Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween and Linda and I are going to a party at Anna’s and Ron’s tonight. Linda finally told me last night what I would be wearing, and it came as no surprise to me. I am wearing a French Maid’s uniform, complete with sexy short skirt, crinoline slip, and a little maid cap. She told me to wear perfume so I will smell as good as I look. Then the surprise came. She would be enjoying herself while I would be serving food and drinks to all of our friends. I would be working this party as the maid. It’s going to be a long night.

I got a call Tuesday from Darryl. Linda was gone to a meeting so I was home alone. I could tell he wanted to talk to her but since I was the only one there we ended up talking for 20 minutes. It has been a long time sine he and I had a private conversation and a lot has changed in our relationship since then. It was kind awkward at first, each of us struggling to find a conversation starter. Finally he broached the topic of Linda and him having their private talks and asking if I was okay with that. I assure him that I was fine with it but worried where this was leading. His reply was “wherever Linda wants it to go.”

He then asked if I had been doing any more crossdressing or if I had plans to do so in the near future (I am sure he knew about our Halloween plans). So I told him that I was dressing around the house as I cleaned and cooked and about the party Linda and I were going to with our friends. He didn’t ask about our costumes, again I think he already knew.

Finally he said he was going to be in town next week and said that Linda had told him he could stay with us (thus relieving me of being involved with that decision). I asked what he wanted for dinner while here and together we planned a menu. Then he ended the evening’s conversation with “I am looking forward to seeing you as Beverly while I am there as well as to enjoying your culinary and serving skills. Linda and I have been looking forward to this for some time now. Don’t disappoint us or there will be consequences!” And with that he hung up.

Oh, boy.


Ms. Lily said...

I hope you enjoy your Halloween ;) And I can't wait to read about Darryl's visit.

ritemate said...

I'm also waiting eagerly for your next post. It seems like even more is going to change in your relationship with Darryl pretty soon. Is Linda continuing to prepare your bottom?

little shaun said...

Hopefully Darryl really shows up this time.