Monday, June 8, 2009

The Handy Housewifey

I want to take a moment and address some of the wonderful comments and questions you have left me. I really enjoy hearing from you.

Meghan has been cutting/styling my hair for six years now. I really enjoy going to her as she has become a good friend and confidant for me. She loves to hear what I have been doing as Beverly and enjoys making me look as feminine as possible. She runs a full service salon so I am able to get spa services there as well and often go in for waxing (back and legs), mani & pedi’s, facials, and makeovers besides my hairstyling and coloring. She often adds highlights to my hair and has threatened to die it blond one of these times. She is always looking at photos of feminine hair styles to try on me. I wish I could repeat the styling she does myself but I am not that talented yet. I will have her take my photo so I will have a record of it. I should have been doing so all along but I get so caught up in our talks and answering her many questions that I never think about a photo until afterwards.

Linda’s cousin, Cindy, is still staying with us. It’s been almost a month now and I think she will be moving out within the next week. She has left her abusive husband and is getting her own apartment. It has taken her some time (and a lot of grief) to break away from him and to get on her own feet. We are really proud of what she has accomplished as we know how difficult it has been. I wouldn’t wish that kind of a relationship on anyone! I am glad that we have been able to help her during her transition. In a way, I think her seeing me in my meek, househusband role has been good for her. She has seen that not all men are idiots like her loser husband. She loves seeing how I do so much around the house and am constantly helping Linda with personal assistance like picking out her clothes, giving her a pedicure, or even washing her hair. I think Cindy really likes seeing me as a wimpy femme guy for a change.

The other night she came home and I was in the kitchen preparing supper for the three of us. I was wearing a pink apron over my pink polo shirt and white shorts with flip flops on my feet when she walked into the kitchen. She stood at the sink watching me cook, asking me how my day had been and what I had done during the day. I told her that I had stripped the beds and washed the bedding, remade the beds and hung up the rest of the laundry. I was enjoying sharing with her so I even mention how I had ironed Linda’s and her blouses before putting them in their closets.

“You really are a special husband,” she commented. “Linda is really lucky to have you. It’s almost like she has her own wife. You don’t mind me saying that, do you?”

I told her that I was proud to be Linda’s ‘wife’ and enjoyed doing things to help her and make life easier for her because she worked so hard. “Since I’m home during the day it’s easier for me to do the housework in between my career work duties. It just makes sense for me to throw in a load of laundry or cook supper since I am home. Besides, Linda hates cooking,” I replied.

“Well, with your highlighted hair and with that apron covering your shorts so it looks almost like you are wearing a skirt, you look the part of a housewife. A little make-up and some heels on instead of flip flops and you would really look the part,” Cindy stated with a smile.

I’m sure I blushed a little at that, but I just smiled and kept on cooking. Before going to bed that night I told Linda about our conversation. “Believe me I know how lucky I am,” Linda said. “I am glad that Cindy can see you as you really are and know that it is okay for men to show that they have a softer side. All men aren’t jerks like the one she married. Maybe next time she goes looking for a guy she will pick someone more like you.” Giving me a hug and goodnight kiss Linda added, “in fact, if you want to show more of your feminine side around Cindy, I think that would be okay.”

I told Linda that I would have to think about that, but the next morning I was wearing a bra under my lightweight sweater. I am sure that Cindy could feel the bra straps as she gave me a hug before going off to work. Her hand seemed to linger and caress the back of my shoulder, feeling the tell-tail bump on the strap, as she wished me a ‘good day’.

Who knows, maybe I will be back in dresses before long.


alan said...

I hope you do get to be yourself again soon...


MaryMary said...

Dear Beverly,
Wonderful post. Coming out to a new person is a special feeling.
Hope all is well.

JeanieLoveJones said...

that's beautiful!
i luv it!!


Anonymous said...

Beverly, Cindy already knows you are a housewife. Whether you are wearing a dress or not, I'll bet your feminine mannerisms are as plain as day to her. The more you are femmed, the harder it is to pretend to be male. As far as Cindy is concerned - there is no pretense.

“You really are a special husband,” she commented. “Linda is really lucky to have you. It’s almost like she has her own wife. You don’t mind me saying that, do you?”

Of course you don't mind...

So --- you might as well look like a housewife - that is what you are.

Miss D