Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All quiet on this front.

It has been so quiet around here that I haven’t had anything to write about. We haven’t been entertaining at all so no one has been around. I’ve been doing my housecleaning as usual, but that is pretty boring to write about. Our families have been keeping to themselves lately as well. And even Darryl hasn’t call here for over two weeks… at least that I am aware of.

Linda has been out of town a couple of days each of the last two weeks so I have had some time alone. This would usually be a time that her sister or mother would have stopped in or ask me to go with them someplace, but nothing there either.

Maybe I should ask Linda if she has heard from Darryl at all. I guess there is the possibility that they could have talked while she was on the road. I know she gets bored sitting in her hotel room at night. We usually talk early in the evening, like right after dinner, because sometimes she likes to turn in early and I don’t want to call late and disturb her. I think I will ask her about it when she gets back. Perhaps she and Darryl have been in touch and neither has bother to say anything to me.

Am I sounding paranoid here?

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little shaun said...

Of course she talks to Darryl when she's on business trips. You know they have phone sex while she's in her hotel room, so I don't understand why you're in such denial.