Monday, June 6, 2011

Would you…?

Answer the following questions for yourself. There are no test scores, no right or wrong answers, so just be honest with yourself and see how you would answer these…

Would you…

…serve someone breakfast in bed? Who? How would you be dressed… or would you be naked? Would you do it without being asked/ordered?

breakfast in bed2 breakfast in bed

…go to a beauty salon and get a feminine hairstyle?


… or your eyebrows shaped into a high feminine arch, or maybe get a mani/pedi??

eyebrow help manicure1


… permanently alter your body with either a feminine tattoo or a piercing?

butterfly tattoo8  navel piercing2

…dress as a sissyboy, go out shopping as a girl with a girl(s)?

sissyboy1 shopping girls

… be seen by others in some kind of fetish wear or following someone’s orders?

tuckedmaid the position

…let someone spank you? In front of a family member??

bare bottom spanks

…go on a date with a man and give him sexual relief?

date night6 hj3

…would you taste his cum, maybe even drink it?

cock lick glass of milking1

I must confess that I have done all of these things, and even more! But that will have to wait until another time.

So, how did you do? Care to tell us about it??


Anonymous said...

Well the ones that I've definitely done are:

Go to a salon and get a feminine hairstyle. I go ever 6 weeks and now that my hair is long enough I come out with something that is definitely not macho. When I went to a dressing service last year I had my hair done beforehand in a feminine style so that I didn't have to wear a wig.

I get my eyebrows shaped and eyelashes tinted at a salon too. Eyelashes are tinted blue black and have been noticed by a couple of women at work. Eyebrows are getting a lot thinner each time.

I had a manicure and pedicure a few years ago at another salon in preparation for a weekend away.

Wore a leather dress and boots plus a leather jacket when I went to the dressing agency last year. If you also count the corset I wear as part of my burlesque costume then I've also been seen wearing that.

I'm waiting to go out shopping as a girl with a friend, I've been out shopping for things with a couple of friends for girl things but had to go in boy mode.

I've been on a date with a man, had him round for lunch and ... well a lady just doesn't like to say what she gets up to.

Oh and I've had my ears pierced.

I think I covered quite a bit of that.

gary said...

I have little or no experience with any of these, but I fantasize about all of them!

Anonymous said...

Love you're posting now!
-i should serve Wife in bed...
- I'm afraid to go to a salon, my wife has asked if I wanted a mani/pedi... not sure if neighbors are there
- Gawd, getting spanked in front of a family! what happened with you on this one!?
- I've shopped for lingerie and clothes, but always in 'guy' mode...though the store people knew...
- Haven't dated a guy. Wouldn't... but if wife told me too...hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Please stop creating links to your blog in my posts. Every time I write a new one there are 4 or 5 links to you and its getting very annoying. I think I finally removed all of them and I do not want to see more.