Friday, April 10, 2009

A Tease

Finally, some free time that I can sit down at the computer and catch up on my blog. There is so much to… damn, the phone is ringing. I will just let it roll over to voice mail. Well, I had better check the caller ID as it could be Linda calling. No, it’s a Florida area code. Wonder who it could be? Guess I had better answer it. I will get back to this shortly.


alan said...

I'm smiling at this...hope you were as well!


Liz Romney said...

Oh Bev! You are a tease! That's why all the boys find you attractive.


Iowabev said...

You think??

ritemate said...

Bev you Big tease!
Now be a good girl, put down that telephone and come back to us, your (reasonably) faithful readers.
Sure, the phone companies are poor nowadays, but Roger doesn’t have to cover their debts singlehandedly, does he?

Cherryleopard said...

"...I will get back to this shortly."

Shortly! It's been days you tease!

Come on, tell us the rest of the story soon.

: )

Hope you enjoyed a good Easter weekend.