Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!


maid bj

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and get to celebrate it exactly the way you want.blindfolded2

breakfast in bed3





couple timeCuckold Comic (12)

simple things





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sissy terri said...


Love how you represented some of my own femme feelings today. And great to see you posting. I've read your entire blog and enjoy it so very much!

sissy terri

Maid Jaqi said...

Yea!!!!!! Welcome back. Your posting is a wonderful Valentine's gift!

Anonymous said...

I loved watching these pix! Kinda reminded me few years ago, I was engaged and it was Valentine's day. My girlfriend used to receive so many phone calls from the man who was going to take my place in our relation. While she was talking at the phone I could see her smiling as she never did when she was with me.. I dreamed a lot about his big cock pounding her on our bed and used to get so hard thinking about it..
Unfortunately after months she was fucking him she told me "honey, I don't love you anymore".. so I left the house and he moved in.. it's weird but everything worked out. I mean, he was such a cocky, strong virile man and I was nobody.
Since then I've known I'm a sissy faggot that thinks as a woman.. ^^
Love your blog, hope to hear from you!
xxx Rosemary