Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Slipped Up

I love the look of old fashion girdles. But there is another clothing item that almost slipped my mind… slips! I think I first got the fascination with those fine silky white satiny undies watching my mother ironing her dress clad only in her slip and underwear. I was mesmerized by that long field of white that shimmered as she moved. I remember my older sister screaming at me when I walked into her bedroom unannounced to find her standing in her slip.

When I was junior high school I had a teacher embarrass me when a fellow classmate’s slip showed below her dress as she walked by me. “Grab the hem and make a wish,” the teacher told me. Of course I was too frozen with fear and lust to move.

So here is to an item that seems to be disappearing from women’s wardrobes of today. It’s difficult to find slips in department stores today and are seldom seen on young women these days. Please don’t let them slip away!




Happy Holidays!


jessica said...

I love slips too! I own several.

chasity said...

I love that your posting more often!!!

Jenna said...

I have several pairs of slips, I find that some of my skirts and dresses look better with one underneath them.
A lot of skirts and dresses I find though have a lining that does the same job as a slip which does make wearing one a bit more difficult.

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kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...
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