Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oral Wins!

girlfriendsLinda and I had a wonderful weekend where we enjoyed 3 whole days together with no one else around. That rarely happens as there seems to always be family members wanting to get together on a holiday weekend. But this year everyone else had made plans and we were able to avoid them. We were happy because we really needed some time for just the two of us to be alone. Even our boyfriends allowed us to do this, which is rare.

Yes, we each have boyfriends, and that is something Linda and I needed to spend time talking about. We are still together and plan on remaining so. We love each other deeply, yet understand that neither of us is able to fulfill the other’s deepest needs.

Linda needs an alpha male in her life, someone to totally take charge of her sexually,Dressingup physically, and mentally. That is a role that I cannot fulfill. I need to be able to express my submissive, sissy side and cannot do that fully with Linda. She does a wonderful job with understanding my sissiness and helps me explore it. And to be truthful, if I didn’t have a boyfriend I would probably be able to be happy just with Linda in my life.

This is what we spent much of our weekend discussing… where we are with each other and what role others play in our life and where we see this going. Most of the discussion took place outside of the bedroom, almost all but maybe 20 minutes of it. So we were orgasmnot in the throes of passion during our discussion. We were sitting side by side on our patio enjoying the beautiful weather for hours on end over three days.

We have settled into a good place for us in our relationship where our needs are being met and we are enjoying our time together as well as our time apart. And we are both alright with the fact that our sexual needs are being satisfied by someone else.

What I shared with Linda is very similar to the postings on two other blogs today; favorite instrumentSaragirl's Sissy Confessions and Leann’s Sissy Musings. I discovered my bisexual cravings back in high school when my best friend and I discovered blowjobs. I found that I liked giving more than receiving and he was very happy to be on the receiving end. Later I found that I really enjoyed giving blowjobs when I was crossdressed and could take on the girl’s role. Early in our marriage I showed Linda how eagerly I would suck on a dildo and that progressed to getting her a strap-on that I could really enjoy sucking. This weekend I shared with Linda that I would rather suck cock then have intercourse with her. She told me that she suspected I was now more gay then bi and is alright with that as I can please her better orally or with toys then I can sticking my sissy cock into her.

At Her ServiceThat is why we are both ok with each of us having boyfriends to satisfy our sexual needs. She has seen me giving my boyfriend blowjobs as well as him fucking me. But she has no desire to be a part of those activities. However, she does like to have me be involved occasionally with her and her boyfriend. She likes having me fluff him with my oral talents as well as orally prep and clean her. So I will happily do my duties when requested and otherwise stay out of the picture when not needed.

Our talks also include past activities such as bondage and discipline games, and other fetishes including some dabbling with diapers. I will save those discussions for another time.


sissy terri said...


Another wonderful and awesome post. You never fail to arouse the sissy gurl in me :)


sissy terri

junior said...

I guess you could call me a fellow sissy, because I would rather suck cock than have intercourse with any woman. Mine is not so much a lack of attraction to women; I am definitely more attracted to them. But I really get off on the mental aspect of it all.

Lyssa Farrington said...

Bev, you and Linda continue to inspire me. I love the path you have taken, with it's communication and gentle, thoughtful ways instead of the beatings, blackmail, or cruelty that so many others seem to use. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how lucky you are to have Linda.

I've re-read your entire blog from the beginning at least three times, and shared the link with my lady love.

Candy Palmer said...

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Zara Poninski said...

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