Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Interesting Weekend

sissy dress cartoon1If you have been following my blog over the years you know that many people know a lot about Linda and me, especially me. Our family knows about my crossdressing as do several of our friends. Our sisters know about our wife-led marriage and about both of our boyfriends and some of the sexual going-on. However, only a few casual friends know about any details of our ‘private lives’. Some of that changed this last weekend.

We have lived in the same neighborhood most of our married lives. We have met our neighbors on both sides of our house but not really socialized with them as we all keep pretty much to ourselves. I don’t believe our neighbors know anything about our private lives as my crossdressing is usually confined to indoor activities. But, for our neighbors on our north side, that changed last weekend and I think it will continue to escalate in the future.

Our backyard is beautiful and mostly secluded. It has three large trees that put our patio and area under the trees in constant shade. On those hot afternoons it offers a wonderful oasis with shade and a nice breeze. It’s not good for sunbathing but is wonderful for sitting out with a book and relaxing away the afternoon while offering some degree of privacy.

I am going to give you a tease of what took place the other day. Linda was out maid service2reading on the deck while I was pampering her with iced tea and snacks delivered as I waited on her hand and foot. I was dressed in shorts and matching top that was obviously a woman’s set to anyone seeing it up close. I mean, after all, it was matching top and shorts! Add to that the fact that a faint outline of my panty could be seen as well as the small protrusions projecting on my chest from the bra I wore. It didn’t scream “sissy”, but wasn’t whispering it either.

Our neighbor-to-the-North’s yard is very open as they have a pool and hot tub by their patio and no trees at all. They can see easily into our yard while the house on the other side cannot because of the garage blocking the view. So it is these neighbors that I had to worry about seeing us. They have only lived there for two years and we rarely see them out in the yard. We always thought that it was a shame that they didn’t use their pool much as we know we would get a lot of use from a pool if we had one. We both love the water so much.

bikersThey are really not people we would hang out with or socialize with if it wasn’t for the fact that we lived next door to them. We have barely spoken with them for more than a few minutes on a few occasions. He has a big noisy motorcycle and it appeared that most of their friends were involved with motorcycles and riding around on them. That is no our crowd at all so it appeared that we shared no common interests with them.

Last weekend Ray had 3 of his biker buddies on the patio drinking beer and shooting the breeze. They had been enjoying themselves all afternoon, had drunk a lot of beer, and werebike buddies in hottub feeling no pain. One of them must have seen me bringing refreshments to Linda and noticed something about my outfit because I heard him say kind of loudly “Hey, Ray. What’s the story about those two?”

I didn’t hear what Ray replied but I worried that trouble was brewing. Sure enough, a moment later we heard Ray call out “hey, Linda. If you are done with your server we could use some service over here.”

Linda looked up from her book, saw Ray wave and the other guys laughing, looked at how I was dressed, then got a mischievous smile on her face. “Looks like the guys over there need a serving girl to help them out.”

She got out of her chair and took my hand and started over to Ray’s yard, pulling me along with her. I was whispering in a panic “what are you doing? I can’t go over there dressed like this!” as I reluctantly followed along beside her.

What followed is a very interesting afternoon involving both of us with Ray and his friends. I am debating writing about the adventure for my blog or expanding on it for a story for Fictionmania or to be published as a short book. I’m sure I can guess how you would vote.


Leeanne Montgomery said...

Seriously? You are going to leave your faithful followers hanging like this? You should feel ashamed sissy.

susanrhodes said...

please post it here first!!!!!

dualpurpose said...

A lot of wonderful experience happen by accident. This might have been your accident that will open many new experiences. We hope you will share the other events of the afternoon.

Oh, wait -- was meeting the neighbors an accident????

Demonia Paine said...

I really like it when sissy serves in a proper Sissy Dress

Vince Stead said...

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