Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Give Great Hand

I believe we all must do our part in giving our fellow man a helping hand. So here are some photos for inspiration. What experiences do you have to share?


car hj3



helping hand

helping hands

creamy hands1

sussy suck1

Doesn’t that look like fun? I know I enjoying doing it whenever I can.


badside said...

Mmm, nice pics Bev!

Rich Wussy said...

I've never had the opportunity to make a man cum with my hands. They always seem to insist on something else :)

Love your collection of pics though!

Anonymous said...

My first sexual experience with a girl came (no pun intended) when I was 15. It was the summer I spent at my grandfather's farm where there was a cute girl my age living across the road. We became fast friends and not long after started messing around while my grandfather and her parents were at work. I was completely inexperienced and naive, while she apparently had some experience. We never went all of the way, as she didn't want that, but she did seem to enjoy jerking me off. This would usually happen after a couple of hours of hot and heavy making out. I don't think I ever ached quite as hard for another girl in all of my experiences.

Anonymous said...

So thoughtful of you! :)