Monday, July 28, 2008

Car Trip Conversations

Last week Linda and I enjoyed a short mini-vacation that included an eight hour car ride each way. I always look forward to these trips as it gives us the time to talk in complete privacy and without phone calls or other interruptions. Of course part of our conversations always include discussion of our practiced lifestyle; mainly what we like or what we wish to change about it.

I started things off by mentioning our recent entertainment of family and my increased exposure to them as Beverly. A few weeks ago we had my mother, sister and brother-in-law as well as Linda’s mother, sister, and her husband over for dinner. During their visit I cooked and served dinner while wearing a frilly apron that looked like a dress on me. A comment was made about what nice legs I had and soon I found myself walking around wearing hose and high heels in front of everyone. Our families now knew about my feminine side so I asked Linda what the future held for me in that regards.

Linda stated that she saw no reason why I should hide ‘Beverly’ from the family anymore. She said that it was only a matter of time before I would be appearing before them in full make-up and feminine attire. She asked me if I was ok with that to which I replied that was a big step and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that.

“But you are ready to let Darryl see you as Beverly, aren’t you?” she stated, quickly changing the subject. So then it was time to talk about Darryl and what the future held there. I told Linda that I would find it hot to dress as Beverly for Darryl to see. She reminded me that Darryl is straight and probably would have no sexual interest in me.

“I don’t want to have sex with him. I just think it would be fun to act like a woman in front of him; to cook dinner for him and show him what a good wife I am for you,” I replied.

“Are you sure you aren’t auditioning for the part of playing his wife when he is here?” Linda asked with a smile. “Are you going to come on to him and flirt with him?”

“That sounds like fun to me. But as you said, he is straight,” I said with a blush. I guess she knows me pretty well and knows my hot buttons.

“Maybe we should invite another man to join us, someone who is gay or at least bisexual, so you would have someone who could appreciate your charms. We could have a double date night.”

Linda knows that I have long fantasized about the two of us double dating as two women on the make. But that was the first time she had ever brought it up.

“Are you sure you aren’t just looking for an excuse to be Darryl’s date?”

Smiling at me she said “I will probably end up as Darryl’s date regardless if anyone else is with us. He has already shown interest in me so it would take much effort to play along with it.”

I came right out and asked her if she was planning on going to bed with him, to which she replied that she had no such plans, that she just enjoyed his company and attentions. “I bet that will be on his mind when he spends the night at our house,” I commented.

“Yes, I am sure that was on his mind when you invited him to stay with us on his next trip. By your invitation, I am sure he implied that you would be ok with that happening. He just doesn’t know how I feel about it. And neither do I.” Linda had told me to call him and invite him to stay with us, so it looked like I was the one suggesting it, not her. Very clever, that girl. It will be a very interesting night when Darryl next comes calling.


bdenied said...

do you really want to let your family in on more than they already know or suspect? It is interesting that we hide our lives from those close to us but on the other hand, why do they need to know.......I mean I cant even contemplate my parents having sex, yet I know they did.......but.......

little shaun said...

As far as the rest of the family knowing, i'm sure Linda has already told them something. As you have seen, nobody is shocked when they see you as Beverly.

As for Daryl, it must be such a lucky feeling to see Linda's hand in his. That alone would have me dancing on the clouds. i'm thinking that in due time it will go further than just a kiss.

Michael said...

I am always amazed at how erotic and at the same time "everyday" or real your conversations/events are. I actually feel like a voyeur, reading your posts, as if I wre sitting in the backseat listening in. I truly am living vicariously through you! What has Linda said about the "outing" to the family -are you in control of it or is she? And, if she pushes you, will you play wife to Darryl?
Thanks again!