Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally posting in the new year.

Cuckold (25)    Time for a little update, though little has changed…

Linda and I are still together. I am still the submissive, sissy wife in many ways, but more like a girlfriend or best friend in others. I still do all of the cooking, cleaning, housework, shopping, and other 'wifely' duties here. In fact Linda said just the other day that she can't remember the last time she went to the grocery store.
   I live most of the time in Beverly mode, only changing into boy mode on those rare instances when I have to run to the office. That is rare as I work out of my home office and am only working part-time at that. My other duties have taken priority in my life so I am a housewife first and a marketing consultant second.
   Linda's job has blossomed as she is now in upper management with a lot of responsibilities that include travel out of state at least once a month for a week.
   Of course the separations deeply effects our sexual relationship. I must confess that I haven't made love to Linda in over a year. I'm sure you are wondering what we do for sexual relief. Linda still delights in my oral skills so I ply them whenever she asks. As I'm sure you also guessed we both have been involved with men and have been able to get our needs fulfilled with their help. Linda travels too much to have any permanent relationship, myself included. She sees a guy in Atlanta when she is there and has gone out with a guy or two in Cincinnati. When she is home she mostly wants to relax. She will occasionally go out with Bruce. They work together at the same company but both travel (not together) so don't have a chance to date much here.
   I've been seeing Todd for just over a year. Todd and I are definitely a couple. We go out on dates often as we both love movies and theater. We went on vacation together last April to Las Vegas for a week and have booked a trip back there this coming April. Todd and I have grown very close and I enjoy spending time with him as often as I can. We see each other often, usually several times a week in the evening, and often spend the night together. The overnight visits are usually when Linda is away and I will stay at his place. He has stayed at my place a few times when Linda was home, but not many because I still feel awkward doing that.

I have my own separate bedroom so that is where we stay when he is here. Todd even keeps some of his clothes here now and I keep some of mine at his place. And to answer your next question, I am always ‘Beverly’ with Todd. Of course I am seldom in guy mode anymore so that is my natural state. Even when I go to my mother’s or sister’s home I go as Beverly. Everyone is used to seeing me that way now.

cumface1cumface2aface painting1aGlazzzzzed 07

Todd is really into “face painting”, spraying his hot cum all over my face. I myself find it a waste of good cum, but we must keep our boys happy.

birthday dressbirthday dress1sissy image1sissy hair

Linda loves seeing me in very sissy outfits and has bought me several dresses to highlight my sissy side. We must keep our girls happy too.

Ok, let’s see if I can do a better job in 2013 of posting more often. Thanks for hanging in there with me.


ritemate said...

Thank you for posting; it’s always a pleasure reading your entries.
Seems to me you’re in a happy place now.

Maid Jaqi said...

Yea!!! Good to hear from you. I would like to read more! Even the mundane to you is interesting to me. I would like to hear more about what you wear for Todd and Linda. Links to the websites that carry the clothes that Linda likes to see you in for example. Do you ever get "read" while grocery shopping? So many mundane questions.

badside said...

Bev, I'm so happy to see you are posting again! I agree with Jaqi, and would love it if you'd indulge us readers with more postings, even if you think it's something boring I'm sure your readers would love to read about it. We do find you a fascinating creature.