tonight, we are going to go out to a very nice place for a seafood dinner, then to a bar for dancing and waiting to welcome in the new year. I want both of you to put on your very best dresses and looking as sexy as possible. I promise you a night you will always remember.”

Linda leaned over and kissed him. In between kisses, she asked what time we needed to be ready and a few kisses later he answered “be ready at eight.” I sat there finishing my coffee as they carried on with the kissy face. I was really feeling like a third-wheel and almost wished that they would go back to the bedroom so I wouldn’t have to watch. Maybe the day would pass without any further embarrassment. Oh, who was I kidding?

Linda finally got up from the table and announced that she was going to put on her swimming suit and walk up the beach. As she walked away, we both watched her naked butt swing a bouncy tempo. Then Darryl turned back to me and said, “I know that this is tough on you, but Linda seems to be enjoying herself and her new found freedom. Just be happy for her and let her have fun. And I know that tonight will be a very special night for you as well.”

With that, he got up and went to join Linda in the bedroom. I just shook my head in resignation, cleaned up the coffee cups, then headed to my room to change. Once again, I was back in my swimsuit, this time with a cover-up over the top, presenting a much more modest appearance. I decided not to wear a wig because of the sun and heat, instead putting on a big floppy hat to cover my head. A look in the mirror showed me that I looked pretty convincing and shouldn’t have any trouble walking around outside like that. I grabbed my book and went out to the patio. Since the condo faced the beach, and thus faced west, the patio was in the shade and still cool in the morning air. I grabbed a beach blanket and walked out onto the beach to spread the blanket out in the sun.

After awhile I realized that I had read several chapters and had not seen Linda and Darryl emerge. Those two were worse then a couple of rabbits. Maybe I should go douse them with cold water. Finally, they showed up and announced that they were going for a walk. Linda asked me to go with them, so I put my book aside and off we went. It was a beautiful beach and this area was more private than public so it wasn’t crowded in the morning. We frolicked in the surf (brrrr, the water was COLD) and walked for a long way, then turned around and headed back. It was so relaxing that for a while I felt very natural being out as Beverly.

When we got back to the condo we sat on the blanket and watch the other beach-goers. The spell was broken when Darryl announced that it was close to lunchtime and that I should go back inside and get it started. When I got back to the patio and was pulling the screen door closed, I looked back out to where Linda and Darryl were sitting. At that moment, Darryl reached around Linda and removed her bikini top. She laid back on the blanket, leaving her breast exposed to anyone walking by.

Lunch was a non-event, very casual and relaxed. I noticed that when they came in for lunch Linda stayed topless but left her bikini bottom on. As I was clearing the table (we had eaten inside) Darryl suddenly got very serious.

“Linda, what is the rule about clothing in the condo?”

Linda went pale as she realized her mistake. “I’m sorry. I totally forgot about being nude. I will take this off right now.” With that, she stood and removed the skimpy bottom.

“You know the rules. You know what happens now. Go stand by the sofa,” he ordered. I have never seen Linda move so fast as she sprinted into the living room. Darryl turned to me and said, “Come with me.”

I followed behind him, then stood by the sofa as he sat down. “Here it comes,” I thought.

He forcefully pulled my naked wife over his lap. She lay there, not moving, her head down, staring at the floor by his feet. Suddenly, his hand was raining down thunderous claps on her naked flesh, quickly turning that pale Iowa winter-tanless skin from white to bright red. I didn’t count how my blows smacked her ass, but I know it would have reduced me to tears. Surprisingly, Linda hardly uttered a sound as she endured her punishment.

Finally over, Darryl allowed her to slide off his lap into a puddle of quivering skin at his feet. No one said a word as we listened to the stillness of the room. Then my eyes traveled from Linda to Darryl’s lap. He was sporting a huge hard-on that was tenting the front of his baggy swimwear.

Finally he spoke. “Linda, you have made me hard. I think you should do something about that.”

She slowly looked up, saw his ‘predicament’, and reached up to grab the swimsuit, then pulled it off in one move. She sat up on her knees and positioned herself between his knees, now facing his growing erection. I watched as my wife leaned forward and engulfed his cock in her mouth and started giving him a blowjob.

I was shaken from the mesmerizing sight by Darryl exclaiming, “We shouldn’t leave out Beverly. Maybe she would like to help.”

Oh, god, he can’t mean what I think he means. Linda answered my unspoken question by pulling back from his cock, looking me in the eyes, and reaching her hand out to clasp mine. Then I felt the tug of her pulling me down beside her and found myself now on my knees as well. With one hand still on his cock, she pointed the head of it towards me. She let go of my hand and reached around, putting it on my back. I felt her pressure urging me forward and found myself giving in. Then that cock was touching my lips and I felt my mouth unwillingly opening as my eyes closed. More pressure on my neck and I was encircling the warm flesh, allowing it to slide in further.

“That’s right, Beverly, just let it slide back and forth. You are doing great,” Linda whispered into my ear. I realized that my wife was witnessing my establishment as a cocksucker and encouraging me on. I tried to block all thoughts out of my mind and to just go with the movement.

It continued for 20 hours, at least that’s what it seemed like. Finally, I heard Darryl say something, but I didn’t comprehend what it was. Then the cock was being pulled from my mouth and I almost tried to pull it back in with my lips. My eyes opened and I sat back on my heels wondering what was happening. The answer was right there as Linda stood up and straddled Darryl’s knees with her back to him. Then his hands were on her hips guiding her backwards, onto his lap. I watched her reach down and move his cock into the proper position, then she continued downwards onto him, taking his manhood deep inside of her. I stayed on the floor at his feet as their coupling continued. At last his grunts signaled the long await orgasm as he shot his seed into my naked wife.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur as I was allowed to silently recover from my ordeal. Before I knew it, Linda was speaking to me softly. “It’s almost six. We need to start getting ready for tonight.”

She told me to get my dress, underwear, and make-up and bring it into her room so we could get dressed together.

I won’t bore you with the details of us ‘ladies’ getting dressed and putting on make-up. The only interesting part was that we wore matching undies: black panty, strapless bra, garter-belt and hoses… very sexy. She had bought them for us back home just for tonight. We each had sexy little black dresses to wear for the big night as well. I will say that Linda has never looked better, even on our wedding day. She was smoking hot! She said that I was too, so I took her word for it. I did feel sexy, not sure about hot or not.

Darryl had gotten ready in another room and was waiting for us when we entered the living room a few minutes before eight. We were actually on time! Can you believe it?

He was just pouring each of us a glass of wine when the doorbell chimed. I looked at Linda, wondering, “Who could that be?” She just smiled back as Darryl sat his wineglass down. He also smiled as he announced, “that will be your date!”

Monday, January 5, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part Two

Warning and disclaimer:. In the past I have, for the most part, refrained from talking about Linda and my sexual escapades in detail, instead just glossing over the ‘dirty parts’ in general terms. Because of what has taken place over the last week I do not feel that I can continue that way or, by omitting those details, that I would be doing justice to this adventure or to my faithful masses. So if you are offended by blogs that delve into the sexual details, then I would suggest that you bypass my blog for the next several days.

We were sitting around the table on the Condo’s patio next to the beach, having just arrived in the Tampa area a few hours ago. Darryl was informing us of his plans for the rest of our time there.

“With the exception of the time we’ll spend at the game Thursday morning and your trip home, I expect to you dressed and acting as Beverly while you are in Florida.” He was directing his comments to me. “Your role will run the gamut from being our maid to being a woman, just like Linda, perhaps even taking on the role of her sister or girlfriend. You will not act as a man or a husband at any time, except during the game and when you get to the airport on Saturday. You did very well not reacting to my greeting of Linda at the airport this morning. I know that must have been uncomfortable for you when I kissed her in front of Amy and Tim. Who would have guessed that we would have common friends and that they would get to see your cuckolding first hand? That couldn’t be helped as I felt a desire to greet Linda properly. You should feel lucky that is all I did. I can’t promise you that I will not take more liberties with her at the game or when you depart. If and when I do, you are to accept anything I do without any complaints. Do you understand?”

I silently nodded my head in approval, hoping that things wouldn’t progress too far in public. As if to answer my concerns, Darryl turned to Linda and started untying the straps to her bikini top. “And Linda, you will also accept whatever may come your way without hesitation or complaints. Is that understood?”

“Gladly,” she responded, smiling as her top dropped away. There was my wife sitting on the patio on the beach in the middle of the afternoon, with people walking by just twenty feet away, her breasts bare for all to see. She reached behind her back and unhooked the clasp, pulling her top free and setting it on the table. She seemed quite proud to be topless in public. As if to seal the deal, she leaned over to Darryl and kissed him firmly. His hand reached up and cupped her naked left breast, as if confirming his ‘ownership’ of her. Even tucked away, I started to get an uncomfortable swelling in my feminine one piece swimsuit. I didn’t know how long I could keep it hidden.

Sensing my discomfort, Darryl told me to kiss him as Linda had to show my understanding and acceptance. I heard a slight giggle escape from Linda as she witnessed her sissy husband seal his fate by surrendering to that feminine gesture. To further emphasize my role, Darryl reached up and grabbed my breast, just as he had Linda’s moments before. Fortunately, mine stayed covered.

The ground rules established, Darryl continued. “We will relax for a couple more hours, and I know Linda wants to go for a walk on the beach. Later, Beverly will change into her proper serving attire and start preparing dinner. I think steaks on the grill will be good, you will find everything else you will need in the kitchen as I stocked it this morning before heading to the airport. Linda, our attire while in the condo is very casual, like beachwear or casual dress. Beverly will be in serving attire unless we or she is going out of the condo. And, as you can tell, this part of the beach is pretty liberal so you can wear as little as you would like. Feel like going nude?”

“I don’t think I am ready for that, yet. I’m still a conservative Iowa girl. But, we will see as time goes on.” I couldn’t believe that Linda would even consider going nude in public. But I guess Darryl brought out a wild side in her.

He smiled at her, continuing, “Each morning I will tell you what is planned for the day so you can plan your wardrobe accordingly. Of course, New Years Eve we will be going out on the town so you will be getting dressed up. Other then that, there are a few surprises I have planned and will tell you about them later.” Turning to me he said, “Bev, let’s plan on eating around seven then. Linda, why don’t we take that walk up the beach as Beverly goes and changes.” With that being said, he held out his hand to Linda. She took his hand and he led her down the few steps to the beach, not allowing her to put her top back on.

So there was my wife, just hours away from home, walking topless on the crowded Clearwater Beach. She has a great body and I noticed heads start to turn as she and Darryl walked away from me.

Dejectedly, I went inside and to my room to get changed. I was in the kitchen an hour later when I heard them return. I turned towards them, knowing that Darryl would want to check that I had gotten properly dressed to serve them. Linda’s body was pink from the sun and she was still topless. As she stood there, Darryl walked up behind her, hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her bikini bottom, and pulled them slowly down to her ankles. Wordlessly, looking me in the eyes, she stepped out of them as Darryl picked them up. He tossed the skimpy bottoms aside and pressed up against her. His right hand reached around her and cupped her breast as his left hand reached for her pussy. I saw, for the first time, that she had also gotten a bikini wax before we left Iowa. Her mound had a small tuff of hair in a thin straight line. Part of me was surprised that it wasn’t totally bare. She spread her legs slightly, allowing his hand access to her private area. I looked up to see Darryl looking into my eyes, gauging my reaction, then he pushed his finger into her. Linda closed her eyes and gave into the sexual assault. Again, her legs spread wider and Darryl slipped another finger in.

I just stood there staring at the mating ritual taking place ten feet from me. Darryl thrust his crotch into Linda’s bare ass. Linda opened her eyes, saw me staring at her, then without taking her eyes off of me (where had these two learned that trick?), she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Darryl’s swimsuit and pulled it down, bending over as she did. Darryl, bent his knees, reached up and grabbed his erection, and inserted his hard cock into Linda’s waiting pussy. She stayed bent over, grabbing her ankles, as Darryl started his rhythmic fucking.

“Come here, Beverly, and support Linda as I fuck her. We wouldn’t want her to fall on her face now, would we?” Darryl stated with a smirk.

I walked in front of Linda and placed my hands on her shoulders. As I did, she lifted her head, which was eye-level with my pantied crotch. With a smile, she pushed her head under the short skirt of my maid dress, and kissed my erection. We stayed like that as Darryl continued fucking her. I felt her shutter twice with orgasms. Then, finally Darryl announced that he was cumming and pulled out, shooting his spunk across Linda’s ass. He concluded by wiping his cockhead on her left cheek, stepped back, and ordered me to come around and lick up his cum from her ass.

What a start to our trip. Here I was eating his fresh cum without hesitation, and we hadn’t even had our first meal yet. Well, I guess I was having my first meal, a Darryl soufflé.

When I finally finished, Darryl dismissed me with instructions to bring them each a beer and then to continue with supper preparation. I opened a beer quickly and took a big pull, hoping to wash away the salty taste in my mouth. My mind was racing, trying to absorb everything that had just taken place; Linda's casual nudity, her bending over and silently inviting Darryl to take her while I watched, Darryl's easy command of my sole, and my submissive acceptance of such a degrading act as to lick a man's cum from my wife's ass without hesitation. This was all too much, but I knew it wouldn't stop there.

When I came back with their drinks Darryl had slipped his swimsuit back on but Linda was still naked and sitting on his lap on the sofa.

I put the steaks on the grill and asked where we would be eating. Since it was our first night there and a beautiful night, Darryl suggested we eat on the patio. I set the table out there and brought the food out as we waited for the steaks to finish. I stayed out there even though I was in a short maid’s uniform. I felt less uncomfortable being seen like that then being inside watching my naked wife sitting on her boyfriend’s lap. I could hear them talking softly, but could not make out what they were saying.

Finally, I announced the steaks were ready, then got another surprise as Linda walked out onto the patio still naked! I guess that Darryl had convinced her to give it a try as the beach was starting to clear because of darkness. Those few remaining beach-goers got a real eyeful, what with a nude woman and a sexy French maid there for all to see.

Dinner finished, we went back inside as the temperature cooled, and drinks were enjoyed. The rest of the evening was uneventful, other then the fact that Linda stayed naked all evening. Finally it was time to turn in. Linda gave me a warm hug along with “this really was an interesting day, wasn’t it?” Can you say ‘understatement’!

I cleaned up as I heard the door to the master bedroom close. Our first day in paradise had come to an end. What a day!

And there is much more to come.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Florida Trippin'... Part one

I know some of my faithful readers have been waiting for this report as much as I was being able to report it. I feel that I should put a warning and disclaimer to open this blog. In the past I have, for the most part, refrained from talking about Linda and my sexual escapades in detail, instead just glossing over the ‘dirty parts’ in general terms. Because of what has taken place over the last week I do not feel that I can continue that or that by omitting those details that I would be doing justice to this adventure or to my faithful masses. So if you are offended by blogs that delve into the sexual details, then I would suggest that you bypass my blog for the next several days. For the rest of you, get the tissues ready because this is going to get HOT!

On Tuesday, December 30th, Linda and I prepared to depart for 5 days in sunny Florida. It was decided that we would need more clothing then we would be allowed to carry as baggage on the plane, so we packed up a rather large box of clothing and shipped it ahead to Darryl (if you don’t know who Darryl is then I suggest that you go back and read my blog for the last two months). This was a good move because it allowed me to ship the items that I would need for my transformation into Beverly (if you don’t know who Beverly is then why are you even reading this blog!). The other decision that was made, by Linda, was that she would leave her wedding rings at home, thus establishing her ‘freedom from our marriage and her role as my wife’ for the duration of the trip.

As it turned out, I was glad that we shipped the clothing several days ahead of our departure because when we got to the airport I was selected to have my suitcase opened and searched. I was happy that my suitcase contained mostly my two male changes of clothing along with two feminine outfits and my woman’s swimsuit, nothing that would identify me as a crossdresser.

Speaking of clothing, I was very happy that Linda agreed that I could wear guy clothes (part of leaving her rings behind deal) on the flight out because we ran into several people I knew at the airport. As we were waiting in the check-in line we found ourselves behind a client of mine who is also a very good friend. With Amy was her husband, Tim, who is also a friend of mine. We had a nice time talking about the flight, the weather in Florida, and, of course, about the Iowa Hawkeye football team.

Amy asked where we were staying and I told her that we were staying with a friend. She asked about our plans for New Years Eve and we told them that our friend had made plans for us. I was glad that they would be going to a party for the team and fans because we wouldn’t have to worry about running into them while we were out with Darryl. I really didn’t want to have to be explaining to them about either Beverly or the relationship between Linda and Darryl.

While waiting to board, I saw three other people I knew because of business dealings. I went over to talk to them and introduce Linda. We talked mostly about the football game or about upcoming business opportunities that they wanted to have me handle. I joked that maybe I could write off the cost of the trip as a business deduction because we were talking business (FYI… I couldn’t).

The flight departed on time and was a smooth trip… until we got to the airport.

Darryl was meeting us at the baggage claim area, and I started worrying about the reception we would received from him… especially Linda. As it turned out, my worse fears were about to come true.

We were walking just behind Amy and Tim as we entered the baggage claim area, and there was Darryl. The first surprise came when Amy and Tim walked up to Darryl and shook hands with him. Amy saw us also approaching Darryl and said with surprise “oh, do you know Darryl?”

I extended my hand to Darryl as I informed Amy that he was our host for the week. Darryl warmly shook my hand, and then it happened. Linda stepped up and Darryl let go of my hand, and stepped over to her, put his arms around her and gave her a big juicy kiss. I could almost hear Amy and Tim’s jaws drop as they witnessed the embrace. I stood there silently and turning crimson as I could do or say nothing about what was happening. Of course at that same moment the other three business friends walked by and witnessed my wife being kissed by another man as I stood helplessly by.

Finally Darryl broke the embrace and turned to Amy and said “yes, we are all old friends”, acting like the kiss was the most natural thing in the world. Fortunately, Tim gently nudged Amy to get her moving and they walked away with a “have a good time and ‘go Hawks’”. Linda gave me a teasing smile as we walked to get our bags. She and Darryl stood back while I went to grab our luggage. When I came back with the 2 bags they turned and walked ahead of me holding hands. I didn’t look around to see if any of my friends were watching us, but I was sure some of them were.

Darryl lives along the east coast of Florida, not far from Daytona, but he has a friend who is involved with real estate throughout Florida. This friend owns a lot of property, included a beautiful condo on Clearwater Beach, and he loaned the condo to Darryl for our visit. Linda and I were very impressed with the size of the three bedroom condo. However, it was the walkout patio that was right on the beach that really stopped us in our tracks. This place was paradise and a perfect place to relax, party, and ring in the new year.

Darryl established, to no one’s surprise, the living situation for the week as he told me to put my suitcase in ‘my bedroom’ and put Linda’s suitcase in the master bedroom. When I entered my bedroom, the closet door was open and the clothing that I had shipped ahead were hanging up. I unpacked my suitcase and put my male clothing away, knowing I most likely would not see them again until I was leaving.

Linda knocked on the door (why did she feel she had to knock before entering my bedroom?) and informed me that she was going to slip into her swimming suit and take in some sun and walk on the beach. She told me to put on my swimming suit and put on some make-up and my wig so I could begin my vacation as Beverly. It took me an hour to get ‘presentable’. I had never worn anything as revealing as a swimsuit in public before and I worried now if I could pass enough not to cause any problems.

I went looking for Linda and Darryl, thinking that they were probably already outside since it would only take her a few minutes to change, but they were not on the patio. Then I noticed that the door to the master bedroom was closed. I knew where they were and what they were doing… making up for lost time! I knocked on the door and Linda answered.

“Go on ahead outside. We will be out in a little while,” she replied. Then I heard her giggle and things got quiet again. Embarrassed by knowing that I had interrupted their love-making, I slinked out onto the patio. I moved a chaise-lounge chair into the sun and stretched out on it. The warmth of the beating sun felt marvelous and helped wipe the images out of my head of Linda and Darryl in bed. I dozed off, waking when I heard Linda’s voice telling me that I had better turn over before I burned. I looked up to see her standing over me, with Darryl standing behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist. She had a two-piece swimming suit on while Darryl was wear a typical men’s knee-length suit. He was grinding his crotch into Linda’s ass and she was showing her enjoyment by wiggling it in encouragement. When she moved to sit down I could see the arousal in his suit. Darryl joined Linda at the small patio table, taking her hand in his. These two just could not keep their hands off each other!

“You look nice, Beverly. Are you enjoying yourself so far?” Darryl asked as his eyes traveled over my minimally clad body. Before I could reply, he turned to Linda. “I really worked up a thirst in there. Are you thirsty, too, Linda? I bet you need something to wash that taste out of your mouth.”

Turning back to me he ordered “Beverly, why don’t you go and grab us all some beers out of the refrigerator.” He turned back to Linda, effectively cutting me off while putting me in my place for the week… as their maid.

I got up and went to the get the drinks. I hadn’t looked at the kitchen when we arrived, so I was getting my first peek. It was beautiful, just like the rest of the place. I was glad because I had a feeling that I would be spending quite a bit of time in here over the next few days.

As I handed Linda and Darryl their beer, Darryl instructed me to join them at the table. “I think this would be a good time to talk about the plans for your stay and to establish some rules. Believe me, this is going to be a trip of a lifetime for both of you.”

And believe him I did. The man knows of what he speaks!

So much more to follow. I hope I haven’t bored you.