Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We need to talk... part 2

As the story continues from part one...

Linda talked about how happy she was with me and the way I had relieved her of the societal ‘norms’ of household roles. She told me how she loved having a wife to take care of her, and that she didn’t care if I ever acted like a man again. She said I could dress and act anyway I desire and she would be fine with it. She said if I wore a dress everyday every place we went she would gladly hold my hand. She was also willing to address me by my feminine name fully from now on if I wished, no matter where we were or who we were with.

She could have blown me over with a feather at that moment. I had been expecting the worst and instead got showered with love and affection. I told her that I wasn’t ready to give up my male side fully yet. I was also not ready to expose the world to what we were doing. We had friends and family who might not be ready to accept or appreciate what we had. I said that I would like to keep moving forward but to do so slowly and carefully.

Linda said that was fine, to an extent. She wanted to make sure that we kept making forward progress and not get too set in our ways, and certainly not to back slide. She is ready to let others know about me being her wife and about her being the head as well as the leader of this marriage. She told me that I should expect more exposure as her sissy wife to others, and that would start taking place very soon. Also, she would be the one deciding who those ‘others’ would be as well as when and how much exposure they would receive towards our WLM. I was told that I must be willing to give that control over to her.

Linda has never shown much interest in taking a truly dominate role, but now that was exactly what she was doing. And I was loving it! Here is what she told me was going to happen very shortly…

First, I would be hosting a dinner party for her and six of her girlfriends next weekend where I would be dressed in my maid’s uniform. I would cook and serve the meal as well as deliver drinks to them. Three of them have already seen me in feminine role as Beverly. But the other three, as far as I am aware, know nothing about this. So it will be a night of discovery and exposure for sure.

Second, I am to contact my friend, Darryl, and ask him to give Linda a call so she could invite him to dinner. Darryl is an old buddy of mine who lives in another state but gets over this way every few months. We usually take him out to dinner when he visits and he often stays with us. However, the last time he was here I cooked dinner for us. He doesn’t know anything about our WLM, but joked after that dinner about what a good wife I was becoming. He is a real Mister Macho, tall with rugged good looks. He has done some innocent flirting with Linda in the past, but all in fun. I wonder what he will think when it is Linda inviting him to dinner. She informed me that I will be in the same role that night as I will be for her all-girl dinner party, except that it will be just her and Darryl dining together. It looks like that could take things heading in a new direction as well.

Third, she is going to start being more open to our families about our roles, and especially my dressing in female clothing. She says that soon there will be no doubt who she is referring to when she talks about ‘Beverly’.

So that’s the updates. Many changes are coming my way. I wanted this and now I am going to get it. Maybe just a little faster and further then I had anticipated. I am sure it won’t be dull.


Ms. Lily said...

Hi Bev,
I am so glad to hear that it went so well for you. I was getting worried when we hadn't heard anything. And it looks like you are going to have a lot to write about soon! Good luck, I can't wait to hear how it all works out for you.
xoxo Ms. Lily

slut suzy said...

i'm so very pleased for you Bev, am sure everything will be fine and look forward to Pt.3 x suzy

Phred said...


What a wonderful outcome. You seem to be so happy!

Do you think Linda will want you 24/7 as Bev in the near future? Are you prepared to be Bev 24/7? What changes, if any, would happen if that occurred?