Friday, December 5, 2014

Pool Party Continues

A recent posting by terri on “A Married Sissy Cuckold” has shamed me into writing again. I just have not been able to find the desire to write even though I have things to share. So I will start with finishing up the post I started during the summer and really try to get back to posting more frequently, as others have requested.

So to continue the story…

The afternoon progressed without much deviation. The guys watched Linda as shesunbathing sunbathed, occasionally getting up to sit at the edge of the pool and dipped her feet in the water to cool off. I kept the liquid refreshments flowing as the guys’ conversation got louder and raunchier with sexual innuendos spoken of and to Linda. Linda, being a natural flirt, just took it all in and gave it right back.

Other than serving drinks, I was pretty much ignored. Not much was said to me or about me. After we had been there for a few hours the sun was getting to me and I was feeling overheated and sunburned.

“I think I should go home now and get out of the sun. I’m feeling too warm,” I stated to no one directly.

“Well if you are feeling warm you should get in the water,” Linda countered.

I balked at that idea and got up from my seat next to Jimmy to head home. Suddenly I felt myself being lifted high in the air by him and just as suddenly he walked to the edge of the pool and tossed me high in the air. A moment later I splashed down in the cool water of the pool. When I surfaced everyone was rolling with laughter. I waded to the shallow end of the pool totally flabbergasted by what had just happened. Jimmy was there offering me his hand to help me out of the water. He was smiling and trying to apology all at the same time.

As I exited the pool I immediately realized that the light cotton shorts and top I was wearing were plastered to my body like a second skin and the skimpy panty and bra were easy to make out. I’m sure that the guys had an idea that I was wearing something feminine under the sexy outfit but the dunking now removed all doubts.

undiesI guess I must have been in a state of shock because I just stood there as Linda came over with a towel and began to dry me off in front of the others. I didn’t realize until it was too late that she was pulling my top up and over my head as I stood there with my bra clearly visible to the guys. As I stood zombie-like I suddenly felt her lower my shorts and I numbly stepped out of them. My ‘secret’, if you could really call it that, was now visible to all. She wrapped the towel around me like a woman would wear it.

“I will get Honey something to cover up with,” announced Ray as he headed into the house. I was just starting to come around when he returned with a short terry cover-up type robe. “This is an old one of Barb’s, but she won’t mind you borrowing it.”

Before I could reply Linda dropped the towel and helped me slip into the cover-up. Once again I was momentarily standing before four men in just a bra and panty. I wanted to head home to change but Linda insisted that there was no need now.

“If you start feeling warm again I’m sure Peanut will help you into the pool again,” she laughed.

So I spent the next hour serving drinks in a short white terry robe as my shorts outfit was spread over the back of a vacant chair to dry.

Around 5:00 Beth returned home and joined the party. She looked inquisitively at me after greeting Linda with a hug. Before Linda could explain Ray spoke up “if you would like a beer Honey will get it for you. Honey, get Beth a beer please.”

When I returned and handed her the cold drink she smiled at me and said “thanksrobe Honey.” She just accepted the fact that I was wearing her robe and answering to Honey. I’m sure she guessed what I was wearing underneath it. As she sat in the chair that had my shorts outfit drying on the back she gave the damp clothes a quick glance.

“Honey took an unexpected dip in her clothes so I loaned her your robe while they dried,” Ray explained.

She accepted the explanation without question as she glanced at me sitting next to Jimmy.

I hadn’t even noticed that he was sitting with his arm around the back of me with his hand on the bench on the other side of me. How had I failed to notice that he had moved that close to me? I jumped slightly a little while later when I felt his hand resting on my lower back. I said nothing then or when he started slowly and lightly rubbing my back. Every time I got up to get someone a drink it was a given that I would return to sitting next to him. And each time he would slide close and his hand would start roaming again. One time I was not careful to smooth the robe under me like I would a skirt and the bottom of the tiny robe hung over the back of the bench seat. I realized my mistake when I felt his hand slide under the back of the robe rubbing against my pantied bottom. When I looked at him he just smiled back with a look that said not only did he enjoy the situation but that he dared me to do anything about it. When I gave in without protest his hand became glued to my soft bottom.

Scott and Jimmy announced that they had to leave. Each gave Linda a hug while letting their hands freely roam across her bikini clad bottom. She playfully slapped their hand, but only after the touching was done. Imagine my surprised when Scott came over to me to give me a hug as well. As I stood to hug him like it was the most natural thing I soon also experienced him touching my panty clad bottom. Jimmy repeated the action as well as the others watched smiling.

“Perhaps we should be heading home as well,” I announce with a pleading look towards Linda.

“Nonsense, “replied Beth. “You both will stay for dinner. We are going to grill some steaks and vegetables for a light dinner. It’s going to be a beautiful night so we will just eat out here on the patio. And Peanut, you are welcome to spend the night in our guest room so you don’t have to worry about how much you have to drink.”

Jimmy agreed (was I the only one who called him that? I just couldn’t bring myself to call him ‘Peanut’). I didn’t quite think about the ramifications of him spending the night right next door.

“Are you sure you have enough?” asked Linda. “Let me run home and see what I can contribute to the meal.”

“I have plenty of steaks since we thought the other guys would be eating here tonight. I always have to have plenty on hand because these guys eat like horses!” Beth exclaimed. “But if you want to bring over some other food I’m sure these two guys would appreciate it.”

“I should probably put on something besides a swimming suit as well,’ Linda commented.

“Oh, please don’t. I was planning on putting mine on because I would like to take a dip after dinner,” Beth said.

“Neither of you need to wear a suit as far as I’m concerned,” Ray chimed in. That got a laugh from Linda and Beth, but neither said anything against it I noticed.

“I think Honey might want to slip into something better than my old robe,” Beth offered.

bottoms up“Come home with me Honey, and we will find something more appropriate for you to wear besides running around in you undies,” Linda said standing and taking my hand.

“I’m fine with her wearing just her undies,” the quiet Jimmy offered. He gave my butt a pinch as I stood. My cheeks felt almost naked without his hand on them.


sissy terri said...

Whew....the temperature just went up in here. i wonder why?

Thank you Bev :)


sissy terri

jimsub said...

been waiting 4 months for this.Keep the story coming...puh-leese

chasity said...

thanks for the update cant wait to hear the rest

Katie said...

So deliciously hot! Did you get much of a tan?

Katie said...

So deliciously hot! Did you get much of a tan?

Anonymous said...

Your wife really knows what she's doing!


jimsub said...

Bev, It's been a month since the last chapter of the Pool Party. Dying to hear the rest