Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love is Blind(folded)

The last couple of times Todd and I have been together he has blindfolded me. He then teases me with his cock just barely touching my lips, making me beg to suck it. He has also jacked off and cum on my face when I wasn’t expecting it. To suddenly have hot spunk splashing on you face is quite a sensation.

Linda and I played around with bondage early in our relationship. I tied her up and blindfolded her several times. A few times we reversed roles with her tying me up. Though she loves the dominate role in our relationship, she really didn’t like tying me up. Maybe it was because I was topping from the bottom too much. 

I told her about Todd blindfolding me. She knew I loved it and would relish the role as I am a natural submissive. She even said that she might talk to Todd and offer him some suggestions. I’m not sure what that might entail but I can image it could be quite hot.

I asked her if she had done anything like that with any of the guys she’s been with. She told me that Darryl and she had played around with bondage a few times. Of course he was into spanking so she received several while he had her restrained. But she said that she hadn’t done that with her current boyfriend but might suggest it to him. She even said that it would be interesting if our two guys had us bound at the same time in the same room.

 Oh my!

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Suzanne said...

Nice to see you posting Beverly. Hope you are doing well!