Tuesday, July 26, 2011


They say that nobody is perfect, and I am about as far from perfect as one can get. So I thought I would share with you some photos I found that are near perfect in my opinion. Tell me what you think…


Isn’t this a cute look? Wish I could pull it off.







What a great expression on her face. She is really into it.







And speaking of being into it! Wow!!




And here are a few looks I really like.

cute dress short skirt and heels perfect look perfect look2 spanking-online-taking-down-her-panties beingherbitch proud

I really love the small breasts on this gal. I would gladly settle for a set like those. What about you?


Anonymous said...

Hello Beverly,

I am glad you gave us another sign of life.
How are you? Are you OK? No problems with your wrists any more?

I hope you'll tell us again about your life.

Anyway, take care.


gary said...

I'm wondering if your wife is still cuckolding you? Have you had any further encounters yourself with men? I used to so enjoy hearing about your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Bev- Yes, I really love her cute little tits!! :)
I also love the strap-on pic!
And some of those fashions...
Keep posting, girl!! :)

sub hubby said...

I LOVE the girl on girl punishment shot! Very horny!