Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Dating Game

ready for a spankingI will do a better job of updating my blog…

I will do a better job of updating my blog…

I will do a better job of updating my blog…

handy man1That being said, here goes. I will start by trying to answer some of the questions that have been sent to me or posted here. Linda and my lives have been steadily evolving, constantly undergoing change… some for the good and some maybe not so good. We are happy with our present arrangement where she sees who she wants, meaning guys of course, and I am free to see who I want, meaning a guy of course. We are careful to not let any strong relationships form. At least that’s what we are trying to do.

Standing over himLinda has always been a woman who needs variety in her life, especially her love life. I think she would have great difficulty ever settling down with just one person for a long time. She likes the experience of being with someone ‘for the first time’.

My submissive side easily accepts Linda’s need to experience more so in that way our relationship works. But I am different from Linda in that I need someone that I can feel close to and who will take care and comfort me. When Linda is home she is very good at that. But when she is traveling a lot, like she is now, I must find comfort in the arms of another. Recently that ‘other’ has been Todd.

showeringTodd and I have grown very close and I enjoy spending time with him as often as I can. We see each other often, usually several times a week in the evening, and often spend the night together. The overnight visits are usually when Linda is away and I will stay at his place. He has stayed at my place a few times when Linda was home, but not many because I feel awkward doing that.

waking up

I have my own separate bedroom now so that is where we stay when he is here. Todd even keeps some of his clothes here now and I keep some of mine at his place. And to answer your next question, I am always ‘Beverly’ with Todd. Of course I am seldom in guy mode anymore so that is my natural state. Even when I go to my mother’s or sister’s home I go as Beverly. Everyone is used to seeing me that way now.

2 couplesThere was one night that Bruce and Linda returned from a date and Todd was here with me. I don’t know why I was nervous when they came home but I was. We sat in the living room together having a few drinks, then Bruce and Linda got up and heading to bed. Todd was planning on staying the night as well so we went to bed then. In the morning things were almost ‘normal’ as both couples congregated in the kitchen over coffee.


Someone asked about when I decided to go on hormones. Since I was living almost full time as Beverly I was getting tired of breast forms and wanted my own breasts. So Linda and I talked about it and decided I should visit my doctor. I am not planning on SRS, but nothing is set in stone. My breasts are coming along nicely and I can’t wait to show off my form in my swimming suit this summer.

Glazzzzzed 02Todd and I are definitely a couple. We go out on dates often as we both love movies and theater. We went on vacation together last month to Las Vegas for a week. It was the first time I flew totally dressed as Beverly. I had no problem at all with it. Todd is very passionate and loves playing with my budding boobies. He says that I am getting very good at giving blowjobs and I love the feel of his cock in my pussy.

orgasm2Linda heard us making love one night and opened our bedroom door. She stood there watching us the entire time. I was so embarrassed when I loudly came as Todd shot his load into me and Linda applauded from the doorway. Of course she said that I was welcome to watch her and Bruce anytime. Todd told her that he might take her up on that sometime.

What an unusual marriage!


Sissy Chrissie said...

Awesome and remarkable. Congratulations on making it work!

Phred said...

Thanks much for the update. Please update more often. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Yes - Please update more often... I'm glad things are going well for the two of you.

Just curious - now that you are Beverly mode almost all the time, what differences have you noticed in how your family treats you?

Anonymous said...

Beverly- Thank you so much for this update and news of where you all stand! It is really something, how things are all moving along with you all. Everyone at the house for a night, hoo boy! LInda clapping as your bf cums into you... wow! :)

badside said...

Thanks for updating us, sounds like things are going great. Loved hearing about Linda watching you get fucked, very nice!