Monday, March 17, 2008


As another blogger recently mentioned, sometimes life gets in the way of living. That is what has happened to me lately. I have been unable to keep up with my blog because of too many other things going on that interfered with those plans. Needless to say, my thoughts have been elsewhere for the last ten days, for that I apologize to my friends and readers. I will try to do better in the future.

I could go into a lengthy explanation telling about family medical problems and multiple responsibilities that pulled Linda and I in many directions lately, but I think you are more interested in catching up with the relevant details. As I last left you, I was preparing for the upcoming weekend where Linda had invited her girlfriends over for dinner, with me in feminine role preparing and serving.

That Saturday morning I went grocery shopping for dinner supplies while Linda headed to the salon for a beauty regiment. I got home first and slipped out of slacks and sweater and into skirt and top. I spent an hour preparing the dishes that could be done in advance, then tidied up the house for evening guests. I finished at the same time as Linda returned home looking well pampered and groomed. I brought her a drink then headed back into the kitchen to prepare the rest of dinner. I finished with an hour left to get myself ready before her guests were due to arrive.

I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to wear for this, so I asked Linda, thinking she would leave it up to me. That was not the case. I was instructed to put on my sexy French Maid uniform, complete with flouncy petticoat and black pumps. She even told me what to wear under it, handing me stockings and garter belt as well as the ruffled panties that are so sissy. I knew then I was in for a humiliating night.

The first to arrive fortunately was Anne. She is the most aware of our WLM and my role as the wife/maid. She laughed as I opened the door and invited her in, making me turn slowly so she could take it all in. After taking her drink order I left the room to prepare it an check on dinner. Two more of the guests arrived while I was out of the room so I was spared the door greeting humiliation. But that just meant that their first view of me was when I carried Anne’s drink in and served her. Anna was sitting on the couch so I had to bend slightly when handing her the drink. This made my short dress rise up in back and exposed my hose tops and garters to the new arrivals. Linda ordered me to stay like that momentarily so she could come over beside me and lift the skirt further to expose my ruffled panty-covered bottom. This brought gleeful laughter from Becky and Judy. I was saved only by the doorbell announcing the last of the arrivals. I rushed to open the door to let Pam in, escaping my humiliation for a few minutes.

Drink orders were taken and served, and I returned to the kitchen to prepare the dinner for serving. Linda came into the kitchen to check on dinner and to make sure I was alright after my ordeal. She explained that this was her night and that she was feeling in need of expressing her dominate side to help forget about the family problems she had been dealing with lately. I told her I understood but asked that she just not do anything that would harm me or make it impossible to face her friends again.

Dinner consisted of a well prepared meal served with lots of teasing, peaking, prodding, poking, grins, laughter and tears… all at my expense but done with kindness for the most part. I survived the dinner (I ate mine in the kitchen), served after-dinner drinks and dessert, and received hugs and kisses as they departed. Only one negative incident occurred. When Pam was leaving she informed Linda that her husband, Rick, had dropped her off and would be picking her up. Unfortunately, he decide to not wait in the car but came up to the door to get Pam just as I was opening the door to let her out. So there I stood in the doorway in my sissy outfit. Pam took the opportunity to introduce Rick to ‘the maid’. Of course Rick knows me so it only took a second for him to realize that the maid was me. He broke out laughing and said “wait till the guys hear about this”. I almost broke into tears as I knew that I would be in for a lot of teasing about this from my male friends.

After everyone had left and I had picked up the house I met Linda in the bedroom. She was very pleased about how the evening had gone as was proud of the great job I had done. She asked me if it had been too much for me. I told her that it was difficult at times but, for the most part I enjoyed it. She said that now that her friends know that there is no reason to keep it hidden from them anymore and that I could expect being with them as ‘one of the girls’ a lot more in the future. I told her about Rick seeing me and she responded that she had planned on having couples over next time anyway so that it hardly mattered.

I guess that this means that I am finally ‘out’ as far as our friends go. I wonder what will happen next weekend when our families are together her for Easter dinner. I am hoping that Linda will be kind to me and take it easy on me with them around. But I am not counting on it.

Again, I am sorry for the long delay in writing. I hope to do better for now on. I know it won’t be daily entries into the blog, but I will try not to let more than a couple of days escape between entries. I love your comments and reading your blogs. Keep them coming.


Phred said...

Thank you very much for the update. All in all you seem happy!
The evening had to be hard, but you made it!

Michael said...

Fisrt Let me say I admire your guts for sharing such a revealing night! I admire you.
Two questions:
Are you happy with the changes
Has this affected your sex life for better or worse? (Sorry, couldn't help myself!)

Iowabev said...

Thanks for writing Michael. I enjoy the dressing and really don't mind Linda's female friends knowing about us. I have a harder time with my male friends and family members finding out because of how I know they will view me in my submissive role. But you have to take the good with the bad.
As for our sex life, it hasn't been all that dynamic the last few years as I have taken on feminine attributes. Linda is not turned on by me being dressed as a woman. she says she doesn't have any lesbian tendencies and gets excited by only a manly man. That being said, I still try to find ways to make her happy in bed. I will leave it at that.