Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We knew it would happen, it was so predictable. I’m talking about our relationship… Linda’s and mine. Let another person, in this case Darryl, into a relationship and it changes the dynamics such that, once introduced, cannot be changed back. And right now, I’m not sure either of us would want to go back.

I think in many cases the transition from a wife-led marriage to a cuckold marriage is an easy, predictable, and perhaps almost normal. Now I’m not saying anything about our relationship is ‘normal’. After all, what could be normal about a relationship with a crossdressing house-husband who has become the wife and willingly stands by while the real woman in the relationship is free to have a love affair with another man?

We have found a balance where we are both happy with our roles. I love trying to please Linda daily by reducing some stress and responsibility on the home front. She happily accepts my need to submit as I get wrapped up in the mundane daily chores as well as my willingness to allow her to demonstrate her dominate personality in private as well as in front of others. When it works out right it is so damn good!

The change that really stands out for us now is the sexual dynamic. Linda could easily call her new theme song “You Don’t Bring Me Orgasms Anymore” (sorry Neil Diamond). That’s not entirely true. I just don’t fit the bill in the intercourse role like I use to. Fortunately, I have adapted to other ways of pleasing her in bed.

Linda still has needs and enjoys being penetrated by a cock. And mine still functions quite nicely, so she has it at her disposal whenever she needs it. I just know that if she does have an orgasm during sex with me, it isn’t because of anything I am doing.

One area that this really shows up is in our fantasy play, something we use to incorporate often into our lovemaking a few years ago. I will address that in my next post.

Can you believe it’s December already? Where did the year go?


little shaun said...

Yeah, I was wondering where this was going.

whatevershesays said...

Congrats on finding a balance that works for the BOTH of you. So often people comment that a WLM is all about the man submitting and the wife getting whatever she wants. I disagree. In the end its still a partnership.

sissycrissi said...

Good for you hun. Good for you both! When it works, it works, huh?

sub hubby said...

Wow! The Cuckold thing is serious isn't it - I'm just posting about what its changed for us...

alan said...

Hope you and Linda are warm, sweetie...wish they'd close that door to Siberia!