Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gotta love gifts!

Finally getting back to this. As I mentioned in my June 21st post, I have been seeing Todd regularly for some time now. I don’t date anyone else and neither does he. We see each other almost every week and go out on dates. Of course Linda is very supportive of this and understands my need to see Todd. She is so busy with work demands, traveling so much, that I am often home alone for long stretches of time. Todd fills in those lonely times very nicely.
That being said, there are times that I’m still uneasy at Linda seeing how close Todd and I have become. He and I often kiss each other in front of her and she just smiles as she watches. It’s not every weekend that Todd spends the night with me, but often enough. I feel a bit embarrassed when I come out of my bedroom after being with Todd and have to face her. But she always greets me with “how was your night?”
Todd is so nice to me and showers me with presents constantly. This past weekend he couldn’t see me but sent me flowers and a wrapped present. Linda watched as I opened the box and removed a mint green teddy. It was so pretty (and I bet very expensive!).
“Oh, my sissy husband is getting lingerie from her boyfriend. How nice,” she teased.
What an interesting life I have!

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sissy terri said...


There's nothing like that first gift you receive from a boyfriend. It helps you discover some deeper feminine feelings!

sissy terri