Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surviving work, returning to play.

Finally, I’m back to blogging. I used to think that running my own business and working out of my house would allow me lots of free time to do anything I want. And, at times, it is that way in which I am able to be Linda’s housewife and maid while dressing as Beverly around the house cleaning and cooking. Then there are the other times, like I have been going through the last few weeks, where work demands take priority and everything else is put on the back burning. Finding balance is not only difficult, sometimes it is impossible!

But now the big project is done, the billing is complete, and all that is left to do is wait for payment to come in and enjoy the free time until the next project starts up. This week has finally found me able to return to my desired station in life where dawning the maid’s dress and affixing the make-up is my biggest challenge of the day. Dinner is in the oven, the table is set, and I have two hours to relax before Linda arrives home.

As you can guess, because of my hectic work schedule, all fun and games have been on hold of late. I shouldn’t say all. Linda and I have enjoyed our Saturday mornings relaxing in bed before I jump up to fix her coffee. Don’t tell Darryl but she has allowed me some ‘husbandly privileges’ the last two Saturdays. Of course those have started with a kiss on the butterfly (tattoo) on my way ‘down South’. And this last time the dildo got first privileges as I waited my turn. But I did get to dip my pen in her ink well as they say.

Speaking of tattoos and such; my navel piercing is healing nicely. I guess I didn’t really know how long that took before, but at the tattoo parlor I was told that it could take up to a year to heal totally, and that it needs daily cleaning to help the healing along. At one point, I had thought of removing the stud, but now I like the looks of it and will keep it awhile longer.

Linda and I haven’t gotten out much lately because I have been so busy. However, last Saturday night we went out with Anna and Tom for dinner and drinks before returning to their house to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes football team remain undefeated (8-0!) and now ranked #4 in the BCS. It was just a nice evening with friends with no mention of wife-led marriages, crossdressing, or cuckolding. Darryl’s name was not brought up, at least when I was around. There was no teasing of me by anyone. We all relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. I know that makes for boring reading on a blog like this, but sometimes normal is nice.

Just as we were preparing to leave, talked turned to Halloween weekend and we discovered that no one had any plans… no parties planned, no one going out to the bars, everyone was staying home. But that all changed quickly.

Anna just happened to mention to Linda that her brother, Jesse, was going to a party and didn’t have a date. Of course, Linda jumped on that quickly by stating that I could go with him since we had had such a nice time the last time we got together. That last time was when he joined Linda, Darryl, and I for dinner and our trip to the tattoo parlor, followed by keeping me company for the rest of the night… as well as warming my bed well into the morning hours. I had talked to him a couple of times on the phone but not seen him since that night.

So it was quickly arranged that I would be joining Jesse for Halloween night. All that had to be decided was what I would wear for a costume. Linda and I talked about that on the drive home. She offered up the ideas of the French Maid outfit, or the sissy little girl outfit that I had worn when Darryl was here. Nothing was decided then, however, Linda said that she would let Jesse make the final decision. So it looks like I won’t know what I will be wearing until Saturday evening.

Which way would you vote?


Anonymous said...

Your costume should be something that shows off you new piercing.

ritemate said...

I'd vote for the sissy little girl dress, as I'm sure it makes you sweet as candy. During Halloween, a french maid costume would seem ordinary, almost vanilla. And we can't have that, can we?

Sissy Shannon said...

Absolutely little girl!

Susan's Pet said...

I will take the French maid any time. Impersonating little girls bother me a lot.

Marian said...

What costume did you wear on Halloween? I hope you got pics for your loyal readers.

alan said...

Glad you found some respite from the whirl of life...may you find another moment or two soon!


Anonymous said...

Is something the matter ? there have been no updates for 2 weeks. Hope everything is OK. Your blog is the best !!!

Marian said...

I hope you wore the sissy girl dress. Being a French Maid is so predictable on Halloween....