Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Morning Fun

I love Saturday mornings! Linda and I get to sleep in and usually enjoy some intimate time together. Last Saturday was no exception and turned out to be a great time.

It started off by Linda telling me to take off my panties. I love being ‘ordered’ to do that! Then she told me to put a condom on my quickly thickening cock. That was an unusual request as she is on the pill and I had a vasectomy years ago, so there is no fear of pregnancy for her with me. And, yes, she remains on the pill because of her infrequent rendezvous with Darryl (also they help her with her periods). I did as she requested without question, ready for whatever came my way.

She informed me that Darryl had asked during their recent phone conversation if she had been keeping me inline with a frequent spanking. Before I could reply that I had done anything out of line, she instructed me to pull up my nightgown and drape myself over her knees. She then proceeded to give me a dozen very firm swats that had me on the verge of tears. Once my spanking was completed, she told me to lay on my back on the bed. She then pulled off her panties and straddled my face, placing her knees on each side of my head. She instructed me to start licking and not to stop until she had reached an orgasm. So away I went until she just about suffocated me by smothering my face as she convulsed with pleasure.

As I laid there trying to catch my breath she proceeded to pull out her dildo, an 8 inch realistic looking latex beauty. She held it to her crotch and ordered me onto my knees and to start sucking her ‘cock’. As I gave her the best blowjob I could she teased me with comments on my cock sucking skills and how she was sure that guys would love my talented mouth, all the while she was playing with my rock hard cock until it exploded it’s cum into the condom. It was then that I discovered the reason for the condom. She peeled it off my softening cock and turned it inside-out over the dildo. She then told me to finish what I had started by sucking all of the cum off of her cock. My mouth was soon filled with my own cum. When I had the artificial cock all cleaned off Linda pulled me up for a kiss.

“I just love cum kisses, don’t you?” she teased.

The weekend had certainly started off interestingly.


ritemate said...

A truly great way to start your Saturday!
You are so lucky to have Linda; not only does She tolerate your sissiness, She actually encourages your femme development, helping you to become a better cocksucker and a better sperm eater. Your future boyfriends will be ever so thankful. I do hope you show your gratitude by making Her pleasure the focus of your lovemaking.

Bevw said...

Oh, Ritemate, you can believe that I put her interests first always. And, yes, I am very lucky to have her in my life.
Thanks for your comments.

JeanieLoveJones said...

very nice morning indeed!


alan said...

Yes, I do...



Susan's Pet said...

I could live with that kind of treatment.