Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phone call followup

Yes, yes, yes, I know, I know. That wasn’t very nice of me to leave you hanging like that. Why, I should be punished. Yeah, that’s right, punished. Like maybe spanked on my bare bottom. Or, I don’t know, maybe forced to wear women’s clothing and taken to a mall or something. Now, don’t hold back. Let me have it. Give me your best shot. In the mean time…

It was Roger on the phone. We talk pretty regularly, like once a week on an average. I think that has helped us to become better friends. In Florida, we were kind of thrust on each other (ooooh, I like the sounds of that!) and really didn’t get a chance to develop the friendship. Our relationship there was based on sexual pleasure and interaction… not that there is anything wrong with that! But it is not the best foundation for a friendship. Of course, at the time we didn’t think that we would ever see each other again, that our meeting was mostly for Linda’s and Darryl’s benefit, to get me out of the way so they could enjoy themselves more. But a funny thing happened along the way… we discovered that we liked each other, at least as Beverly and Roger. He helped me explore being Beverly on an entirely different level then I had experienced before. I had always enjoyed being the housewife, maid, cook, almost ‘sister’ to Linda, and kind of a plaything for Darryl. But Roger helped me discover the sexual womanly side of being Beverly as well as the intellectual side of her.

Our phone conversations have gone beyond turning each other on, which we often do. We also talked about just everything freely. This phone call started off with the normal pleasantries of ‘how are you?’, ‘what’s new?’ as I filled him in on our dinner party with friends. Roger seemed particularly interested in the actions by Jim of kissing me. He wanted to know if I flirted with Jim. I accused him of being jealous and was quite pleased when he admitted that he was.

Roger keeps asking me to come back to Florida so we can have more time together. He has even offered to pay all of the expenses so it is getting harder to say no to him. Of course Linda has been pushing me to take him up on his offer. She told me that Darryl has suggested that he and I trade places for a week and he would come up and keep Linda company while I traveled to Roger.

It’s tempting. Only time will tell.

It was noted in the comments area that perhaps the stars were aligning for Linda and me to have local boyfriends. But I must point out that Linda had a one-time tryst with Anna’s husband, Tom, after the Halloween party and she has promised Anna that it would never happen again. Linda won’t betray her friendship with Anna so that is not going to happen. Also, I know Linda wouldn’t want to hurt Becky by pushing any kind of relationship with Jim and me, so put that out of your minds. We aren’t going to go there. Jim will just have to keep his desires to himself. So, I think that Darryl and Roger are safe for the time being.

But, as I said, only time will tell.


ritemate said...

You’re right; you really deserve a good spanking. Has Linda stopped delivering them? If so, maybe you need a local boyfriend with a firm hand.
I don’t know what the weather is like in Iowa now, but going to Florida to meet Roger must be a great temptation. And if the “local boyfriend” project isn’t successful very soon, I think Linda will be in dire need of a real man to take care of Her pent-up energy.

alan said...

I think you might enjoy that spanking a bit too much for the good of either of you...

Which can be good in it's own right!


Mistress said...

Linda, you really deserve a good spanking. :)

Liz Romney said...

Dear Beverly,

I still think the "stars", with a little encouragement from Linda, might be up for alignment. Just because the potential for "boyfriends" from the two couples is close to nil, at least for Linda. That doesn't mean that Linda is getting you "out" more so anything that happens in the future will come as less of shock the people you know best.

Women can be... shrewd... yeah that's the word I was looking for.