Monday, May 7, 2012

Updates come slowly, and so does she.

  I love this picture. It has nothing to do with my situation with Linda, but I still find it very sexy in an innocent way. There have been many changes since I last updated this blog and while I will try to bring most of them up to date, I cannot cover all of them.
   Linda and I are still together. I am still the submissive, sissy wife in most ways, but a girlfriend or best friend in others. I still do all of the cooking, cleaning, housework, shopping, and other 'wifely' duties here. In fact Linda said just the other day that she can't remember the last time she went to the grocery store.
   I live most of the time in Beverly mode, only changing into boy mode on those rare instances when I have to run to the office. That is rare as I work out of my home office and am only working part-time at that. My other duties have taken priority in my life so I am a housewife first and a marketing consultant second.
   Linda's job has blossomed as she is now in upper management with a lot of responsibilities that include travel out of state at least once a month for a week. She just returned from a trip which required her to be gone for 3 weeks. Since the first of the year she has been traveling a total of close to 10 weeks. Things will slow down some during the summer months we hope. Needless to say that much travel has been difficult for us and tends to put a strain on a marriage.

Of course the strain manifests itself first in our sexual relationship. I must confess that I haven't made love to Linda in over a year.

 I'm not in chastity. It's just that our relationship has changed and the roles are different for us now. As I mentioned earlier, we are in some ways more like girlfriends now. Since I live almost full time in feminine clothing, Linda relates to me as Beverly all of the time. For me to make love to her in a traditional male/female role would seem unnatural to us.

 We are both fine with this as it is just the way our lives have gone. Will it ever revert back? I'm not sure it could or if we would want it to.
   I will confess that I have been on hormones for over a year now. We started dabbling with them while I was recovering from my accident. We both liked the effects they were having on me... my mellower moods, softer skin, and loss of aggressiveness.... so last January I went to my doctor and asked to start on female hormones. I now have developed a bust, though only a cup size between a full A and almost B now. There is no hiding them now and I proudly display them to the best of my ability. I look kind of like this girl, though she is a lot younger and more petite.

   I have lost a great deal of weight and toned up so I am looking better. My hair has been growing out and I wear it in a long bob style. Meghan, my stylist, has been showing me photos of hairstyles that she wants to try on me so we will continue to grow it out.

I'm sure you are wondering what we do for sexual relief. As I'm sure you also guessed we both have been involved with men and have been able to get our needs fulfilled with their help. Neither of us have steady boyfriends. Well, not really. Okay, maybe I do somewhat. Alright, I have a boyfriend. Linda travels too much to have any permanent relationship, myself included. She sees a guy in Atlanta when she is there and has gone out with a guy or two in Cincinnati. When she is home she mostly wants to relax. She will occasionally go out with Bruce. They work together at the same company but both travel (not together) so don't have a chance to date much here.
   I've been going out with a guy I met at the grocery store, of all places! His name is Todd and we have been seeing each other since the first of the year. Of course he knows all about me, has met Linda as well as my sister and my mother. They all think he's great, and he is. Since Linda has been traveling so much Todd and I have been seeing each other often in her absence.

There is a lot more to tell but time doesn't allow for it now. I promise I will continue very soon.


sissy terri said...


Thank you for the update. Your blog is the best. I'd read it for a long time and it finally encouraged me to start my own. Thank you. What you are doing is very courageous and I admire you.

sissy terri

gary said...

Thanks for the update...loved hearing where you're at...and hope to hear more!

jackie rose said...

It's great to see you post again! It sounds like you are happy and congratulations on the boyfriend.

Phred said...

Wow! Thanks for the update. In the past you have stated that hormones would not be in your future. What changed your mind? Did your accident change things for you and Linda?

Phred said...

Wow! Thanks for the update. In the past you have stated that hormones would not be in your future. What changed your mind? Did your accident change things for you and Linda?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your entry. I am happy you and Linda are doing well.
Don't wait that long again before posting. :)


Anonymous said...

Bev- Yes, thank you (!) for posting. I miss you. Love the updates. Sorry Linda has to travel so much. But love hearing you two are getting some fun, even if not together. Would love to hear more about everything!
Hugs, Sara