Friday, October 16, 2009

The Dog ate my homework.

I know I have been quiet for the last few weeks and I am happy to report that nothing is wrong. It has just been a quiet, uneventful time for Linda and me. We have enjoyed our time together and have let things return to a nice, normal household and marriage. We have been spending time together and alone, allowing our marriage to come back into balance and our love life to be enjoyable and fulfilling.

I know several of you have written to my blog with advice on where we should go with our wife-led marriage or suggestions for how I should be come for feminine (and even a full-time gal). Thank you for the advice and suggestions. We have enjoyed reading them and talking about them and the impact that they could have on us. For now, we are happy to just be with each other and enjoying our roles as they are.

I will address some of those topics…

As for ‘getting rid of my penis’, as some have suggested; if you will pardon the pun, I am very much attached to my penis (I know, that was bad) and have no desire to get rid of it. Also, Linda does find a use for it now and then so she wants it there and functional. And, yes, Darryl is aware that we do occasionally have a typical marital relationship. And since he’s not here to do anything about it, then I am just going to enjoy it whenever it happens.

By the way, I should interject that Linda’s tattoo is doing nicely. I kiss it each evening before we go to sleep and gaze upon it fondly when I am spending some intimate time pleasing Linda. It really is cute. My bellybutton piercing is also healing well. We both like the looks of it and can’t wait until I can change it out for another piece of jewelry. Linda wants me to get me a gold “L” post to wear in it. Won’t that look nice!

I have talked to Meghan about dressing more completely as Beverly when I go into her shop and we have agreed that it might make some of the other stylists and customers uneasy if I did. So, for that reason, I am mostly androgynous when I go to the salon.

And, lastly, the topic of feminizing me more by having me take hormones or getting implants… I would like to set the subject straight that I am a crossdresser, not a transsexual. I was not born in a female body and do not feel my body needs to be altered to feel ‘complete’. I know of many transgendered people who cannot wait to get on female hormones so they can feel ‘more womanly’. I believe that approach is wrong and too many people out there are erroneously going on hormones and putting their lives in danger. Many things can go wrong with hormones; they can have more negative effects on the body then positive ones, so for me it is not worth the risk. Plus, I could not pass the scrutiny of a trained psychiatrist for the prescribing of hormones under the pretense of being transsexual and I am not about to obtain hormones illegally. Therefore, I will happily go about my life with small and simple samples of femininity. As long as Linda is happy, then I am happy.

Now that we have that behind us we can more on. Tomorrow I will share a little information about when Linda and I were first dating. I think you will find it interesting.

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Susan's Pet said...

I like your honest and sober answers to the comments and questions. I have been tracking two male-to-female gender change blogs. I am convinced that it takes more than hormones. At the end, we all become old men or women when nobody cares how we look. The important item is how we feel about ourselves.

Have your fun while you are still attractive in whatever fashion. But it is also good to be in a supportive relationship not based on youth or looks. It seems that you have that.