Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hot Afternoon

I’ve decided to post a follow up to the post from June 18 “An Interesting Weekend”. I have been working on a story based on that weekend and am almost done with it. It kind of took on a life of its own and is quite lengthy, too lengthy to post on here. However, I feel like I owe you the details of that weekend. Perhaps down the road you will be interested in obtaining the embellished story.

As I left off, I had been enjoying a warm afternoon in our backyard serving Linda while dressed in a cute, but quite feminine, shorts outfit when our next door neighbor and his three friends spied us and summoned us over. Linda proceeded to take me by the hand and drag me over to Ray’s pool area where they were relaxing. I was very nervous, both because of how I was dressed and how the afternoon would progress.

holding hands“Hi guys!” Linda chirped. “Having fun?”

“Yeah, we were just kicking back, enjoying a few beers and telling story,” Ray replied. I could feel all four sets of eyes studying me. “It looks like you were enjoying yourself as well Linda. It must be nice to have someone at your beck and call.”

“Yes, I am quite spoiled by my little hubby I must admit,” Linda answered.

“Any chance you would join us and we could enjoy some of that spoiling as well?” Ray asked.

“I don’t see why not. In fact, I’ve been eyeing your pool all day thinking how nice it would be to enjoy that water,” Linda said. “Maybe I could change into my suit and take a dip.”

“You can certainly take a dip anytime you want. And don’t feel you have to put on a swimming suit to use it,” Ray said with the subtleties of a rattlesnake. The others chuckled in response. All eyes were now focused on Linda.

“I don’t think that going without a swimming suit would be very safe in present company. Maybe if your wife was here that would be different.” Linda smiled back defiantly.

“Beth often swims naked. She will be home later. Feel free to enjoy the pool,” Ray replied.

“And you can feel free to enjoy our little server here. I’ll go change. I’ll be back in a little bit Hon.” And with that Linda turned and headed across the yard to our house, leaving me just standing there.

showing sissy off1“That’s a cute little outfit you have on,” Ray spoke to me. “It looks good on you. Why don’t you go over to the refrigerator in the garage and get us all another beer ‘Hon’.”

The guys were all watching me with a mischievous look in their eyes. Without a word I walked to the garage and fetched 4 beers, not once thinking of getting one for myself. I knew I was not a part of the party, just the wait-staff. The fact that Ray had called me ‘Hon’ told me just where I stood and I knew what was expected of me… to serve and be quiet.

As I handed the beers around the guys got a good close-up look at me. One of them asked “you have nice legs. Do you shave them?”

I muttered a ‘yes’ and passed out the other two beers, the last going to Ray. I could tell he was about to say something but just then the sound of our back door closing brought all eyes towards Linda’s approach.

As I turned to look I could see why. She had put on her smallest bikini. It was red and really complimented her figure. I heard one of the guys quietly state “I would love some of that!” Had he forgotten that I was standing there, or did he just not care?

“With that skimpy of a suit, you could have just as easily gone without,” Ray quipped.

“Oh, Ray,” Linda laughed. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends? And Honey, would you put some suntan lotion on me? I don’t want to burn,” Linda asked as she held the bottle out.

One of the guys, the biggest one there at close to 6’4” and built like a linebacker, jumped to his feet and grabbed the bottle from Linda’s hand. I was surprised at how fast a guy of his size could move.

“I’ll take care of the lotion Linda. I’m Scott,” he said as he opened the bottle and squired some lotion on his hand. Then over his shoulder in my direction he said, “Honey, why don’t you go get Linda a beer.”

Linda smiled at both of us and offered her back to Scott. Ray spoke, trying to contain the laughter in his voice. “Well, you’ve now met Scott, the old guy over there is Tim and the young stud is Jimmy, but we call him ‘Peanut’.” The two other guys didn’t look to be more than a year or two apart in age but one could tell that the reference had been a standing joke between the four guys.

“Peanut?” Linda inquired.

“We call him that because, truthfully, he’s anything but, if you catch my drift” Tim answered, speaking for the first time. When he saw the confused look on Linda’s face he realized that she, indeed, had not caught his drift.

“He’s actually hung like a horse but is really shy aboutwaking up it. So we tease him by calling him Peanut,” Scott explained as he applied the lotion across her back. His hands traveled to her sides and dangerously close to the exposed sides of her breasts. “I’ll be happy to apply lotion all over if you want,” he whispered in Linda’s ear as he leaned in close.

“I think I can handle the rest,” she replied.

No one had noticed my return and it took a few seconds for Linda to realize I was standing there holding her beer. “Oh, thanks Honey,” she finally replied as she took the beer from my hand. Everyone notice when she tilted her head back and took a long sip of beer from the bottle. It was as if time stood still as the men watched her lift her breasts higher as she drank.

She never did get in the water. The closest she got was to sit on the edge of the pool and put her feet in. The guys were wearing street clothes so they never got in the water either. But Scott sat beside her at the edge of the pool for a while, Tim offered her the seat next to his when she rejoined the group. Jimmy/Peanut barely said a word the whole time but seem to watch me a lot. When I took breaks from serving the 5 of them Jimmy would motion for me to take the seat next to him. Ray sat back and seemed to be taking the whole thing in. He was definitely in control of the group and steered the conversations to topics of his interest. Linda loved the attention and shifted her flirting between Ray, Scott, and Tim.

I was constantly jumping up to get beers for the guys. It was funny how there was never two needing a beer at the same time. So as I got back with one another would send me scurrying for the next cold beer. Every time I returned Jimmy would be watching me. I’m sure he was doing the same as I walked to the garage. For some reason the idea that he was looking at my butt excited me a little. Whenever our eyes would meet, we would both look away quickly, as if caught doing something naughty. And one time, while sitting next to him, my mind drifted momentarily to thinking about his nickname and why he had it, and my eyes glanced at his crotch. When I looked up he was smiling at me and I knew he had seen where my eyes had been. I blushed deeply.

The next chapter will cover the rest of the afternoon, how the cold beers and warm sun relaxed everyone and the conversations became more inquisitive and personal. Evening finds Beth returning home and some guests departing and some not.


sissy terri said...


The afternoon may have been hot, but the story is even hotter!


sissy terri

Marc Duvigny said...

Good story but if I were your neighbor, I'd want your wife to myself. You too.


John B said...

I would love to hear more!